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D-Rob ✝️🤙🏾 @Vision2Purpose🔁 The Zeta Delta Chapter Alphas at Michigan State University 🤙🏽 @aphiazd #FoundersDay #AlphaPhiAlpha
Anthony the 1st @GodsHands3🔁 The Zeta Delta Chapter Alphas at Michigan State University 🤙🏽 @aphiazd #FoundersDay #AlphaPhiAlpha
michigan state John B. Rowell, DVM @jbrowelldvm🔁 Your Michigan State Spartans are ranked 16th in the final CFP Rankings. #GoGreen #TheBestStartHere
michigan state Bartlett Shealy @BShealy13🔁 Michigan vs. South Carolina State will be a slugfest
🦄 @MizzCreme🔁 The Zeta Delta Chapter Alphas at Michigan State University 🤙🏽 @aphiazd #FoundersDay #AlphaPhiAlpha
Graham Couch @Graham_Couch🔁Dantonio on Michigan being chosen ahead of Michigan State for the Outback Bowl: “The records are what they are. I’ll twitter.com just continue to focus on beating Michigan.”
Mike Greenberg @Espngreeny🔁This notion that Alabama is equal to last year's Ohio State is just false. OSU beat Oklahoma and a very good Michigan twitter.com team. Bama has no signature win.
Brett McMurphy @Brett_McMurphy🔁Sources: Michigan State vs. Washington State in Holiday
Carly💋 @Cc77255381🔁Mike Rogers, former GOP Michigan congressman who served on Trump’s transition team, said “ I do believe James Comey,” Rogers said on CNN’s State of the Union. “I think James Comey is a very good man. I think his testimony is going to be credible.”

The Blockhams @TheBlockhams🔁"Well you know, Bob, if we go this way we risk enflaming the mighty boycotting power of the Michigan State fan base."

-- No one. Like, EVER

Greg Scott @gregsandiego🔁Ohio State out of the playoffs. Every Spartan and Wolverine fan in the state of right now...
Alex Eisman @aeisman4🔁There are actual grown humans mad online about Michigan going to the Outback Bowl over Michigan State.

Like, there are actual MSU fans that are so mad that they're tweeting about Boycotting Outback Steakhouse restaurants. In real life.

Check this out:

wilbert collins @collins_wilbert🔁 Rick Thompson, owner of Michigan Cannabis Business Development (MICBD) and organizer of Sunday's cannabis conference, said he and multiple others received leaked copies of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' (LARA) highly-antici…
Lance Hardin @lmh_mtz🔁UPSET!

Illinois stuns No. 8 Washington, 15-9, in the fifth and will play Michigan State in the Penn State Regional. 🏐

GreenandWhite.com @LSJGreenWhite🔁Michigan State fans and players aren't happy with the Holiday Bowl. It's mostly the disappointment over losing the Citrus Bowl and U-M being chosen ahead of MSU for the Outback. Both are understandable emotions. Column.
Patton Smith @pattonsmith🔁Bama plays a good non conference game every season. Clemson, VT (x2), FSU (x2), Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State (x2). twitter.com Saban is who started the neutral site phenomenon, for a myriad of reasons. Mainly for recruiting. They're also super easy to schedule.
Graham Couch @Graham_Couch🔁Michigan State fans and players aren't happy with the Holiday Bowl. It's mostly the disappointment over losing the C twitter.com itrus Bowl and U-M being chosen ahead of MSU for the Outback. Both are understandable emotions. Column.
BG Scott @BGScott10🔁My favorite part of twitter when something negative happens to Ohio State is when Michigan fans have to find more pleasure in that than in their own team’s success because, well, their team just hasn’t had much of it
OJ MOORE SR @mittenrelated🔁 #Michigan target, 2018 Cali OL and Arizona State commit, Jarrett Patterson twitter.com
kate @katebassett🔁Hey ! We're lucky to have another Marine combat Veteran, stepping up to run in Michigan's 1st....We're going to fl twitter.com ip this seat and turn our "pink" state back to blue -- we know how much it will matter in 2020!
BigMac @MikeMacKenzie50🔁@davidpollack47 Did Michigan State Football get snubbed by the Outback Bowl?
Casey @raphaellaN🔁 ICYMI | Michigan State accused of covering up worst sex abuse scandal in US sports truepundit.com
* Johnny * @johnnyusa67🔁@realDonaldTrump Rpt: A Prof. Skidmore, Michigan State Univ. claims $21T Fed funds missing, going back to 1998.
jay smith @jsmith32011🔁Sunday's LSJ Editorial called for Lou Anna Simon to resign as president of Michgian State University on.lsj.com
Bryan Mac @Bry_Mac🔁People out here trying to turn "we chose apple over orange because we like apple better" into some papal succession d twitter.com rama.

