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#NetNeutrality MaKayla @makayla_biddle🔁 If #NetNeutrality is saved, I'll give everyone who Retweeets this $100
#NetNeutrality cloutganglife @violetcloutlit🔁 If #NetNeutrality is saved, I will give everyone who rts $500
#NetNeutrality#NetNeutrality#NetNeutrality#NetNeutrality Zepher @Zxphers🔁 He is such a hypocrite #NetNeutrality
#NetNeutrality Farmers Daughter🌊🖌️📚 @kdbk42🔁 Never forget the amazing editors over at Wikipedia. #NetNeutrality
#NetNeutrality#NetNeutrality g @fuccgabe🔁 Fellas, don't stress. I got you sorted #NetNeutrality
happyhippie (Rae) @RaeAlisonMusic🔁 *5 mins into no #NetNeutrality & internet*

me to my family: so what are your guys’ names?

Yulissa Lopez @VintageLopez🔁 Well, since #NetNeutrality is gone I'm going back to my roots.
#NetNeutrality DJ Raee 😈💯🌈 @ThompsonDesaree🔁 Is your state suing?
If not RT to spread awareness!
Maura Healey @MassAGO🔁The @FCC's repeal of #NetNeutrality was illegal and we will be filing suit. Here's why:
Mackenzie Astin @MackenzieAstin🔁Hey, , today my mom would have turned 71. But she didn't. Because she died in March of 2016. Can you please take the twitter.com time to explain to me how she made three separate comments in support of ending more than a year after she died?


Netflix US @netflix🔁We’re disappointed in the decision to gut protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity twitter.com & civic engagement. This is the beginning of a longer legal battle. Netflix stands w/ innovators, large & small, to oppose this misguided FCC order.
Andrea @Aclark11_FL🔁The majority is ignoring the voices of millions of Americans – I will not. Direct all questions about to me. Will answer top questions online on Tuesday (12/19) at 2pm EST.
♏ @FAkrav5🔁Saving in 2 easy steps:

1️⃣ Donate to & Action Fund, who are suing the FCC.
2️⃣ RT to spread the damn word!

Camo Valentyne @CamoValentyne🔁I see a lot of people that believe that we are not taking serious enough, and a lot to think we are taking it too s twitter.com erious. I think in some ways both are true?
BryantBNguyen @BryantBNguyen1🔁 @FaZeRug let’s all take 2 minutes of our life and watch this video before #NetNeutrality   ends🤧👋 youtu.be 🔥
OG MACOS HAIR BLEACH @heavy_woods🔁How to override you need to find this file on your computer and click delete. It gives you unlimited access to Netflix, Google, Facebook and Twitter. It also automatically mines BitCoin. It's a secret so don't tell too many.

Jaz ☃️ @_Jazmanian_🔁I was just listening to the first podcast of from 2012 and they talked about how the US will probably try to block w twitter.com hat we see on the internet and here we are in 2017 dealing with issues.
Mary Gordon-Hagler @mghagler🔁Please share!

The just voted to kill . BUT the fight isn't over.

Congress can and overrule their vote using the Congressional Review Act. We need each and every one of us to keep the pressure on Congress. Here's how:

c o r a l i n e @myblackestday🔁Listen to OUR President talk about   & join the fight to save the internet by:

-Calling 202-759-7766
- Or texting "Resist" to 50409

sübi🐾❣️ @OGOC_Luhstan🔁 The internet is meant for the world, not for those who can afford it... #NetNeutrality
Laura Ottawa @OttawaWow🔁Oh good! This video! I had watched it and failed to bookmark it. I had searched high & low to find it again. 👉 This twitter.com is the only video that makes sense to me, regarding
Maria DiBi @MariaDiBi🔁These Two Women are the 2 Commissioners who voted to KEEP : Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel

They are real American Heroes!

Retweet this message while it's still FREE!

Chess @Chessmasterer🔁 protects us from online censorship and our ability to access and send information on the Internet. It prevents ISPs, such as cable and telephone companies (Ajit was legal counsel for Verizon) from preferring certain content, applications, or services over others.
Life is good, no? @AlayTheRisen🔁We will continue to protect in Europe, ensuring that all traffic is treated equally:
→ Every European must be able to have access to the
→ No blocking or discrimination of online content, applications and services

Laura Ferejohn @FereJohn🔁FCC Commissioner shreds decision:
The is ignoring the will of the people.
Congress has the power to overturn the FCC's vote to kill NetNeutrality.
Contact them here:   

Annie Wachtel @Vinylpoodle🔁It’s important to hear directly from the two women on the FCC trying to save in their own words.
Pamela Barroway @PamelaBarroway🔁Retweetfest: Tweet this link out in the next 2 hours & we’ll RT you!

FCC voted to end . In response we're launching a massive advocacy campaign to make Congress pass legislation reinstating it.

Marsha Harrison @MHarri33🔁On December 14, the could kill . We believe these rules are essential to free speech on the internet and for empowering people everywhere to make their voices heard through our petitions.

Agree? Add your name here:

LiberalYogi @Liberalyogi🔁The vote to roll back rules was slammed by tech giants like Amazon, Facebook and Netflix.

It was applauded by internet service providers.

NetNeutrality Europe @NeutraliteNet🔁 #NetNeutrality is key to free expression, innovation & public safety. cards.twitter.com
AJ 💕🕊💎 @YahBoiAaron🔁BREAKING NEWS: The following states will join New York in suing the FCC to defend protections:

-North Carolina

Mean Mercury @mean_mercury🔁


We need
Instead of

Eric W Odom @EricWOdom🔁The killed , but there's still hope. Internet advocacy groups like Free Press will challenge the ruling in court. Also, Congress still has the power to overturn the ruling so make sure to hit up your Representatives!
Brianna Welch @Brinana_poo🔁What














Defend #NetNeutrality battleforthenet.com

12•11 ✨ @lul_revynnn🔁Welp since we've lost   and twitter about to be a dub ... go ahead and shoot your shot for the one time 🌚 🤷🏾‍♀️
tweeeeeeeeett @Gift2USA🔁The FCC's decision to repeal rules opens the door for broadband providers and big businesses to call the shots instead of protecting consumers. I'm going to fight to protect the free and open internet.
Matt Lane @mmmaaatttttt🔁I'm getting tired of the meme saying "if it passes you'll pay $14.99 for Twitter and $.10 per Google search". It is absolutely not what is going to happen and we should try to educate people on the real reasons why needs defending. Thread ⤵️⤵️1/n


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