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#MorningJoe Roland Walker @madtrucka🔁 Before I watch #morningjoe ---'PRIORITIES'--- #Maddow
Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁DEAR and : Since you're (justifiably) impressed with 's debunking of , care to explain how you were defending the Cl twitter.com inton Cash hit job in 2015:

Peter Daou @peterdaou🔁Haven't seen anything like this. is running an extended segment where Shep Smith definitively debunks the over-hype twitter.com d story.

Sista Dee Barnes✊🏾 @sistadbarnes🔁 The president says 'You're welcome' to the 'three UCLA basketball players. #MorningJoe
Sen. James Lankford @SenatorLankford🔁The Obamacare individual mandate tax should be repealed because it hurts people who can’t afford it. Repealing it thr twitter.com ough would not take away the subsidies for people, just the mandate tax.
Linda Porter @ghosthunter58🔁 /Don Jr & Wikileaks are partners/Prepare for released documents 👀 If Amer. Doesn't halt this White-on-White Voting & Remove Trump&the racist GOP the integrity of Politics will dissipate & NVR be the same

Bones🇺🇸 @HD_Bones🔁 “Many leading US media outlets are now discredited by the Chinese public because of their fake reports during the Asia visit and subjective opposition against Trump," The Global Times (China) writes- and they are communists 😆
James @James65566585🔁🚨ALERT🚨

Woman Accuses AL Franken of Molesting Her During USO Tour

Carmen Resists @goprapebuster🔁
Dear ,

1) #47 in education
2) #48 in children deaths
3) #47 in children malnourished
4) #41 in children have children
5) #38 violence agst children?

Yet you continue to vote for Republicans?

Marengel @Marengel4🔁 Insane trump...Again showing he is not working for citizens of the USA, but for his sons, family & the wealthy. Impeachment NOW.
narlene ferguson @nljac000🔁
Trump has spent the past 300 days reversing everything Obama did, even if it was good for Americans!
We have witnessed the destruction of America under the Trump Crime Family!

2017dps @2017dps🔁 ARE YOU GUYS DEMANDING FRANKEN STEP DOWN ON THIS?? U crucify Roy Moore on less evidence! twitter.com
Grace Aldous @fractalgrace🔁When they say let’s , here’s the meaning and outcome in 2017.
🎀GRITS🎀 @ABIGAIL_GRITS🔁 Why isn’t this trending⁉️NYT Column: I Believe, And Am 'Haunted' By, Juanita Broaddrick's Rape Accusation Against Bill Clinton Al Franken
Deby @AngelicDeby🔁 These Trump hater and so-called journalist are NOT good people‼️ Mother Jones' David Corn Who Printed Bogus Trump Dossier Is Sixth Member of Elite Media Accused of Misconduct Towards Female Staffers👎
R.W. @rwmerrihew58🔁"Al Franken" breathlessly awaiting the skit. twitter.com
Tim "korndog" Embry @TimKorndog🔁 Wake up it's time 2 poker twitch.tv #TEAMSTORM #POKER #MorningJoe @ACRSTormers
Travis Ruger @TravisRuger🔁A few corporations owning MSM is why their shills like tweet about Trumps hand size while ignoring his thousands of twitter.com war crimes.
AAmerican4USA @AAmerican4USA🔁Guess what and won't be covering the next time they LIE about Roy Moore on , sexual assaulter !

SHE WAS ASLEEP when he violated her!

Alt Mike Pence @PenceConscience🔁@MooreSenate #MorningJoe Maybe not the time here but who does #RoyMoore hire to do his landscaping? A Kindergartner
Does Yo Momma Know @FashyGalHatesU🔁Funniest part of is watching Establishment princess Mika cry about the attention/power Ivanka and get/ have i twitter.com n this Administration. Such a jealous Witch she is.
mojave rattler @PennyHicks13🔁Let's talk taxes. Democrats. We have a problem🤣