Kaitlin Ann @KaitlinAnn_716🔁At least I have Michigan State.
jb @ja_bartlett🔁Dec 4, 1993: In Tokyo, Japan, beat Michigan State 41-20 to earn its first trip to the Rose Bowl in 31 years. 6-1-1 in B1G and 9-1-1 overall. Wisconsin would play UCLA in the Rose Bowl.
ChadGourley@79 @ChadGourley79🔁USC and Ohio State will be meeting in the Cotton Bowl, their 8th all-time meeting in a bowl game.

That's tied for the most bowl game matchups by a particular tandem in FBS history (USC vs Michigan).

Craig Custance @CraigCustance🔁. reached out to the Outback Bowl president to see why Michigan was picked over Michigan State:
Terry Jordon @tnjordon🔁 MONDAY'S GAMES TO WATCH: Michigan at Ohio State, Wisconsin at Penn State, Iowa at Indiana, Florida State at Florida.
Brian Calloway @brian_calloway🔁Jenna Allen's double-double helped the Michigan State women fend off Western Michigan. on.lsj.com via @LSJnews
Hagen Nation @KStateFan1🔁Tonight’s best games: Missouri State vs North Dakota State, Michigan vs Ohio State, Wisconsin vs Penn State, Iowa vs Indiana, Belmont vs Lipscomb, Florida vs Florida State, UTSA vs Oklahoma.
ELF @turquoisebolo🔁 independent.co.uk lmao. This is awful, and not a standard for voting for someone, but it is a hilarious ad. I hope her sense of iro twitter.com ny is there because the trolls be incoming.
Ryan Ermanni @RyanEFox2🔁Unless you are playing for a championship bowl games never mattered to me. It’s all about selling tickets and whethe twitter.com r it’s true or not the outback bowl believes Michigan fans will travel better than Michigan State fans that’s all it’s about
Jim Campbell @Jwcamp🔁THAT'S the point that can't accept. It wasn't OU, it was the 31 point IN CONFERENCE loss in November that doomed OS twitter.com U like the Michigan blowout doomed Penn State....both in conference. OSU beats a sub-500 Iowa and we aren't talking.
Chase Winsman @C_Wins🔁 Couch: Holiday Bowl feels like a snub for Michigan State, which is perfect for Dantonio lansingstatejournal.com
Austin Swenson @Sweeny92🔁 Outback Bowl explains why it took U-M over MSU freep.com
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁MSU opens B1G play by crushing Nebraska, 86-57 freep.com
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁MSU's Tom Izzo assesses team's play in win over Nebraska freep.com
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁Dantonio: Holiday Bowl vs. Washington State not a slight freep.com
Derrick Ebersole @DerrickEbersole🔁This notion that Alabama is equal to last year's Ohio State is just false. OSU beat Oklahoma and a very good Michigan team. Bama has no signature win.
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁Holiday Bowl what to watch: MSU-Washington State freep.com
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁Outback Bowl explains why it took U-M over MSU freep.com
Six Wins In March @SixWinsInMarch🔁Notable Games Today:
Michigan at Ohio State (-2.5)
Wisconsin at Penn State (-4.5)
Florida State at Florida (-9.5)
Wolveronco @wolveronco🔁Can you imagine the conversations sparty fans will have tomorrow at work. What did you do all weekend? I cried on Twitter to Outback because they picked Michigan and not Michigan State.
Len Reidinger @Lendog172🔁Who would’ve thought 2 idiot investigators from Altoona PA using old TV guides to concoct a bullshit “Rudy” movie story for Mike McQueary would have resulted in a blast radius hitting the state of Michigan and Tennessee? 🤔
Holly Bullough @holllsbullaa🔁Dantonio on Michigan being chosen ahead of Michigan State for the Outback Bowl: “The records are what they are. I’ll just continue to focus on beating Michigan.”
Graham Couch @Graham_Couch🔁Here are 3 quick takes on Michigan State's win over Nebraska Sunday - on new stuff from Nick Ward and Miles Bridges, twitter.com and how Big Ten basketball was needlessly lost in football storylines this weekend.
ramina.🎄 @RaminaAsdou🔁The light on top of Michigan state cop cars crack me the fuck up
Ryan @ryanalbright22🔁 How did Penn State jump Michigan but not OSU? Total BS.
Chris Solari @chrissolari🔁Watch and I break down Michigan State's feelings about its Holiday Bowl bid. Four minutes of video gold here -->
Chase Winsman @C_Wins🔁Michigan State deserved a better bowl game than Michigan. But the Outback Bowl took the bigger brand, fan following and TV draw. And, yes, the lesser team. This process has never had anything to do with that is deserved. Column.
Lauren Williams @ltdubbs🔁A day in the life of a Buckeye living outside of Ohio:

