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#ny18ispa Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁#ny18ispa @GraeaeJennyS reminds us 1 in 8 are disabled and this room does not represent that. #DiversityMatters
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa Charles Santos @SantosTITAS🔁#NY18ISPA. I love this format where delegates come and joint the table and discussion.
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa Charles Santos @SantosTITAS🔁#NY18ISPA last day then APAP
#ny18ispa Heena @heenatabla🔁I always have my translator. I never need to worry about not having anyone to talk to. - #jennysealey
#ny18ispa Stan's Cafe @stanscafe🔁Fantastic opening provocation by Jenny Sealey this morning @GraeaeJennyS @ISPA_global @graeae #ny18ispa
#ny18ispa Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Bright & Early provocative conversations at #ny18ispa #CoffeeKlatch @ISPA_global
#ny18ispa Annette Corbett @netski76🔁Watching the action from onstage with the other @ISPA_global fellows #ny18ispa
#ny18ispa Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁#ny18ispa @flordetoloache perfect post lunch uplifting vibe
#ny18ispa Monica Lu @monicamclu🔁#ny18ispa “In the world right now, it’s too easy to just be angry.” // Balancing Act: Art, community, and leadership
#ny18ispa Heena @heenatabla🔁#ispafellows representing! Bringing our long-table crowdsourced questions to larger Congress long-table. #NY18ISPA
#ny18ispa Alexa Antopol @FUSprue🔁#ny18ispa is sold out, full steam ahead, completely perfect. And we love afternoon caffeine.
#ny18ispa Fisher Dachs @FisherDachs🔁 #ny18ispa is sold out, full steam ahead, completely perfect. And we love afternoon caffeine.
#ny18ispa Aisling Ghear @aislingghear🔁 Pure wow! Performance at #ny18ispa from 'Flor de Toloache' (@mariachinyc ) @ISPA_global
#ny18ispa Ruth Waalkes @rwaalkes🔁 Bright & Early provocative conversations at #ny18ispa #CoffeeKlatch @ISPA_global
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Congratulations to the @ISPA_global Award Recipients #TaylorMac #DavidStaples #KathyBarbash #ny18ispa @david_ispa
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Coming to an end: #ny18ispa Thanks everybody for inspiring days! See you all next year! @ISPA_global
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁The groove is on! #ny18ispa Closing Night Party at @CopacabanaNYC @ISPA_global @JPDionQC
#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa#ny18ispa The Copacabana® @CopacabanaNYC🔁 The groove is on! #ny18ispa Closing Night Party at @CopacabanaNYC @ISPA_global @JPDionQC
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁The Dutch Reception - Thank you twitter.com
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Invitation to - see you in the next! twitter.com
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁Another amazing is over. Just halfway through my Fellowship and already my life has been transformed for the better. twitter.com Looking forward to a few days hanging out with friends before I head back home with a headful of inspiration. Roll on
Dawinder Bansal FRSA @DawinderBansal🔁Great start of with a strong group of fellows at the Seminar Day at
Brian Halaas @brianhalaas🔁 Are we expecting too much? Putting new people in old structures doesn’t lead to necessary change #ny18ispa @In_Between_Time
Malin Gjörup @Blauzacoise🔁Quotes to remember from #ny18ispa pt2: "We should wear our flaws with gold" #jennyseeley Ping @ispa_global
Malin Gjörup @Blauzacoise🔁Quotes to remember from #ny18ispa pt1: "Comfort isolates" #SusanSontag Ping @ispa_global
Malin Gjörup @Blauzacoise🔁Thank you from a first-time delegate! I will be going back to Sweden loaded with inspiration and energy. But first; twitter.com The Copa! See you in Leeuwarden
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁It's my first time at ISPA and I must say that David Staples became one of my favorite delegates. How awesome that h twitter.com e won The ISPA Citation of Merit
Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁 love makes the stage all the more Oz Drag resplendent when presenting award to the fabulous twitter.com
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁So proud of Jelle and Maria who were just on stage to invite everyone, with lots of humor in their speech, to Leeuwar twitter.com den for the ISPA summer congres!
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁Yes! We all invite you to join the ISPA summer congres in the beautiful city Leeuwarden, The Netherlands Ask me fo twitter.com r more info! :)
Vuyani Dance Company @VuyaniDanceCo🔁The series
William Norris @Will_Norris🔁Just realised that I have really missed discussion of actual art at this year's #ny18ispa
Rubbena Aurangzeb-T @RubbenaArt🔁 Jude Kelly is just so bloody brilliant and says it like it is re gender inequality and need to shift dire ingrained patriarchy
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Wrapping up in Session 6 - In Balance: & with our provocateurs (missing dearly) moderated by & “How to un- twitter.com fuck the situation we’re in?”...:-) 5 year olds next...
Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁 "why do we want to give technology empathy and not humans?" Empathy develops in people between the ages of 0-4years twitter.com old.
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Getting the audience up and dance - Performance Showcase of the day: twitter.com
ACNI Writing @ACNIWriting🔁The sheer breath, knowledge, enthusiasm, diversity and humour of has been incredibly inspiring and challenging!! Thank you to everyone who spoke so eloquently to their diverse (& similar) experience!!
Jimmy Fay @Jimifay🔁The sheer breath, knowledge, enthusiasm, diversity and humour of has been incredibly inspiring and challenging!! Tha twitter.com nk you to everyone who spoke so eloquently to their diverse (& similar) experience!!
Heena @heenatabla🔁Do not underestimate the people. -Kee Hong Low #NY18ISPA
Fisher Dachs @FisherDachs🔁“Talk is talk. It’s about action right now.” — Kee Hong Low

We can bring about change with sustained effort and pers twitter.com onal investment.

Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁 final session - "we are fucked, we are fucking ourselves and how do we get unfucked?" So what do we have to say fo twitter.com lks??
ISPA @ISPA_global🔁📸Check out moments of New York 2018 ISPA Congress Day 1, vividly captured by photographer ! via Facebook: twitter.com
RicardoPeach @ricardopeach🔁 The First Nations update and an acknowledgment of the land of the Lenape people on which we all currently convene.
RicardoPeach @ricardopeach🔁“Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced one has to keep moving” (Einstein) has started with warm welcome by & & Co-hosts & + wonderful provocation on & by
Dan Baker @dan_baker83🔁Another legend of takes the stage in the shape of Ken Fischer. He’s been to more Congresses than I can even imagine! twitter.com
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁One if the biggest lies: I'll just have a short question... Man, man.. People taaaaaaaaaaaaaalk so much. Just pose your question #ny18ispa
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁The conversation is flowing at Session 5 - : In Transitions with moderated by & ISPA delegates & fellows twitter.com
Charles Santos @SantosTITAS🔁#NY18ISPA. Leadership is about service. Love this concept.
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁 Serious topics can still be fun! #lol #ny18ispa #ispabantz
Zeyba Rahman @Zeyba🔁 a great analogy of leadership from As geese fly there formation has 1 at the front taking on the labour of cutting through air making it 70% easier for the others behind. The one at the back is the leader, encouraging the group to continue.
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁Energizing the room - a fantastic provocation by at ...:-) twitter.com
Erwin Maas @Maas_Erwin🔁An ISPA first: Wonderful Regional Update on by and First Nations brothers & sisters twitter.com
Dan Baker @dan_baker83🔁Benson Puah: “No individual is bigger than the organisation.” An obvious thing, but sometimes people forget this twitter.com
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁No person should be greater than the institution. Leaders need to know when to step aside #NY18ISPA
Charles Santos @SantosTITAS🔁#NY18ISPA. I love the idea of saying “I see you”.
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁This was great, I loved the small setting. It was easy to speak to each other and we had a very nice subject which pr twitter.com ovided us with enough to talk about for an hour. Oh, and breakfast was nice! :)
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁Interesting question: How long can a leader be a good leader in the same position? Either you, as a leader, let go, o twitter.com r your team lets you go. Change can be important for new visions.
CMU Arts Management @CMU_MAM🔁Now for a long table - and after speaking I’m putting my phone down to fully engage.
Graeae Theatre Company @graeae🔁Fantastic opening provocation by Jenny Sealey this morning
Dan Baker @dan_baker83🔁. : “There’s an issue of the burden of making change being on those who need it, rather than those with the power to twitter.com make it happen”
Charles Santos @SantosTITAS🔁. Love ISPA for providing such global perspectives. These table discussions are amazing. At this table there are 9 co twitter.com untries with all different perspectives and experiences.
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁Why are culturally diverse leaders so often seen as 'emerging' and never as a safe pair of hands? @simeilia #ny18ispa
Fisher Dachs @FisherDachs🔁Alberta Arthurs, Khadijah El Bennaoui, Dannii Evans, Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway, and Alison Friedman are at the table ( twitter.com in a delightfully intimate dinner party (or brunch?) format) facilitating a cross-generational, cross-cultural dialogue about how leadership is changing.
Heena @heenatabla🔁 "Wear your flaws with gold" like Kintsugi @GraeaeJennyS #ny18ispa
Heena @heenatabla🔁What is a good leader? The question at hand at #ny18ispa
Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁 How Is Leadership Changing! Today's Long Brunch discussion. Begins with a view point from our older generation colle twitter.com ague talking about being part of the institutionalised generation, where titles and not making mistakes were important.
Jaume Soler @jaumesoler_nyc🔁One more provocation, this morning from Jenny Sealey
"I love being deaf. I see the world in a different way."
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁 I need to find this analogy about geese and leadership that @GraeaeJennyS is using #ny18ispa @In_Between_Time
Marinda de Groot @MarindadeGroot🔁So this has been the best speaker, totally love her! About disability, leadership & arts. "Wear your flaws with gold! twitter.com " Jenny Sealy :) oh and btw, she is deaf. Totally no problem to be a great speaker!
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁"Wear your flaws with gold" like Kintsugi @GraeaeJennyS #ny18ispa
William Norris @Will_Norris🔁Jenny Sealey the standout speaker of #ny18ispa so far. Can we have more speakers of this calibre please?!
Cre8ion @Cre8ionTweets🔁 a great analogy of leadership from As geese fly there formation has 1 at the front taking on the labour of cuttin twitter.com g through air making it 70% easier for the others behind. The one at the back is the leader, encouraging the group to continue.
Dan Baker @dan_baker83🔁Jenny Sealey, : “Sometimes I get stuck, and I ask my staff for help” - such an obvious thing to do, but so many leade twitter.com rs DON’T entrust and empower their staff. It’s a great way to develop the next generation of arts leaders
Heena @heenatabla🔁When working with an team of males, I became really good at making them do my ideas becayse they thought it was their twitter.com s. -
Annette Corbett @netski76🔁A truly amazing provocation from @GraeaeJennyS - properly provoking the audience to confront their assumptions #ny18ispa
Dan Baker @dan_baker83🔁Jenny Sealey, : “Disability doesn’t care about what age you are, what gender you are...it is ALL of our responsibilit twitter.com y”


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