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#napafires NapaTweet @NapaTweet🔁At @BasaltNapa having brunch supporting #napa Businesses very impacted #downtownnapa #NapaStrong #napafires #donapa
#napafires Renee' Martin @sachikoko🔁 Thankful residents...and dinosaurs. #napafires #firstresponders via @NapaRegister
Jim Durkin @JimDurkin888🔁Here’s some of the heroes! Napa or Bust! #NapaFires #NapaStrong @napafoster
#napafires#napafires mike.mccarron @CAPTMCMcCarron🔁A DC-10 and a BA-146 attack the #sonomafires and #napafires from the air.
#napafires NapaTweet @NapaTweet🔁Nearly deserted #downtownnapa. Normally bustling. #Napastrong #donapa #NapaFires #NapaValleyFire #napa #NapaCounty
#napafires NapaTweet @NapaTweet🔁Always busy @hogislandoyster at @OxbowPubMarket deserted. #donapa #downtownnapa #NapaStrong #NapaFires #NapaCounty
#napafires Joan @pir8z40🔁 Big plume of smoke seen from Napa County #napafires .@KTVU
#napafires Ron Bartlett @BartlettBacchus🔁1st day away from the house. Brunch @farmstead (beef & Pork hash) trying to be normal again. #food #wine #NapaFires
#napafires Lesa Mitchell @lesamitchell🔁Help support #napafires responders and those in need w @gocopia
Sarah Stierch @Sarah_Stierch🔁Growing (& changing) list of how to help #NapaFIres #SonomaFires plz share & tweet w/new ways
CHP Napa Area @CHP_Napa🔁Any food donations can be dropped off at the Napa Airport where the @USNationalGuard is located. Hot meals greatly welcomed. #Napafires
Sarah Stierch @Sarah_Stierch🔁. is matching $ for $ up to $40,000 for donations to re:
Brooke @thetincat🔁So grateful to all who are working so hard to fight the . 🚒🚁🛩️
Brooke @thetincat🔁 RT @CAPTMCMcCarron "A DC-10 and a BA-146 attack the #sonomafires and #napafires from the "
Sally Stokes @sarahracha🔁Powerful SuperTanker finally helping fight CA fires -- and we almost couldn't get it. Wild.
Copia @gocopia🔁 When @gocopia gets involved with the General in charge of the #napafires. Great job team @gocopia
Lesa Mitchell @lesamitchell🔁When @gocopia gets involved with the General in charge of the #napafires. Great job team @gocopia
kathy gori @kathygori🔁 The latest Oregon Winery Daily! Thanks to @noblepig #sonomafires #napafires
Nat Hazard Warning @Earth_Hazards🔁//" target="_blank"> "
Fun_B @Jaded_Jetta🔁@JerryBrownGov @GavinNewsom @CAL_FIRE Given that California is ALWAYS burning, why don't we have more fire fighting airplanes? #NapaFires
Neil @NPSusa🔁The best news and sport photos. election


mike.mccarron @CAPTMCMcCarron🔁DC-10 makes a run on the #NapaFires on #flightradar24
The Doctors Company @doctorscompany🔁UPDATE ON NAPA OFFICE: We will be open Monday, Oct. 16. #NapaFires
Terry Rutherford @terrydennis🔁@CALFIRE_PIO @LauraAnthony7 Go home my friends! #napafire #NapaFires
IBTimes UK @IBTimesUK🔁The best news and sport photos. #napafires #santarosafire #Kenya election #Catalunya #RohingyaMuslims


chasinblue @chasinblue🔁So grateful to all who are working so hard to fight the . 🚒🚁🛩️
Terry Rutherford @terrydennis🔁 Great news We have friends in Calistoga, so happy or them. Silver lining.
Clare Tooley @ClareT_y🔁@JamesSuckling Indeed. An eye will always be open even in sleep. Far from over for too many #NapaFires #sonomafire #SolanoCounty
John Friedman @John_Friedman🔁The top of , near . saving the communications infrastructure.
Clare Tooley @ClareT_y🔁 @ClareT_y Keep dodging. Frightful situation #napafires
Lowell Downey @Lowell_Downey🔁#weareallpuertoricans #DonaldTrump From the fires in #NapaFires as we put out the fires we cannot forget the suffering in Puerto Rico
Sheri Cardo @SheriCardo🔁[VIDEO] Watch the powerful 747 'SuperTanker' drop retardant on wildfires in Geyserville #sonomafires #napafires
🌊C.Proppé @cproppe🔁How to sign-up for Nixle emergency alerts in any zip code!
JOBCAT von KOPFKAOS @mistressmousey🔁 City of #Calistoga mandatory evacuation lifted for residents starting at 2 PM PST #NapaFires #TubbFire Yahoo!
2017 Update: Fire Map