Human: “oh, you went to OSU?? We’re rivals!

Me: no way, you’re a Michigan fan??

Human: no, I went to Penn State

Me: ......

Human: ......

antonio @TonyGolia🔁Architectural Digest selected the most beautiful public high school in each state. In Michigan, they selected Grosse Pointe High School. Along with the beautiful school is AstroTurf's contribution to their amazing campus.
sarcastic nursey @sarcasm_scrubs🔁I'm from a small town in MI and went to Michigan State for my BSN
Steve Ritsema @sritsema11🔁True. All I see it as is a bonus game and a chance for Michigan that screw something else up at the end of the year. twitter.com .. See Florida State last year
Dalton Weisz @DaltWeisz🔁Been to LSU, Bama, A&M, Auburn, UGA, the Swamp, Ohio State, Michigan, ND, UW & dozens of other stadiums. Does not get better than Fargo Dome and . Seriously,,,nowhere - at any level - better environment. Tailgating, passion, noise level, football. Awesome
USC School of Music @GamecockMusic🔁40th Annual USC Band Clinic is Feb. 8–11.
Guest Conductors: Kevin Sedatole, Michigan State University;
Lafe Cook,... fb.me
Marlaina Schwab @mp_schwab🔁Leaked 2018 Ohio State Schedule
(Pay someone for a good preseason ranking)
Indiana practice squad
John Beluccis COLLEGE sweater
Dublin Coffman
Buffalo Sabres
OSU rec football
Decline invitation to the B1G championship
Walter P. Duro @waltduro🔁How does a Corporate Socialist get elected to the State Senate in Midland, Michigan, home of anti-crony capitalist twitter.com ? .0
Ruth @ruhtyt🔁Takeaways from Michigan State's Cotton Bowl loss #CottonBowl goo.gl #cottonbowl
Tyler Beck @TylerBeck_🔁Michigan State's opponents are shooting 33 percent on 2-point field goals. That's the lowest mark in the country by more than 5 percent
☃️Garrett ❄️Wojcik🎄 @GarrettWojcik🔁I wholly agree with this, and I think the repercussions should go further. The president, board of trustees, and athl twitter.com etic director all need to be investigated.

Katakuri @iCianan🔁How Outback Bowl took Michigan over Michigan State: Came down to vote on.freep.com via @freep
Coach Abram McCoy @abo02🔁I have MSU fans in my mentions calling for a boycott of Outback Steakhouse because Michigan got chosen over Michigan State in the bowl game.
Rick Lewis @Coach_Rick57🔁In last night's win for #3 Michigan State freshman Jaren Jackson Finished With

15 points
10 boards
3 blocks

Paul Sochinski @4eyedzebra🔁Updated USCHO Pairwise:

1 Denver
2 St. Cloud
3 Clarkson
4 Notre Dame
5 Cornell
6 North Dakota
7 Minnesota
8 Mankato
9 W. Michigan
10 Providence
11 Boston College
12 Ohio State
13 Penn State
14 Omaha
15t UNH
15t Wisconsin
17 Colgate
18 Duluth
19 Northeastern
20 Bowling Green

