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Tara Brown @tarafarah7🔁Tips to build relationships with students: via


Anna Kwak @Kwakulus🔁"When you know better, you do better." - Maya Angelou

Mr. Beddes @MrBeddes🔁{New Post} Difficulties Make Us Bitter or They Make Us Better davidgeurin.com
Jeff Hiser @jeffhiseredu🔁4 student engagement tips (from a student): edut.to via @edutopia #stuvoice

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Arielle Olson @4MissOlson🔁Saturday morning musings: The Game: leadinginlimbo.weebly.com
Joshua Bowen @JoshuaBowen_100🔁Nothing in life breeds resilience like adversity and failure. Leadership develops daily, not in a day.
Sara Burlison @Mrs_Burlison🔁"Young people need models, not critics." - John Wooden

Aaron Marvel @AaronMarvelEDU🔁Join this Saturday with guest & as we focus on igniting a passion for your school!
Laura Gilchrist @LauraGilchrist4🔁Sean, your words inspire. Thank you so much! You are a gifted writer, communicator, storyteller. 🌞🧠❤️ twitter.com
C.J. Cain @CJCain7🔁A5 The standard you walk past is the standard your willing to accept. Cannot allow negativity and toxicity to exist a twitter.com nywhere in your school.
Jon Resendez @Mrjonresendez🔁Love the perspective of . He is never afraid to problematize education’s most sacred assumptions. Agree or disagree twitter.com if you want, but always engage the ideas of others. No neutrality!

Goo Bric @goobric🔁Wake up with as helps us to focus on what matters most - our kids! See everyone at 6:30am PST/8:30am CST!

Kristina Richardson @kw_richardson🔁Never settle or quit. Growth and improvement is always in your control!

Heather Hooks @heatherT_hooks🔁"Building people up is at the heart of empathetic leadership." -

Heritage High School @HHS_Huskies🔁25 Quotes That Will Help You Recover From Any Failure |

Keri Brewer @mrskmbrewer🔁Because having a isn't just for students: via


thinkLaw @thinkLawUS🔁To learn how your school or organization can adopt our standards-aligned program that helps teach to all stu twitter.com dents, click here -

Vandegrift Library @ViperLibrary🔁A5: I hate seeing myself in pictures or on camera. Using &@RecapThat 4 instruction pushing myself way out of my comf twitter.com ort zone.
Teresa Bowles @rtbowles🔁"Successful schools focus on relationship building as a main ingredient for learning." -

Sarah Deslatte @SarahDeslatte🔁Our own 2018 TEXAS Elementary Teacher of the Year is just one of our amazing Ts who make learning FUN while ensuring twitter.com rigor/relevance! Her daily FB posts are awesome! 👏
Devon Carson @devo1906🔁The sharing also greatly improves the possibility of success, by giving other insight of pitfalls and barriers that c twitter.com ould derail the mission.
Supt Robey @SuptRobey🔁 A6: Make time for face to face interactions. The day to day is so busy, but the value of connecting is priceless. #LeadUpChat
Jason Hodgson, Ed.D. @bakojason🔁Going slow to go quickly, deliberately, & iteratively #LeadUpchat #EdChat twitter.com
Dr. David Franklin @SFPrincipal🔁Do you know where your students learn best? twitter.com
Amy Mello @mellomama6🔁@tsschmidty @TechNinjaTodd Loved All American Boys. Made me wish I taught older kids. #leadupchat
Jeffrey Collier @JeffreyJCollier🔁We NEED more educators to F.A.I.L. first, F.A.I.L. fast, and F.A.I.L. forward. We also NEED more administrators to h twitter.com elp create systems and cultures that encourage F.A.I.L.ure for long-term school-wide successes!
Jeff Hiser @jeffhiseredu🔁Fostering a healthy view of struggle is essential: owl.li via



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