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#okleg Jon Fields, Jr @JonFieldsJr🔁 Please call Governor Fallin and urge her to veto these anti-family bills. #okleg
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁This bill was passed in the middle of the night. Now we need to convince to veto this reckless and dangerous bill. twitter.com
#okleg#okleg Becki Maldonado Senate 16 2018 @teamsenbecki🔁Check out my new shirts! #okleg #oklaed #teamsenbecki
#okleg Lauren Kirk @Laurenmkirk🔁 Save these dates! Add the 2018 elections to your calendar! #okleg
Human Rights Campaign @HRC🔁BREAKING: Oklahoma sends legislation — a bill that would allow child welfare organizations to turn away qualified c twitter.com ouples seeking to care for a child in need — to ’s desk.
urges her to veto this harmful bill.
Chase Strangio @chasestrangio🔁URGENT: The only way to stop this bill that harms children in Oklahoma is for Gov. Fallin to veto it. Call her now! D twitter.com ial 405-522-8874 (or 405-521-2342 before 4:30pm)
Mr Stitts Phone @StittsPhone🔁Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of debates, I will fear no road or wall: for I have discovered b twitter.com ody armor. I can now sustain a shot from hip cannon.
Together Oklahoma @TogetherOK🔁State Question 799 would undo the historic tax increase that was passed to fund the first teacher pay raise in a deca twitter.com de. Decline to sign this petition!
Denise Brogan-Kator @BroganKator🔁Lambda Legal sent OK Gov. Fallin a letter with a million reasons to veto SB 1140. Top 3? 1)Harms children in foster care 2)Unconstitutional 3)Tells LGBTQ people they are 2nd class citizens.
See letter here
Denise Brogan-Kator @BroganKator🔁By the way, guess who else opposes Oklahoma SB 1140? The Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy.
Judy 🌊🌊🌊 @jawba81🔁 please protect our safety and VETO SB1212, a dangerous permitless carry bill. Email Gov. Fallin here >> twitter.com
Sara Kimbell @SaraKimbell🔁🚨 89% of Oklahomans don't want people to carry loaded, hidden handguns in public without a permit and without any safety training. So why hasn't vetoed SB1212 yet? Text VETO now to 64433 & ask Gov. Fallin to protect public safety-VETO.
Jeffrey L. @stretch405🔁I wonder if the ever caught the folks who made the death threat against that rep. Because it was totally real and b twitter.com elievable and not fake at all, and unicorns
KGOU @kgounews🔁The governor has 15 days, including weekends, to decide whether to sign or veto measures passed in the final five day twitter.com s of the legislative session.
Connor Mason @SnoVitKatt🔁The would be the 1st to pass anti-LGBT legislation this year with .

youth & families deserve better.

Erik OKeefe @eokee🔁Wind power provides more than energy in Oklahoma - it helps support school districts throughout our state. Keep wind powering Oklahoma's schools; ask your Senator to vote NO on SB 888.
The Silver Rose @AsilverroseThe🔁This bill was passed in the middle of the night. Now we need to convince to veto this reckless and dangerous bill.
David Lerblance @dslerblance1🔁 speaks out against "It opens the state up to culture war boycotts and litigation in the same fashion as North Carolina’s divisive House Bill 2, which defined who could use which bathroom." cc
ProfessorHepner @ProfessorHepner🔁. has vetoed the bill to update the Reading Sufficiency Act. calls the veto misguided: “Gov. Fallin has been wrong on education policy before, and her veto of this legislation is wrong as well.”
Cristina Martinez @stakecool🔁BREAKING: Oklahoma sends legislation — a bill that would allow child welfare organizations to turn away qualified couples seeking to care for a child in need — to ’s desk.
urges her to veto this harmful bill.
CrazyCatLadyFL🖖😺❄️☮️ @CrazyCatLadyFL🔁We call on to veto — a bill that would allow child welfare orgs to turn away qualified couples seeking to care for a child in need.
MaryJane @maryjaned51🔁ACTION ALERT: Ask friends and family in Oklahoma to tell to veto SB1212. This dangerous bill allows people to carry loaded, hidden handguns in public with no permit or safety training.

Text VETO to 64433 and help protect public safety.

DebBlue @DebBlue33🔁House Democrats have been called showboaters and grandstanders, but at least we’re willing to make our opinions on controversial topics heard in a public forum. My colleagues who keep silencing us are acting out of cowardice.
Fatima Qazi @fatimaqazi99🔁BREAKING! The just voted to send the harmful adoption discrimination bill to . When states allow adoption agencies to put their religious beliefs before the best interest of children, We urge her to veto this shameful bill.
Jesus Ibañez @JesusIbaez20🔁Tradition is that the paperwork from the session is piled on a Freshman Senator’s desk on the last day. It causes problems when said senator still has work to do. Love ya Sen. Rosino!
Randall Robison @CoachRobSays🔁Today we learned that raising taxes to give teachers a raise was such a dire offense that the majority had to launch attacks on poor people, gay people, and teenagers in hopes that their base will forgive them.
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁Oklahoma can do better than these anti-child, anti-family bills. Please call Governor Fallin at (405) 521-2342 and ask her to veto SB 1221, HB 2932, and SB 1140.
John Jones @JJonesokc🔁I recently joined ’s FlashPoint to talk about why I am running as a political outsider & conservative leader for . We talked about , taxes, education, government reform, gun rights, & more:
Sharon Williams @MojaveMiss🔁This isn't about religious beliefs, churches are free to believe what they will. It is about taxpayer funds being used to discriminate against and further stigmatize the LGBTQ+ community.
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁It’s nearly 5pm on the day GOP leadership wants to end session. They’ve refused to take up bills that would expand access to education, healthcare & more. And yet they’re making a mockery of the rules in order to hear a discriminatory bill about adoption.
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁It hurts my heart that lawmakers want to allow religious organizations who intentionally discriminate contract with the state for adoption services. Doesn’t sound like separation between church and state to me. Doesn’t even sound Christ- like.
Dan Lovejoy @danlovejoy🔁Gov. Fallin is, of course, afraid to offend her Italian-American constituency and the dominant Italian-American caucu twitter.com s in
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” ~Abe Lincoln
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁Rep. encourages students to never underestimate themselves and take life one day at a time. He shared his powerful story of what motivated him to teach English at US Grant, run for , & be involved with Generation Citizen.
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁Dear ,

