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#kutv2news Lindsay Storrs @lindsay_storrs🔁Bear Lake. January. No snow. #utwx #KUTV2News @KUTV2News
#kutv2news Bear Lake Vacation @BearLakeVaca🔁 Bear Lake. January. No snow. #utwx #KUTV2News @KUTV2News
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Countdown: #lds church counting down to its announcement on church leadership changes tomorrow morning #kutv2news
#kutv2news Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁We're just about ready for #kutv2news At Noon! @KUTVMary
#kutv2news#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Happening now: just 30 min. away from #lds church announcing new leadership #kutv2news
#kutv2news#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Now: Inside #lds church offices for first ever worldwide announcement of new leadership full coverage on #KUTV2News
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson: when a president is called “no campaigning no election process” #kutv2news #lds church
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson: New Presidency of the #Lds church ..Pres. Nelson. Pres. Oaks...Pres. Eyring #kutv2news #lds church
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson: for those who have left the church “please come back...come back home” #kutv2news #lds church
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Oaks: “with all my heart I pledge my support for Pres. Nelson” #kutv2news
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Breaking: #ldschurch 12 apostles just game into room for 10am press conf. With new church leadership #kutv2news
#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Breaking: new leadership of #lds church expected to address the media just arrived. #kutv2news
#kutv2news KUTV 2News @KUTV2News🔁 Breaking: new leadership of #lds church expected to address the media just arrived. #kutv2news
#kutv2news Holly Menino @KUTVHolly🔁 NOW: @LDSchurch President Russel M. Nelson addressing the media.
#kutv2news #2newsam #PresNelson
#kutv2news Lisa Nico @LisaNicoNews🔁Utah poison control center has a very important warning for parents and teens. The story tonight #kutv2news
#kutv2news#kutv2news Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Coming up: the new leadership of the #lds faith here what they had to say to the media #kutv2news at 5.
#kutv2news D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁Tried it out...apparently I kinda look like Elvis. @googlearts #kutv2news
Heidi Hatch @tvheidihatch🔁. working death investigation tonight. A Body found this evening in Fruit Heights neighborhood. No further informati twitter.com on to report tonight. Watch in the AM for update.
Lindsay Storrs @lindsay_storrs🔁Nothing will make you feel@better about yourself than Google telling you that you look like a dude with a ‘stache. ? twitter.com ?
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁NOW: tweets out support for the new First Presidency announced today. Uchtdorf now moves back into the Quorum of th twitter.com e 12 Apostles.
Lisa Nico @LisaNicoNews🔁Working on a really important story today about a dangerous new fad every parent should know about #TidePodChallenge #kutv2news
Morgan Saxton @KUTVMorgan🔁Here’s an update on the disappearance of the two teens from Tooele. #kutv2news twitter.com
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Nelson has 106 great-grandchildren. He says he remembers all their names, but counts on the computer to rem twitter.com ember their birthdays.
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Oaks talking about President Nelson: "Don't underestimate the vitality and knowledge and capacity to relate twitter.com to youth... of a man that's 93-years-old."
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Nelson: "They don't have to look laterally for what will bring them joy in life. They just have to look in twitter.com the leadership of the Church."
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁Addressing the church in Brazil.
President Nelson: "We see nothing but continued power from Brazil."
They started f twitter.com rom very little... the Lord's growing his members of the Church in every country of the world."
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Oaks: The young men and young women are stronger when they marry and are a companionship. Many of the probl twitter.com ems that come with millennials go away.
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Eyring: "While there's a lot of talk about the terrible problem of millennials... there's a power coming i twitter.com n this "millennial" generation that's remarkable."
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Eyring: I think most of the good things that I've done and my family has done are because of my wife. twitter.com
Troy Beals @troy_beals🔁Media: What about women?
President Nelson: "I love them... I had 9 daughters."

Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁NOW: What will you do in your presidency to bring women, people of color and ethnicity into the decision making proce twitter.com ss?
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁Media now asking questions to the LDS First Presidency.
First up: How is the church addressing LGBT issues?
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Eyring: "For me it is a special joy to be at the side of these great men that I love and admire." twitter.com
Holly Menino @KUTVHolly🔁President Nelson: "I pledge to serve with every remaining breath of my life."

Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Happening now: awaiting the new 1st Pres of the faith to arrive to answer questions from the media. Inside the Chur twitter.com ch office Building
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Just Happened: New leadership of announced in worldwide broadcast. Pres. Russell M. Nelson (Pres) Pres. Dallin H. O twitter.com aks (1st counselor) Pres. Henry B. Eyring (2nd counselor)
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁The special address from the new First Presidency has wrapped up. The Church is holding a press conference at 10am. twitter.com
Watch is LIVE on and .
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Press conference now planned to take place at 10am inside Church office building...we are inside the COB waiting for twitter.com that presser
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁Pres. Eyring: "President Nelson was called of God... this is a great time in the history of the Church, and yes the b twitter.com est is yet to come."
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres: Eyring: “president Nelson was called of God” to lead this church “this is a great time in the history of the c twitter.com hurch”
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁President Oaks bears quick testimony inside the temple, where First Presidency and Quorum of the 12 are seated togeth twitter.com er.
Now President Eyring is speaking.
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson: our Devine Mission is to go to every nation every people to declare “His word” “pledge to serve Him a twitter.com nd you” church
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁The new LDS Prophet is encouraging those that have left the Church, to come back. "There is a place for everyone..." twitter.com
Daniel Woodruff @danielmwoodruff🔁Pres. Nelson: New Presidency of the church ..Pres. Nelson. Pres. Oaks...Pres. Eyring church
Ron Bird @KUTVRon🔁Elder M. Russell Ballard named acting President of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles.
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson “very thankful that Pres. Oaks and pres. Eyring are able to serve with me” Pay tribute to Pres. Uchtdorf twitter.com church
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Pres. Nelson: “words are in adequate to tell you what it felt like” to be set apart as president “it was a sacred and twitter.com humbling experience” church
Dan Rascon @DanKUTV🔁Breaking: Live worldwide broadcast is underway to announce new Church leadership “wanted to tell members first” twitter.com
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁SOON: Announcement from President Russell M. Nelson less than 5 minutes away. Watch the LDS Church leadership announc twitter.com ement LIVE on and .
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁Today the LDS Church will announce its new leadership. LDS.org giving a countdown to Pres. Russell M. Nelson's address to m twitter.com embers at 9am. Church holding press conference at 10am.

EX-MORMON @exmormon🔁Countdown: church counting down to its announcement on church leadership changes tomorrow morning
Lisa Nico @LisaNicoNews🔁From ranchettes to McMansions! Developers are buying up plots in Sandy. How the new mayor plans to preserve historic twitter.com homes at 6
Lindsay Storrs @lindsay_storrs🔁A tale of two Januarys. Remember last January, and how storms rolled in every day or two? Remember all those bad c twitter.com ommutes? What a difference a year can make!!
D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁NEW: Popular lodge in recognized & given an award by the for winning 2017 "Food Recovery Challege" in hotels and re twitter.com sorts sector.
They're turning food waste into useable compost. How they do it tonight at 6:00.

Angee Kinniyos @AKinniyos🔁I recall say’n this AM, you can sing! So sing 🎵🎶 away... YAY❄️☃️ twitter.com
D.J. Bolerjack @DJBolerjack🔁UPDATE: 90-year-old woman found buried under a ton of coal in her homes coal bin was found to have died from natura twitter.com l causes according to the Garfield County Sheriffs Office.
Lindsay Storrs @lindsay_storrs🔁Houston, we have a problem. Those are hyacinths blooming on the NE Ogden Bench! The plants are just as confused abou twitter.com t this mild weather as we all are.
Lisa Nico @LisaNicoNews🔁Police just cleared the scene of this home after an all day search and investigation following possible attempted mur twitter.com der. Story
Lisa Nico @LisaNicoNews🔁Two people just pulled up in a red truck to the home where 33 yo Andrew Holloway allegedly barricaded himself this m twitter.com orning. Waiting to learn a possible connection. Full story
A Simple Tweet Bot @ASimpleTweetBot🔁bpvd. #KUTV2News
Tazya Williams @tazyawilliams🔁LDS church announcing new leadership Tuesday at 10am. An hour before, President Russell M. Nelson is addressing membe twitter.com rs of the church. via
Morgan Saxton @KUTVMorgan🔁Fire is out. Crews investigating. No one hurt. #kutv2news twitter.com
Mike @WellsmikeMike🔁View of downtown from the 6th floor of the Wells Fargo Parking Garage. Gorgeous view!
Lindsay Storrs @lindsay_storrs🔁View of downtown from the 6th floor of the Wells Fargo Parking Garage. Gorgeous view! twitter.com
Mindy Pehrson @MindyPehrson🔁A beautiful day as the sun shines on the LDS Conference Center for the funeral of . Coverage on starts at noon!


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