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#msnbc Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYC🔁#FlashbackFriday
Me joining the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer ranks.
#MSNBC #CNN #NEWDAY #morningjoe
Dave Thomas @newstouse🔁@Daws84 - Media has been anti-Trump even b4 he took office. #CNN and #MSNBC are nothing more than Leftist propaganda shows at this point.
Karen DaltonBeninato @kbeninato🔁"The moral failure is complete, it's almost irredeemable. The Republican leaders must censure this President by name." Steve Schmidt, #MSNBC
Joaquin Baldwin @joabaldwin🔁Wow, this Trump advisor got DESTROYED by #MSNBC, so embarrassing, worth watching the whole thing:
VBMiMi @VBMiMi🔁Joe & Mika changed their position on Trump about same tme as #Maddow ratings started to soar. It was all about ratings #msnbc
Rhino51 @turbofan111🔁Ask him if he knows how Pershing got the name blackjack. Ask him if he knows anything about Buffalo Soldiers stupid no #MSNBC
VivBWoke @VivBWoke🔁 Trump’s lies are not the problem. It’s the millions who swallow them who really matter
Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYC🔁AWESOME!!
#MSNBC #CNN #NEWDAY #morningjoe
Why Nations Fail @BabatundeEdun🔁Brad Thomas should've done his homework before going on ... This was a smackdown he won't soon forget.
printboy @printboy🔁New York Is Named After A Horrendous Slave Trader via @dailycaller #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc #cnn #abc #cbs
Team Deplorables @cdnrod🔁 well morning Joe Russia isn't working so you and the democrats try white supremacy and failing capacity. Good Luck!
Keen Report @KeenReport🔁These compulsive liars are turning MSNBC into a laughing stock... trustworthy as CNN.
VBMiMi @VBMiMi🔁Joe & Mika spent everyday during campaign bashing HRC & making excuses for DJT, owe Amer ppl apology. #msnbc
Dawg @AnotherDawg🔁 proves again to be a disease, a cancer on mankind.
printboy @printboy🔁REPORT: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Ready to Reveal Proof Russia Didn't Hack the DNC #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc
Berkeley Hunt @BerkeleyHunt4🔁Recent Harvard study shows & have had between 93% - 97% negative coverage on . Are you getting impart ial news?
printboy @printboy🔁Black Woman Completely Annihilates Leftist Charlottesville Narrative (Video) #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc #cnn
Leo @leofilip95🔁Master of distraction! What how he drives the narrative. made gif based on
printboy @printboy🔁Bannon Hits Back At Critics Over Controversial Interview: It 'Drew Fire Away' From POTUS #morningjoe #msnbc
Joe 🐢 @pucks_and_pols🔁 Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave. #morningjoe #msnbc #ImpeachTrump
Michael Kline @kline_m🔁 How could compare to Teddy Roosevelt is !
@ Black Jesus com @BlackJesuscom🔁#msnbc #cnn #Morningjoe Trump’s lies are not the problem. It’s the millions who swallow them who really matter
Martha Navotony @marntny🔁 is the media
Elizabeth Pernell @epernell40🔁#Trump #MSNBC well morning Joe Russia isn't working so you and the democrats try white supremacy and failing capacity. Good Luck!
Tara Bradford @TaraBradford🔁Now mom getting DEATH THREATS over Memorial Service Speech

