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#nutjob Frank oldaker @frank_oldaker🔁 Here is what a #NutJob looks like.
#nutjob Katy @lotuspad🔁Butt job #nutjob
#nutjob Jonathan Langdale 💭 @jlangdale🔁It could be that Comey is an insult to nut-jobs?


#nutjob RONNIE BLANTON @Oberonkanobe🔁 Winner 🥇 #NutJob
#nutjob AV @AAANYC1🔁 It could be that Comey is an insult to nut-jobs?


#nutjob Ray Cathode @B1rdTV🔁 Nut Job Landru in total denial of truth
#neworleans #nutjob
#nutjob LijstQuasten @LijstQuasten🔁 Too soon? #NutJob
#nutjob スカイ/バーディー @AlbinoSergal🔁 @ScottPresler Another memo 📝from Comey. #nutjob 😂🤣
#nutjob Melissa 🇺🇸 @anders_ma🔁 James Comey's dog. #NutJob
I Am Muslim ☮ @BOOBSPACE🔁 Trump just called Kim Jong-un "a smart cookie" and James Comey "a #nutjob "


#nutjob Ames @Tekgoddess🔁Only thing this meme is missing is a set of blue drapes 😂 🐿🥜
#NutJob #DrapeGate #ComeyMemo #BroHugs #FridayFeeling
#nutjob Laughing at Libtards @Cpt_Deplorable🔁The leaks are an inside #nutjob
Trevor Noah @Trevornoah🔁Let's hope air force one doesn't have in flight wifi...
Scott Presler @ScottPresler🔁Me: "Sorry I was speeding, Officer Comey."
Comey: "It's OK. You didn't intend to do it."

He is a nut job.

Davey boy @Kenshiro73🔁Why didn't you call Comey a "nut job" when he abused his power to hand you the election, Mr. Trump?
ALL HANDS ON DECK! @roseann55044331🔁"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned..."

Tom Jeffers @tomjeffers7🔁I think #nutjob is letting Comey off easy.
Melissa 🇺🇸 @anders_ma🔁 Comey got his forever-name today. In a month, all you will remember of this leak is #NutJob.
Donna @DJLugoff🔁Remember how he looked during the campaign when he announced he was reopening the HRC investigation? Blackmail? 🤥
Alt White House Dog @Alt_POTUSDog🔁#nutjob? Is he talking about spay & neuter or @realDonaldTrump #dumptrump #resist #Impeach45
CTSUTTER @CTSUTTER🔁I want you to roast James Comey in my #Chat #Roast #Comey #NutJob
JPflorida🇺🇸🇺🇸 @AmerPride777🔁
Watching the "media" meltdown over secondhand fantasy "report" is PRICELESS. Funniest Friday ever! 😂
🌐 Peace @PeaceRude🔁@JackPosobiec @BossyCowgurl84 and cuz they must not of seen #Nutjob comeys testimony to not know he was a whacko 😂😂😂
Stefan Filipovits @FlipNoir🔁I'd love to hear what that "nut job" is going to say about you now, Mr. "President."

charlie @karigresh🔁@loisromano Comey is a #nutjob. He let the super villain of our time AKA Hillary Clinton walk free. Comey is an evil self-serving Nut Job
L N @peonyspring🔁Lol! Every day, it's like watching the Comedy Central and Trump is the star. #NutJob
Appalachian Warrior @kysgabbygirl🔁So Trump called Comey a Nut Job. Finally, something republicans and democrats can agree on.
Mr. Whistler @onewhistler🔁Thats right! Remember at first Trump blamed the press for getting Flynn fired, later said "He Fired Flynn" but Flynn was a"Good man"
Melissa 🇺🇸 @anders_ma🔁 Comey better watch out or President Trump will fire him from his Nut Job too. #NutJob #bestdayever
Sally @SallyCampitell1🔁@realDonaldTrump is the #nutjob #Trumprussia
JOHN HENDERSON @realJbhendu🔁Anthony Weiner's day in court dominated the news for a minute @realDonaldTrump was like #HoldMyBeer #nutjob
Larry Shea @Ehukai411🔁@jeffjarvis I couldn't agree more and it will give you a forever name just like it did Comey today. #NutJob
Tiffany❄️Persisted🗽 @tiffanyclay🔁People here think he's a laughingstock too, if that's any consolation. #NutJob
USA PATRIOT @EdwardPishkin🔁I think the media made up the story 2 stir the pot & piss Comey off enough 2 really go after
➡️ nut jobs
JPflorida🇺🇸🇺🇸 @AmerPride777🔁
Watching the "media" meltdown over secondhand fantasy "report" is PRICELESS. Funniest Friday ever! 😂
Robert Stelling @bobstelling🔁If you search for #nutjob on @Twitter the first result under People is for Trump.
Jonathan Langdale 💭 @jlangdale🔁I am a #nutjob and I'm offended by @realDonaldTrump saying I'm as corrupt as Comey.

Not cool bro.

Annie Angst @AnnieAngst🔁#Nutjob is our entire greedy Establishment Government that will risk the entire planet because they think they can control the world.
Global Trends @tweeting_trend🔁#trendingnow in Vietnam -- #NutJob (98,863 tweets)
Vincent Nunes @C_A_N_S_T🔁
Watching the "media" meltdown over secondhand fantasy "report" is PRICELESS. Funniest Friday ever! 😂
DANNYHOAGLAND1 @DANNYHOAGLAND1🔁Speculation is now running rampant through the internet...How far does this Nut Job epidemic extend on the left?
ᴚѹМʊʂϯαηɠΙṥНоϯṤϯʊff™ @LadyRoyMustang🔁 Lying Ted
Lil Marco
Crooked Hillary
and #Nutjob Comey (hiding in the curtains)

Gotta love Trump

GhostRecon7 @CraazzyKarl🔁POLL: who do you believe regarding the 'Nut Job' story?

WILL NOT COMPLY @ProudInfidel33🔁I think the media made up the #NutJob story 2 stir the pot & piss Comey off enough 2 really go after @realDonaldTrump
#NYT ➡️ nut jobs
Arthur Warmer @ArthurWarmer67🔁 'Malignant narcisissm': Trump displays classic traits of mental illness, claim psychologists #NutJob
Albatros @jean_jeanbenoit🔁 I'm french and I'm not proud to have Macron as a "president". I don't want my country to be Trudeau's Canada 😱
شَامِخَة آن @Black_Bootie🔁Pot & kettle. We see his insanity & megalomania. #NutJob #CheetoJesus #CzarTrump
YoMel42 @YoMellyMel🔁This woman is a #NUTJOB #maxinewaters
Lynn Hall, Ph.D. @doclynn🔁He says he wants to "focus on his family." Translation: Why the ef would I book a berth on this toxic waste dump of a sinking ship?
L N @peonyspring🔁Trump calling Comey a is like Charles Manson calling someone who swatted a fly a murderer. Can we end this already?
Suzanne Ernster @SuzanneErnster🔁@NYMag And that is a name that will forever stay with him because of the leak #NutJob
Tom @tweets4tom🔁If the narrative from Comey's self-described "confidant" is true, #Comey is indeed a #NutJob.
Douglas Century @DouglasCentury🔁"Remain calm! All is well!" 😱#WhiteHouse #NutJob #AnimalHouse @realDonaldTrump #MakeAmericaNutsAgain 🥜


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