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MPP Marijuana Policy @MarijuanaPolicy๐Ÿ”#michigan could become the 10th state to legalize #marijuana for adult use mpp.org
oluwafemi oyero @adenid๐Ÿ”Marijuana Token Airdrop 2 Begins!

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Amy Andrews Fox 2 @AmyAndrewsFOX2๐Ÿ”#Breaking: The state of Michigan approves #Marijuana Legalization Initiative for November ballot.
NORML @NORML๐Ÿ”More older Americans are smoking #marijuana: washingtonpost.com
Be Green Legal @begreenlegal๐Ÿ”Studies revealed that protects the liver from alcohol damage. twitter.com
Toker @thejollyspliff๐Ÿ”Ne-Yo - So Sick #marijuana #cannabis #weed youtu.be
RadioNLNews @RadioNLNews๐Ÿ”The #BCGov has tabled its legal #marijuana legislation but plenty of questions remain. goo.gl #bcpoli
bookporium @Bookporium๐Ÿ”Check out Spencers Just Hit It Mens S Black Graphic T Shirt short sleeve #420 #710 via twitter.com
ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ” #MarijuanaJusticeAct Would End #Marijuana Prohibition Throughout The Land forbes.com via @Forbes
ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ”The public really, really, really opposes the current federal laws

Lawmakers are far behind on what the public wants

UK4MedicalCannabis @UK4MedWeeD๐Ÿ”Utah Governor Signs Several Marijuana-Related Bills Into Law


Lante @wontonlante๐Ÿ”Worth saying again -- If you're focusing only on sold in dispensaries, but ignoring moves to legalize , then you're doing it wrong. cc:
The Way to Elevate @TheWay2Elevate๐Ÿ”Athletes Ditching Ibuprofen for CBD: Great story from outsideonline.com
Darkside Johnny @DarksideJohnny๐Ÿ”Sessions: States Can Make โ€˜Own Decisionโ€™ About #Marijuana But Remain At Risk - marijuanamoment.net
Michael Mikulin @MikeReeseM๐Ÿ”Marijuana jobs set to triple in next decade


Michael Mikulin @MikeReeseM๐Ÿ”Nevada Marijuana Sales in February Continue to Outpace Projections


zentrade.online @zentrade_online๐Ÿ”Tons of legal marijuana leave Oregon regulators awash in data zentrade.online #data #legal #marijuana #news #Regulators
David Stanley @rubberducky1505๐Ÿ”It's time for #marijuana reform at the federal level. Sign this petition from @nationofchances: ctt.ec
The Way to Elevate @TheWay2Elevate๐Ÿ”Best Edibles of 2018 according to at I agree with most of these picks, especially Lord Jones, & Garden Society
ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ”Things are happening........ and Bernie can help. Reach out to your reps today!

UK4MedicalCannabis @UK4MedWeeD๐Ÿ”People with opioid prescriptions could get medical marijuana instead under Illinois Senate plan

ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ” More older Americans are smoking #marijuana
washingtonpost.com #MarijuanaJusticeAct #marijuananews #LegalizeIt
UK4MedicalCannabis @UK4MedWeeD๐Ÿ”Quinnipiac poll shows support for marijuana hits new high


ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ” More older Americans are smoking #marijuana
washingtonpost.com #MarijuanaJusticeAct #marijuananews #LegalizeIt
ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ” approves vote for

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ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ”A great article by . It's about the marijuana justice act and how is helping to support it, it also shares a lot of information about what the marijuana justice act is. It is a must read!
PulpNews Crime @PulpNews๐Ÿ”15-Year-Old Girl Brings #Marijuana Chips To #School, #May Be Expelled - Apr 26 @ 11:15 PM ET oddcrimes.com
Trailerroom @Trailer_Room๐Ÿ” @JimmyKimmel asks #Hollywood pedestrians if and why they have #MMJ cards. canna.se #marijuana #cannabis
ispotify @ispotify1๐Ÿ” is when we pretend that the history of isn't one of black people going to prison for what white people do every day.

I support a , which would let everyone in prison on a weed charge out this minute.

