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#luxtravelchat Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁And we are trending again in the 🇬🇧 #Luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁3 hours to go! On today's #luxtravelchat we want to know about your most creative ways to save on #luxurytravel. Follow @luxtravelchat
#luxtravelchat Abdulhamit @Sonsuz_Bilgi0🔁#luxtravelchat
Perfect Word game for brain exercise

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#luxtravelchat Katie Monk @katie_monk🔁 A4 Nope - but one of these means no sneaky charges for spending abroad #luxtravelchat
HH Lifestyle Travel @HHLifestyleTrav🔁@luxtravelchat A2: online - I’m an online deal ninja 😜 #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁We will be back next week, don't worry!
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@rudimiddleton There you go :) #luxtravelchat
kully @u_kully🔁 First time on #luxtravelchat ? Here is all you need to know.
Rudi MIDDLETON ® @rudimiddleton🔁A1 Bkd hotel in Rome. Fnd it cheapr w/in 24hrs. Told travel Club. Earned 150% of diff as pnts. Paid for a night in Ke nsingtn!
The Globe Trotter @TheGl0beTrotter🔁 A3 #luxtravelchat Cheapest day of the week to fly? @CNTraveler reckon it's Friday
Aten-Ra @richy_inger🔁The Queen Emma Thompson Thomas Lemar Gordon Strachan Tomorrow is Friday the 13th
Penny Davies @Gondolier9🔁 A2: Kotor, Montenegro. An amazing city which really did blow me away. So beautiful! #LuxTravelChat
Reed @zp_pidoxpr🔁 So are we all meeting at Costco for next week's #Luxtravelchat? Then for a bit of shopping after!
The Flying Masseur @Flying_Masseur🔁#Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for their therapeutic properties #luxtravelchat #BuyBritishDay #HarleyStreet #Therapy
Nupura Gothoskar @NGothoskar🔁A3: Traveling on Tuesdays…No kidding 🤗
Nupura Gothoskar @NGothoskar🔁 @luxetravelfam @lazytravelers Google flights is amazing #LuxTravelChat
Nupura Gothoskar @NGothoskar🔁 this exchange really made me lol. #luxtravelchat
St. Regis Maldives @StRegisMaldives🔁Absolutely, book direct is the way to go for @StRegisMaldives that is #LuxTravelChat
NBN International @nbnibooks🔁Hey - if luxury really floats your boat check out the below from , via

