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BJandTheBear 🐻🚴🏿 @BJandthe_Bear🔁 That’s the worst fake crying I’ve ever seen in my life. #Maddow
Anastasia Somoza @AnastasiaSomoza🔁Separating children from parents, caging them along with the latest reporting on the opening of three so far. The mo twitter.com re outrage, the better: “They want this.” Nothing short of inhumane and insane!
Maddow Blog @MaddowBlog🔁Tonight Rachel will talk with about audio she published on ProPublica today of migrant children taken from their fa twitter.com milies.()

and !

JC McLean 🇺🇸 @JCMcLeanNFL🔁 That’s the worst fake crying I’ve ever seen in my life. #Maddow
Raw Story @RawStory🔁#Maddow reveals horrifying ways in which the Saudis and UAE may have worked to help Trump's 2016 election rawstory.com
🇺🇲 SEAN 😎 🇺🇲 @theflash__8🔁Watching liberals create their own version of what Corey Lewandoski actually did vs what they chose to hear is why .

Now all FAKE NEWS headlines esp read “Corey Lewandoski, Trump’s campaign Mgr pokes fun at girl w/Down syndrome”. 🤦🏽‍♀️

--dave @dhof60🔁If a white European family arrives at JFK airport and asks for asylum, are the children whisked away and the parents arrested? Asking for a friend of justice.

22C0in @22C0in🔁Heart BREAKING: They're taking babies. The Trump administration have been sending babies & other young children forcibly separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border to at least three “tender age” shelters in South Texas, has learned.

Frankie Fraser @FearTheFrankie🔁.& response w/the inhumanity of it all is2call out Trumpsters ANXIETY disorders that prompts them2embrace our wannaB dictator grifter. Call it4what it is; the illogical poking of their limbic systems friend, foe or prey. Time4 all Chicken Littles2learn how 2 pick up sky
Lt. Koerner: SpaceForce Meteor Deflection Team @hfce354🔁I'm a bit old fashioned, but it's always a little cringy to see a young man cry. #Maddow @maddow
James Russo @JamesRusso2d3d🔁The handoff at the end of the Rachel Maddow show tonight was nearly impossible to stomach. She was so distraught n moved that she couldn’t even form the words. One of the most eloquent, rational n thoughtful speakers I can think of — unable to simply speak 😓
Blue Dream Wave @fauxpinky🔁Just wondering if the immigrants were from Norway, Denmark, Sweden...Would Trump/Miller separate their children from them? Isn’t this really about the fear of the “browning of America?”
Frankie Fraser @FearTheFrankie🔁.How can you apologize for having a conscious, having compassion and being overcome with grief over this abomination? Trump Acquired Anxiety Disorder is REAL&traumatic
Swather @DebiDkruse🔁The Truth that & Fails to Report About!

Help us & @ Spanish Speaking Kids don't say Mommy or Daddy they say mamá & papi!

Scottie 🇺🇸 @scottwwilson07🔁Where was the crying when Obama administration locked them in cages? Didn't the wikileaks pages show Maddow as a Clin twitter.com ton operative??

Great actors

Lisa Pleasant @LisaFroghair1🔁Democrats should not give one inch or one cent to a wall. Nothing. Do not move.

Beth⭐️ @PersuasivePR🔁I’ve never seen like this

The is sending babies to three “tender age shelters”. This is truly heartbreaking to watch.

Roger @pregor120603🔁Just wondering if the immigrants were from Norway, Denmark, Sweden...Would Trump/Miller separate their children from twitter.com them? Isn’t this really about the fear of the “browning of America?”
🍃Melinda🍃 @BlackRose96🔁LIAR. Apparently you didn't realize there was video of a restaurant full of people screaming, "Shame Shame Shame!!" at for her lies about and enforcement of Trump's barbaric policy of kidnapping & torturing migrant children and babies.

Success @Success87473781🔁Laura Ingraham adopted 3 beautiful South American children. Guess how many South American children the limousine liberals calling her a racist and a Nazi have in their homes... Zero

Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁What’s happening right now is nothing short of evil. Rachel being left in tears tonight echoes all of us who cry daily at the inhumanity, the hate taking place on a daily basis. I loathe this admin with every fiber of my being.
Citizen, Interrupted @NYwonk🔁Pretty remarkable night.
In hindsight, it was impressive to see Rachel Maddow opening the show with a near-perfect r twitter.com ationalization of Trump's behavior, to close it in tears.
Strong paradox.
Quite a summary of what is like being a decent human being in the Trump era.

keyspan @keyspan🔁Trump is not backing down, he has become more sadistic. What was 2,000 children ripped away from their mothers and housed in prison camps — the number is now 2,500.

There is no longer any reasonable excuse or question about who we're dealing with. Trump is a monster.

marshstars @marshstars🔁It's time to get Donald Trump out of the White House and learn from this mistake and then make sure something like Trump never happens to our country again.
kiddle @kiddle🔁What's baffling me to no end is no one has the power to stop a runaway train like 45 when the one set of brakes (congress+senate) are not even engaged like they are disabled
Margaret MacLellan @maggiemaclellan🔁When loses it over it this story, you know it’s a frakking horror.