Todd Hancock @TODDCastPodcast๐Ÿ” gold medalist Ross Rebagliati on Ep.146! Hear the FULL powered conversation! Talked , , binge-watching, legali twitter.com zed , & more!
Free Cannabis Now @freecann๐Ÿ”This is the highest level of support EVER! Lots more to do but today's cant hide their opinions any longer!
Jakh Heremia @JakhHeremia๐Ÿ”Seven Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Garden rplg.co #mmj #marijuana #hemp #cannabis rplg.co
Time 4 Hemp Global B @Time4Hemp๐Ÿ”Seven Steps to Having a Successful Outdoor Cannabis Garden rplg.co #mmj #marijuana #hemp #cannabis
J MO @mohrwerbe๐Ÿ”From the head honcho himself at announcing will soon be listed on another exchange as well as on two exchanges. Its about to get interesting.
Psychedelics Daily @PsychsDaily๐Ÿ” completed 75 years of its creation as Germans now study LSD! theweeklyobserver.com twitter.com
Morgan Williams @Morgansview805๐Ÿ”Pure Vape THC Oil Cartridge Review (Master Yoda) Hybrid

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MME @MME_SANFRAN2๐Ÿ”How High Are Recreational Marijuana Taxes in Your State?

# taxfoundation.org

A @jereveveille๐Ÿ”Two Canadian medical groups, which include most of the countryโ€™s top cultivators, have teamed up to address critical issues affecting businesses and patients across the country with a united voice
Christian GSM @GSMChristian๐Ÿ”9lb Hammer is a #marijuana strain thats ideal for patients with chronic pain and stress canna.se #cannabis #mmj
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Crypto Hobbit @BrianDColwell๐Ÿ”You have the option of getting paid in or ... which do you pick?

(and yes, the ganja is dat bubonic chronic) ... and don't forget that Friday is right around the corner....

recreationaldispensa @recdispensary๐Ÿ”Shell says scheduled work its US Gulf of Mexico Mars, Ursa oil platforms - ๐Ÿš€Share cmun.it top content with twitter.com
ACG @acgsslp๐Ÿ”People with PTSD report that medicinal marijuana helps them manage insomnia, anxiety and pain. See what our community of MDs, experts & enthusiasts have to say in answer to 3 popular questions about & .
aznaturalselections @aznaturalselect๐Ÿ”Elmers Glue Shatterโ €
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#420 twitter.com
CBD Oil Katja D @CbdolKatja๐Ÿ”#CannabisNews: First of its kind: Legal #marijuana and #edibles dispensed by vending machine in #SantaCruz wkrg.com
BAKD FLOWERS @BakdFlowers๐Ÿ” State University halts development on breathalyzer fearing backlash from the federal government. Looks like the session is up! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
MME @MME_TAMPA๐Ÿ”Sessions Admits There โ€˜May Well Be Some Benefits From Medical Marijuanaโ€™


Alan Riquelmy @ARiquelmy๐Ÿ”Q: Reschedule #marijuana, remove it as Schedule I drug? Foster and Moon: Yes. Smethers: No.
Robert Gadd @atticabob๐Ÿ”@NORML: Starting a NORML chapter is the first step towards reforming #marijuana laws in your community! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit...
Alex Schroeder @AMS31094๐Ÿ” may not be the "gateway drug" that opponents make it out to be. Researchers found that one-third of participants who used to treat their stopped taking .
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Ray Culbreth @RayCulbreth๐Ÿ”The Hog is a 100% pure indica hybrid strain of unknown parentage due to a high level of breeder secrecy.
DC @dwcowell๐Ÿ”Ever run to the dispensary at lunch and pick up an ounce of Lemon Ice on sale? Thank you fellow Massholes - thank y twitter.com ou thank you thank you. Not too long til we get recreational!
bookporium @Bookporium๐Ÿ”Check out #710 #420 #Skeleton #Weed #Marijuana #Pot #Feathers #Kush Mens 2XL Black Graphic Shirt #Canvas ebay.com via @eBay
MaihelKadrespar @maihelkadrespar๐Ÿ”We entered a hat design challenge on . We have seven days left on voting. Help and vote for us so we can get these hats made!

Mary J Digest @MaryJDigest๐Ÿ”Flak Sack II Loctote Review: The Best Anti-theft Drawstring Backpack for the Cannabis Warrior The Flak Sack II by Loctote is typically the best anti-theft drawstring backpack for the cannabis enthusiast. W , , , ,
David B @wildretiredman๐Ÿ”I know people will be surprised by this, but its true. The older demographic is the typical user. Most people think its the younger generation.


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