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#nmpol Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁 @Gov_Martinez keeps getting national coverage for her shameful vetoes. #nmpol #nmleg
DPNM @NMDEMS🔁Otero County Dem Chair: Our Governor Shows Us What Republican Priorities Are, Hint: They’re Not New Mexicans #NMpol
Tim Keller @tk4abq🔁As mayor I will establish community schools to assist APS w/ after school & summer programs for our kids. #nmpol
Democratic Governors @DemGovs🔁.: "New Mexico vetoes higher education funding. All of it.” .com/i/web/status/854489227626774530" target="_blank">
Sen Michael Padilla @SenPadilla🔁Spent an hour on 770 KKOB AM and 94.5 FM, discussing key student hunger legislation.
NM Political Report @NMreport🔁NM unemployment rate continues to lead nation #nmpol #nmleg
Scott Forrester @scforrester🔁Failed leadership by #GovMartinez #MayorBerry #nmpol
New Mexico ACI @ACINewMexico🔁Former congressional aide Bridget Condon has joined ACI as its Public Policy Coordinator. News release:
Ryan Lowery @ryanmlowery🔁Sessions: Borderlands our ‘beachhead against the cartels,’ reports —
Brian Fejer @BrianJFejer🔁Meanwhile here in the reality based community, this failed state has bigger problems
Brian Fejer @BrianJFejer🔁Given condition of this city / failed state, do you believe you can do more in Congress? Did victory impact your dec ision?
Jwernly @Jwernly🔁State Rep. doesn't mince words on the gov's veto of higher education funding.
Xerophile @segmentis🔁*Both* Senators, b/c we are sparsely populated, but fiercely represented by Dems. Thank you, & .
NM Political Journal @NMPolJournal🔁#Grants judge appears to be a crook. #DistrictCourt Judge #PedroGRael appears to be violating the law. #nmpol #nmleg
@fixourparksNM @FixOurParksNM🔁 is breathtaking site, but faces $13.7 million in repair backlog. We must protect history & !
Laura Paskus @LauraPaskus🔁 New Mexicans will march for science this weekend #nmpol
Yung$emi @Imm_Broke🔁 Making his hometown of #ABQ proud - on and off the field. #nmpol
Brian Fejer @BrianJFejer🔁Let's pass a law affecting 24 million people, 1/6 of economy without 1 day of hearings so can have a WIN
NMFDW @NMFDW1🔁 Albuquerque’s rape kit crisis worsening, state auditor says: #nmpol
NMFDW @NMFDW1🔁 New Mexicans will march for science this weekend #nmpol
Seth Sparks @SethLSparks🔁 $3 billion veto by NM Gov. Martinez slices funds beyond higher education #nmpol #nmleg
Margaret Wright @MargaretWrite🔁And ICYMI: "key transparency measures were [also] vetoed by Gov. Susana Martinez" #nmpol #nmleg #opengov
Patricia Walling @poppywalling🔁Our NM vols are fired up and planning . We want for all gun sales.
Margaret Wright @MargaretWrite🔁$3 billion veto by NM Gov. Martinez slices funds beyond higher education #nmpol #nmleg
Элечка Морозова @JvQKd9uHYGzReYn🔁 Everything you need to know. #nmpol
Nick Pappas @nickpapp🔁Line-item vetoes often end up in court #abq #albuquerque #nm #newmexico #nmleg #nmpol
Nick Pappas @nickpapp🔁NM gets $54.3 million tobacco payment #abq #albuquerque #nm #newmexico #nmleg #nmpol
Nick Pappas @nickpapp🔁Sedillo Lopez launches run for 1st Congressional District #abq #albuquerque #nm #newmexico #nmpol
NM Political Report @NMreport🔁New Mexicans will march for science this weekend #nmpol
Laura ❄ @MiaowABQ🔁If you had one wish before you died, what would it be? Please help Kyle, he lives in New Mexico! #nmpol
ConserveNM @ConserveNM🔁.@MartinHeinrich to co-lead Congress's #OutdoorRecreation Caucus, a $1.7-billion part on NM's economy. #NMPol @OIA
ConservationVotersNM @ProtectNM🔁Did you know? US #solar capacity has grown 900% since 2011! More on state leadership: @UCSUSA #EnergyProgress #nmpol
ConservationVotersNM @ProtectNM🔁States leading on #CleanEnergy know it’s great for US: More #Jobs, better #PublicHealth #EnergyProgress #nmpol
Margaret Wright @MargaretWrite🔁 EPA delays new rules on methane emissions, @michaelcoleman reports — #nmpol #environment #energy
Forgotten Citizen @truckerbooman🔁#Reflecting off what U done 2OTHERS
#Blaming others for ur mistakes
Which party in #DC known to do that? #NMpol
MisterfreedomPT2 @mrfreedomPT2🔁Rep. Rod Montoya shares a presentation about NMAFL's investigation of 's harvesting baby body parts.
Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁 Watch our discussion about growing #NM's local economy through more in-state contracting. #nmpol
Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁 More national news on the Gov's veto... sad. #nmpol
Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁 NM Legislative leaders just voted to sue Gov over complete vetoes of higher ed and legislature budget. #nmleg #nmpol
Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁Happy 4:20 day. 61 percent of Americans want marijuana to be legalized. Get with the program,
Wadnt_Me @Wadnt_Me🔁Albuquerque new members vow to keep fighting the gun lobby. We will !
Anna Edlemann @7777Bluebird🔁Bipartisan Vote in Senate Kills Second Legislative Attempt to Pass Extreme Physician Assisted Suicide Measure
Jenni C @jenndogg1🔁Contact the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee & ask them to support LIFE:
Marie Ryan @dmtryan🔁 Consumer & Public Affairs Committee votes to table Late Term Abortion Ban HB221 in 3-2, party line, vote. #nmpol #nmleg
NM Political Report @NMreport🔁New Mexicans will march for science this weekend #nmpol
cheryana @cheri311🔁This needs to be resolved or overturned. It is absolutely outrageous. #UNM #nmpol #nmleg
Michele Marie @Mich_Delish🔁 Politicians turn out for anti-abortion press conference, fundraising #nmpol @NMPoliticsnet🔁Albuquerque’s rape kit crisis worsening, state auditor says: #nmpol
SJ Reidhead @sjreidhead🔁 National attention for Martinez's veto of entire higher ed budget #nmpol #nmleg
Margaret Wright @MargaretWrite🔁Pew Research in Oct 2015 said NM Rep. Steve Pearce least conservative in hard rightwing House Freedom Caucus #nmpol
julia bergen @juliabergen5🔁Welcoming students from South Valley Academy to their State Capitol.



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