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#mapoli Rick K @RentwithRick🔁 Marijuana deal calls for up to 20 percent tax on pot sales #Mapoli
#mapoli #mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁@BedellBoston Mayor Walsh standing up to Governor Baker, he's sorry. #mapoli
#mapoli Jim Kinney @JimKinney413🔁PVTA bus service loses out in state budget @pvta #mapoli
#mapoli Marylou Sudders @MLSudders🔁 And the fiscal year 18 budget is signed. #mapoli
#mapoli Christy @RadloChristy🔁 PVTA bus service loses out in state budget @pvta #mapoli
#mapoli The Boston Globe @BostonGlobe🔁Here's a look at key details of the Legislature's marijuana proposal. #mapoli
Howie Carr @HowieCarrShow🔁Check out my deep dive into 's handling of yet another state drug lab chemist gone of the rails.
Howie Carr @HowieCarrShow🔁Thanks to for picking up my report on 's cover up of incompetent state hacks.
Benjamin Bloomenthal @Bloomy_75🔁@CharlieBakerMA's budget amendment is no different than what @SpeakerRyan is trying to push nationally with #Healthcare. #MaPoli
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁Olympics taxpayer cost estimate. Think about it, Marty has $ for games but not for public schools #mapoli #bospoli
Jennifer Smith @JennDotSmith🔁Lawmakers reach pot compromise: Bill boosts tax up to 20 percent, creates unique mechanism for local control
CW Magazine @CommonWealthMag🔁Lawmakers reach pot compromise: Bill boosts tax up to 20 percent, creates unique mechanism for local control #mapoli
Smitty Pignatelli @repsmitty🔁Thank you for naming me Chairman of the Environment Committee. I'm humbled and honored by your confidence.
Benjamin Bloomenthal @Bloomy_75🔁@CharlieBakerMA's $320M veto in the budget proves he's no different than the @GOP that profits over people. #MaPoli

Joseph Aiello @aiellobytrain🔁. WG member and resident Brad Bellows giving a NSRL presentation at tonight's meeting.
America Rising PAC @AmericaRising🔁confirming fear, is officially running for Senate. #2018
Howie Carr @HowieCarrShow🔁Here's the information if you want to see former Sen. Tom Coburn's health care talk tomorrow in Boston. Open to the p ublic!
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁So neither nor will fight back for the people Gov.Baker puts off MassHealth?
Cindy Friedman @Cindy4Senate🔁Happy to hear that the conference committee agreed on a final bill. This is a great break-down by Sen.
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁Small business didn't want to pay an assessment for employees who get their health care benefit via MassHealth and Baker said OK #mapoli
Alexander Frieden @aefrieden🔁@finitealright He is legally allowed in the standard lane, not in the bike lane #mapoli
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁Charlie Baker could ask Jeff Immelt to donate his GE retirement gift (age 61) of $211m to fund health coverage for MA working poor #mapoli
David Manzo @davidmanzo🔁MA Budget signed. Thanks .@MassGovernor .@SpeakerDeLeo .@SenStan for supporting children w/ special needs .@CottingSchool .@maaps766 #mapoli
Dan Currie @poeboston🔁.@MassGovernor vetoes $320m in state budget, pushes MassHealth changes via @BostonGlobe > #bospoli #mapoli #maleg
Moving Forward ARL @ForwardARL🔁Thrilled to share that endorsed ! She will lead the way on repro freedom
Ed Lyons @mysteriousrook🔁My new 4,000-word essay: How the politics of Donald Trump could cause to lose re-election.

#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁We could easily recoup $222 million from corporate tax spending instead of taking it from the working poor
Kripa @kripa_solanki🔁 . @CharlieBakerMA can you comment on this matter #mapoli
Sean Philip Cotter @Cotter_Ledger🔁MA lawmakers unveil compromise pot overhaul legislation. Expected to be sent to Guv this week.
Dan Adams @Dan_Adams86🔁Emphatic SJC ruling: Mass. employers can't fire someone just because they use medical marijuana. #mmj #mapoli
Seth McCoy @SethAMcCoy🔁So excited for @jeffrey_sanchez and his appointment as Chair of House Ways and Means. He is fantastic!! #mapoli
Jackie Katz @katzforsenate🔁Attention #Wellesley and #Wayland! You may soon have one of our volunteers at your door, because we've started canvassing! #mapoli
Gustavo @SheltieDad🔁C'mon #MApoli we deserve a lot better than this useless sod
Rich Parr @richparr79🔁 Here's a link to Gov. Baker's budget vetoes:


Gintautas Dumcius @gintautasd🔁Here's a link to Gov. Baker's budget vetoes:


minismom @minismom🔁MA : come out and support common sense gun safety at the State House, Rm A-1, TOMORROW at 1pm :
jeffkatzshow @jeffkatzshow🔁I believe 's goal is running for President, not focusing on MA constituents.
Nat @npishak🔁What was Joe Kennedy doing in #Quincy? Supporting T union against privatization,losing jobs + benefits #MBTA #mapoli
Nana aka Victoria @Nanny2V🔁As always Congressman Joe Kennedy hits the nail on the head

Vote NO on !!

