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Arch ッ @archiebaldmoses🔁West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen on what Lincoln Riley can do with his quarterbacks #Sooners
Brooke Pryor @bepryor🔁Big 12 is paging Lincoln Riley to the coaches podium by playing Boomer Sooner. It's been played FOUR times in a row. I feel like I'm at football game. @SoonerScoop🔁Lincoln Riley says Jalen Redmond’s status is still to be determined. Redmond recently tweeted about being in the hosp ital. Sources have told our Redmond has had blood clot issues.
Lincoln Riley Ethan Prescott @prescott__1🔁 Lincoln Riley on community:
OU Daily Sports @OUDailySports🔁"I want to congratulate Lincoln Riley — I think he's one of the great coaches in our profession and the team they had representing our league on a national stage was awesome to see."

Baylor's Matt Rhule praised Oklahoma's 2017 accomplishments.

Garrett Cox Sr. @gmanoneone🔁 If you’re keeping score at Home

Lincoln Riley: 1
Mike Gundy: 0
Tom Herman: -1


Agent Cross @AGENTCR0SS🔁God. I cannot wait until Lincoln Riley Part II
patrick mayhorn @patrick_mayhorn🔁@JalenReeves_10 @PoeyJost they played it four times before lincoln riley came onto the stage yesterday
Brandon bergner @BrandonBergner🔁Classy opening remarks by Baylor's Matt Rhule congratulating Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma on last season's success.
We Rode In Trucks @Georgia_Boys99🔁Lincoln Riley has NFL teams knocking on his door about his offense, but he's spent plenty of time focusing on the defensive side of the ball since the Rose Bowl loss to Georgia. (via )
Christy @christyg1287🔁I'm confused didn't Lincoln Riley coach last year so how would Stoops leaving play into this? And who the heck is B ob Stoos?
Logan Garcia @ltrain04🔁Lincoln Riley when asked how the offense will change with Kyler Murray at quarterback.

"Kyler's not the quarterback yet. There's a really good competition going on and Kyler's gonna have to fight like crazy to win this job."

Johnathan Staley @stalejoh🔁@ahmadsangle @OUBarstool Lincoln Riley has seemed to be doin pretty well so far your point?
Boomer Beamer (Carter) @ImDerBatman🔁Lincoln Riley is recruiting far better than Stoops did. Riley showed he could win in his first season with Bob’s pla yers. Lincoln Riley’s Sooners team isn’t all of a sudden going to get worse when they have more overall talent. OU isn’t going anywhere
Logan Garcia @ltrain04🔁Lincoln Riley on how to get the defense back to a national championship level.

"We gotta recruit. And we feel like we're in the process of making a pretty good move there."

Kyle Kensing @kensing45🔁How do you know college football season is fast approaching? is offering newsworthy nuggets from , for one thing
SPENCER RYAN SCHULTZ @SPENCERRYANSCH3🔁urban Meyer and Mark Dantonio and Dabo Swinney and Scott Frost and jumbo fisher and Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh and B arry odom and P. J. Fleck and kirk ferentz and Matt campbell and Trent bray and Lincoln Riley and Mike Gundy and Troy Calhoun and Pat Fitzgerald
Tattoo Baker™️ @OUQB1Tattoo🔁If you’re keeping score at Home

Lincoln Riley: 1
Mike Gundy: 0
Tom Herman: -1


Mr. J @jj5614🔁 Lincoln Riley’s recipe for a better defense? Recruit better players. #Sooners

Sooner Terry @golfluvr13🔁Amid questions about defense, quarterback and leadership, Lincoln Riley remains confident.

Squanto @Omahas_Mikeday🔁Dudes supposedly an analyst but apparently doesn’t know who Lincoln Riley is.

I’m still taking Kyler Murray over the bum Ehlinger any day of the week.

