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The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁TUNE IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC.
Mary Lawson @marybeth_lawson🔁Let's see how Republicans in Congress try to spin this one.
We'll be waiting, and

The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁.@jmeacham: We haven’t yet seen Putin “cash the check he clearly has in his pocket” on Trump. #lastword #msnbc
The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁TUNE IN: The #LastWord is starting right now on @MSNBC.
Boycott Trump @BoycottTrumpFor🔁Eugene Robinson on breaking news that 2-weeks before the inauguration, Trump was shown clear raw evidence that Putin ordered interference into the election to favor Trump: “We’re witnessing collusion in real time.”

Val @valleylea🔁BREAKING NEWS:

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Trump Knew All Along

Of course he did.

anastasia9 @anastasia9🔁No, we can't allow a traitor to make any government decisions. Putin's Puppet must go. twitter.com
Human In resistance @inresista1🔁Mike Pence knew.
Mitch McConnell knew.
Paul Ryan knew.
Donald Trump Jr knew.
Eric Trump knew.
Jared Kushner knew.
Ivanka Trump knew.
Paul Manafort knew.
Carter Page knew.
They are all to the United States.
They are accomplices.

Travis Ruger @TravisRuger🔁, we have the largest prison population in the world by far. Why don’t you worry about our fascism before Russias. twitter.com
Gia Monroe @ItsaLearning🔁“As you heard, , he always knew.” -

Gia Monroe @ItsaLearning🔁Now we need to put an end to this bull💩 about not indicting a sitting president. You don't sit on convention when nothing is conventional & your country is being assaulted from within & without.
Lauren Bird Horowitz @birdaileen🔁Collusion, party of GOP? Your fixed election is ready.


Katie Goliday @KatieGoliday🔁Con-man quisling Trump is actually considering turning over a United States diplomat, Michael McFaul to murderous dictator Vladimir Putin.

This is Twilight Zone sh*t — the vile, abominable behavior of an American tyrant who is aiding and abetting the enemy.

AUNTIE LILO @LiloAuntie🔁Trump stole the friggin election!!😠😡😠😡

needs to be sworn in as the POTUS and take over her rightful place, in the Oval Office, ASAP!!!

Diogenes @JerserDiogenes🔁
Don Corleone's advice to any tapped by to call for an investigation into who leaked fact he was briefed (with receipts) 18mos ago:

Remember what happened to Tessio.

IdahoGirl👩🥔 #FreeTommyRobinson #FreeTommy🇬🇧 @laub_torres🔁2-weeks before inauguration, Trump was shown clear evidence that Putin ordered interference in the election to favor Trump.

Which means he's known along.

Which means he's been lying all along.

Which GOP knew. Which means they are complicit.

Trump is A KKK @TrumpIsAKKK4🔁As Americans we ALL must STAND UP & SPEAK UP for our fellow American and patriot ! 🇺🇸

Ma Rainey @MaRainey357🔁The New York Times article makes crystal clear why former CIA director John Brennan, who personally briefed con-man quisling Trump is so outraged by the insidious lies and behavior of this traitor.
Robin Palmer @Palmer5🔁
Bless his heart.

Kimberly Awul @AwulKimberly🔁
The American People need to file a class action lawsuit against this fake president for
pain and suffering. Take every penny from the whole damn family !
Pete Quily @pqpolitics🔁You all get this book. It will blow you away.

So informative. He was on show that’s how I found about it.

Incidentally Jeff I got it for my best friend it’s given her so much clarity.

Just lent my copy to a neighbor.

Janis Collins-Hutton @janjan_collins🔁Well, I think we can say Trump has violated his oath of office sufficiently to receive maximum punishment politically and criminally
I like👹sIn🎥sNOTmy🏛🇺🇸 @nayteer🔁Looks like Christmas in July at

Jane A @JaneA2020🔁New York Times: From the start, con-man quisling Trump has been hellbent on protecting Putin by muddying an irrefutable FACT: Putin ordered a heinous attack against the United States of America
harleyb @harleyb11🔁SideBar: This is why being single isn't so bad.
#maddow #lastword #11thhour #TrumpKnew
Resisting Lib @ResistingLib🔁Rachael Maddow passing the baton to Lawrence and boy is it explosive news. Trump knew Putin helped him win the election 2 weeks beforethe inauguration.
flames from the sky @MykosReward🔁I only have one question;
Why DAFUQ did Donald Trump think he could go up against our Intelligence Community?

HazelleLetItGo @bluegrasshaze🔁He KNEW. He mother-effing KNEW. Your jobs are to represent US and serve as a "check & balance" on the 'president'. Exactly WHEN are you going to ? I'm sick of waiting.


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