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#oklegvalentines Rob (Flack) O'Hara @Commodork🔁Roses are red,
Wagers are bet,
That there won't be no Valentine,
For Lord Baphomet.
#oklegvalentines @BaphometOKC
oklamerica @oklamerica🔁Hey, Oil & Gas ... Let’s go out for a milkshake. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁My dad when I tell him I’m going to propose to OK legislators:

Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK Legislators, you ain’t done nothin in the past year now you come at me promising this and that?! #oklegvalentines
#oklegvalentines Amy Elliott @13StreetMuse🔁 Should we bring back the #oklegvalentines?
#oklegvalentines Kara Beaner @karabeaner0000🔁 are we still doing #oklegvalentines
Audrey Dodgen @audreydodgen🔁 My love for you is like a law passed in Oklahoma. Short-lived and generally unconstitutional. #oklegvalentines
Matthew Ball @MRBall7🔁Roses are red. Violets are blue. Belated? Sure, but so is the revenue. #oklegvalentines
Red Dirt Kelly @RedDirtKelly🔁 I'd invest in your infrastructure. #oklegvalentines
Frank Baker @captnzen🔁Legislator’s Lament-
The lobbyists no longer run hookers. The gallery’s packed with onlookers. Those ain’t no fri twitter.com ends in the gallery. And the speeches quit being flowery. These yokels want things done. My life at the Capitol quit being fun.
Reuben_K_Till @ReubenTheCold1🔁#oklegvalentines is the hash tag our elected officials had fun with all day yesterday. All that playing around while the state plummets!
Ruth Owen @mayonaise_patty🔁 If loving you is wrong, I move to suspend the rules. #oklegvalentines
DZA🐝 @dellbee🔁 Roses are red,
So is this state,
We can't keep locking people up at this rate.
#oklegvalentines #okleg #SmartJustice
Jennifer Payton @MenzJennifer🔁Dear ,

I love you more than a male dominated likes to:

-- Incarcerate women at the highest rates in the nation

-- Refuse to acknowledge that women make .74 cents on the dollar to men, and women of color make even less

There's more. Let's

Cordon🏒🇺🇸⛷DeKock @CordonD🔁Valentine, our love can overcome anything, even the Twitter-rift between and twitter.com
steven charles @stevencharlesok🔁 Your wining and dining wore me down and I've accepted your horizontal drilling. #oklegvalentines
Tom Thompson @Tommy2thePoint🔁 I love you more than a 17-year-old male prostitute #oklegvalentines
Blane Singletary @SB_Singletary🔁Not too late for some more ?
Baby, my love for you is special. Two special, in fact. I would issue an executive orde twitter.com r for us to convene... all night long.

Rep John Paul Jordan @JordanOKHouse🔁I know we've only been in 2nd regular session a week and 3 days, but to me it seems like 9 weeks and 5 days. The 1st twitter.com day seemed like a week and the 2nd day seemed like 5 days and the 3rd day seemed like a week again and the 4th day seemed like 8 days...
Catherine Sweeney @CathJSweeney🔁 We don’t need new love.
Just audit the love we have.
Shane Stone @ShaneStone89🔁@scottok16 We go together like Fetgatter's shirts and ties. #ValentinesBreakup #oklegvalentines
A Splendid Imbroglio @SeanForgotAgain🔁Roses are red,
Wagers are bet,
That there won't be no Valentine,
For Lord Baphomet.

Mark P. Lawson @Mark_P_Lawson🔁This relationship has never been bipartisan, but can’t we make it work for the kids’ sake?
Brian Daffron @BrianDaffron🔁 I will extract more love from you by horizontally drilling your shale until our fracking shakes the ground... #oklegvalentines
Brian Daffron @BrianDaffron🔁 Unlike the salaries of #Oklahoma teachers & state employees, my love for you grows every year. #oklegvalentines
Brian Daffron @BrianDaffron🔁 Roses are red, violets are blue, 7% GPT or f*ck you. No really, f*ck you. 💕 #oklegvalentines
Lori Wathen @Lsooner2🔁 Baby, I love you more then an Oklahoma Legislator loves the Oil and Gas Industry. #oklegvalentines
Brian Daffron @BrianDaffron🔁 I'd let you filibuster me ALL. NIGHT. LONG. #oklegvalentines
Brian Hayes (Buck) @Bhayes72🔁Roses are red. A good joke is funny. I sure wish you guys would give us more money! #oklegvalentines
Brian Hayes (Buck) @Bhayes72🔁Wish you’d love us like 2007! #oklegvalentines
Brian Hayes (Buck) @Bhayes72🔁Roses are red. Violets are blue. Looks like the Repubs love us more than the Democrats do #oklegvalentines
Effie Craven @EffieCraven🔁 I thought you loved me, then you sent me to Rules Committee. #oklegvalentines
Will Smith @sbnazi🔁 I don’t need 76 votes for a new relationship to start, I’ll just petition you for your love. #oklegvalentines
oklamerica @oklamerica🔁Who started this? 😂 #oklegvalentines twitter.com
PumpsPearls&Policy @BPtheAdvocate🔁My love for you is special like an extraordinary session. #oklegvalentines
Matt Holder @mholder1🔁I will be holding a press conference to express my love for you. #oklegvalentines
PumpsPearls&Policy @BPtheAdvocate🔁 If you aren’t following #oklegvalentines .... you’re missing out on some good laughs
Cassi Peters @cassibob🔁 Our love will never stand adjourned. #oklegvalentines
Danielle A. Ration @DanielleARation🔁I just accidentally clicked on the hashtag and almost got pulled down that rabbit hole, because... to take from pres twitter.com ent day vernacular... they're savage AF, and basically gives me this face
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK Legislators, our love is like this romantic candle...
- Oh, you got a trick candle. For valentines? It’s just cons twitter.com uming oxygen, creating toxic gas, and has totally ruined the mood. Remind you of anyone?
Cordon🏒🇺🇸⛷DeKock @CordonD🔁 Hey baby, wanna get laidover? #oklegvalentines
Peach and Politic @peachandpolitic🔁#oklegvalentines are like the dance band on the Titanic. Sure, the ship is sinking, but at least I’m entertained.
Lisa OKC 🌎🌎🌎 @LisaOKC🔁 Roses are red
Oranges are sweet
You all should be fired
And then made to teach
Lepard Consulting @LepardNews🔁@jen_lepard Sure, me and my caucus will be right over. #oklegvalentines
Laura Lang @lauraelang🔁Dear ,

