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michigan state thetimesherald @thetimesherald🔁Michigan cross removed from state land after complaint bwne.ws
michigan state The BCG Mag™ @thebcgmag🔁[BcG. Mag] Michigan State University To Pay $500 Million To Larry Nassar Victims bcgmag.com
michigan state WORLD_PRESS_CO_UK @WORLDPRESSUK1🔁Michigan State agrees to pay $500M to settle Nassar claims world-press.co.uk
michigan statemichigan state Rock out 🗣. |’20| ‘SuperFREAK ⚡️ @Cingggggggg2🔁 Thankful to receive an offer from Michigan State University ! #GoGreen ✅
michigan state Record-Journal @Record_Journal🔁Michigan State agrees to pay $500M to settle Nassar claims trib.al
michigan statemichigan statemichigan state chan.♋️ @plaaygirlchan🔁 Blessed to recieve an offer from Michigan State University❗#Spartans
michigan state Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Michigan State will pay over $500M in lawsuit settlements to victims of Larry Nassar @freep ble.ac
NBC News @NBCNews🔁BREAKING: Michigan State Univ. says it has reached $500,000,000 settlement with 332 women and girls who say they were twitter.com sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁This Just In: Michigan State has agreed to a $500 million settlement with the survivors of the sexual assault scandal twitter.com involving Larry Nassar. (First reported by Detroit Free Press)

sMaLl MaDaM @brownsugargh🔁i thought this said 500 thousand.

500 MILLION?!?!?

where michigan state getting 500 million from?

AcMeX @hdpeaceluvr🔁Alabama schedules one major home and home and everyone loses their mind.

Let’s take a look at who OU has played/is scheduled to play in recent years.

Ohio State
Notre Dame
Florida State

NY Shock Exchange @ShockExchange🔁BREAKING: Michigan State Univ. says it has reached $500,000,000 settlement with 332 women and girls who say they were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar.
PHILIP CRAWFORD @MACKabiVIPer42🔁Michigan State University reaches $500 million settlement with Nassar victims nbcnews.com via @NBCNightlyNews
Laura Litterine @momlitt🔁 Michigan State University Agrees to Pay $500 Million to Larry Nassar Victims nyti.ms
Jessica Schafroth @JessSchafroth🔁And this is likely the only reason that Michigan State University will NEVER cover up abuse again. #MakeItHurt! twitter.com
sedonna @Sedonna🔁@NBCNews @SharylAttkisson You mean the taxpayers of the state of Michigan will pay. It is a state school.
Dax McCoy @Famous_Dax🔁They got Penn St’s punishment wrong. Hope it doesn’t happen again..
I voted on . You can't pay off sexual assault! twitter.com
Andrea B @mebeandreaaolco🔁Michigan State to Pay $500M in Settlements to Larry Nassar Victims - Bleacher Report Just What I don’t want my taxpay twitter.com er money for when it should go for Education.
Vebhuti @vebhuti🔁Big news in US higher education today - Michigan State University settled with 332 women for 500 million USD for sexual abuse by one man. This is the most expensive settlement for a sex abuse case involving a university ever.
#RollTide @BAMA_ROLL_TIDE🔁Watch Derrick Henry set an SEC record with his 24th rushing touchdown of the 2015 season against Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl.
Patrick Butler @PatButler95🔁With sixty-one percent of voters support legalization, the Great Lake State could become the next state to legalize marijuana for adults in November!
Andrew Perry @asperry3🔁 Five-star PF Vernon Carey Jr. drops top five of Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky, UNC and UM. twitter.com
greg @GregRomero7🔁Here’s what highlights the non-conference schedule for the foreseeable future:
2018 vs. USC
2019 vs. LSU
2020 at LSU
2021 at Arkansas
2022 vs. Alabama
2023 at Alabama
2024 at Michigan
2025 vs. Ohio State
2026 at Ohio State
2027 vs. Michigan

Alex Folk @AlexFolk🔁Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar victims $500,000,000 in settlements usat.ly
Haslett Football @hhs_football1🔁Spartan strength at Michigan State. thx
Duncan Donahue @duncdonahue🔁Breaking News: Michigan State University has agreed to pay $500 million to victims of the physician Larry Nassar, who sexually abused more than 300 young women
Sarah DiGloria @SarahDiGloria🔁People of America: if you love freedom and tolerance, please follow/support for Michigan governor.

His opponent fr twitter.com ightens me to my core. I don't want to see America, the land I love, split, but I see no other solution if Sharia Law is enacted in any state.

Justin Rowland @RowlandRIVALS🔁New Kentucky offensive tackle commitment Jake Pope (6'7, 275) had offers from Michigan State, NC State, Pittsburgh a twitter.com nd Virginia Tech, among others. Strong pickup.
Eric Allen @alleneric51🔁 2,363 days since Michigan's last win over Ohio State in football. #OhioState
Lori Pickering @LoriDPickering🔁Michigan State’s $500 Million for Nassar Victims Dwarfs Other Settlements nyti.ms
Caroline S Chaboo @CarolineSChaboo🔁I hope MSU pays & feels pain, not rich donors: Michigan State University to pay $500m to abuse victims bbc.com
BrockTurnerForPrison @BrockForPrison🔁Yes!

