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#OHC2017 Bruce Eastmond @Eastmond🔁 Vault of the Chicago Board of Trade building #ohc2017
#OHC2017#OHC2017#OHC2017 Irina Ziemann @irinaziemann🔁Learned a lot about Evanston and its famous people at #OHC2017
#OHC2017 Robin Nystrom @Petirrojo57🔁The crafty man’s dream workshop at Chicago Maritime Museum #ohc2017
#OHC2017 Amanda Szaraz @AMSzaraz🔁Just 2 sisters hanging out in an airstream on a roof #OHC2017
#OHC2017#OHC2017#OHC2017#OHC2017 Katanya Raby @MyUrbanDreams🔁#OHC2017 day 2 was wonderful! My mom and I had a blast. Can't wait until next year!
#OHC2017 Andrew @ACudder96🔁 and so it ends where it began - but with sun #ohc2017
#OHC2017 Travis McGhee @tmcgheetest2🔁Had a blast at #OHC2017 . Looking forward to next year! @chiarchitecture
#OHC2017#OHC2017 thisbethebittenme @thebittenme🔁 Look at these Tiffany windows inside the Armor Institute, now being renovated into apartments #ohc2017
#OHC2017 thisbethebittenme @thebittenme🔁 Love exploring my city through #OHC2017
#OHC2017 thisbethebittenme @thebittenme🔁 Northwestern University, Alice Millar Chapel #OHC2017 📷:@EricAllixRogers
#OHC2017#OHC2017#OHC2017#OHC2017 Nicole @nicoleeooo🔁this is about to be a thread for #OHC2017 because i have hella photos from this weekend
#OHC2017 Alex Enriquez @AlexDeKat🔁📚Easy is the path to Wisdom for those not blinded by Ego📚#OHC2017
#OHC2017 kathyaPChavez @KPaulinaC🔁#OHC2017. so thankful for the view.
kathyaPChavez @KPaulinaC🔁@chiarchitecture. #OHC2017. Timelapse video of @aoncenter journey
#OHC2017 Stan Scott @nitrostan🔁 The Powhatan #ohc2017
#OHC2017#OHC2017 Carolyn Kassnoff @ItllGlowOnYou🔁Open House Chicago all weekend. I loved it! #ohc2017
Joyce Jackson @joyjacks🔁 Incredible metalwork details of elevator in Powhatan. #OHC2017 Architecture of Chicago.
#OHC2017 BODYSHOTS @3POINTGROTTO🔁 I'm on a boat! #OHC2017
#OHC2017 Cyndy @CynDehmer🔁One of these days I’m gonna get a shot like this on a clear blue sky day. #ohc2017 #ohc
Laura Patrell @LPatrell🔁 Historic dinosaurs on CAF's historic tour #ohc2017
#OHC2017 Leyla @secondcitymom🔁So much to see during #OHC2017 so little time.
Chicago Architecture @chiarchitecture🔁Thank you for an incredible ! We enjoyed exploring Chicago's architectural treasures with you! See you again next yea r! 😊
Chicago Architecture @chiarchitecture🔁We look forward to seeing you for #OHC2017 on Oct 14–15. Start planning your itinerary today!
Matt Lõhmus @Lohmus🔁Thanks for another great Open House weekend, @chiarchitecture! My shoes are still drying out from Saturday! #OHC2017
MP @peltie1🔁Successful Open House Chicago weekend with so many visitors from all over the world!
Tim Rostan. @mrtgr🔁U.S. city of culture for October, effectively: Chicago (#ohc2017, @chicagobiennial, @chifilmfest, @chicagoideas, @chicagohumanities ... ).
Chicago Architecture @chiarchitecture🔁Did you go to ? Take the online survey and enter for a chance to win exciting prizes!
VOTE w ur $$ @ski7days🔁@studiogang thank you for a glimpse into ur #design world!!! Loved it #ohc2017
Perkins+Will Chicago @perkinswill_CHI🔁 Thanks for joining @perkinswill_CHI for another successful #OHC2017 Weekend! @chiarchitecture
Olivia Silver @OliviaSilver🔁Successful Open House Chicago weekend with so many visitors from all over the world!
Perkins+Will @perkinswill🔁Thanks for joining @perkinswill_CHI for another successful #OHC2017 Weekend! @chiarchitecture
Sukant Khurana @Sukant_Khurana🔁First stop: Baha'i Temple. Have never beheld w/ my own eyes. Stunning. Even on a cloudy day.
Laura Patrell @LPatrell🔁This amazing team has spent last 363 days planning . Thanks to them and 1600+ volunteers who make it all possible!
Matt Lõhmus @Lohmus🔁Pink Line passing by 150 N Riverside. #OHC2017 @ 150 North Riverside
Shannon Pietro @freemarketbabe🔁#ohc2017 @ Baha'i House of Worship for North America
Joyce Jackson @joyjacks🔁Open House Chicago day two is in full swing! Make sure to check back for updates.
Joyce Jackson @joyjacks🔁Best Art Deco swimming pool in Chicago? One of many architecture treasures of the South Side.
ICKSP-Ireland @canonicuslebocq🔁Hundreds of people came out today to during Day 2 of Open House Chicago!