Patrick O'Brien @POBsports🔁Oklahoma Lincoln Riley:
"I do think the talent is there and I do think our leadership is going to be critical... I t hink if this team reaches its potential then we can play with them and can beat anybody."
drew @lenon_andrew🔁Lincoln Riley had high praise for former QB Tanner Mordecai () and former Rockdale WR JaQuayln Crawford ( )

He said Mordecai just has "something about him" & he thinks Crawford can make an impact for OU as a freshman

Luke Hetrick @LHSports34🔁Lincoln Riley vs. Georgia fans
IHustle24 @TexasLegend2400🔁 I think that if mr pibb was a real man he would look just like Lincoln Riley
George @gstavrinakis🔁West Virginia head coach Dana Holgorsen on what Lincoln Riley can do with his quarterbacks
Sooner Gridiron @soonergridiron🔁Lincoln Riley’s recipe for a better defense? Recruit better players. #Sooners

Bad taeks @BadTaeks🔁Lincoln Riley's Post/ H-back wheel concept from 20 personnel 2 x 1 formation vs quarters.

CB and Safety double the post on 1 receiver side. ILB that has to match the H-back gets fooled by pulling guard and play action.

Randy @LaranDeason🔁@Ian_A_Boyd always what if’s. But what if Charlie Strong brings in Lincoln Riley instead of Gilbert... ?
Lynn E. Lee @SoonerFan4Evr🔁 Big ol’ Ben Powers fans right here, y’all. #Sooners
Alex King @AKing_TFB🔁“I do think our best talent, defensively, is in our youngest classes right now.” - HC Lincoln Riley


Gunnar🤙🏼 @gun_nar001🔁Lincoln Riley on saying this could be his most talented team and what they need to do to get to the playoff.

"Our leaders have got to step up and our young, talented players have got to grow up in a hurry."

Lynn E. Lee @SoonerFan4Evr🔁Baylor's Matt Rhule: "I want to congratulate Lincoln Riley. The team they had last year representing our league on the national stage was [impressive]."
greg @GregRomero7🔁Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said Kyler Murray is not the starting quarterback yet. We're supposed to believe Murray put off a pro baseball career to carry a clipboard this year?
bill forney, jr @billforneyjr1🔁Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley, on the national title game between Alabama-Georgia: "I didn't watch it. I turned on...
OU Daily Sports @OUDailySports🔁“I think it's got a chance to be maybe the most talented team that we've had in the four years that we have been at O U."

Lincoln Riley remained confident amid questions about defense, quarterbacks and leadership.

Boomer71 @Boomer7110🔁@LRsBacon @OUQB1Tattoo Can you imagine if Lincoln Riley would have laid an egg like that? I think we might go after him too!😭
Spenser Davis @Davis_Spenser🔁NEW PODCAST!! 👀👀


- breaks down OU's performance in Frisco
- Buy or sell: OU has a QB battle?
- Predicting which OU defender could land on the All-Big 12 team

Listen here or on any podcast app:

⚡️Matt Harrison⚡️ @SoonerThunder51🔁 Power Moves Only. Sit back and watch Lincoln Riley work 😎⭕️🙌🏼
The Morning Animals @MorningAnimals🔁TMA recap Day 1 of Big 12 Media Days and have a complete breakdown from everything Lincoln Riley, Rodney Anderson, B en Powers and Kennith Murray had to say, plus why Kliff Kingsbury was a jerk. The guys also have Jake...
David Toney @dtoney14🔁The difference between Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman is simple. Herman is the loud frat boy with a C average. Riley is the cool older brother that's on the honor roll. When the spotlight is on both, the C student begins to sweat and panic. The older brother puts on his shades. 😎
Allen Kenney @BlatantHomerism🔁Defense, QBs the talk of Big 12 media days for Sooners #ou
1️⃣1️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ Superfly😉😉 @STUD_DA_SAVAGE🔁 REPORT: Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley says Kyler Murray will have to ‘fight like crazy’ to win starting QB job over Austin Kendall.
BearApologistBU @BearApologistBu🔁Matt Rhule opens his press conference by congratulating Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley on OU's success last season
Kyle Kensing @kensing45🔁How do you know college football season is fast approaching? is offering newsworthy nuggets from , for on e thing


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