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Jeffery JeffyK @jeffery_karros🔁 #ANDNEW

Alex Thomsen gets a TD in Overtime to defeat Brody Teske.


Jeffery Crystal Palace F.C. @CPFC🔁RH: Jeffery is going to be operated on on Monday. It looks like months rather than weeks.
Jeffery Rhonda Partridge @rhondapartridge🔁 Foles + Jeffery = 3 first downs on that drive.


Jeffery )€ffér¥ 🔱 @stoll_jeffery🔁 I SAID TEXT ME WHEN YOU GOT HOME SAFELY
Jeffery Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Foles + Jeffery = 3 first downs on that drive.


Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁Foles to Jeffery for the first down X 2.


Sam Closson @ClossonSam🔁Congrats to former Gamecock great Alshon Jeffery on advancing to the next round of the playoffs!
Matt @sliwoski_🔁Philadelphia is heading to the NFC Championship Game


15 10

•Foles: 23-30, 246 Yds.
•Ajayi: 15 Car. 54 Yds.
•Jeffery: 4 Rec. 61 Yds.

Gregory Long @GregoryALong🔁@jeffery_alford Venison meatloaf if the best!
Joe @joemostardi🔁jeffery lurie u mother fucker!!
Marina Salman @mkjsalman🔁Congrates to Alshon Jeffery. And yes, I am salty as hell.
Dylan @DylansFreshTake🔁Philadelphia is heading to the NFC Championship Game


15 10

•Foles: 23-30, 246 Yds.
•Ajayi: 15 Car. 54 Yds.
•Jeffery: 4 Rec. 61 Yds.

The Online Card and Coin Shop @CardandCoinShop🔁Check out 2016 Prime Signatures Alshon Jeffery Prime Proof Red 14/149 Philadelphia Eagles @eBay
Cocky @Cowboyz_1993🔁 Alshon Jeffery: Still pumping gas
Josh Callahan ☘️ @Wondamore1🔁Matt Ryan threw 2 passes out of bounds in that sequence. You have to give your guy a chance to make a play. Add the shuttle pass in there and what a disaster for the

Glad to see Alshon Jeffery move on to the NFC Championship.

Christopher Howard @galacticbrewing🔁 At some point Alshon Jeffery has to make significant play...
Shaun Berrios @shaun_berrios31🔁Maybe that’ll help Nick’s confidence. He finally got it too Jeffery! Jake from State Farm with the brief redemption! Close one at the half...
CA Braves Wrestling @CABravesWrestle🔁Bradshaw results part 2

Shane Slows 4th -225
Reece Hibbard 5th -113
Ricky Tennity 5th -145
Mark Reason 5th-220
Nick Fuhrman 6th- 120
Jeffery Howard 6th-132
Robert Slows 6th -170
Ryan Kuhn 6th -220
Kaleb Sparks 7th-195
Jon Lazauskus 7th 220

Scruffy, The Janitor… @DaInfamousCoVeN🔁“They got ghetto ass names like Pookie-Man, Cornbread and Lil Pig…”

- Jeffery Simons

Connie Kinnard @SpreadSONshine🔁My Birthday #47
-Free and Controlled
-Deliberate and Determined
-2018 living INTENTIONAL

**Photoshoot and photo co urtesy of Roy and Troy Jeffery
Jeff Campbell @juicecampbell🔁 @juicecampbell Clever Jeffery clever
Ryan Kreplin @Chi_Sportsguy🔁I want the Eagles to lose cuz I hate Alshon Jeffery now
Jeff Spice @Jeffery_Spice🔁Geez Jamie, thats the same logic as me blaming you for all the rapes weinstein did in hollywood...BTW you looked grea t in "True Lies"
Stealth Hitches @stealthhitches🔁Don't Just take our word for it. Jeffery C. from Texas tells us what he thinks about his Audi Q5/SQ5 Stealth Hitch. . . .
you acting totally different . @HilfigerrB🔁 Foles to Jeffery for the first down X 2.


Syracuse Crunch @SyracuseCrunch🔁Tonight's Saves With contestants:

Matthew Jeffery - 22
Gracie Gleason - 24
Jen Noble - 29
Tina Jones - 32
Victoria Hair - 34

Vivek Khanna @khannavns🔁Wonderful park! Thank you Jeffery from London for adding this wonderful park "The Regent's Park"

Aaron S. Clayton @sherardclayton🔁Young Thug - Jeffery (Full Mixtape) via @youtube
Sarah Conard @SARi0usly_br0🔁 I want more Jeffery
Chris Boudy @chrisboudy🔁He called him “Jeffery” lol #SoNewOrleans
Hunter @Huntersauros🔁@mikeseam_ Could you imagine Alshon Jeffery's slow ass trying to run past Xavier Rhodes? lmfao
🇺🇸🎣 Fae 📷🔬 @ElfNDragon🔁Yes! Surprised me...couldn't figure out why the small creek sounded like some huge rapids ahead when none could be se en, but a little scouting and....water-go-down-the-hooooole! XD
JeffyK @jeffery_karros🔁Sometimes you need a wake up call.
JeffyK @jeffery_karros🔁 fuck my life fuck
Kyle Gore @DeltaAlfaEcho🔁Jeffery should get the credit. he was aware the whole time to make the play. Foles is just lucky it wasn't picked. as it should've been.
M∆X @MaxwellLang95🔁Carson Wentz tore his ACL, and stayed in the game to throw a touchdown to Alshon Jeffery 4 plays later.

/end of thread

halobrian @200180Brian🔁@AxisFootball @jeffery_bamaboy So then maybe next week? ;)
Prince Ali Bomaye @princealijohn🔁Alshon Jeffery now has two sideline catches with 1 second left this season to set up FGs. He also beat the clock to the sideline vs. Giants to set up game-winning FG.
Brent Donaldson @trent2779🔁@MattLombardoPHL 3rd down play throw to end zone give ertz jeffery a chance!a wide throw to side line to a HB clement terrible read by foles
JEFF @jeffery_alford🔁@ElfNDragon Cool find!!!
All About Dem Birds! @seaneham73🔁@Eagles TD wuda been huge there...didn't like play calling. U got Ertz and Jeffery for a reason use them!!!!
Jeff @Jeffery_50🔁“Why do you like fortnite so much?”
ً @taeyongsveins🔁@taeongs it’s too late, he is now Jeffery James


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