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#IPDX18 Ruth Ann Dapkus @elgato75🔁#ipdx18 great way to wrap it up ! #integrateded #pdx heck yeah !!!
#IPDX18 Dawn Guildner @guildnerda🔁GSuite Spot with @actionhero #google #ipdx18
#IPDX18 Colette Cassinelli @ccassinelli🔁Google GeoTools workshop at #ipdx18 today Resources here sites.google.com #bsdfutureready
#IPDX18 Cathy Nostrand @catnostrand🔁@amyburvall thanks for a fun creative session Thinking + making = #iPDX18
#IPDX18 Tim Lauer @timlauer🔁Ms. Kennedy @PamelaKennedy17 of @lewiselementary and @PPSConnect ready to start her session at #iPDX18 -
#IPDX18 Dawn Guildner @guildnerda🔁Digital Citizenship being rocked by @KTfour14 #digcit #ipdx18
#IPDX18 Dawn Guildner @guildnerda🔁@MattHiefield getting ready to school people on #DigitalDivide #ipdx18
#IPDX18 Dawn Guildner @guildnerda🔁@mrhohnbaum throwing Pi in your face! #RaspberryPi #ipdx18
#IPDX18  Jaime Speed @mrsspeed🔁 The blueprint for a sincere apology @TrudyLudwig #ipdx18
#IPDX18  Jaime Speed @mrsspeed🔁 Preach!!!! Great way to end #ipdx18 thanks @dhudgins
#IPDX18 Gamer Geek @GamerGeekNews🔁 @mrhohnbaum throwing Pi in your face! #RaspberryPi #ipdx18
#IPDX18 Ruth Ann Dapkus @elgato75🔁#ipdx18 thank you for an inspiring 3 days of learning ! #education #integratedEd
#IPDX18 Sharon Stroh-Cock @StroSharon🔁 These words are nowhere to be found in the Common Core. #ipdx18
#IPDX18 Jenny Takeda @JennyTakeda🔁 Google GeoTools workshop at #ipdx18 today Resources here sites.google.com #bsdfutureready
#IPDX18#IPDX18#IPDX18 Chris G. @ohcanadatweet🔁 Thinking, learning, collaborating at #ipdx18
Too many great sessions to choose from! #bsdfutureready
#IPDX18 Chris G. @ohcanadatweet🔁 Here we go! @scratch x @LEGO_Education #EV3DanceParty #ipdx18
Rick Bush @bushr1🔁 Thanks @bushr1 for the mad #LEGOEV3DanceParty #IPDX18
#IPDX18 Barbara A.Zielonka @bar_zie🔁 Fantastic session with @actionhero today at #IPDX18!
#IPDX18 Andrew Brown @almost_ab🔁 More cyberbullying resources #IPDX18
#IPDX18#IPDX18 Karen Long @Karat1Long🔁 So proud of our tribe! #teamgbsd learning together #ipdx18 #gbsdinnovates #ourstudentsfuturesarebright
#IPDX18 Elena Rodina @dashkina_mama🔁 Damn right.

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#IPDX18 Aman Vincent💡 @amanvincent🔁 Digital Citizenship being rocked by @KTfour14 #digcit #ipdx18
Jean Capuano @JeanCapuano🔁Excited to unveil this digital and physical experience revolving around today at . See y’all in the Gardens Lounge at 8:00am!
Kim Randall @scubagirl812🔁Storytelling in 360º? Yes you can! Check it out in Bring the World to Your Classroom, now available on Amazon twitter.com
Pamela Kennedy @PamelaKennedy17🔁Though it meant missing Day 100 in kindergarten, we can’t wait to show Room 4 what we learned about coding ! Thanks twitter.com
Katie White @KTfour14🔁Great to see the team represent at . Thanks and for another fabulous professional learning event.
Kim Randall @scubagirl812🔁KMLs/KMZs are files that open in new and My Maps. Learn more about working with these files in our new book. twitter.com
Colleen Terrill @cterrillteach🔁There were so many amazing sessions at . If missed mine, here are the resources & leaders I recommend. Plus see more here 👉🏽 and here
🌍 ναℓєηтιηα gσηzαℓєz @ValentinaESL🔁There were so many amazing sessions at . If missed mine, here are the resources & leaders I recommend. Plus see mo twitter.com re here 👉🏽 and here
Kelly Kermode @coachk🔁@debrahernanz Thank you! I missed #ipdx18 as well! Maybe I'll see you next year. 👍🤔☺️
Darren Hudgins @dhudgins🔁Haven’t been outside in three days. The journey home from #ipdx18 #apdx18 @ St. Johns Bridge instagram.com
Rhiannon Boettcher @R_Boettcher🔁Did I mention I won two raffle prizes at the IntegratED conference I was at today? Because I totally won twice. twitter.com
Doug Robertson @TheWeirdTeacher🔁I had never seen this video before and it's really great. It's in session at
Give it two minutes.
Andrew T. Schwab @anotherschwab🔁Big thanks to and the team for a great event. Enjoyed the conversations and the time to reflect. (And the snow was twitter.com pretty cool too)
Emre CALISIR @emrecalisir🔁Latest news.. New system patches security holes left open by web browsers’ private-browsing functions. twitter.com
Rob @hvsaunders🔁 More resources on bullying #IPDX18 trudyludwig.com
Janet Avery, EdS @averyteach🔁 Technology magnifies opportunity, but also magnifies inequities. @matthiefield #ipdx18
Miranda Doyle @LOSDlibrarian🔁A huge thank you to all the participants of . Thank you for sharing your work, your vision, and your honest journeys of growth with us all.
Russell Richmond @Richmondruss🔁Mind blown! Brad Kuntz & facilitated an amazing session on at

