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BentonFire2 @BentonFire2🔁 This is the devastation of one of the biggest fires in California history.
Northern California Dave @Air1Dave🔁 Our prayers are with the residents in Northern California. Jesus, we ask for divine protection!
Northern California Apocalypse @TheFourthKyler🔁Northern California right now
Northern California Leah Millis @LeahMillis🔁 Thursday's Chronicle front page focusing on the Northern California fires.
Northern California @mariuskarma @mariuskarma🔁ForbesTech: California wildfires' devastating destruction revealed from sky and space:
Northern California squaredIT @squaredInfoTech🔁California wildfires' devastating destruction revealed from sky and space:
Northern California Alan Ohnsman @alanohnsman🔁 California wildfires' devastating destruction revealed from sky and space:
Michael Skolnik @MichaelSkolnik🔁Northern California:
23 dead.
500+ missing.
20,000+ forced to evacuate.

And… has said NOTHING and offered NO help.

AJ+ @ajplus🔁Charles and Sara celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this year. They died together in the wildfires raging acro ss Northern California.
Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris🔁The link below includes a list of shelters in California for wildfire evacuees. Please share.
Christy Wilson @ChristysChomp🔁The worst fires in California's history, following the hottest summer in the state's history, are not just bad luck:
Anthony K. Bourque @AnthonyBourque🔁21 people have died because of fires in Northern California and over 500 people are missing and has said NOTHING! Disgrace.
Kasey Kemdall @KKemdall🔁Northern California wildfires: Firefighters continue to battle blazes, hope for reprieve: via @AOL STORY 57 of 60!!
Leelee Broadwaybetch @lee_sforza🔁Northern California:
23 dead.
500+ missing.
20,000+ forced to evacuate.

And… has said NOTHING and offered NO help.

The Gospel Herald @TheGospelHerald🔁Anaheim Hills wildfire burning in Southern California seen in the distance from Disneyland.
Neuseway Nature Park @NeusewayMuseum🔁These are the powerful images emerging from Northern California, where 22 wildfires have spread since Sunday night
1stHeadlines @AviationHeds🔁Sacramento (CA) Bee: Planes fighting Northern California fires refuel at McClellan . More #Aviation #news -
Laura @Laura78703🔁As Northern California fires continues to rage, one of the most affected industries will be the wine vineyards.
terry vee @redot2005🔁Northern California Fires Ravage Grape and Cannabis Crops
Khalil Brathwaite @kbrathwaite621🔁Thoughts and prayers to the people in Northern California, despite the Wildfires!!!
Blue Ear Books @blueearbooks🔁 "The fires north of San Francisco are among the deadliest in California's history."
Gary Parsons @SFGary76🔁@onlineman420 But Asheville has it going on! it's like a northern california town in a lot of ways.
Los Angeles Now @LosAngelesCP🔁Los Angeles trends now: Trump, Northern California, Weinstein, Harvey, Boy Scouts.
Anna Schermerhorn-Co @alscherm🔁California: Stay safe by listening to local officials. You can find important resources from here:
Kimberly Giambrone @mskimgiambrone🔁Can you please send prayers and positive thoughts to Northern California fires? Is getting super close to all my family in Solano County💔
one of many ghost*😱 @jambery🔁So distracted by the CA wildfires. So worried for everyone. Many people lost everything.
Ade @amgraham26🔁Dry winds are expected to pick up today in Northern California - please continue to heed evacuation warnings & listen to safety officials.
marilyn joyce macri @joyce_macri🔁partrick fire 2 percent contained and nun fire three percent contained. stay away
Tracey L Held @tracey_held🔁The Abbey of New Clairvaux is a Trappist monastery and winery located in Northern California in the town of Vina CA.
Mila Mattson @mgmattson🔁CHP officers go door to door last night to tell Sonoma residents to evacuate voluntarily
KP International @KPInternat🔁As wildfires burn in Northern California, Kaiser Permanente is caring for patients & donating to American #RedCross
Nikki❀ @nikkitafoya5🔁I have so many friends in the fire's path in northern California. Praying for them tonight and the firefighters in harm's way.
Randy Mortensen @randymortensen3🔁Updated emergency services resources are up on our incident page for the October wildfires Keep checkin g back too.
Danae Flores @danaefloresss🔁 @realDonaldTrump there are fires raging across northern california and your money is still focused on the ‘wall’???
ragonsi @ragonsi🔁The Northern California fires have consumed an estimated 160,000 acres and 3,500 structures
Real_Infinity95 @Real_Infinity95🔁Dramatic footage shows a deputy driving through an advancing wildfire in Northern California
Armand Domalewski @ArmandDoma🔁 I continue to keep the people of Northern California in my thoughts.
Heather Wolf @hwolfauthor🔁 600 missing & at least 23 dead in Northern California wildfires via @fox5sandiego
Andy Behrman @electroboyusa🔁Sending love and prayers to those in Northern California who have lost homes and lives to the wildfires
Thy Nguyen @thi65nguyen🔁. on California wildfires: “We had explosive expansion of fires yesterday because of the winds.”
Christin (X1) @Im_X1🔁Evacuations widened as Northern California wildfires spread to 170,000 acres with at least 23 dead -


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