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#ncpol#ncpol кєη αѕнƒσя∂ @KenAshford🔁 Ladies and Gentlemen, the Executive Director of the @NCGOP:
NC Political Ads @NCPolAds🔁Jerry Shipman has spent $34,240 on this "Listen To The Powerful" ad on education issues #ncpol
NC Political Ads @NCPolAds🔁Phillip Price has spent $6,000 on this "Health Insurance" ad on healthcare issues #ncpol
NC Political Ads @NCPolAds🔁Jimmy Dixon has spent $6,880 on this "Many Reasons" ad on public safety issues #ncpol
#ncpol Colin Campbell @RaleighReporter🔁.@NC_Governor announces he's recalling three @NCNationalGuard members from Mexico border duty #ncpol
Let America Vote @letamericavote🔁Make no mistake: Republicans in North Carolina are not trying to expand early voting with SB 325, they're trying to e twitter.com liminate Saturday from early voting. Why? Because many African Americans choose to vote early on Saturday.
The News & Observer @newsobserver🔁Just in: @NC_Governor recalls 3 National Guard members in response to family separations

#ncpol #ncga


Smoky Mountain News @SmokyMtnNews🔁Another great new issue, on the streets today! twitter.com
Melissa Gott @MelissaGottNC🔁Here's some good news that is worth sharing: NC tax revenues continue to surpass projections, yielding hundreds of millions more than the previous year.
jrt1971 @luvman33wife🔁Politicians in Raleigh keep putting the profits of big polluters over the health of the people.

Sharon I Nelson @Womenpols🔁 Come ON, #NCGA!🙌🇺🇸


#DemandERA #NCpol #ERA #NorthCaroli twitter.com na

Scott Bryan @ARealScottBryan🔁The 's brave and selfless reaction to the crisis on our border? "Waaaah, Why Us? We don't care about children, just how inconvenienced WE are." Asshats.
Scott Bryan @ARealScottBryan🔁It is this president, OUR president, who , , and so vociferously defend and support. No matter the atrocious human rights transgression, they stand by their man.
Scott Bryan @ARealScottBryan🔁Their big thing is , and days of action revolving around it. What could they possibly be saying to people? What could a party that makes the defense of children and family such a key part of their platform say to someone who questions their immigration policies?
Donald Bryson @donaldbryson🔁Noemie Emery: This is what voter suppression doesn't look like washex.am #NCGA #ncpol
Scott Bryan @ARealScottBryan🔁We are just shy of $16 million in litigation costs since 2011.

After this short session and this bill, I'd expect that number to keep climbing

JohnLockeFoundation @JohnLockeNC🔁. writes that in recent years, North Carolina has initiated a dramatic and promising change in how it pays teachers. twitter.com
Scott Bryan @ARealScottBryan🔁There is nothing unconstitutional about district courts in Wake or Mecklenburg. This is a "problem" manufactured by that will corrode an effective court system.
Dennis Berwyn @dberwyn🔁Meet Judge Lou Olivera, GOP candidate for Superior Court in Cumberland County, NC!
CBCeditorial @CbCeditorial🔁Editorial: Time for N.C.'s congressional delegation to stand for kids and against inhumanity on our border twitter.com
Progress NC Action @ProgressNow_NC🔁Politicians in Raleigh keep putting the profits of big polluters over the health of the people.
JohnLockeFoundation @JohnLockeNC🔁China, Mexico, Canada targeting ag exports including tobacco and pork, which have a big impact on N.C. economy twitter.com
DavidsonBeeCompany @KBenFranklin🔁NC residents not ok with Senators Tillis and Burr remaining silent about the separation of families to deter people from crossing the border into the United States. Call and ask them to make a public statement about the matter.

800-685-8916 Burr
704-509-9087 Tillis

DavidsonBeeCompany @KBenFranklin🔁SB757 gerrymanders judicial districts in Wake & Mecklenburg counties and is the latest Republican attempt to rig our courts & enact their extreme, partisan agenda. My opponent is wrong to support it. was right to veto this attack on our independent judiciary.
Mark Strom @SandlapperStrom🔁In a blow to Democrats, judge won't restore North Carolina judicial primaries this year
CCJR-NC @CCJRNC🔁In the Raleigh News & Observer: Exposure to political disagreement helps people not just come up with more and better reasons for their own views but also helps them understand why other people might reasonably come to a different conclusion.
Patti Herndon @imthesongbirdy🔁Never forget that NC is a swing state. Gerrymandering is wrong on every level and should be prevented.

Make America great again? How about we make elections fair again.


Amazing!Fox @AmazingFox2🔁Letting politicians draw their own voting districts is like letting the fox guard the henhouse. Join the movement to end :
GailieOne @GailieOne🔁House Republicans release sickening plan for 2018: Cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid via
Triple AAA @aelexaddo🔁I would say that executive director just outed himself as a racist and xenophobe, but that was already pretty clear
NC NOW Prez @ncnowprez🔁Don't let them trick you. #ncpol #ncga #nced twitter.com
Sammy Settanni @SammySettanni🔁Trump Keeps Telling Us There's A Crisis At The Border. The Numbers Say That's Not True. Trump's claim relies on a statistical comparison that masks a decline in border arrests over the past two decades. via
Her Mavenship @pchestek🔁. announces he's recalling three members from Mexico border duty
Free Peace, World B Metta @beensmaller🔁Don’t forget this is your guy, @NCGOP. #ncpol #ncga #NorthCarolina twitter.com
MathIsTheAnswer @CalifMathGirl🔁Veto overrides for SB 486 and SB 757 will be on the floor this evening. Rather than disenfranchising as many voters as possible and ignoring the democratic process, lawmakers should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder.

Joe Fowler @JFowler4NCHouse🔁Just in: recalls 3 National Guard members in response to family separations

Terry Brown @Terry_BrownJr🔁Kathy Manning (D) is briefly mentioned in this fairly detailed analysis from , Women are the wave, but also the wall, for Democrats in 2018. She is challenging 1st-term Rep Ted Budd (R) in
Jason Joyner @Jason_Joyner🔁Working from the 50 yard line of can be a lonely place.

Not only do your allies want you to throw rocks, but oftentimes your opposition does as well.

Despite these pulls and pushes .

Joe Fowler @JFowler4NCHouse🔁This is our Judicial Branch Dream Team -- our in 2018 -- Vote for them and spread the word!

Joe Fowler @JFowler4NCHouse🔁 had shown that we as an individual state CAN make a difference in this national disgrace. twitter.com
phoenix23 @ajahny🔁Leftwing Assault activist put child in cage for protest while Anti-American Leftist, Jose Antonio Vargas uses it to twitter.com attack Americans defending borders from foreign invaders.
LB @bernstein_lynn🔁No, the override votes on Senate calendar tonight do NOT include the early voting bill, S325. That's still on the gov's desk. Not yet vetoed, tho it's expected to be. They're overriding two vetoes of other election-related bills, incl. Wake/Meck redistricting.


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