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Kai Jeng @UntilnowKa🔁 The best way to ensure #netneutrality is in Congressional action. Read more:
#netneutrality Vincent Tobin @VincentTobin_🔁 These are the arguments against #netneutrality — and why they’re wrong
#netneutrality Sean Brennan @Citizen_Ugly🔁 @TheProWave @AjitPaiFCC @FCC Threat to #NetNeutrality! @ACLU @TheYoungTurks @justicedems #tytlive
#netneutrality Said Abdillah @saidscofield🔁These are the arguments against #netneutrality — and why they’re wrong
#netneutrality Anonymous DeVeL @AnonDeVel🔁 #TBT to the last time we won on #netneutrality (Feb. 26, 2015). Time to get loud again!
#netneutrality Anonymous DeVeL @AnonDeVel🔁 Retweet if you agree: Stop the open internet rollback! #netneutrality
#netneutrality Anonymous DeVeL @AnonDeVel🔁 #NetNeutrality rules are doomed as the @FCC starts the teardown process
Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris🔁The internet is one of the most powerful tools to making your voice heard — we must protect a free and open internet. #NetNeutrality
Sheldon Whitehouse @SenWhitehouse🔁RT if you're as outraged as I am. Yesterday, @POTUS' @FCC voted to begin dismantling a free & open internet. We must protect #NetNeutrality!
Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris🔁The FCC voted today to start a process that would change the free and open internet as we know it. We must protect .
Akshay Vaidya @yahskaaydiav🔁 We won’t let the FCC overturn #netneutrality without a fight. Sign our petition here:
Akshay Vaidya @yahskaaydiav🔁The FCC is repealing against massive grassroots opposition. Sign our petition to fight this decision:
Nina Marie @ninamarie770🔁Nice try Pocahontas. Tell idiot Obama we said "You're all going to jail!" Thanks.
Not On This Watch @NotOnThisWatch🔁Title II ≠ . Comcast continues to support open internet protections:
Audre Hill @eSoloPro🔁When gut so many of our in 100 days, ! ....
Anonymous DeVeL @AnonDeVel🔁A world without #netneutrality is a world I don't want to live in. I'll fight for net neutrality even if it means hacking ever ISP.
Aurélien Dumaine @yuntux🔁Join the fight for . If you won't do it for yourself, how about for this big orange fox? 👇

Gavin Borg @Theborg3of5🔁This week the voted to start the process to roll back strong protections. Make your voice heard!
Anonymous DeVeL @AnonDeVel🔁Disappointed voted to start repealing . I oppose this effort and will work to protect a free & open internet.
Gemini58 @dragonfly08876🔁@comcast Wrong! Title II = #netneutrality. Not = #moneygrab
SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁#TrumpRussia can wait long enough to save #netneutrality. Focus America!
Educated702Latina @sexy702latina🔁You mean the rules written by Google and Zuckerberg that Obama signed after he took millions from them?


Amanda Johnson @aj11310🔁 @comcast If you're for #NetNeutrality, why are you paying for ads to remove regs that enforce it? #Confused
Junson Chan 🇺🇸 @realjunsonchan🔁Nice try Pocahontas. Tell idiot Obama we said "You're all going to jail!" Thanks.
Cruzio Internet @cruzio🔁Despite public blowback the FCC continues to move forward with talks on rolling back 2015 regulations
Friends of the Earth @foe_us🔁.@FCC wants to take away open internet at a time when free speech has never been more vital. We need #NetNeutrality.
Vincent Tobin @VincentTobin_🔁 is CRITICAL to freedom of expression, equal access to information & ability of small businesses to compete online w/ big ones
TrumpWatchdogNews @TrumpWatchNews🔁Trump's FCC has moved repeal of to the next step - the public comment phase. We will have a lot to say.
Damian @TheWatchDog96🔁Communities of color are fighting to keep our digital voices protected by Title II . Add your voice:
Ann Knight @piquant00🔁Is this the end of the open internet? Not if we do something about it. Tell the FCC to leave #NetNeutrality alone:
Paul Hershenson @phershenson🔁These are the arguments against net neutrality — and why they’re wrong #NetNeutrality
SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁I don't ever watch @MSNBC. Not @Maddow @Lawrence or any other. Are they sounding the alarm= #FCC is dismantling #netneutrality?!!
Ruth @seraphimmoon13🔁Pay attention America. Don't let the special interests who want to revoke distract you= <--They're not ur friends


SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁Pay attention America. Don't let the special interests who want to revoke distract you= <--They're not ur friends
Saba SEO @sabaseo🔁Why Net Neutrality Is Important for SEO Purposes
#seo #tips #netneutrality #content
Ami Rojkes Dombe @AmiRojkes🔁 FCC Begins Rulemaking Process to Protect an Open Internet #netneutrality
~TARA RENÉ~ @grn_eyez9🔁!
We want to encourage you to post comments to the FCC, opposing the reversal of net neutrality rules

(((Robert Arthur))) @jaunte🔁 going down. Your service can be slowed based on who you use or what you're looking at.

SiliconRepublic @siliconrepublic🔁#NetNeutrality is the hot potato of our digital times
Cameron Hernholm @txpch🔁FCC Votes To Undo Net Neutrality Rules - The Takeaway - WNYC #netneutrality #woke
SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁Getting loud about just how important is for our economy & free speech at this morning!
Gradeplg @gradeplg1🔁The internet is broken because they're removing title 2 and getting rid of #netneutrality. Please tell the FCC you don't want this!
SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁 Gutting #NetNeutrality hurts
✔ communities of color
✔ women
✔ small businesses

Who benefits?
✔ big broadband
✔ special interests

SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁The FCC’s proposed rules to roll back will hurt consumers and content providers. The Internet must remain accessible for all.
AC @Abhinary🔁Do U know what trump's goons are doing? website is down.R they wi ping comments like FCC ended comments
SouthernRock @SouthernRock3🔁 wants every one focused on Trump/Russia so this goes unchallenged. We're LOSING people. !
David Spenger @brongladest🔁The fight for has roots in centuries of resistance. Here's an important read on survival & democracy on Twitter:
CraveCute Vintage @CraveCute🔁Repealing is a major step back on the progress we've made over the years to close the digital divide
JCade_Sim7447 @jcade_sim7447🔁The @FCC is trying to hand the internet back to @Comcast, et. al | Donate Today & Save Net Neutrality #NetNeutrality


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