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#leadupchat Melany Stowe @MelanyStowe🔁Where was your focus last week?
#leadupchat #timemanagement
#leadupchat Dr. Randall Sampson @RandallSampson🔁A4: Leadership is a reflection of your culture #LeadUpChat
#leadupchat Noel Lopez @LopezNoel4Edu🔁 Where was your focus last week?
#leadupchat #timemanagement
#leadupchat IconoHash @iconohash🔁Your daily conversation report is ready for #LeadUpChat for Jul 13th iconohash.com
DisruptED TV @DisruptedTv🔁 A3: #LeadUpChat
As a leader if no one is following, you are just taking a walk.
Shirley @ShirleyMajor18🔁Humility is the soil in which seeds of learning are planted. It’s difficult to quell ignorance in the presence of arrogance.
Robin Diedrichs @blueegg3r🔁A5: One idea that I am going to implement this year is “The Best Thing I Saw Today”. Announce this on our intercom at dismissal - could be anything that I saw a student or staff member do. We need to recognize the daily wins. They all add up.
Shirley @ShirleyMajor18🔁☑️ What we do.
☑️ How we do it.
🎯 Why we do it.

Start with why & open the door to limitless possibilities. The magic happens when you lead with empathy & enthusiasm. Passion is contagious!

🌟Heidi Veal👩🏼‍🏫 @VealHeidi🔁📣It’s people who turn dreams into reality! A new school year is a call to action for all. Relationships & people fir twitter.com st!

Tre Williams @livin4thesummer🔁Have 4 minutes to learn about what makes us joyful? Don’t miss this and share with others at your school, district, workplace, social network & more!
Ma del Pilar Robles @pilarroblesro🔁The Power of Collective Efficacy - Educational
“When a team of individuals share the belief that through their unified efforts they can overcome challenges and produce intended results, groups are more effective.”

Beth Houf @BethHouf🔁Excited to have the incredible authors, hosting next week!! Their message can transform your life.
Chaunte Garrett, EdD @drncgarrett🔁A3. Our journey should include a focus on these theee in this order:
1. Purpose-why?
2. Process-how?
3. Product-what?

Speak to the Principal @ToPrincipal🔁Is your tech initiative meeting the needs of your entire student body? Join us on Tuesday for an preview webinar w/ , , & Derek Root (or register now to get the recording sent to you):
Sue Choi @sfmathcoach🔁7 Ways to Foster Innovation
- CoConstruct Compelling Purpose
- Collaborate
- Question & Listen
- Experiment & Prototype
- Reflect & Synthesize
- Believe in Magic
- Embrace Diversity
- Advance Generativity
Cindy Wilson @clw1226🔁Why would I start a journey and not want to make it to the top? That would be like a baseball team saying we no longer want to win the World Series ... it is an unachievable goal ... .500 is good enough. Who would want to play for that team?
#CESARDUZIT @czareff🔁"Young people need models, not critics." - John Wooden

Helen Farias @helenfarias🔁"Education does not change the world. changes people. People change the world." - Paulo Freire

Brett Phipps @Phippsb53🔁A5 Honestly- having administration in my classroom interacting with kids means a whole lot and is often overlooked as a way of celebrating- I know admin cares, trusts me, has by back, etc. when they take the time to see/experience what I actually do day to day :)
Be Kind EDU @BeKindEDU🔁“Good words bring good feelings to the heart. Speak with kindness, always.” -Rod Williams

Speak with love, compassion, empathy. Be kind. Always.

Oran Tkatchov @OranTkatchov🔁A5. I want to do a better job of giving positive feedback to the folks who do a great job everyday. I tend to focus on the gaps and weaknesses in my leadership rather than my strengths and that spills over into how I give feedback. Must improve that this year.
Shawn Bradbury @sbradbury116🔁A3 Team on a journey comes first. The journey requires all voices, creates the experience that fosters meaning, and has the potential to build capacity in others and bring sustainability.
Kailee Drewno @Miss_Drewno🔁We preach the importance of getting to know our students, but how often do we allow our faculty and staff to get to know each other? How can we model this better? Not just an ice breaker, but real conversations.
Reggie Thompkins @osidedeputy🔁Thanks Doug! I feel so lucky to have been mentored by you, helping me to get to where I am today. I am excited to work with both and to continue to build capacity, and so fortunate to be a part of the
Jim Groethe @MrGroethe🔁This Unit Guide was something I created for my students to engage them in with self-reflection, self-grading, teache twitter.com r feedback, and assignment feedback.

Patrick Calley @pcalleypbvusd🔁Join us next week for a "culturizing" chat with ! Do your leadership some good and dial into on 7/21/14!
Tameka WB @TamekaWB🔁A1: Since I'm a new principal at a new bldg, I plan to share my key beliefs and non-negotiables. I also will calm any fears of me making big changes right away. And continue to build trust by building relationships first.
Sarah J. Hickle @SJHickle🔁Change happens. “IT’S JUST DIFFERENT. And that’s OK. ⁦⁩ 🎧
Cate Gentry @GentryCate🔁 A6: Reflection from year 1! #leadupchat twitter.com
Briana @mrsfailsclass🔁The Power of Social Media. Straight from mouths of teachers who’ve been changed!


melissaskuce84 @melissaskuce84🔁Feedback?