Reminder: for every woman elected in Oklahoma, there are 10 men elected. And the stats above are just the tip of the iceberg.

This is why more women need to run and win.

So I'm writing today to say that this is over. It's time to

Laura Lang @lauraelang🔁Dear ,

I love you more than a male dominated likes to:

-- Ignore female poverty rates in our state, again some of the highest in the nation

-- Look away from the fact that our domestic violence rates are, wait for it, again some of the highest in the US

Jennifer Lepard @jen_lepard🔁Hey baby, wanna get laidover? #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK trying to break up with me: We just don’t have a future.

Me: No! Your lil ole state ain’t got no future if you d twitter.com on’t fund education!

Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK legislators, It just seems like you’ll always answer the phone for oil but you CANT TEXT ME BACK? twitter.com
Christine J @clsmith32🔁 Let’s consolidate our love and make it more efficient. #oklegvalentines
Jeffery Corbett @JefferyCorbett🔁I thought you loved me, then you sent me to Rules Committee. #oklegvalentines
Okie Homie @okiehomie🔁While on our valentines date I promise I won’t look at my phone, that would be like passing traffic and abortion law twitter.com s while they need to solve real problems instead
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK legislators - Great! Now it stings every time I pee. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK legislators, our love is like our classrooms. I’m feeling a bit crowded. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK Legislators, our love is like healthcare. I'm feeling neglected. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁OK, our love is like a bridge. Sure, it's crumbling a little, but we'll just see how long it lasts. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁I'm glad big oil set us up on this blind date. I think this is really going to work out. *googles divorce lawyer* #oklegvalentines
Okie Homie @okiehomie🔁#okleg needs inspiration, step up was all they’ve got, how about legislation, to legalize pot? Happy Valentine’s Day!!! #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁I call em dates, you call em sessions. Either way, we're both frustrated we have to see each other again. #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁Roses are red, violets are blue. Our schools are poor and SO ARE OUR TEACHERS! #oklegvalentines
Carly Putnam @CarlyPutnam🔁 JCAB bills and chill? #oklegvalentines
Aaron Morvan @ideasofaaron🔁Now we order the yeas and nays...so just swipe right or left. #oklegvalentines
Rep. Josh Cockroft @RepJoshCockroft🔁I don’t need 76 votes for a new relationship to start, I’ll just petition you for your love. #oklegvalentines
Okie Homie @okiehomie🔁The budget is in the red, too many votes were blue, to teachers they said, hey fuck you #oklegvalentines
Kelly @kelainey🔁Roses are red
And so is our dirt
If we don’t #RestoreOklahoma
It’s sure gonna hurt.

Okay no I’m bad at #oklegvalentines

Brett Sebastian @travlinpolitico🔁I think I miss the nihilistic humor the most (also R&J’s) #oklegvalentines #okleg
Andy @aslong80🔁Our love is so complex it could never satisfy the single-subject rule. #oklegvalentines
The Lost Ogle @TheLostOgle🔁I love you more than a 17-year-old male prostitute #oklegvalentines
The Lost Ogle @TheLostOgle🔁Let’s fuck the Oklahoma people #oklegvalentines
Stockton Duvall @stocktonduvall🔁 My love for you is like budget negotiations in an election year — uncompromising. #oklegvalentines
StopFollowingMe @HowPointless🔁I hate hating haters hating hate; for I am a lover of loving love. twitter.com
pampollard @pampollard🔁If you haven’t been following this thread #oklegvalentines you are missing a smile on this otherwise dreadful day.
Elle @beaurue🔁Unlike the salaries of #Oklahoma teachers & state employees, my love for you grows every year. #oklegvalentines
Joe Fairbanks @SnakeBucket🔁“Meet me at the Super 8 Motel. Also, Ephesians 5:22” #oklegvalentines


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