March and rally on a June 30
We must
We must stop this.
The soul of our nation is breaking.

KCBlues2 @csherw1🔁 raped a 4 year old child while threatening her mother with deportation.

How many more little girls are being sexually assaulted in that we don't know about?!

Mister P @TheMisterP🔁Trump, with his
policy is kidnapping children from other countries, using them as collateral, to extort Americans to pay for a wall that will fund his own pockets 🤔

🚨Repeat: trump is using America’s resources to kidnap children 🚨

Alex @Neoprankster🔁 this is heartbreaking you're all complicate. You disgust true Americans.
Kim @juschlln🔁I'm crying with you .. Is A Evil, Cruel, Monster.. this needs to stop

MarathonMomma @ImMarathonMomma🔁Tender age shelters. Fucking disgusting. Of course cried. She has a heart and a soul. Like most of us do.

Soulles twitter.com s & Hearltess what will it take for you to stand up?!?! Sign bill!!! NOW!!! Stop trying to write your own! Just sign it FFS!

Wencke Aarrestad Bar @BarWencke🔁Separating children from parents, caging them along with the latest reporting on the opening of three so far. The more outrage, the better: “They want this.” Nothing short of inhumane and insane!
Church Worker @BlogChurchWork🔁God love her, she is one of the strongest leaders in , as she speaks truth to power on a daily basis. The last time s twitter.com he broke down at all was when she was talking about Mike Pence's agenda after the election.
🌸 LT 🌸 @LateTweeter🔁 Welcome to the United States

(we will kidnap your children)

#Maddow #MSNBC

🌸 LT 🌸 @LateTweeter🔁Trumplican Irony:

MS13 is destroying America.

In order to stop that, we will kidnap Migrant Children & place them in US Foster Homes. Or they'll remain in Interment Camps; released at age 18.

Side Note: Upon release, these kids may become MS13. Home Grown Terrorists.

Being Human @withcomment🔁"How can we get kids reunited with their parents? Back after this commercial" #Maddow @MSNBC Guess we know their priorities.
🌸 LT 🌸 @LateTweeter🔁Do they honestly expect these children to comprehend "Your Mommy is going to be deported without you"?

It's as if evil & cruelty & inhumane treatment is doubling on itself every minute.

Having Said That 🗣 @LalaejCorey Lewandowski
🔁 Sorry, Donald Trump, you cannot have your wall in exchange for freeing the children. The United States does not negotiate with terrorists.
CK Barnes @equikimmy🔁. Never apologize for having a heart. The day you do not break down reporting this evil, you need to quit your job.
Julie Bandeen @JulieBandeen🔁Detailed reports are emerging of "separations" of immigrant children from their parents. Trump's ICE is forcibly taking children from their mothers with no plans or procedures for returning them.

This is outright kidnapping and abuse.

Sumita Khanna @skhanna914🔁After watching cry at the end of TRMS, I am shaking in rage and while I'm tweeting this message. She really takes her job very seriously and I would like to thank her so much for everything she has done in the world of cable news and journalism. We love !
Blue Dream Wave @fauxpinky🔁 Isn't Sessions a stockholder in some of these private prison companies?
#maddow #LastWord twitter.com
Blue Dream Wave @fauxpinky🔁 #maddow The idea that some of these families may never reunite angers me in ways I didn't think possible.
Catherine @CatRoadz1🔁"You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the US...asylum applicants are rarely detained by ICE."
The Guatemalan mom suing Trump turned herself in to CBP seeking asylum but she WAS detained and her son taken.

Stacy Marshall @stacyebugg🔁Now being projected onto the San Francisco Federal Building.

I Support Laura Ingraham @SupportTrump10🔁Is this an Obituary trending?

Asking for a friend!

#Madcow #Maddow

RAS @stingray649🔁Holy FUCK!!! If you watched without ugly crying, you’re a fucking Nazi & I hope you suffer a horrible death. Fuck you ! You will burn in hell you goddamned motherfucker & FUCK EVERY REPUBLICAN ALLOWING THIS YO HAPPEN!!!!!
Casey Muldoon @Casey_Muldoon🔁You call this ? The food served looks better than what our kids get in school. Their living space looks more comfort twitter.com able than an American homeless shelter.

Give me a break with the phony selective outrage.

Another argument lost. Silly liberals.

Elizabeth @eprophotog🔁Mejia-Mejia was permitted only a single phone call with her 7-year-old son in which he was crying & scared, screaming, “Mama! Mama!” in a distressed voice over & over. CBP, who snatched him from her 4 weeks ago, now REFUSE to tell her where he is.

Leffall Living @LeffallLiving🔁Holy crap, Rachel is losing it over the babies being incarcerated on live TV. Rachel, your humanity inspires us in these dark days.
Andrew Hunt 🌊 @drewhuntre🔁#maddow The idea that some of these families may never reunite angers me in ways I didn't think possible.


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