Rachel Maddow

Good Night for Trump

Girl Interrupted @GirlInterptd🔁 !!! CNN revealed that an ear canal of a dog resembles !! OMG! This is the story of all stories! The sky is fall twitter.com ing! Run for your lives snowflakes!! 😒
Rocket @RocketIsSix🔁 Well well well, sen al Franken caught with his hands in the cherry bowl. #MorningJoe
Rik Toman @RealityBoost🔁. is getting super sanctimonious on about Roy Moore and trying to tie Trump to him, while FAILING TO MENTION she was in business with SERIAL SEXUAL PREDATORS Harvey Weinstein and !
Russell M Dilugi Sr. @russdilugisr🔁Get busy expelling Al Franken from the Senate, . McConnell. 👍🏻

. . . 🇺🇸

Lucille pantano @lucille_popp🔁 Road trip#beach #MorningJoe #niceday
Cllr Shepzy @tshep42🔁"The vice president’s exposed himself as a titanic fraud."

Mike Pence gets skewered on

By shareblue.com

Comoelita @Brownfractals🔁Why are you a contributor w/ hack boss ?...you two could be the new Mark Halperin and John heilman of . You're a RIN twitter.com O at best Stevie!
TAl @ATaleman3🔁 Instead of visiting the zoo,Trump's grandchildren can visit their uncles STUFFED DEAD ANIMAL trophy room!
DoubleDownDon @DoubleDownDon🔁🐘❤️ as Trump lifts ban on 🐘 🐘 🐘 ! Does 🐘Trump want Daddy to lift Ban on Elephant 🐘 Trophy He twitter.com ads?🐘 …
Tiara @thetiarathomas🔁Good morning loves. Choose happiness. Choose to live in peace. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. I’m in my happy bubbl twitter.com e today 😁
I ❤ SOB NFL Players @ShomahKhoobi🔁We should blow up all of Washington DC (METAPHORICALLY, BY VOTING) and start all over again. "Al Franken" #ThursdayThoughts #MorningJoe
Radical Moose Lamb @corablue89🔁 As Republicans stand by unable to act decisively in confronting America's fiber is ripped apart. We are watching without one shot fired. All the money wasted on military protection and the True Enemy resides within our borders.
Biovizir @Biovizir🔁OUT TODAY! by . Catch a live interview with Luke on today's 's and with O'Donnell.
mgillaspie USA @mgillaspie🔁Not a Exclusive - Secret witness in Senate Clinton probe is ex-lobbyist for Russian firm | Article [AMP] | Reuters


Ryda Wave @rydawave1🔁Sen Al Franken should resign #CNN #gop #MorningJoe #FoxNews #msnbclive
Maui Man @MauiMan70🔁Can't wait for Shepard Smith, to spin this one.

Senate Clinton probe is about to get fun.

Informant in GOP uranium probe identified as ex-lobbyist for a RUSSIAN firm

Alan M Aszkler @AAszkler🔁 Al Franken sexual allegations will you be calling for his immediate resignation today? Or because he is a liberal li twitter.com ke Menendez this two will be brushed under the rug?
sally @cestmoisal🔁1. Your statement on was weak. You didn't call out the child sexual abuse alleged against him.
2. Have you seen what by the GOP controlled OK government has done to the State?
3. Most medical organizations are against the repeal of ACA mandate.
Thomas Paine @peaceliberty🔁 Rather than sensationalize Moore's sexual exploits have DougJones on for a segment to talk about his views...I've listened to him and his views are easy to digest. He is very level headed and seems to have wisdom beyond self service.
RedPillitzerPrize🔹 @JoBatton🔁So. how long until you disavow ? How long ? ? Anything? You think this is ok? twitter.com
Lucille Fonseca @vaugren🔁 #ThursdayThoughts #MorningJoe GOP donate to actual candidates @GOPChairwoman Support #MAGA only🚨🚨? twitter.com ?🚨
Thomas Paine @peaceliberty🔁 You can't really fault Mike Pence. He was just a low level volunteer. Basically a coffee boy. #MorningJoe
Thomas Paine @peaceliberty🔁 And now after another international trip and Trump a laughing stock to World leaders they wonder Why the Hell America can have such stupidity as to not be able to get Rid of him. They watch America a great power falter under this administration.


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