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#kindleunlimited Jaye C Blakemore @JayeCBlakemore🔁What if you could solve your own #murder?
Always free with #KindleUnlimited #Amazon
MG WELLS @MG_WELLS🔁 #13 by ✨

Cool Whether You ar mybook.to e Thirteen or Seventy Three~

Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁 amazon.com
Being hunted to extinction!
A new kind of human!
#kindleunlimited Jaye C Blakemore @JayeCBlakemore🔁Just when #murder may not be what it appears to be
#KindleUnlimited #amwriting
Nighthawk and Fencer @NighthawkFencer🔁Perfection is fatal.
"This highly entertaining & fast-paced Thorny Rose will have readers seeing the darker side of perfection," The iRead Reviews

Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh @sudesna_ghosh🔁It isn't easy being the girl at school.

Read Pamela's story.

amazon.com twitter.com

AffiliateMarketplace @rmgm9006🔁The Final Destiny - Part three of the Vesta Mansion trilogy

on amazon.co.uk href="http://amazon.com/dp/B0778V9R6Z" target="_blank">amazon.com

Addison Albright @AddisonAlbright🔁Will Nash find love again? Of course he will. Will he go about it in the usual manner? Now that’s another story entirely.

Katherine Mitchell @AuthorKMitchell🔁A discovery in the Beit Guvrin caves awakens an ancient brotherhood...
Led by a man who knew Christ Himself.

"Another excellent book from the Fry stable."

Uncle Don Smalley @donsmalley79🔁Serenity Falling - Divided World Book Two
🔥Get the trilogy FREE with kindle unlimited🔥
Revenge at any cost ☠️

Punk Sissy @PunkandSissyPub🔁Noah thought his career meant everything, until he lost everything. Read for FREE with #KindleUnlimited mybook.to
🔞 CloudWalker 🔞 @CloudWalker666🔁"Compelling. Evocative. Beautifully Crafted."
When you discover a 400 year old diary and bring her story to life.

Sophie Kinkade @Skinkadebooks🔁Every now and then Church can be a little exciting!

Faith, Temptation, and Submission. It's all here in:

'Captured twitter.com Silk' - ▶️

Amberly Lago @AmberlyLago🔁Something is desperately wrong in Arcadia Falls...

Read fo amazon.com r on

manuela iordache @manuelaiordach1🔁
Do Zombie Dogs Infect?
Matt only wanted to escape the dead myBook.to -heads in his city, but...

Robert Rapoza @RobertRapoza🔁And just like that, it was too late. Too late to run and too many to fight.

Read for amazon.com on

Leonard Tillerman @mywritersnook🔁Old Friends And New Enemies... More of Charlie's past is revealed and it might bring about his downfall. Notorious Glasgow gangsters, the Rafferty family are not people you want breathing down your neck... not now... not ever!

Amberly Lago @AmberlyLago🔁
Ex-vampire, Arel, thinks he's ready to date...oh my!
The 5th book in series!
Series in
Crystal Series @crystalseries🔁Read for FREE on KU! . Enemies to lovers face Armageddon together in The Irrevocable Series!
. Ebook, paperback, AUDIO, free with KU
. Trailer -
Amazon -

Deborah Brown @debbrownbooks🔁“I was pulled into the story! It was engaging and entertaining and suspenseful!" A Fall From Grace 5 Stars! only $2.99 via
Ken Stark @PennilessScribe🔁Modern day meets prehistoric in this stunning adventure. Instantly relate to heroic, magic wielding . Shades of Potter & Jackson with
Book Promotion @book_tribe🔁• with When Courtney's mother dies, her father moves them to a new city. Then they meet the fiance. Courtney will twitter.com have to eat her words & ask for help from her. Friendship, Step-families, Native American Art, New Experiences, Loss.
Rachel Martin @DirectedRage🔁Tears of Blood Free on :

Our end is their beginning


hunther @hunthertornado🔁With Angel's Wings



youtu.be iewBook.at/WithAngelsWings" target="_blank">viewBook.at

Charlene Namdhari @CNamdhari🔁The end is nigh...

Struggling to bear a son for her changeable King, Anne Boleyn enters a fragile time.

As once-allies become enemies, the Tower casts its shadow over England

Judge the Best
$2.99 or !

Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁Foxden Hotel:
Trailer: amazon.co.uk
He invades her dr youtu.be eams.
He's the monster in her nightmares.
And now he has found her.

Cyra May @CyraMay_Author🔁A hot, hot, hot short read.
🌶🌶♨♨ ⚠ The Trainer ⚠ 🌶🌶♨♨
Short Sexy Reads by Cyra May
When a job interview is n twitter.com ot what you expect!