Jen @JenB_in_PA🔁 PSU went on to play USC tough. Ohio State laid an egg. Michigan game we were down to 6th string LB. I've seen injur twitter.com ies mentioned this year, but nothing said last year. PSU end of season was a completely different team and would have been a better game in playoffs.
Makay Markwart @MarkwartMakay🔁Michigan State has now landed the #1 football recruit in michigan for the 5th time in the last 8 classes

TW @TWeso11🔁What you don't get it...a lot of people in Michigan will not watch the Michigan bowl game because of the way State was treated. All you have is your dire fans now. lol
Wolveronco @wolveronco🔁Seriously, how pissed is the holiday bowl? Went from Stanford-Michigan earlier in the week to Washington State-Michigan Agricultural College.
Jamie Shaw @JamieShaw5🔁In last night's win for #3 Michigan State freshman Jaren Jackson Finished With

15 points
10 boards
3 blocks

Adam Moore @moore2102🔁Ohio State's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best wins
would EACH be favored over the same for Alabama:

1st best) Penn St -4 over LSU
2nd best) Wisconsin -6 over Mississippi St
3rd best) Michigan -3.5 over Texas A&M

Jordan Stutzman @jordan_stutzman🔁Here is your full MAC football bowl slate:

Toledo - Dollar General Bowl

Central Michigan - Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Northern Illinois - Quick Lane Bowl

Akron - Boca Raton Bowl

Ohio - Bahamas Bowl

Kent State - Toilet Bowl

(Sorry, had to. Birds don't have teeth.)

Erika Doster @YouniquelyErika🔁Look, I know how this whole thing works. But Michigan State, at 9-3 and 2nd in B1G East b/c of win over Penn State plus a H2H win over Michigan, should not be playing on Thurs. night in Holiday Bowl while 8-4 Wolverines get Jan. 1 bowl.
jennifer eberle @jenandjack2🔁Yes I am a nurse. Alabama’s strength of schedule is weaker. Look it up. Throwing insults like Mercer would take down twitter.com OSU. Ha ha. We beat Penn State, Michigan State, Michigan, and Wisconsin. All ranked higher than your big win over LSU. Don’t insult us and you won’t get it back
Sam Webb @SamWebb77🔁ICYMI our weekend Shea Patterson coverage, Webblog: Buckeye State source reveals "total shift" in direction of Shea P twitter.com atterson smoke (VIP)
The Skav @TheSkav🔁I think I just heard Nick Saban say on ESPN that Alabama had to play Mercer because nobody else would play them. Never mind the fact that Alabama cancelled a home and home series with Michigan State. How about that follow-up question, ESPN?
Steven Spector @StevenSpector10🔁Duke's non conference schedule - #2 Michigan State, #7 Florida, Texas, @ Indiana. But ok, sure.... twitter.com
Jester91RN @jester91rn🔁 2,199 days since Michigan's last win over Ohio State in football. #OhioState
David Underwood @daveridgewood🔁@GoodmanESPN damn Duke, only playing Florida, Michigan State, Indiana and Texas. Easy to be undefeated with they bs schedule
Ivy Exec @IvyExec🔁Michigan State University's Broad College of Business EMBA ranks among the top 10 programs for prestige, career advan twitter.com cement, global experience, and life balance. See their program requirements here:
Melissa Parramore @mjparramore1🔁HOOSIERS WIN! defeats Michigan State, 3–2, and advances to the NCAA Soccer Tournament semifinals in Philadelphia! For the glory of old IU!
Duke Recruiting @duke_recruiting🔁@all_metelite @GoodmanESPN What do Michigan State and Florida mean to you? Top 5 teams, and Texas isn’t half bad either
El Jefe @MitchellBurcher🔁Ok I’ll give bama 1 top 10 win if you want it. I’ll claim Wisconsin, penn state as top 6 wins and Michigan as another twitter.com top ten win and Iowa as a top 25 loss. See how stupid it is to use that logic Matt? I don’t even feel right typing it.


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