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Kaspersky Thinkivist @ThinkivistBlog🔁 Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer reut.rs
Kaspersky Dian Castrowakdoyok @rofiqsetiawan🔁 Everyone was watching everyone kaspersky.com
Kaspersky Nick Carr @ItsReallyNick🔁@kaspersky Actual footage of KL analyst Equation Group victim notification call to U.S. Government
Kaspersky IT Jobs Indiana @ITJobsIndiana🔁Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer tw.eet.link
Lorenzo Franceschi-B @lorenzoFB🔁Kaspersky Lab researcher claims to have successfully decrypted files infected with #Badrabbit ransomware twitter.com
Eugene Kaspersky @e_kaspersky🔁#BadRabbit: A new #ransomware outbreak on the rise, reported victims from media and critical infrastructure: kas.pr
Miriam Elder @MiriamElder🔁👀Kaspersky admits company downloaded classified NSA files but says it was by mistake and he ordered them deleted hosted.ap.org
J.M. Porup @toholdaquill🔁 Good recap of today's revelations coming from Kaspersky Lab itself. twitter.com
Jill Allison @JillLlc🔁 Kaspersky says NSA staffer laptop was already infected by backdoored MS Office key generator kaspersky.com
Stefan Tanase @stefant🔁Now I get why they retracted @e_kaspersky's invitation to attend today's hearing. He would've been the only competent person in the room.
Scott Ellison @scott_che🔁 Boom. reuters.com
Paula Cain @RealPaulaCain🔁8) Why were Kaspersky senior researcher Ruslan Stoyanov and hacker Dmitry Dokuchayev arrested at the same time & all 3 charged with treason?
Nicolas Prigent @NeeKoP🔁Beyer: Kaspersky "admitted" collecting NSA malware through anti-virus operation today.

That's an NSA-taking-work-home issue, not KL.

Ian Lockwood @ilclarify🔁Kaspersky identifies other malware on NSA hacker's home computer lnkd.in
Artem I. Baranov @artem_i_baranov🔁Looks like the NSA programmer developing from home was also pirating Microsoft software. Wow. Just wow.
suz_hol @suz_hol🔁^ Kaspersky: "We uploaded classified NSA docs but 'quickly deleted' them." Define quickly & deleted, Eugene.

Z01D Tech @Z01DTech🔁Kaspersky says it briefly possessed classified NSA files goo.gl
Amsgram @Amsgram🔁Kaspersky🇷🇺Lab admits it got hacking tool from a US personal computer👉🏼claims they “deleted” it.🙄

Gordon Gray @gor_zilla🔁Kaspersky releases details of internal inv.; says it uploaded NSA files after workr got infected frm pirated softwre
Auto News Feed @Rus_Eng_News🔁The specialists of \Kaspersky Lab\ accidentally downloaded the secrets of the NSA mk.ru #news #Russia
Yosh Marklund @yosh_se🔁This “NSA contractor” got infected with a backdoor after turning KSN off + installing a *pirated copy* of Office 2013, says
GO! Android Videos @goandroidvideos🔁Kaspersky Internet Security for Android goo.gl #android
نشرة القاهرة‎ @cairowire🔁👀Kaspersky admits company downloaded classified NSA files but says it was by mistake and he ordered them deleted
David Kelly @DaveKNetApp🔁Kaspersky admits filching NSA hacking tool source code via anti-virus software


YourPrivateCloud @OwnPrivateCloud🔁Kaspersky: We DID pick up Equation Group malware via NSA employee's PC goo.gl
skry @skry🔁So, uhm, Kaspersky's version of how the NSA lost their malware is 1st one that actually makes sense. & I have a hard time figuring out where was the part Kaspersky turned the product into an FSB espionage tool rather than an NSA employee doing dumb things
maryann @favoriteauntssi🔁Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from U.S. computer - oann.com
MalwareTips @MalwareTipscom🔁NSA Contractor Downloaded Backdoor to PC, Says Kaspersky Lab fb.me
Dian Castrowakdoyok @rofiqsetiawan🔁That worker who snuck NSA malware home and stored it on an Internet-connected PC? It was backdoored, Kaspersky says
JenAgain @TisJenAgain🔁. wants to know why DHS waited so long to ban Kaspersky, how it will enforce the ban, and what federal and contractor systems are covered. New letter to DHS:
Iain McMillan @beaksdale🔁I installed Kaspersky on my computer and it detected the malware I was writing for the US government!
PCDUE.com Support IT @PCDUE🔁 - kaspersky launches new comprehensive transparency initiative - … kas.pr href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/923223900896550912" target="_blank">twitter.com
Marlene @McKeag🔁Kaspersky admits that its security software obtained secret NSA hacking code from a US personal computer

