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The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁TUNE IN: It's time for The #LastWord with @Lawrence O'Donnell here on @MSNBC.
L🐎L🐴Garrett @paronlulu🔁 A reminder of the kind of President we used to have.
#inners #maddow #lastword
The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁BREAKING: WH confirms it will NOT pay Affordable Care Act subsidies. warns "millions will lose their insurance."
The Last Word @TheLastWord🔁Pres. Trump insists everything is just peachy between him and congressional Republicans. Plus, a false claim about B arack Obama.
Critical Mass @RidgetopNM🔁Only way to stop this madness is by voting GOP out in 2018/2020. No 'protest votes'. Vote like your life depends on it. It does.


Adamant Right @Adamantright🔁 Its called common sense when you have a a trans bloke wanting to play in the WAFL.
Its a mental disorder nothing more.
Brad Starks @Kane007🔁Trump's Handling Of Hurricane Maria Is Getting Really Bad Marks

tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #lastword means? Look it up on
Brad Starks @Kane007🔁This sheriff is literally complaining about losing slave labor.

john Ward @EVIL6G🔁 Trump slanders John McCain's service, insults Gold Star Parents, hasn't acknowledged 4 dead soldiers. Trump is a disgrace to Milit
john Ward @EVIL6G🔁

For the things you did to President Barack Obama. Karma came for you. IDC from who. 44 is a kind good soul, you made his life more difficult. You looked desperate & small today.
john Ward @EVIL6G🔁 Trump is the best worst example of white privilege. #lastword
Brenda Michaelson @Axintos🔁

Remember what a wonderful President we recently had?

Seems like forever ago...

Emma Young @daguemamo8🔁Seeing the contrast btw presidents that don't intervene in non-US genocides vs Letting Americans/PRs die

Gooby @GoobyCooper🔁getting that s2? #LastWord
Judith Kay @Atticusdaughter🔁 Trump exhibits all behavior-evry symptom #rosegarden #LastWord #DutyToWarn #inners #maddow #Unfit #resist #NKorea
Vikki #MalKilledLNP @Scruffbucket🔁#lastword If AFL & other sports allow transgenders to play in women's teams, WOMEN'S SPORT IS LOST, what's the point. #theboltreport #pmlive
Dennis Rivera @latino4america🔁 After hearing McCain tonight, I expect the Trump tweetstorm to begin in a matter of hours.
Harry Doyle @malenko10🔁Just call it the transgender AFL. Ha. #lastword
sheendogg @csheen71🔁@pm_live your way off the mark mate, it's a dude, full stop #lastword
DRUNKEN ELVIS @DRUNKEN_ELVIS🔁 Its called common sense when you have a a trans bloke wanting to play in the WAFL.
Its a mental disorder nothing more.
Andrew @PeyotePyro🔁

Trump is just like his GOP base -- lying constantly, maliciously, shamelessly and incompetently.

moocat @1moocat🔁 & if this= The policy insanity-Why not do things that cost nothing-IE: STOP DAYLIGHT SAVING 3pm real time is hottest part of day🤔🤔
moocat @1moocat🔁#lastword @PMOnAir is TOTALLY correct! The LNP Climate Policy SUCKS & the payoffs on our $ 4 forced suffering during peak time is OUTRAGEOUS
Trapp'dinTrumpsAmer @Fleurdelisazure🔁 My favorite oxymoron these days is Trumpcare & my favorite oxy moron is Trump.
Go And Play @GoPlayAus🔁This had us laughing so hard today🤣 Share & Tag someone you know always has to have the last word! 😜❤️

#lastword.. .

DRUNKEN ELVIS @DRUNKEN_ELVIS🔁#Lastword All todays announcement has proven that the 🇦🇺 Govt have lost the fkn plot. Did he think a $110 saving from 2020 was worth praise
BTC #IStandWithTony @1moreBTC🔁bet that energy council bloke was a hand picked #fairyPower lover by @TurnbullMalcolm #pmagenda #LastWord
Nisha Mathur @heroabstract🔁My favorite oxymoron these days is Trumpcare & my favorite oxy moron is Trump.


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