Geoff Diehl @DiehlForSenate🔁Looking forward to being in studio with 's Dan Rea tonight at 9 discussing ! ="" target="_blank">
Joseph Aiello @aiellobytrain🔁In the area tonite? Pls don't miss Volpe/ event StataCtr 6:30
@KWalker2 Bye! @ScamWalker🔁@massgop @LowellSunNews @SenWarren She isn't trying to kill 24,000,000 people though.
#mapoli #masen2018
Bob @Loca7894🔁Here's a look at key details of the Legislature's marijuana proposal.
StopHandgunViolence @stophandguns🔁MA : come out and support common sense gun safety at the State House, Rm A-1, TOMORROW at 1pm :
Bob @Loca7894🔁BREAKING: Beacon Hill unveils a compromise bill, rewriting the state pot law
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁About Massachusetts Consortium for Innovative Education Assessment
No Longer Deplorable @LoriBlaney🔁Check out my deep dive into 's handling of yet another state drug lab chemist gone of the rails.
ELM @EnviroLeagueMA🔁Congrats @jeffrey_sanchez on Ways & Means Chairmanship. We look forward to working w/ you to fund environmental agencies adequately. #mapoli
Jack @jackolas🔁apparently the latest Massachusetts twists
Default Freedom @AzzaraKeaser🔁BOLO for ! Contact if you have any information!
Charlotte Gordon @Chargordbooks🔁 @MassGovernor @MassLtGov @MassHHS @MassANF & it kicks thousands of low-income people off Medicaid. #mapoli
#mapoli, Vote #NoOn2 @RWwatchMA🔁What it looks like when Mass leads in Education Mgmt: School Quality beyond test scores THREAD #bospoli #mapoli
Charlotte Gordon @Chargordbooks🔁 .@CharlieBakerMA hypocrite on health care--says he opposes Repub in DC, but trying to take us backwards here in MA. #mapoli
resist all tories @HongPong🔁the Mass legislature's softball team should be called Beacon Hill Prohibitionists now that I think about it #mapoli @Fara1 @TheYoungJurks
resist all tories @HongPong🔁apparently the latest Massachusetts #cannabis twists #yeson4 #mapoli #warondrugs #beaconhillProhibitionists
Winston Pierre @Winstonnewspost🔁 Thoughtful piece by @mysteriousrook: how @MassGovernor could lose in 2018. #mapoli
Boston JCRC @BostonJCRC🔁ICYMI from our ED on Friday in advance of tomorrow's hearing on S.1689/H.1685

#NoHateInTheBayState #mapoli

norisgirl @norisgirl🔁 Mass. lawmakers unveil proposed overhaul of marijuana law (raised tax from 12% to 20%) #MApoli
Kelly Barner @BarnerKelly🔁Massachusetts needs fulltime not parttime senator not a parttime author Vote
Miles Halpine @MilesHalpine🔁.@SenWarren, @CoryBooker and others fighting to ensure female inmates have dignity. #mapoli
Boston Ward 4 Dems @Ward4Dems🔁Again is focused more on privatization and outsourcing than what's good for riders.

Ira Stoll @IraStoll🔁TPC research polling Trump, Baker, generic congressional ballot for Mass. 2018 #mapoli testing O'Care, Opioids, tax, immigrantrefugee issues
Heather @becausemore🔁Unidentified Takes a Heavy Toll
Time 2 EARLY!

Cambridge Pub Debate @CamPubDebate🔁Get a preview of Wednesday's Cambridge Pub Debate on the Fair Share Amendment on @980wcap at 8:15 a.m. tomo with @JessicaMcWade! #mapoli
Ryan @armyrossi🔁Mass rep introduces bill for free tuition at state schools as this is going on
Robert Griffith @RobTheKiller🔁OMG they kept the possession limit sunset clause! Some activists called us crazy for putting it in there.
Gintautas Dumcius @gintautasd🔁Here's what Gov. @CharlieBakerMA said when asked about compromise pot bill with 20 percent tax rate
Mike Deehan @deehan🔁Final marijuana compromise bill: 17% state tax, 3% optional local tax. Officials in 'No' towns can ban shops through end of 2019. #MApoli
Julie Kelley @julieators🔁 The #marijuana conference committee has struck a deal. Details TK. State tax 17%, with 3% local option tax. #mapoli
Julie Kelley @julieators🔁 Gov. Baker signs budget, vetoes $320 mil in spending, returns employer assessments with MassHealth reforms. #mapoli
Machinists Union @IAM264Boston🔁Thank you for speaking the truth about the fact that & have been misleading the public.


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