Ladies What Travel @LadiesWTravel🔁Have a good week everyone! #Luxtravelchat
Spotl1ght Coms @Spotlight_Coms🔁#luxtravelchat Thank you for today's chat, until next time!
Citizen Femme @CitizenFemme🔁Thanks for today's #luxtravelchat See you next week!
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁And that's a wrap! Thank you all for a fab #luxtravelchat. Same time next week?
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@lazytravelers @AmericanAir 17 Til mine! From Manchester! #LuxTravelChat
Kim-Marie @LuxuryTravelMom🔁Thanks to everyone for another fab #LuxTravelChat - see you next week!
Richard Smith @thesafaririch🔁Too much fun, but I've gotta run. Thanks. See you all next week #luxtravelchat
hijinks+halos @hijinksandhalos🔁 @luxtravelchat NOOO I DONT WANT IT TO END 😭#luxtravelchat
Lazy Travelers @lazytravelers🔁@AmericanAir 41 days until our next @AmericanAir flight! #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@LuxTravelBible With a $10k cheque each. #LuxTravelChat
Posh, Broke, & Bored @poshbrokebored🔁@mrsoaroundworld @luxtravelchat Oh no! I hope everything goes your way. Fingers and toes crossed! #luxtravelchat
Richard Smith @thesafaririch🔁How about my advice for baggage handlers to put really big blocks of sushi on the luggage belts - that would be awes ome eh?
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@LuxuryTravelMom Deal! #LuxTravelChat
Luxury Travel Bible @LuxTravelBible🔁@mrsoaroundworld @CitizenFemme @JetsettingBen @luxtravelchat @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco I'm sure they sell private jets! #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁I think we should do a special right after Cyber Monday so everyone can show off their amazing deals. Who's with me?
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@luxtravelchat @CitizenFemme @LuxTravelBible @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco Well, @Costco of course! #LuxTravelChat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 Thanks everyone for a great #LuxTravelChat. See you next week! @luxtravelchat
Andrew Harper @HarperTravel🔁A4 We say go big – after all, 'tis the season! Here are 14 festive places to spend the holidays:
Jennifer L Kirk ✈️🍴 @The_Jenius🔁@poshbrokebored @LuxuryTravelMom @luxtravelchat I think we should all jump on the @SurfAir bandwagon #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@CitizenFemme @JetsettingBen @LuxTravelBible @luxtravelchat @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco In the Costco private jet! #LuxTravelChat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 A5 clear browser! #luxtravelchat
Luxury Travel Bible @LuxTravelBible🔁They will have all we need to throw a party!
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 And if they sold it on Amex that would be EVERYTHING #LuxTravelChat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@luxtravelchat @thesafaririch Why why why? #LuxTravelChat
Posh, Broke, & Bored @poshbrokebored🔁It's the little details that make a place special!
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁A4 for : My fave credit card for travel is the Chase Sapphire Rewards card. So many benefits and cash back!
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 You really need to up your advice game #LuxTravelChat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁@CitizenFemme @thesafaririch @LuxuryTravelMom And timely. Not helpful to get once winter’s already started. #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁 Great chat! @luxtravelchat @mrsoaroundworld @LuxuryTravelMom #luxtravelchat
5starfeelingblog @5starlifeblog1🔁@_Travelist_ Lately I've found everybody is travelling on off day or does just seem to me?😃#luxtravelchat
Citizen Femme @CitizenFemme🔁I mean big. like 6 carat big style :-) Can't wait!
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@poshbrokebored @kcovophoto @luxtravelchat @LuxTravelBible @Spotlight_Coms @5starlifeblog1 That's so nice! #Luxtravelchat
Kim-Marie @LuxuryTravelMom🔁This comment made me LOL #LuxTravelChat
Spotl1ght Coms @Spotlight_Coms🔁a bit of friendly customer service. And they got a lovely twitter shout out!
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@GinaPowerTravel Problem is many people would want to go. Start with google flights and play #Luxtravelchat
Posh, Broke, & Bored @poshbrokebored🔁@thesafaririch @luxtravelchat Mine's 123 Internet Street, send me your bank details please ok thanks bye #luxtravelchat
Richard Smith @thesafaririch🔁@luxtravelchat @mrsoaroundworld They don't seem to like too much retweeting - that seems very unfair. Sharing is caring #luxtravelchat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁@CitizenFemme @JetsettingBen @LuxTravelBible @mrsoaroundworld @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco Never have I been more IN. #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@kcovophoto That works well too! #Luxtravelchat
Luxury Travel Bible @LuxTravelBible🔁So are we all meeting at Costco for next week's #Luxtravelchat? Then for a bit of shopping after!
Kim-Marie @LuxuryTravelMom🔁I think we should do a special #luxtravelchat right after Cyber Monday so everyone can show off their amazing deals. Who's with me?
Lazy Travelers @lazytravelers🔁this exchange really made me lol. #luxtravelchat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 @LuxuryTravelMom Never eat the yellow snow - that work? #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁Happy to join in for a bit. A5: How to find a deal? Try alternate airports & destinations that need more tourists.
5starfeelingblog @5starlifeblog1🔁 A5: always shop around, be aggressive, and travel on off days. #Luxtravelchat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁@CitizenFemme @LuxTravelBible @mrsoaroundworld @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco Next week’s #luxtravelchat brought to you by.... 😂
Citizen Femme @CitizenFemme🔁a big fat party. I love it. are you in?
Benedict @JetsettingBen🔁Thanks everyone for a great #LuxTravelChat. See you next week! @luxtravelchat
amberlair @amberlair🔁@kcovophoto We do the same #luxtravelchat
Posh, Broke, & Bored @poshbrokebored🔁Bajamonti in Prokurative (Republic Square)! I blogged about it - banging seafood platter and ferrero rocher cake 😋
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 literally all of us #luxtravelchat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁@mrsoaroundworld @thesafaririch It’s moving fast!!! I keep getting thrown in Twitter jail! #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁A5 clear browser! #luxtravelchat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 @thesafaririch Yes..: best advice or something ;) #LuxTravelChat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁 @luxtravelchat @mrsoaroundworld @LuxuryTravelMom @Costco down to earth and to the point. way it should be #luxtravelchat
Nancy Besharah @luxetravelfam🔁@mrsoaroundworld @LuxuryTravelMom Will do - thanks! I like to fly @cathaypacific to Asia 😊. #luxtravelchat
Kim-Marie @LuxuryTravelMom🔁And if they sold it on Amex that would be EVERYTHING #LuxTravelChat
Lux Travel Chat @luxtravelchat🔁@thesafaririch You are about to get soooo scammed, A Cardholder. #luxtravelchat
Ana Silva O'Reilly @mrsoaroundworld🔁@LuxuryTravelMom I wished! But promise you will take me next time. There will be many #godblessamerica moments for sure! #Luxtravelchat
Posh, Broke, & Bored @poshbrokebored🔁@luxtravelchat NOOO I DONT WANT IT TO END 😭#luxtravelchat


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