DERRICK NELSON SR @DerrickNelsonSr🔁 Al Gore Calls On Donald Trump To Resign | HuffPost #MSNBC #MorningJoe @realDonaldTrump
DERRICK NELSON SR @DerrickNelsonSr🔁Al Gore Calls On Donald Trump To Resign | HuffPost #MSNBC #MorningJoe @realDonaldTrump
printboy @printboy🔁Hell Freezes Over=> MSNBC's Chris Matthews Calls Out Antifa Violence (VIDEO) #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc #cnn
Dawn Dreaves @DawnDreaves🔁@Morning_Joe cannot believe how stupid DT is. Makes Archie Bunker look like a Rhodes Scholar #MSNBC
Francesca Farber🇺🇸 @FranMFarber🔁Mika Brzezinksi looks as if she did something to her lips. #BarbieDoll #Plasticsurgery #fakeface #morningjoe #cosmeticfillers #msnbc
Mary @mkrMich🔁He's like the Manchurian Candidate, or sadly, he has some form of dementia. #msnbc #morningjoe
printboy @printboy🔁Missouri State Senator Calls For Assassination of POTUS Trump on Facebook #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc #cnn
printboy @printboy🔁REPORT: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Could Be Pardoned For Intel About DNC Leak Source #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily
printboy @printboy🔁BOOM! Kim DotCom Warns END OF MUELLER - Wikileaks to DESTROY FAR LEFT NARRATIVE #morningjoe #msnbc #mtpdaily #nbc
grannynanny @grannynannynews🔁 Dear Media:HOW is this not BIG DEAL NEWS? Can't get over this story #TheResistance#CNN #MSNBC
Tonto @TerryJackson13🔁Barack Obama Offers Support For Victims Of Barcelona Attack | HuffPost
lcincos @lexicaldrrift🔁 Please read & RT all 3 tweets. Thanks.💋
#MSNBC #CNN #NewDay #morningjoe #Velshiruhle
printboy @printboy🔁Abraham Lincoln Freed the Slaves -- Violent Alt-Left Thugs Torch His Chicago Statue Anyway #morningjoe #msnbc
Proud American🇺🇸 @ACHopkinson🔁 is the media
Dagny Austin @DagnyAustin🔁😔 👌🏽 gonna share this to ppl who need it.
Faith Zaid @faithzp1🔁Hey #1 n cable news this week look at what your white supremacist cable host id tweeting. He is as vile as his freaki sh colored hair.
Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYCPlease read & 🔁//" target="_blank">
Cameron B @punkdive93🔁No Trump voting Christian is gonna be lecturing me on morals thats for sure. It would be hilarious though. #newday #cnn #morningjoe #msnbc
Patrick Wetmore @MolonLabeLibs🔁@MJCoop23 @espn 100% the #MSNBC of the sports world
Rollo Schweigen ☦️ @RolloSchweigen🔁Many gullible rubes think this was an actual photo of the Charlottesville "unite the right" rally.
Jerry Lepage @Alltakennames1🔁Trump supporters squirming on cable news this morning! #cnn #msnbc #tcot
Todd Coello @ToddC75🔁Trump administration considers privatising war in Afghanistan @JoeNBC #MSNBC this is important, find time 2 talk abt
Daphne L Portis @MissLynneNYC🔁 Petition to rescind 45*'s honorary degree. Please sign. Thanks.

Proud American🇺🇸 @ACHopkinson🔁 and is the media
Mike Connor @michaelhconnor🔁#MikePence once compared #Trump 2 #Reagan , now it's #TeddyRoosevelt ! Something is wrong with #Pence #MSNBC #CNN
Pete'sTruth @sph_7🔁#MorningJoe Pence is just a modern-day Christian *pharisee* and Jesus said, "they say one thing and do something else." Matt 23 #msnbc
Cameron B @punkdive93🔁I do love Mike Pence and his super compassionate voice to get across just how much Trump really does care. Haha. #morningjoe #msnbc
Faith Zaid @faithzp1🔁tweet storm in 3, 2, 1... mika is going to get it. He called her out the last time she implied his manhood was inadequate. hahaha #MSNBC
Snowflaketnindy09 @tnindy09🔁Tampa meets fundraising goal in 1 day to move
Patricia Kinne @AmazonSpirit1🔁#MSNBC Pence speech... no judgement whatsoever, delusional, completely out of touch with reality. Deaf, Dumb, Blind, like 3 monkeys in a row
TexasTechsun @texastechsun🔁@morningmika What about possibility of privatizing war in Afg. with Eric Prince? Isn't that the purpose of Camp David meeting?#MSNBC
Wanda Ransom @wandaransom🔁Florida play politics with children lives & others should be OUTRAGED
Cameron B @punkdive93🔁I would say Mike Pence is the biggest laughingstock since becoming VP. The biggest fall since he holds himself so high. #morningjoe #msnbc
Cameron B @punkdive93🔁God Mike Pence has sold his soul completely, its so disturbing. Trump will drain you and eat your corpse. #msnbc #morningjoe
Peter Madsen @PeteSweetTweet🔁Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave. #morningjoe #msnbc #ImpeachTrump


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