Another Professional offering extra services

Charlene Namdhari @CNamdhari🔁
A va amazon.com mpire redemption tale!
How far will Arel go to save his soul?
First in series of five!
Charlene Namdhari @CNamdhari🔁
Ex-vampire, Arel, thinks he's ready to date...oh my!
The 5th book in series!
Series in
Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁THE MISPLACED MOB
– a captivating by John Rose Putnam

A young girl found dead of a botched abortion
Four rounds of buckshot fired into new sheriff’s patrol car
This case is not only dangerous, it’s personal

99 cents - FREE on

Charlene Namdhari @CNamdhariCool cats use
to read thrillers!

Pls🔁//smarturl.it/skku" target="_blank">smarturl.it

Steve Wells @BilsenDal🔁"Too Good" The final book in a series, all about good intentions. Now available in ebook, and paperback.

Sandra Cox @Sandra_Cox🔁NEW RELEASE
99 cents or FREE with
Pocketful of Stars by Juliette Douglas via amazon.com
Pure Textuality PR @PureTextuality🔁ATTN ! twitter.com
Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁"Watkins is an outstanding author of literary fiction who writes about real life, real love, real pain... Highly recommended as a superb summer read"~5* Review
2018 BEA Finalist in Fiction!

Ken Stark @PennilessScribe🔁"this clever, imagination-fueled story is a fun read and a great escape for the reader." Available for on
Mary-Anne Crooks @ImangaCircle🔁"Pin Me Pay Me, Have Boots Will Travel" over 100
Rachel Martin @DirectedRage🔁Tears of Blood Free

Our end is their beginning

Buyonline-books.com @buyonlinebooks2🔁"There is such an abundance of mystic, mystery and edge-of-your-seat excitement in THE PATMOS ENIGMA that it certainly set my heart to racing."
For Readers of Dan Brown

RJ Crayton @RJCrayton🔁The bunker is supposed to protect Elaan from a deadly virus ravaging the world above, but what if the world below is twitter.com even more dangerous? Grab it today!
Bruce Perrin @bmperrin🔁TEASER!! Christmas in July!! The Skinny On Jack
Losing weight over the holidays can be murder. Join Jack B and her band of cohorts in another humor packed cozy mystery. What could possibly go wrong?

Deborah Brown @debbrownbooks🔁“The problem is, YOU don’t know who YOU’re dealing with.” ~ THE NEPHEW ~ US: amazon.com UK: via twitter.com
Leonard Tillerman @mywritersnook🔁The end is nigh...

Struggling to bear a son for her changeable King, Anne Boleyn enters a fragile time

As once-allies become enemies, the shadow of the Tower slips over England

Judge the Best
£1.99 or !

Leonard Tillerman @mywritersnook🔁"It is bloody and brutal and brilliant. Take the journey. You won’t forget it anytime soon."
An action pa getbook.at cked based on a bloody and horrifying part of West African history.

Jean Guthrie @JeanNeffGuthrie🔁Read these novels -----> tinyurl.com
Layden Robinson @LaydenRobinson🔁Read these novels -----> tinyurl.com twitter.com
Jean Guthrie @JeanNeffGuthrie🔁Read these novels -----> tinyurl.com
Layden Robinson @LaydenRobinson🔁Read these novels -----> tinyurl.com twitter.com
Lee Sewter @lee_sewter🔁Imagine you can draw your wildest fantasies and have them come to life.

Alice can and does in

Alice White’s Utterly Shocking Comic Strip World

Bangarang Books @BangarangBooks🔁The fourth thrilling 'Orgo Runners' adventure is OUT NOW!! ❤

Grab your copy of 'Legend Of The Orgo', NOW...



Linn B Halton @LinnBHalton🔁Cinn Dalton has Inherited Love in a 200 pound slobbering love muffin. myBook.to
Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁SLICES OF SOUL from *Review* ‘Powerful and moving,
the author has a real talent for digging deep with her words. I can't even
pick a favorite since there were so many that touched me.’

Kenneth W. Harmon @KennethWHarmon🔁Check out all of Amber's titles on her website! While you're there, why not sign up for her newsletter? Everyone loves to be in the loop!

Mary L Schmidt, Auth @MaryLSchmidt🔁Get ready to get your spook on: THE GLADE *5 STAR FICTION*
Angela B Mortimer @AngelaMortimer2🔁New tumblr post: "mackenzie-brown:
“ psychological thriller LUCKY MAN ” —  or..." , mybook.to
MorganMandel @MorganMandel🔁A Harrowing Chase through Space … Here on Earth

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