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Jim Carrey's F*cks ✊ @pharoahpharrell🔁I bet you #foxsports is salivating at the possibility of #ESPN letting more talent go. #JemeleHill
Heath Evans @HeathEvans44🔁. we may not see eye 2 eye but I support your freedom of speech. My apologies for conservatives playing dbl standard twitter.com
Dinesh D'Souza @DineshDSouza🔁Poor ! If this twit ever opened a book she might learn that white supremacy is the legacy of the party she supports twitter.com
#JemeleHill SpotShop Media @SpotShopMedia🔁 #BoycottESPN Political Correctness and #JemeleHill
John Pavlovitz @johnpavlovitz🔁SarahHSanders believes #JemeleHill calling @POTUS a supremacist is a "fireable offense". I tend to believe POTUS actually being one, is.
Tade Kraklio @TMK74🔁Freedom of speech is not limited based on where you work.
Marco Lezama @MarcoLezamaMex🔁 The White House is upset because #JemeleHill was not PC: "Pigmentationally Correct."
tybin @4tybin🔁The problem is not saying Trump promotes .
The problem is Trump promoting .
Nathan Lemanski @NLemanski🔁If the White House is going to start policing what people say on Twitter, perhaps they should begin with the Presiden twitter.com t himself.
Sand Nigger @B4dabba🔁Here's video of Sarah Sanders saying should be fired for calling Trump a white supremacist
Chuck Roast @roast_chuck🔁@espn you better not fire her. #JemeleHill
Lori Potter @Elpotterishere🔁Why is fighting for her career for a comment about a man who stated that there's "fine people" within white supremacist groups☝🏾
Jack Lucero Fleck @lucerofleck🔁Criticizing the President is not only a right, it's also what Trump is kinda known for
Deneen @DeneeneeneD🔁By this standard, most of conservative media would have been shut down during Obama's presidency.
Angelica Ross @angelicaross🔁To speak more plainly, we are witnessing whiteness crack the whip on negroes that gets out of line. #MunroeBergdorg #JemeleHill #kapernick
Allison Lane @1AllisonLane🔁So that we are clear, the White House publicly saying should be fired for her comments is ACTUALLY a 1st amendment issue.
Cima @the00Cima🔁 is speaking the truth. Trump is a racist. The Huckster is a shill for the criminal enterprise running the WH.
Shannon Mealey @smealey_pilates🔁 Defending a white supremacist from a White House podium is outrageous and should be a fireable offense. #JemeleHill
LetsRoll @corockymtns🔁NAME CALLING! NOT RIGHT! The simple explanation for why ESPN did not FIRE #JemeleHill but did fire Curt Schilling yahoo.com
G Electronica @geron111🔁How black women are censored and face backlash when they speak up about racism
Cima @the00Cima🔁Sarah Huckabee, you don't get to call for someone to be fired esp since didn't lie, like you do every afternoon
🎈الأمير زياد🎈 @zeyadalhaarbi_🔁 Wِatch


Max Liles Sr. @LilesSr🔁WOW! According to 63+ million people support a 'white supremacist' for President? FIRE HER NOW!
💙Blue Humanity💙 @BlueHumanity🔁#JemeleHill hasn't barred Blacks from housing, hasn't said Blacks shouldn't count her money, hasn't defended KKK


Luke @TruthandCivics🔁@SarahHuckabee You said #JemeleHill's remarks about @realDonaldTrump were "outrageous comments" unlike #Trump's "Grab them by the pussy"?😒
Carrie👠Hutchens🇺🇸 @CarrieKHutchens🔁Sure she can, has every right to say any racist thing she wants. And I have the right to turn off in response.
Lori Potter @Elpotterishere🔁I can get in on this she's much more deserving to lose her job than is.
LCGiGi @amorMX87🔁SarahHSanders believes calling a supremacist is a "fireable offense". I tend to believe POTUS actually being one, is.
David Tarrell @DavidTarrell🔁Not fair to equate Trump & who broke ESPN's rule re ignoring obvious truths! In contrast DJT followed Russia's rules twitter.com perfectly 😉
2A Forever @TwoAForever🔁Sure she can, has every right to say any racist thing she wants. And I have the right to turn off in response. twitter.com
Kunta_CeeJay @dayeforyou🔁Preach it #JemeleHill

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