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#micropoetry Amanda Lockhart @_amandawrites🔁 A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Character Creation... #micropoetry #amwriting #amediting #writerslife
#micropoetry Amanda Lockhart @_amandawrites🔁 How to Write: A Simple Method... #micropoetry #amwriting #amediting #writerslife
#micropoetry Amanda Lockhart @_amandawrites🔁 A Writer’s Resolutions for 2018... #micropoetry #amwriting #writerslife
#micropoetry Amanda Lockhart @_amandawrites🔁 The Writer’s Christmas Schedule... #micropoetry #amwriting #writerslife
#micropoetry Kelly Huntson @KHuntson🔁Bright-red berries
welcome reprieve
to brown, white, grays of winter.


#micropoetry K.V.Radhakrishnan @KatramValli🔁I wish I could see My real home Before I die #threelines #poetry #micropoetry
#micropoetry Umesh Rao @umeshnrao🔁An eternal slumber
With your dreams #micropoetry
#micropoetry Is A Rose Press @isarosepress🔁 The Fiction Writer’s Magic... #micropoetry #amwriting #writerslife
CamdenMuse @CamdenMuse1🔁Rain falls on the snow

Blows across the sky in sheets

Spring in Vermont. Now.

January 12, 2018


haikuzao @haikuzao🔁rain stars
a monk
windows gates

#haiku #micropoetry

Paciencia's Tears @DamagedRemains🔁What dreams may come

to the one

you spell each night ---

Seduction of light


twitter.com wicked, glorious rites


diego garcia @dgmario🔁@sarahshahs14 A real angel
Gives its wings
To ear
In a heart.
@katyperry #poetry #micropoetry #poems
Micah Biffle @Poemjunkybiffle🔁I am writing these words,
For the mere pleasure exposing my heart

#micropoetry #Seattle #Hearts

Lost Poetry Office @LostPoetsOffice🔁What thoughts and passions
lurk behind those eyes that stare
out from the mirror?

Day 12 of the 365 Days Haiku Writi twitter.com ng Challenge

Call of the Page @allabouthaiku🔁 sympathy cards —
the kitchen window
still sticks

#micropoetry #notknowingwhy #SuicideAwareness twitter.com

Leojenicek @D_and_DHaiku🔁Farewell to Yuletide
Dungeons won’t explore themselves
Long rest is over
Jeff Dorsch @prunedaler🔁Mix the syllables
But keep strictly to the form
A mindful haiku
Jumesto @TerzaVerse🔁 #micropoetry #haikuchallenge #haiku #senryu

a box of old keys
what houses, rooms, hearts
did they once unlock

Iceman Cub Nub @ColPugno🔁Online, share, and through.
Your mind, mix with others too.
Type. Simple. Haiku.

#HaikuChallenge (mix) #haiku #micropoetry

Suzanne Murray @wildcreativity🔁Travel holds secrets
that feed our soul,
every moment a new beginning
we expand our perspective
look at life anew.

#micropoetry #travel

Eric Liu @StoryHaikuTanka🔁fly like geese
never gaze back
at your homeland
but carry it
in your heart

goo.gl href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/951859228645339139" target="_blank">twitter.com

Blueice57 @Blueice571🔁Chen-ou Liu's tanka prose, "The Road Less Traveled" for
mullen @m_ullen🔁cat got your tongue

she purred
like a cat
on the belly
of a Stradivarius,
string: gulping
each note
twitter.com drunk in love.


Eric Liu @StoryHaikuTanka🔁a sliver of moon...
I cling to the thin line
of labor
to capture loneliness
in love poetry

Acorn Haiku @AcornHaiku🔁 #haiku #nahaiwrimo #micropoetry

not the answer
I was looking for
mulled wine

marg @LongMarg🔁this voice
in my head
remnants of you
impedeing my moves
the turn of these cogs
were never understo twitter.com od

did I fulfil your failed dreams

give me peace
get out of my head

moon-biscuit @moonbiscuitblog🔁The credit crunch meant
The liquid lunch
Or champagne brunch
Of the shameless stayed the same
The nameless twitter.com worked longer
With holidays shorter
Things still not
Where they ought to be

Rebecca DeFazio @MisplacedPetals🔁I found you
laying on a sand
bar in the middle
of a spring & you
just kept reading
aloud, like it was
nothing; that twitter.com is

Kay Gardner @kaygardnersdp🔁 Speculation on my face.
I trick myself in the mirror
about what is right.

#mpy #self #micropoetry #poetry #3lines

Iceman Cub Nub @ColPugno🔁Plusnet Internet.
Connection times may vary.
Stop crashing on me.

#haiku #micropoetry

mullen @m_ullen🔁Yes! The faerie Queen
Shyly she blushes undone
When her poet love
Unbuttons to then undress
Her every thought: a p twitter.com oem


Janet Milliner @MillinerJanet🔁Our fellowship
is a far greater trip
than theirs.

#Poetry #MicroPoetry #PoetryCommunity #Poems twitter.com

Tish Millard @ScarlettWulf🔁storm clouds race inland
sheets of rain
wicked lightning
Jeff Dorsch @prunedaler🔁I mix you, baby/I mean, I mist you, baby/Goldarn these typos! #haiku #haikuchallenge #micropoetry #poetry #mix #mistakes
Jeff Dorsch @BobbSagett🔁Get into the mix/Music, poetry, culture,/movies and writing #haiku #haikuchallenge #micropoetry #poetry #mix #amwriting
Saru Singhal @BaawriBasanti🔁As we all know I love . This post is inspired by this brilliant movie. I hope everyone likes this couplet. It's littl twitter.com e sad but has hope in it. <3

Linda J. Wolff @LindaJWolff🔁If only— Our uttered from open could be as beautiful as songbirds .
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