Kaspersky Lab NA B2B @KasperskyNAB2B🔁 - launches new comprehensive transparency initiative - kas.pr ps://twitter.com/i/web/status/923223902834298880" target="_blank">twitter.com
HIGE VISION @higevision🔁Kaspersky releases details of its inner investigation into alleged spying incident and finds something odd.
Kaspersky Lab @kaspersky🔁 - launches new comprehensive transparency initiative - kas.pr ps://twitter.com/i/web/status/923223900896550912" target="_blank">twitter.com
zippy da zipster @zippydazipster🔁In short: KL was apparently just working as intended, found NSA malware. Kaspersky says never created any detection for "top secret" etc
1% Treat 🍬🍫🍭 @bilongma🔁 Whatever the outcome. It takes enormous cojones to publish this. RESPCT to @e_kaspersky! kaspersky.com
Pratheek Rebala @pratheekrebala🔁My bullshit detector is going off, but will take the confirmation for now. Read our original reporting on this:
Nick Carr @ItsReallyNick🔁Aside from bombshells discussed, here were surprising takeaways:

1. Curious which U.S. Government agencies informed twitter.com 😬
🎼2. legit submit

Touraine Tech Group @GranCammi🔁Kaspersky says its software siphoned NSA hacking tool during routine virus scan washingtontimes.com
RealDealDP @Over45StillFly🔁With 400M users, the real Kaspersky threat lies in the sheer volume of information it can mine/share -
Techseekr @TechseekrLive🔁Kaspersky says it briefly possessed classified NSA files - techseekr.com
Michael Givens @Mgivens61🔁Moscow-based tech company Kaspersky says it obtained suspected NSA hacking code from US computer
Barbetta⛾ @barbetta1🔁Kaspersky admits that it detected and scooped up NSA malware but says ordered it deleted once notified.
ohyeslawd @ohyeslawd🔁"#Kaspersky says it obtained suspected #NSA #hacking code from U.S. computer" - reuters.com
Barbetta⛾ @barbetta1🔁Kaspersky also says that, after the initial detection of NSA malware on the analyst's personal PC, the analyst pirated a copy of Office.
Karla Silva @SWEETPOTAT0314🔁Call from to declassify information on Kaspersky in the interests of US consumer protection.
Ian Nawalinski @ian_nawa🔁Kaspersky: We uploaded US documents but quickly deleted them apnews.com
Hosting4Skagit @ASPWired🔁New: Russia’s Kaspersky admits uploading USG classified Equation Group (NSA) material

but claims they deleted it

👨‍🚀 Rick Hunter 🚀 @CarlMarsalis🔁Holy malware: Kaspersky says NSA TAO hoarder guy downloaded an infected key generator for a pirated MS Office & then *turned off anti-virus*
Котомкин-Портянский @DDERSS🔁Preliminary results of the internal investigation into alleged incidents reported by US media < Must-read
Lillian Irvin Snider @LillianSnider3🔁The Wall Street Journal said on Oct. 5 that hackers working for the Russian government appeared to have targeted the NSA worker by using Kaspersky software to identify classified files.
flo @f1004x🔁Worker who snuck NSA malware home had his PC backdoored, Kaspersky says arstechnica.com
Anna Massoglia @annalecta🔁. says gov contractors are restricted from using based on DHS binding operational directive. DHS was unclear about this in last week's SASC hearing.
Barbetta⛾ @barbetta1🔁I'm not covering it, but if you want to watch the House Science Cmte's first Kaspersky hearing, it's starting soon:
Auntie Mummy @BronwynOfAvalon🔁Kaspersky Lab confirms that it downloaded secret NSA tools via @axios axios.com
The Gospel of Hemp @thegospelofhemp🔁BREAKING: Israel's MOSSAD discovered Russian hackers using Kaspersky Labs software to obtain US intel documents.


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