Thanks for reminding everyone this session that elections have consequences and they can be severe! Looking forward to working to get a large chunk of you out of office!


A voter and a door knocker coming to your neighborhood soon

Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁Last night, we adjourned .
To the people of : thank you for trusting me to be your voice to move OK forward. It has been a challenging mountain to climb, but I know a thing or two on how to keep going. I look forward to catching up on your doorstep soon! 💚
Deborah Hill @dhill813🔁For all those supporters as disappointed as I am the didn’t prioritize more funding for our classrooms & our kids future. I spent the morning at my kids school in to regain positive energy and determination to fight for our state’s greatest resource.
Jessica I. Vazquez @J_Vazquez_M🔁"The Oklahoma County jail is now the largest mental health institution in the state of Oklahoma" says a mental health service provider at OK County Jail at tonight's art show.
David Burns @davidburnsbilbo🔁🆘The outrageous is headed to .🆘

Governor Fallin: Veto this discriminatory bill which would allow adoption agencies to deny kids safe & loving homes!

Lauren Kirk @Laurenmkirk🔁 about to wrap up another failed session, where children are allowed to be incarcerated for life, schools aren’t funded, thanks Republican Super Majority
Debbie Kerchee @TsalagiOK🔁 please protect our safety and VETO SB1212, a dangerous permitless carry bill. Email Gov. Fallin here >> twitter.com
Rainbow Pastor David @RainbowPastor🔁🏳️‍🌈✝️Please let your voice be heard and Urge : Reject the anti- adoption bill in ! Veto : WE DO NOT NEED ANY LE twitter.com GISLATION PROMOTING HATE towards the LGBTQI+ Community!!! God is NOT impressed!!!
Carrie Thompson Kopp @QueenKopp🔁Spoke with Rep. as she left the Speaker’s office. She said the discussion is about how to avoid House Dems getting frustrated up on the floor like we just saw a glimpse of. Her answer: Don’t deny questions and debate on controversial bills.
Cass💋 @CassidyTrail🔁Inman: A lot of you guys (House Republicans), particularly the gentleman writing the bill, care about good, open government…until their special legislation that discriminates against folks is up for a floor vote and then they just shove that stuff straight on through.
Cass💋 @CassidyTrail🔁"I like that we're trying to be good for economic development. I like that we want to attract people to the state of Oklahoma. I'm sad for those who will come to the State of Oklahoma and realize how unwelcoming we are." - (F) Bennett
Karla With a K @karlawithak8🔁Tell Governor YOU would rather see kids in the home of a loving same-sex couple than in foster care. Ask her to veto .
Phone: (405) 521-2342 (9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
After hours phone: (405) 522-8857 to leave a message. Option 6.


Kimberly Harper @k_d_harper🔁., this is precisely the kind of growth that would be jeopardized by SB1212. Businesses, universities, healthcare professionals, sports & entertainment entities all agree: is bad for Oklahoma!
Debbie Kerchee @TsalagiOK🔁 please protect our safety and VETO SB1212, a dangerous permitless carry bill. Email Gov. Fallin here >> twitter.com
Tori Tarr @ToriTarr🔁“The gift of love is a superpower."

Oklahoma native and former foster care youth Lupe talks about her opposition to discriminatory bills passed in Oklahoma and Kansas and the importance of embracing all families.

Nick Singer @nickforokc🔁Tonight's show, "There But For the Grace of God: Art and Conversation About Death & the County Jail" hosted by , of 's Campaign for Smart Justice talks about county jail, , & decision makers who are holding up meaningful reform.
Rep. Forrest Bennett @ForrestBennett🔁While on SB1585 (a bill creating new income tax credits meant to incentivize vehicle manufacturing industry), Rep. Forrest Bennett argued discriminatory bills like SB1140 only served to make OK less attractive to businesses considering moving in.
Kylie- no not that one...or that one... @Scribbles_Dots🔁Today the Oklahoma house voted to allow bars and restaurants to sell alcoholic drinks at 8 am and to make it more difficult for LGBT couples to adopt.

So you can't have a family but you can start drinking first thing in the morning.

Leesa Adams @leesa_adams🔁Let's stop calling "the adoption bill" and call it what it really is. Anti-family bill, or discrimination bill are both acceptable alternatives.
Denise Brogan-Kator @BroganKator🔁Thank you for elevating our voices! Fan of your work !


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