Michelle Guilbeau @shellonline🔁We're underway at ! Check out every building you can see at Open House Chicago this weekend here:
カラハン @CalQuinn_🔁I missed #OHC2017 😔😞😫😩
Dave Giunta @dgiunta🔁#ohc2017 @ 150 North Riverside
Dave Giunta @dgiunta🔁Two hundred and eighty-eight. #ohc2017 @ 150 North Riverside
Jess Anhalt Straka @Anhalt🔁A sampling of today's #OHC2017 adventure. Basicallly, I'm a sucker for floors, ceilings, and looking up:
thisbethebittenme @thebittenme🔁Love all these pictures from home — #ohc2017
Steven Vance @stevevance🔁Southwest Airlines plane seen through the “open” (destroyed) roof of Shrine of Sovereign Christ The King in Woodlawn.
thisbethebittenme @thebittenme🔁We're excited to be part of ’s . Visit Wright's Home and Studio, Robie House and the Rookery Building Oct. 14-15.
Julian Zeng @julian_zeng🔁Up high

#ohc2017 @ 2650 Lakeview

Taco Truck @bingaman🔁Saw 25 sites at and still didn't come close to everything I wanted to but here is Trevor Noah and Roy Wood Jr. in fr ont of Obama's
Bill Parod @BillParod🔁Other faves - from stage (a thrill for a…
Dome Sirisopana @domino_dsp🔁ความดิบวันนี้ // burnt down shine, abandoned baking company
shira @Shira365🔁 thank you and for showcasing the beauty, pride, innovation and love in Englewood....
Juliann Marie @Juliann_Brown🔁Chicago Architecture Open House 🏙📸 ianmcclellan88 …
Emily Seto @emmers712🔁Bummed to miss #OHC2017 this year due to rain yesterday & being in the burbs today. Looking forward to next year.
Benjamin Lipsman @blipsman🔁Exhausted, got soaked by rain & blasted by wind, but another amazing Open House Chicago! Hit 26 sites from Avondale to Englewood #OHC2017
Chicago Architecture @chiarchitecture🔁@link00seven Thanks for joining us at #OHC2017! 👍 See you again next year!
Matthew Rossi @link00seven🔁Day 2 - awesome! Great event!! Thanks @chiarchitecture team! #OHC2017
William Chyr @WilliamChyr🔁Went on 's Open House today. Highlight was the Armour Institute. Look at the shadows due to the staircase pattern!
Dome Sirisopana @domino_dsp🔁FLW, you're the best a r chi t e c t, indeed
Chicago Architecture @chiarchitecture🔁@CCofChicago Thank you for participating in #OHC2017!
ScubaK @ThingsScubaSays🔁A few more of my favorites from #OHC2017 @ Open House Chicago
Zoya Siddiqi @flounderingbear🔁Some of the sites on Chicago's South Side that participated in . Good fun after yesterday's torrential downpour.
Susie Trexler @susietrexler🔁 Must read by @chi_geek about legacy of prairie movement in Chicago architecture. #OHC2017
Catholic Charities @CCofChicago🔁Thanks everyone who joined us at . It was a privilege to hear stories of how you're connected to us - and meet those who were new!


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