"It is the sincere hope of all of the survivors that the legacy of this settlement will be far-reaching instit twitter.com utional reform that will end the threat of sexual assault in sports, schools and throughout our society."

Ben Pulver @revlupneb🔁I agree and stand with Michigan police officers -- Senator Kowall's proposal for private security forces in our schools is a recipe for disaster. We are not going to create safer schools by employing hired guns that are not accountable to the citizens of our state.
Drew Haywood @hayhaydrewdoo🔁Michigan State settles Larry Nassar lawsuits for $500 million: “This historic settlement came about through the bravery of more than 300 women and girls who had the courage to stand up and refuse to be silenced”
Atharv😤 @GilmoreRoute🔁I voted #DeathPenaltyMSU on @TheTylt. You can't pay off sexual assault! tylt.it cards.twitter.com
Karen Katinas @KatinasKaren🔁Three Michigan state parks to offer floating water parks fox2detroit.com
PeterDHampe @PeterDHampe🔁 Good lord. This is almost 40% of the entire annual budget of Michigan State U.
Lijarock ✪ @Lijarock🔁Net neutrality has been protected, Michigan State is paying $500 Million to survivors of Larry Nassar, North Korean summit looks like it’s on hold.

If we can make it to Friday without a black person having the police called on them for being in public, it might be a decent week.

Christine Hill @Christi46119463🔁Larry Nassar’s victims will get $500 million in a settlement with Michigan State University, which employed the disgraced doctor from 1997 to 2016.
FL511 Statewide @fl511_state🔁Updated: Flooding in Orange on I-4 west at Exit 81A Michigan St, 2 right lanes blocked. Last updated at 08:49:25PM. fl511.com
Texas Proud @nancyco42287038🔁JUST IN: Michigan State University says it has reached $500 million settlement with women and girls assaulted by convicted sports doctor Larry Nassar.
gradyslady @gradyslady🔁Michigan State settles with the more than 300 victims of former team doctor Larry Nassar for a historic $500 million.

This is just the beginning.

There are still lawsuits...

BreakingNewzman @BreakingNewzman🔁Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar victims $500 million in settlements. So how will they pay for it? Spokeswoman says working on options. has said tuition and state aid will be major factor
Cruz Gallegos @DEADIEGUERRERO_🔁Michigan State will pay over $500M in lawsuit settlements to victims of Larry Nassar ble.ac
Nicky Mio @MioNicky🔁With the 9th overall draft pick Knicks should get miles bridges forward from Michigan State 20 year old kid around June
Tom Krisher @tkrisher🔁Michigan State agrees to pay $500M to settle Nassar claims (from @AP) apnews.com
Charlotte Snead @charlottesnead🔁 Michigan State reaches $500M settlement with Larry Nassar sexual assault victims


Lynn Papazian-Abduok @LynnAbduok🔁The Sobriety Court program at 52-1 District Court in is the first in to be certified by the State Court Admin Office. The court in will be able to apply to the for grants to support its specialty courts.
Jim Johnson @justice1place🔁Notre Dame, USC, LSU, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan... these are games Texas should be playing. And trips the fans should absolutely want to take.
JD @julio__duno🔁 Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar sexual abuse victims at least $500 million in settlements. usat.ly
Healthy World @healthy_wrld🔁Michigan State to Pay $500 Mln to Nassar Sex Abuse Victims goo.gl
Jarrod @jhardy575🔁Top ranked junior Vernon Carey is down to a final five of Miami, UNC, Duke, Kentucky and Michigan State

James Taylor @jamestaylor1325🔁 Ohio State’s home win against No. 1 Michigan State was the highest-rated game of the Big Ten men’s basketball season.
Patricia Adams @PauseListnCount🔁Michigan State Univ. says it has reached $500,000,000 settlement with hundreds of women and girls who say they were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar.
(((Xavier O’Mack))) @avatarsucks🔁In Michigan, a state Republican bill would exempt many whites in rural areas from 30-hour work requirements for Medicaid health coverage. Residents in black-majority Detroit, Flint would have the work requirements, but not in some largely white rural areas.
Linder 🇺🇸 @WYVettelvr🔁Of course he has ties to and Sarsour ....it doesn’t surprise me...the State of Michigan should not allow this guy to twitter.com become Governor!
Kitten @infobahnkitty🔁Larry Nassar abuse victims settle with Michigan State University for $500-million /via @globeandmail theglobeandmail.com
LBerkland @Berkland4🔁 This puts the Penn State trustees' fiduciary fail into perspective: sports.yahoo.com
TONY V @_MTMTE🔁Michigan State settles with Larry Nassar victims for $500 million wapo.st
Don't Make Me Come Back There 🐻/ ☕🏑 @BueyOBuey🔁Just found out that this guy is running for in , trying to unseat one of the worst decades-long democrats who has ha twitter.com mstrung our state for years. He's a Conservative, and a Vet. Get the word out that


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