Bernard Soong @bsoong🔁Came back to my daughter’s dorm tonight after a fab day at and found her studying her of The Secret Agent novel for her upcoming project.

Are you kidding me?! Mind blown! 🤯

Rick Bush @bushr1🔁Robot Dance Party! TY ! @… instagram.com
Sarah Vannice @VanniceSarah🔁A huge thank you to all the participants of . Thank you for sharing your work, your vision, and your honest journeys twitter.com of growth with us all.
Kim Randall @scubagirl812🔁Did you know? You can copy/save your bookmarks as a separate list? Learn how in our new book Bring the World to Your twitter.com Classroom #cagti17#ASTE18
HSDResourceWarehouse @HsdSurplus🔁 The "sweet spot" for developing empathy is 8-11 years old. Give those kids books! #ipdx18
Beth Jones @Mom_C3🔁 “Be someone who wonders vs. someone who knows.”
- Te-Nehisi Coates #IPDX18
Philip Bowser @pb0ws3r🔁What is #IPDX18?
🌍 ναℓєηтιηα gσηzαℓєz @ValentinaESL🔁It was a great honor to advocate for English Learners, share, & learn with educators at IPDX18 in Portland. I’m grat twitter.com eful for the opportunity!
Simon Miller @leadedtech🔁@racheldiep Can we do a session on all things coffee at one of these events? Seems like this should be a thing! #ipdx18
Jason Hohnbaum @mrhohnbaum🔁Thanks everyone who attended! Shout out to for assisting and for his mad SD card skills it takes a village, or a twitter.com rad team to make it happen!
Melissa Lim @actionhero🔁Thanks @dhudgins and @oetc crew for an awesome 3 days of learning! Great to connect and learn with old and new friends. #apdx18 #ipdx18
Darren Hudgins @dhudgins🔁 If you’re an English teacher, I like teaching that friendship circle with the poem “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost #IPDX18
Darren Hudgins @dhudgins🔁Reflecting on and all the new things to try! Thank you , , , , for all of the inspiration:
Diana Erickson @DianaErickson14🔁A lot of great learning opportunities at #ipdx18 with our team! #epspride twitter.com
Wayne Haskovec @WHasko35🔁Hey PLN! Let’s welcome Anne to twitter! She’s excited to be here!!
Workbench Platform @WorkbenchPlat🔁100+ engaged educator entries in this prize drawing for the project-based learning challenge we did with for - so twitter.com exciting!
Carole Del Juidice @ms_deljuidice🔁Look out Shark Tank. My created nightlight prototype is going to take nap time to the next level.
Rachel Medeiros @racheldiep🔁Thanks for such an amazing time & ! I can’t wait to come learn with you again next year. I appreciate your friendlin twitter.com ess, your willingness, your diligence, and your commitment to kids.
Kim Randall @scubagirl812🔁Such an awesome few days at Thanks everyone who joined me for sessions. So great to learn, share and explore with twitter.com all of you! Had a blast! Til next time....✈️ 🌎🤩
Madeline @madeline_learn🔁@hmarrs24You rocked your “Amplifying Student Voice” session! Thank you for all the great resources! And I got to mee twitter.com t one of sheroes !!! You were so kind, Tisha. 😉 And your ears must have been burning! 🙌 told you!
Tisha Richmond @tishrich🔁Adventures in a Gamified Classroom! I want to go back to High School! Learning to Gamify learning from Amazing!!
 Jaime Speed @mrsspeed🔁Wow! To be included among people I do admire. Thank you! And keep in touch. I’m excited to see what you do! twitter.com was incredible.
Tavia Clark @tavia_clark🔁I’ve had so much fun the past 3 days at & . Thank you to everyone for being so kind, welcoming, and inspiring to th twitter.com is east coast girl. I’m leaving Portland with so many ideas and a very full heart!❤️
RSDLearning @RSD_Learning🔁Coding Across the Curriculum with Spheros! So much fun and learning happening at #ipdx18 #rsdrocks instagram.com
Chris Hesselbein @ChrisHesselbein🔁LOSD makes a strong showing as learners and presenters at IntegratED 18.
OETC @oetc🔁Thank you for sharing your time, your ideas, and your energy with us this week! Please let us know what you think by twitter.com filling out a short survey


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