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Hermosa Flor🌸 @urfavyanaa🔁 Why is #Mississippi trending on my TL???? What. Is. Happening.
#Mississippi Emily Wagster Pettus @EWagsterPettus🔁#Mississippi state Sen. Sally Doty, R-Brookhaven, announces her run for open 3rd District congressional seat. #msleg
#Mississippi Ryan @rynoisalive🔁#Mississippi. Because this is what we should worry about when it comes to public schools.
NaomiRena~ @FluffKpop🔁 Hate Within My City😤
#Cleveland #Mississippi
NCLR🏳️‍🌈 @NCLRights🔁Caller: Can I ask you a…?
gay bar bartender: Sure.
Caller: Are you Gay?
Bartender: YES MA’AM
Caller: What was the on twitter.com e thing you wanted from your parents when you came out?

tammie parks @maryjane61571🔁 Dept of Revenue Issuing and Selling it's Citizens License Plates that Appears Stolen to 👮 Victims are Silenced. I twitter.com am a Victim🙏

DCromeans #IDontMind @DJRiter🔁 Director: #Mississippi agency that oversees foster care has #budget shortfall (from @AP) #msleg apnews.com
who is Laura Silsby? @SeniorKuntz🔁 judge steps down after he refused a mom to see her child for 14 months because she owed court fees....
janelle monét.™ @officiallyjnmc🔁 Jackson is home to me #Mississippi 💙
Emily Wagster Pettus @EWagsterPettus🔁Director: #Mississippi agency that oversees foster care has #budget shortfall (from @AP) #msleg apnews.com
Michael Deibert @michaelcdeibert🔁51 pounds of #heroin found in SUV in #Mississippi, with a street value of $10 million: report nola.com
Bruce @Kiss_MY_Convers🔁 #Mississippi friends, please share!

#autismmissing fb.me

AimeeDeanne Stanford @Aimee_Laughs🔁Excited to see my friend tomorrow !
at 's

Golem @DanielBen_Del🔁 Although you haven't tweeted since 2016 I hope you see this. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? The 10 Commandments ev twitter.com ery morning in Public Schools? Get your head out of your ass!
Tim Murphy 🇨🇦 @grouchdiver🔁@According2Luke Where did the Mississippi education system rank? #Mississippi #used #gettingdumber #justsaying
A1ne_Moeyo @A1neManagement🔁Checkout new song by click link in bio! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
🗝va. @A_BLUtiful_Mess🔁So wait Christian doctors and people can refuse services to other religions because of their beliefs and now Atheist twitter.com doctors can refuse service to Christians? backwards AF.
Xavier Bonnet @xbonnet🔁Mississippi 2018, jour 2. Como, Main Street. Holy Innocents' Episcopal Church. … instagram.com
AM Learn & Earn @AMLearnEarn🔁Back to Anthony Morrison, he was a pre-med student at small school in and his number one focus to be a doctor. Until his dad retired and lost all his money in the stock market. Know more 🔗

Xavier Bonnet @xbonnet🔁Mississippi 2018, jour 2. Como, Main Street. … instagram.com
ITSOKTOBEWHITE @TOOWHITETOQUIT🔁.Conservatives are being targeted on FB & .
Thanks , for your directed harassment & attempts to silence u twitter.com s. You can’t take our no matter how hard you try.

Xavier Bonnet @xbonnet🔁Mississippi 2018, jour 2. Como, Main Street. Como Inn. … instagram.com
Cynahmon ♡ @Cynahmonlee🔁Why is it 30° F with snow one day, but not even a week later it’s spring time weather. #Mississippi


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