"North Bay" "Sonoma Fire" "Sonoma" "Napa" "Napa County" "Northern California" "Sonoma Valley" z

2017 Update: Napa Fire Map Latest

"North Bay" "Sonoma Fire" "S onoma" "Napa" "Napa County" "Northern California" "Sonoma Valley"

WinstonRogersNelson @W_R_R🔁AQI in "Good" category after being in "Unhealthy" all week due to #NapaFires. Been essentially Beijing since Monday.
Gail Hart @Gail_Hart🔁For & Red Cross Wildfire recovery will match $ for $ donations (Up to $5,000)
Higher Ground @highergtv🔁Our thoughts and prayers are with all the farmers and families effected by the wildfires.
Winecations @Winecations🔁The latest Oregon Winery Daily! Thanks to @noblepig #sonomafires #napafires
Carrie Marchal @carriemarchal🔁Both Vandendriessche family homes all buildings burned in the . So glad all got out safely! via
Jay @chophappy🔁Showing tonight. Just heartbroken by all the devastation.
JoAnn @ ES Audio:) @musicandpost🔁 Growing (& changing) list of how to help #NapaFIres #SonomaFires plz share & tweet w/new ways
Winecations @Winecations🔁The latest Napa Valley Winery Daily! Thanks to @AtlasPeakAVA #napafires
FoodSafetyEDU @SonomaFoodSafeT🔁 Doctors Warn Against the Toxins and Triggers Hidden in Wildfire Smoke @KQED #napafire #napafires
Sharon Luna Small @SharonLunaSmall🔁Writing is catharsis for me. I want to get these thoughts out about the , and I thought I'd share it
nessa @vvvanessavvv🔁we need more volunteers at the napa valley college!! #NapaFires #NapaCounty #NapaStrong 💘
Shireen Nickel @Shireen51Rabbit🔁🌏🕊 ∞ 🌏🕊

If You Can…
Ways To Help Evacuees (➕ )

P Mimi Poinsett MD @yayayarndiva🔁 Grateful to our firefighters working around the clock to save lives. #Heroes #NapaFires #SonomaFires
Zach Thomas, P.E. @hvaczac🔁Thankful for blue sky this morning in . Still thinking of those affected by the @…
Jeff Sutch @JeffSutch🔁Graphic novelist Brian Fies draws his experience in losing his home #sonomafires #napafires
Peggy von Burkleo @SamhainNight🔁The Department of General Services is asking for help from providers.
Peggy von Burkleo @SamhainNight🔁 Come together #sonomafires #sonomafire #napafire #napafires #NapaStrong
AnkidaRidgeVineyards @AnkidaRidge🔁 The latest Virginia Winery Daily! Thanks to @AnkidaRidge #sonomafires #napafires
Tony Lima @CaWineFan🔁Evacuation orders lifted for Gordon Valley Road and Wooden Valley Road in
Kelly @swpic🔁New discount for - offering discounted rooms w/breakfast. Added here:
Teresa Parli @tprli🔁 CAL FIRE - Due to fears of mudslide and flooding. Fear potential damage from rain and flooding. #SonomaFires #NapaFires
Christine Jennings @CJ_SFBay🔁 Please RT and donate at Please #RT #napafires
Ron Hall III @RonHallIII1🔁@ShaunKing ..I don't know her name, she is anonymous #americanSignLanguage interpreter #poc whilst big muckymuck talk with media #napafires
Madhusudan Katti 🦉 @leafwarbler🔁 CAL FIRE has gained control of #AtlasFire, #NunsFire & #TubbsFire at this time. #NapaFIres
Jamie Goldstein @JamieGoldstein1🔁@Sarah_Stierch Just confirmed 4600 Redwood Rd. gone. Up to around 4300 block should be ok. #NapaFires #MtVeeder


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