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Wanda Ransom @wandaransom🔁@donlemon I'm out of time & I'm out of patients @CNN challenging night👀 #cnn #msnbc #FoxNews #BamboozledAmerica
peter kop @koppa63🔁:Even.'s. agrees that the HYPOCRISY surrounding and IS RIDICULOUS. Rep Dent says shouted "CHARACTER COUNTS" during . !!

Reverend Al Sharpton @TheRevAl🔁Addressing Trump’s recent tweet about ordering the DOJ to issue a rule banning bump stocks. twitter.com
Joyce Alene @JoyceWhiteVance🔁Hearing Jim Cavanaugh, my former ATF Special Agent in Charge & good friend discuss the Austin bombings on reminds me twitter.com of his competent leadership on the cases we worked together. Good to know we can rely on ATF, FBI & local law enforcement. Prayers for everyone in Austin.
animalsmatterhere @bbschumann🔁(Please vote and re-tweet) The NEW Rosanne show on is a hit and Rosanne Barr's character is a supporter. are already crying for the show's cancellation. What do you think? … by
Michael Wayne Holman @NorseShadowRunr🔁's ratings and a rural well have something in common: it's amazing just how they drop below Earth's surface. There. twitter.com My work here is done.🇺🇸👍
Ed Letkiewicz @EdLetkiewicz🔁#MSNBC ratings are down so much that even #StormyDaniels could not fluff them up. If you know what I mean.
Renee H @rhuibers1🔁This is FANTASTIC!! New light projection on trump international hotel
Barbara Stiles @Dovewoman1🔁:. reports that DURING 2016 Campaign, Deputy Campaign Chair WAS IN CONTACT WITH & DIRECTED OTHERS TO CONTACT someone he knew WAS RUSSIAN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE What other evidence are we looking for folks!!

MsLillie MAGA @LillieR63790476🔁(Please vote and re-tweet) The NEW Rosanne show on is a hit and Rosanne Barr's character is a supporter. are already crying for the show's cancellation. What do you think?
First Amendment @firstAmendmentx🔁:A motion by 's lawyers to have lawsuit dismissed because MD & DC AGs lacked legal standing HAS BEEN REJECTED by the federal judge. BOOYAH!!

Vegas Sports Talk @vegas_sports🔁@DLoesch I didn't even know #MSNBC still existed. Interesting
What's Your Mission @whatmission🔁So, the Skripals were poisoned at 9am (supposedly) and didnt flake out until 4pm and are STILL alive. This doesnt sound like a CW 4 times stronger than VX does it?

J.J. @jmj488🔁:4 MONTHS after.'s Rep. PROMISED TO REFUND $84K tax $$ he used to settle his sexual harassment case, still ZERO REFUND. Now DEM. IS DEMANDING. TAKE ACTION

Marc Thorn @MarcJThorn84🔁Who all hates fake news more than me? #CNN, #MSNBC, #NBC, #ABC, #Washington post, #New York Times etc.....
Treason Crisis @Treason_Crisis🔁 Constitution allows POTUS to receive any/all foreign riches with consent of Congress.

Gen. Washington banned tortur twitter.com e w/o exception.

Constitution again banned state torture w/o exception.

Bill Clinton, George Bush + Barack Obama are protected by embedded media.

Wipapa @Wipapa5🔁:. said on. that DOESN'T HAVE TO CONFESS ABOUT. because Jesus said "DON'T JUDGE"-what REAL Christians consider THE MOST MISUSED scripture in the Bible. WOW!

MIA @omen_syria🔁who can investigate the conflict of interest behind US media blackout serving to prolong Syrian Holocaust? twitter.com
American Michael @USAObserver🔁@DLoesch @PatrickArnold77 Is #MSNBC still on the air??!
To be silent is to be complicit! @SherryD84507494🔁:. HYPOCRISY ON STEROIDS--Republicans were OUTRAGED when President LIED about his affair with . Now they SIT SILENT AS LIES ABOUT HIS AFFAIR WITH .. !!

Tammy Dzwilewski @tdzwilewski🔁I am still searching on Amazon for that scale that used to weigh Donald "David Dennison" Trump. I want to buy one for my doctor and one to keep in my home.

⚜️Meaux♠️ @modaggs🔁:. Co-Chair of. says re --" WASN'T ELECTED TO BE A MORAL LEADER." Mind you all U.S. Presidents have ALWAYS ASSUMED the moral leadership role. INDEED!!

Carlos Ramos Sr. @usvetram🔁COLLUSION DELUSION: Sara is now on discussing this BLOCKBUSTER NEWS!
New Documents Show OBAMA Officials, FBI COORDINATED in Anti-Trump Probe via


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