Our school created this Collaboration Rubric to accomplish 2 things:

1. Combine with principles.

2. Provide guidance without taking away unique team/content solutions, .

Kim Berryhill @kimmber89🔁A4:
To grow leaders:
Consider their opinions carefully
Find their passions
Delegate accordingly
Give them space
Give them feedback
Give them credit
Rinse and repeat😀
Patrick Calley @pcalleypbvusd🔁 Great educational insight from a non-ed #podcast. #LeadUpChat #ProDriven #LeadersAreListeners 🎧 itunes.apple.com
Kathleen Sokolowski @MrsSokolowski🔁⁦⁩ So excited my planner came today! It’s so exciting to have a planbook designed by a practicing educator with space twitter.com s for reflection, gratitude & setting intentions!
Conway Middle School @conway_jcps🔁A1). don’t go through the motions for the sake of saying we covered the standards #1-0 culture
Cary Harrod @charrod🔁Glad that ⁦⁩ put this in the new principal standards...#7.3 - Effective leaders create environments in which staff are valued, trusted, respected, & cared for. YES!!
Alrobins @AlRobnsontweets🔁@CharlizeAfrica @TheRock Hott i meant da summer you two #leadupchat
Melissa Shaw Davis @melisdav🔁"To go from where you are to where you want to be – you have to have a dream, a goal & you have to be willing to work for it." - Jim Valvano

Jeff Lyons @jlyons517🔁A2: If any staff member was asked about your school's goal, mission, or vision, could they answer with three simple examples?
Charla Jo Guillaume @cjguillaume🔁Join and me Sunday, July 22 @ 9pm EST/8pm CST for as we talk about Passion-Driven Education.

Join in the conversation. Be the difference.

Liz Plunkett @PlunkettLiz🔁A3. As Leaders it is our professional responsibility to stay focused. So often we are distracted by interesting sights along the way, curious about shortcuts, and looking for the shortest path instead of the best one. Great leaders embrace the journey!
Weston Kieschnick @Wes_Kieschnick🔁Join , and me tomorrow, Sunday, July 15, for a chat
Educators are Positive

Eɱιʅყ Fɾαɳƈιʂ 💫 @emilyfranESL🔁M 8. T at 7:30 & at 9. W at 7:30, at 7:45 at 8, & at 8:30. Thr at 8 8:30. SatAM at 8, 8:30, 9:30. SunPM 8 & 8:30
Elyse Hahne @Hahne_Elyse🔁M 8. T at 7:30 & at 9. W at 7:30, at 7:45 at 8, & at 8:30. Thr at 8 8:30. SatAM at 8, 8:30, 9:30. SunPM twitter.com 8 & 8:30
Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd🔁The Power of Social Media. Straight from mouths of teachers who’ve been changed!



🍎Sandy King📚 @sandeeteach🔁Important and much harder to be able to articulate an answer and show with evidence. Get past the echo chamber of "I/ twitter.com we believe that all kids can learn."
EdTech @EdGameTec🔁✨When your single focus is academic content & teaching to a test you neglect Ss Social-Emotional needs! 🙈

✨ Life success is not measured by grades & test scores. Let’s create emotionally intelligent humans!

jcorippo  @jcorippo🔁A5: Start by calling them out. It is so hard to see them when the “big picture” goal is often the focus. But if we are not reaching those intermittent goals along the way- we could get lost. Use them as trail markers.
jcorippo  @jcorippo🔁As often reminds me. It’s not about the home runs. Major league ball players bunt, too.
Katacha Miller @KatachaMiller🔁Building relationships. Not only w/ littles but among staff. This is foundational. Not a new message. Culture is everything
✨ 𝕃𝕚𝕫 𝔾𝕠𝕟𝕫𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕫 ✨ @lizgonzalez007🔁✨When your single focus is academic content & teaching to a test you neglect Ss Social-Emotional needs! 🙈

✨ Life twitter.com success is not measured by grades & test scores. Let’s create emotionally intelligent humans!

Andrew T. Schwab @anotherschwab🔁A1: Our focus this year is going to be that . Putting strategies in place so that every child has a trusted adult who really knows them and is someone they can reach out to.
Marcine Simpson @MarcineSimpson🔁Day 5: Each day, for 7 days I’ll post a picture of a book I love...no explanation, no review & invite friends to do the same. I was invited by Today I will invite |
Chris Weber, Ed.D. @WeberEducation🔁Join , and me tomorrow, Sunday, July 15, for a chat
Educators are Positive

John Kosic @bikespoke🔁Who’s excited for ?!

We’ll be hosting a reception on the 21st to celebrate the authors of our two amazing – and free! – ELA curricula.

Spread the word to your literacy-loving colleagues, and join us:

Adriana Garza @adrianag62🔁A1: As a teacher I want to share the learning I am doing over the summer with my co-workers. Look at ways to teach LA in a department that is less about us teaching from the front and more about working with Ss side by side.
Katherine Goyette @kat_goyette🔁Why do you have to follow a script, what's your passion? Hear more: youtu.be ="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1018173728717357056" target="_blank">twitter.com
Fran Kompar @fkompar🔁Making to Learn: Innovation & Developing an by . Learn about the innovative practices happening in Fairfield County, CT & the people making them happen.


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