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#mswx Andrew Blake Wilson @AndrewWilsonWX🔁Another view of the sunset tonight in Biloxi. Beautiful! #mswx
#mswx John Dolusic @WTVAjohn🔁A few people are worried that we are not through with Nate. Nate is gone for us. #mswx #alwx
jamiemarie @amiejaariema🔁 #hurricanenate as the #eyewall came into #Biloxi #mswx #stormsurge #seawall #GulfofMexico
#mswx Katheryne Morgan @MorganKatheryne🔁 Because when you see a dumpster making a good clip down hwy 90.... #trashfloat #MSwx
#mswx Nishan Bilazarian @nishmanb🔁 This shrimp boat in Moss Point was sunk by #Nate #MSwx
#mswx Nishan Bilazarian @nishmanb🔁 Boat in pool, not Bay St Louis. Thanks #Nate @wdsu #mswx
#mswx Nishan Bilazarian @nishmanb🔁 A look back at the #StormSurge spike measured at Pascagoula, MS #MSwx
#mswx Al Ramirez @alramirezUSA🔁 Rain chances will be on the increase for the beginning of the work week. #lawx #mswx
#mswx katy gullotto @KatyGullotto🔁 #hurricanenate brings the MS sound to the Beau Rivage's front doorstep #MSwx
#mswx Daniella Oropeza @DaniellaWTVA🔁 A few people are worried that we are not through with Nate. Nate is gone for us. #mswx #alwx
#mswx Jonathan Brannan @JBrannanWLOX🔁#hurricanenate brings the MS sound to the Beau Rivage's front doorstep #MSwx
MDOT @MississippiDOT🔁MDOT crews are removing 1K+ pumpkins from HWY 90 in that were blown onto the road due to . twitter.com
kf4pld - Rick Crouch @kf4pld🔁The latest Weather Around The Southeast! paper.li #mswx
Tiger Pixel Pusher! @AURobUSA🔁Biloxi Light House Pier severely damaged by 's storm surge.
Keith Wilson @misterkewi🔁The boats finally got to exit this afternoon. What a sight! #mswx #mscoastlife #discoverdiberville #NateAftermath twitter.com
rip chester be @shellyrose88🔁 Storm Surge Damage Biloxi MS. #mswx pscp.tv
Юра @wBd4XdJy1vVPHn7🔁Getting very strong gusts here in Gulfport! Probably close to - if not hurricane force!
Юра @wBd4XdJy1vVPHn7🔁Maximum push of storm surge heading toward coast next few hours. Sea water will rise quickly
Dinah Voyles Pulver @DinahVP🔁Significant inundation accompanied landfall. Some peak water rises ...
Hernan Cortes @ModernCortes🔁Storm surge completely washing over Hwy 90 in Biloxi near I-110. All travel lanes underwater.
bottomsupshorty✌ @N8tiveOjib🔁Water levels also falling off quickly along the MS Coast. Here's the gauge trace from Bay Waveland.
ChickaDee @TheObamaphile🔁Water continues to drop this morning, but here's what it looked like in Biloxi last night.
Patricia Herman @ticka1🔁's strong wind knocked the power out in downtown Biloxi. Everything goes pitch black. (via Brandi T).
Ms. Burton @TweetsfromMsB🔁The latest The Tweets from Ms. B Daily! paper.li #mswx #lawx
Wesley Williams @WesWilliamsII🔁Beauty returns to the shore.

Hard to believe a hurricane made landfall near this Biloxi Bay Bridge last night (via twitter.com Terry G).

GreenPolly @GreenPolyHybrid🔁910p update: is quickly approaching the MS coast & second landfall anticipated in the next hour or 2.
Katheryne Morgan @MorganKatheryne🔁Hwy 90 in Biloxi, MS near Debuys Rd is completely underwater. Just waves, no travel lanes.
Cara Whedbee @DoctorCara🔁One of the highest surge values from was Pascagoula NOAA Lab, MS which set a new record water level.
Melinda McGrath @McGrathMDOT🔁Use caution while driving on roads impacted by . For the latest conditions, visit . twitter.com
Troy Christensen @Warmsector🔁Pretty much the only significant damage report I have heard so far here in MS from #HurricaneNate2017 #mswx twitter.com
Christine McEvilly @cmmc03🔁Top rainfall reports so far ... and top (land-based) wind gusts from Hurricane (now Tropical Storm)
Brooks Tomlin @Fox35Brooks🔁Our waterline from the surge last night, about 4ft above the bayou banks. No damage and we never lost power!
kf4pld - Rick Crouch @kf4pld🔁The latest Weather Around The Southeast! paper.li #alwx #mswx
Margaret Baker @margar45🔁Lake Mars pier is gone. So is part of Jimmy Buffett Bridge. @sunherald #nateupdates #mswx
Margaret Baker @margar45🔁Thousands in Jackson County still don’t have power. Crews are working on it. @sunherald #Nateupdates #mswx
Joel Young @WTVAJoel🔁Leaving the with a gorgeous sunset now that has come and gone. Looking just as beautiful as ever! twitter.com


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