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#kens5eyewitness Charlotte L Coolidge @C_Coolidge🔁 Prayer service begins with singing. Churches from across the city are here #kens5eyewitness
Denise Robinson @beargirltx🔁 Vice President Pence has arrived in Sutherland Springs #kens5eyewitness
#kens5eyewitness John Chavez @johnrchavez🔁 Names of deceased victims in #SutherlandSprings church shooting released by @TxDPS #kens5eyewitness
#kens5eyewitness Deborah Knapp @DeborahKnappTV5🔁Go Brahmas! Honored to be Grand Marshal for my Alma Mater @NEISD MacArthur HS Brahma Parade #kens5eyewitness
P.S. @mrs_stelter🔁 Vice President Pence has arrived in Sutherland Springs #kens5eyewitness
#kens5eyewitness#kens5eyewitness#kens5eyewitness Marvin Hurst @MHurstKENS5🔁BREAKING: 18 wheeler hits one house nearly crashes into another on #SATX SW side. #kens5eyewitness
#kens5eyewitness#kens5eyewitness#kens5eyewitness Jack Acosta @JackAcostaKENS5🔁 BREAKING: 18 wheeler hits one house nearly crashes into another on #SATX SW side. #kens5eyewitness
Luke Simons @LukeKENS5🔁Confirmed from Texas DPS that there is a search for a shooting suspect in the Floresville, TX area. No other details twitter.com currently available.
Luke Simons @LukeKENS5🔁Statement from Texas Governor on church shooting. #kens5eyewitness twitter.com
Henry Ramos @HenryRamosTV🔁Sutherland Springs woman leaves home for first time, pays respect at memorial #kens5eyewitness kens5.com via @@KENS5
Dianna Buchanan @prcabuck🔁Therapy dogs have shown up to help families through their grief.
Charlie Cooper @CharlieKENS5🔁Evangelist Joshua John comes to all the way from . He's urging people to love more. "Hurt people hurt people, healed twitter.com people heal people," he says.
Mrs. Faro @faro_neisd🔁Go Brahmas! Honored to be Grand Marshal for my Alma Mater MacArthur HS Brahma Parade
Marvin Hurst @MHurstKENS5🔁 starts our at w/a guest from at 6:45a on !! twitter.com
Charlie Cooper @CharlieKENS5🔁"You realize they're never going to grow up, they're never going to get any older,"- Sandy Ward on losing her little twitter.com ones in the tragedy.
Alicia Neaves @AliciaKENS5🔁Sutherland Springs memorial becomes more real as faces of victims are added to crosses
Henry Ramos @HenryRamosTV🔁Just wrapping story number 2 today. I’m live at 10 with team coverage from . The majority of the crew like & are i twitter.com n Floresville on the ’s visit. See ya at 10 on .
Win @winnower1🔁The names of all those killed in the Sutherland Springs church shooting have been released.
Ashley Speller @AshleyKENS5🔁Another wise man on stage tonight at CBC. "Never in my 30 yrs have I seen such evil" says SAFD Chief Hood #KENS5eyewitness
Alicia Neaves @AliciaKENS5🔁Hood says they put “Stop the Bleed” boxes all over Community Bible Church to help with tourniquet gear, materials to twitter.com help in life-threatening situations
Henry Ramos @HenryRamosTV🔁STORY 1: Volunteers needed to help with #NCAA Men's Final Four in San Antonio #kens5eyewitness

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Alicia Neaves @AliciaKENS5🔁SAFD Chief Hood speaks. “We prepare for sinister events like this every single day. Never in my 30 years did I️ ever twitter.com think I️ would see such evil.”
Arizona News @ArizonaNewsnet🔁The list of those who lost their lives on Sunday in Sutherland Springs has been released. 💒RIP 🙏🏽


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