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Cândido Sales Gomes @candidosales🔁 OMG! @MSEdgeDev and @MozDevNet work together to deliver better docs for the web. #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit SWANKY BLANKY @BIZZYBLANKA553🔁 #msedgesummit Kenneth in the house
#msedgesummit mar @marsf🔁 Full PWA Compatibility in Windows 10 is expected next year #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Florian @frivoal🔁 Because @gregwhitworth said to share this slide. #MSEdgeSummit
#msedgesummit Igarashi Miyabi @igarshmyb🔁 Lots of goodness in Edge but not being able to use it on Mac is such a bummer #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Peter Bull @RoguePlanetoid🔁 Service workers on by default in Edge in October! #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Viesturs Teivāns @viestursv🔁 More details about onboarding PWAs into Windows Store in the coming months...! #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Jeremy Walker @jeremywalker🔁 Just upvoted this suggestion! #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit jameschurchman @jameschurchman🔁 Microsoft Edge is modern accessible platform, scoring 100% on HTML5Accessibility.com #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit SocialFloTribute @danavilcea🔁Top story: : ' ServiceWorker going defa… , see more tweetedtimes.com
#msedgesummit EJCSoftwareSolutions @EJCSoftwareS🔁Top story: : ' ServiceWorker going default as part o… , see more tweetedtimes.com
#msedgesummit Adityo Pratomo @kotakmakan🔁 #msedgesummit ServiceWorker going default as part of Edge 16.
#msedgesummit Eduardo Tavares @eduardotavares7🔁 Microsoft Teams is now a PWA coming soon to the Windows Store @MicrosoftTeams #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Microsoft Edge Dev @MSEdgeDev🔁More details about onboarding PWAs into Windows Store in the coming months...! #msedgesummit
#msedgesummit Microsoft Edge Dev @MSEdgeDev🔁Microsoft Teams is now a PWA coming soon to the Windows Store @MicrosoftTeams #msedgesummit
Microsoft Edge Dev @MSEdgeDev🔁Creating CSS Grid: Find out how CSS Grid came to life, from the people who made it happen. youtu.be #msedgesummit
Eduardo Costa @geceduardo2🔁 "Microsoft is committed to making PWAs a first class citizens on Windows." #msedgesummit
JM Gonzalez-Barahona @jgbarah🔁 We’re excited that Microsoft will be further expanding their content contributions to MDN Web Docs! #msedgesummit
Paulo Brumatti @paulobrumatti🔁My takeaway from today: ship a great PWA and you've got all Windows and Windows Phone users covered as 1st class citizens.
Saif Hassan @saiftheboss7🔁Learn what’s next for Edge! Great to see devs, designers and our team come together for !
Mike Roebuck @mikeroebuck53🔁Edge is still the only browser with a 100% HTML5 accessibility score. That's important.
Samit Tandukar @samittandukar🔁Whoa, is going to adopt this Web Payment API. Hope more merchants will follow soon!
John Allsopp @johnallsopp🔁Ok, I’m now even more stoked about WebVR at ! Now to go build a beautiful web! Go check out the docs.

Oguz Bastemur @obastemur🔁 Announced @MSEdgeDev partnership with @MozDevNet to deliver better docs for the web. #msedgesummit twitter.com
Christopher McMillan @CEEKTechnology🔁To all that missed #accessibility #web #msedgesummit @Ch9 reply The journey to a more #accessible #Web Platform channel9.msdn.com
IT-online @n_silva🔁We're engineering Edge to help make your sites faster, like rebuilding the DOM tree blogs.windows.com
markus staab @markusstaab🔁Find a bug in the browser? Tweet it to us with ! Thanks for all your feedback so far.


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