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#marijuana @Joy105com🔁#Marijuana leads combat against #autism
#marijuana Redbeard @slickyricky90🔁 #Marijuana leads combat against #autism
#marijuana TechTonicEnGin🥃📲 @techtonicengin🔁#Medical #marijuana could save Medicaid $1 billion in prescription drug costs
#marijuana Bemougoula @Bemougoula2🔁 Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor: #Marijuana
USA TODAY @USATODAY🔁A look at Tuesday's paper: may work marvels for ; , and share their
Dina Titus @repdinatitus🔁We must remove the federal barriers for research into the potential benefits of medical #marijuana. #MMJ
Jon Murray @JonMurray🔁BREAKING: 10p sales cut-off for #marijuana in Denver wins approval from #DenverCouncil, 11-2.

Takes effect next Monday.

Dr.Cos @c0sin🔁Learn how Israel has already started using medical to treat cancer, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease.
Cheryl Shuman @CherylShuman🔁#RealityTV - Meet Cheryl Shuman The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills @CherylShuman #Marijua na
JAMAPsychiatry @JAMAPsych🔁Did illicit use increase at a greater rate in states with ?
Mike Thoma @mht43🔁Philly's mayor reacting to a police raid of a gathering last week: legalization is "the real solution"
Leigh Hopper @hopper_ucla🔁Are their alternative treatments for including ? tonight at 10 features ’s Shafali Jeste.
J. Wilson @JWills512🔁Hey Texans! The Lone Star State is about to decriminalize ! Tell your lawmakers to vote YES on HB-81!
Ashley Weber @ayweber7🔁Weed on a plane: How #Alaska #marijuana businesses carry pounds of #pot on board, with #police blessing
Ronnie Cummins @ronnie_cummins🔁Hey Texans! The Lone Star State is about to decriminalize ! Tell your lawmakers to vote YES on HB-81!
Green Room @TGRBoulder🔁We hear this from #TGR customers ALL THE TIME. Who else uses #marijuana to alleviate the symptoms of #anxiety?
SocMediaInfluencer @socmediaimpact🔁 stocks App Sales up 100% according to Apple and
Cheryl Shuman @CherylShuman🔁This Woman is the Secret to #Marijuana #Businesses & #Legalization @CherylShuman #Investing
GREEN TEMPLE @GREEN_TEMPLE_🔁Good morning fellow stoners!
What is everyone smoking this morning? We are smoking our praised ATOMIC GRAPE
lenny @recentpoker🔁Bet On Which State Will Legalize #Marijuana Next? After seven more states voted to legalize marijuana on #420 #pot
Giuly Boy @BoyGiuly🔁 How Medical Marijuana Can Benefit Families #marijuana
Quanta @QuantaCannabis🔁Every hemp plant could save 12 trees. #cannabis #marijuana
Jake Filmore @TheJakeFilmore🔁Jodie Emery Calls For End To Marijuana Arrests on CBC's Power and Politics 🇨🇦
Diego Pellicer WA @DP_Washington🔁What are your favorite sativa strains? #cinex #tangie #weed #marijuana
American Growth Fund @agfseries2🔁More than 60% of U.S. voters support the #legalization of #marijuana.
Green Room @TGRBoulder🔁#Marijuana #edibles can be super intimidating. #TGR recommends starting small, going slow, and doing your #research!
Social IR NEWS @socialirnews🔁 stocks App Sales up 100% according to Apple and
Teamster4life 🇨🇦 @patsow🔁From the great Paul Armentano: It’s Time For Congressional Action On via
Valerie Thornton @valthornton59🔁 Trudeau: "The law is the law." Yes, except when your name is "Trudeau". #marijuana #cdnpoli @JodieEmery
Truther Bot @truth3rb0tblack🔁 Here's an updated tally of all the people who have ever died from a #marijuana overdose: 0
Stoner Things @StonerThingsCom🔁What Is Sativex? #CBD #THC #marijuana
Tweet Social News @tweetsocialnews🔁 stocks App Sales up 100% according to Apple and
☀︎WeedEssence☀︎ @WeedEssence🔁Feelin' good everyday! & benefits more than just me; you got local disp., growers, etc 🌿

Pat @localstasher🔁End Prohibition: Issue 3 — Marijuana: Why we're saying YES #endprohibition, #cannabis, #marijuana
Ryan D Miller @Ryan_at_Field🔁From the great Paul Armentano: It’s Time For Congressional Action On #Marijuana #Policy via @dailycaller
💞Amber💞 @LadyBernadetteR🔁 Oil spikes as inventories post their biggest drop of the year #marijuana #cannabis
Yo Dabba Dabba @yodabba🔁Spoon. Sherlock. Chillum - the different types of pipes. #marijuana @LegalSmokeShop7
Bemougoula @Bemougoula2🔁Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor:

Bemougoula @Bemougoula2🔁 industry has become significant community contributor

Igor Gavrilov @kanceliariaeiv🔁9lb Hammer is a strain thats ideal for patients with chronic pain and stress
Michell Rea @MbeekmanRea🔁Kosher Kush, winner of High Times Cannabis Cups Best Indica in 2011.
Giuly Boy @BoyGiuly🔁George Carlin, was a big advocate to using as a means to relieve &
Daniel Knowtorious @DanielKnowsDank🔁The latest The Daniel Knowtorious Daily! #marijuana
don mackeen @donmackeen🔁Graph shows how's public opinion regarding legalization changed over time.
Sara Conrad @SaraCsit🔁List or find your room, apartment, or house all friendly Locations worldwide from to
MdMjRxAz @MdMjRxAz🔁The latest The #MedicalMarijuana Daily News! Thanks to @collins_wilbert @VapeValley_Colo @AlainNolan #marijuana
Healthy LA @TheHealthyLA🔁#Chocolate that gets you high! #Vegan #Organic Edibles coming soon! Fancy #Marijuana #Weed #HealthyLA Yummy!
STRAINWISE™ @Strainwise🔁Small #Cannabis Growers Will Soon Have Industry Scale Processing in Redwood Valley #Marijuana #Weed #Pot #MMJ #THC


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