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#inners Graphics kid @Graphicskid4🔁 I was just thinking...

#inners #maddow #lastword #FakeMelania

#inners ShirleyAnnResists @shirleyann32🔁 "Stars do not guarantee honesty!"
General Flynn lied. General John Kelly lied.
#inners paintingreal @PaintingitrealA🔁 .@PamKeithFL on Gen. Kelly's statement: "Stars do not guarantee honesty." #inners @JoyAnnReid
#inners Sara S. Sweet @Sara7475sweet🔁 Donald Trump is mentally sick . Congress enough is enough. @amjoyshow #inners @JoyAnnReid
All In w/Chris Hayes @allinwithchris🔁.@RWPUSA on Trump: "I'm fine with him on Twitter, but we gotta take away the [nuclear] football." #inners
Chris Hayes @chrislhayes🔁Sen Reed tells me he shares McCain's frustration with DoD not being more forthcoming on what happened in Niger. #inners
All In w/Chris Hayes @allinwithchris🔁.@JoyAnnReid is in tonight for @chrislhayes! Joining her: @PamKeithFL @Evan_McMullin @RWPUSA @PhilipRucker @DrJasonJohnson #inners
Free bird @TearsInHeaven09🔁HOLY HELL! THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!
HappyToBeBlue @MonsterMarcia🔁 What the hell is wrong w/4star General John Kelly?!? Has he spent too much time near Trump?!? Awful. Kelly portrayal was disgusting &so sad 4him2hv lost so much integrity..... Very Upsetting.
B.J. Brunious @Burnellbrunious🔁@JoyAnnReid You rocked that show tonight. Lawd the #inners were not ready for #reiders flare
Barbara Jenkins @jbjenkins13🔁. on Trump: "I'm fine with him on Twitter, but we gotta take away the [nuclear] football."
M W Knight @MWKnight3🔁

They all lie in the Trump administration that is a requirement for the job as is loyalty to trump above the constitution

suzy greenberg @stacytklein🔁Thank you @AriMelber #inners #maddow #LastWord
A @Dargamogirl🔁Thank you, for airing the video in its entirety. General John Kelly clearly lied and must resign.
Mike Doak @MikeDoak4🔁Thanks to the Sun Sentinel we all know that John Kelly lied in order to attack Congresswoman Wilson. I see who is empty barrel.
Victoria @vsansome🔁 I hope the other liar, @PressSec is watching this epic takedown of lying John Kelly. #inners
HappyToBeBlue @MonsterMarcia🔁 Thank you for playing the whole video of Exposing the daily lies of Trump administration is exhausting!
ÅMen @DebugAngel🔁 Rep.Wilson honored FBI AGENTs in her speech JOHN KELLY LIED. #inners @JoyAnnReid #AMJoy
washumom @washumom🔁 BRILLIANT SHOW Tonight!! Thank you for showing ALL of the Video!! soiled his Depends!
HappyToBeBlue @MonsterMarcia🔁 John Kelly lied. #SunSentinel tape on #inners shows #RepWilson and all she said. What happened to truth?
David Batchelor @davidabatchelor🔁For those of us who thought there was an adult in the room, this has been a devastating week.
Liz Blaha #DemForce @blaha_b🔁 A reminder of the kind of President we used to have.
#inners #maddow #lastword
Mary Whalley @mwhalley🔁 If Gen Kelly was so stunned about Rep Wilson, I wanna know what he was when he heard McCain wasn't hero because he was captured?
HappyToBeBlue @MonsterMarcia🔁 Notice & his cronies like are always offended by Black or Brown Women. They are Pathetic Little Men
NoNoNotNormal @NoNoNotNormal🔁 Thank you @JoyAnnReid for playing @RepWilson's full speech. #inners #Reideers
washumom @washumom🔁"Black women are the kryptonite of this administration." - Jason Johnson on . I love it! Deploy the strong black women, now!
HappyToBeBlue @MonsterMarcia🔁 Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a Full Barrel. Yeah she is, Full of 💩
#inners #RealTime #maddow #TrumpRussia
Felicia @ABadDreamMaybe🔁#inners Preach #AriMelber! You WILL be questioned John Kelly!
Laura Quigley @laura5801🔁 @mauitrumpet Omg #maddow was on fire from start to finish! @JoyAnnReid hosted #inners 🔥
Laura Quigley @laura5801🔁 @stacytklein @JoyAnnReid I know what I'm watching for the next few hours... #msnbc #inners #maddow
Laura Quigley @laura5801🔁 @mauitrumpet #LastWord make sure to catch #inners also. The Kelly speech proved to be a lie & #MSNBC has the video tape!
Laura Quigley @laura5801🔁 I think Kelly’s attack on Fredericka , revealed a deep seated resentment of particular, ahem , representatives, shared by Trump
Julie Parker Mainor @sassimomm🔁 are LYING about . MAKE NOISE!📲📲📲
Pamela Reinskou ✌🏼 @preinsko🔁@mauitrumpet #LastWord make sure to catch #inners also. The Kelly speech proved to be a lie & #MSNBC has the video tape!
M. Ota @mauitrumpet🔁@stacytklein @JoyAnnReid I know what I'm watching for the next few hours... #msnbc #inners #maddow
StarLord35 🌹 @StarLord35🔁Massive Intelligence Failure - Freedom Friday! #TBANS #FridayFeeling #inners #OnlyGiveThePunchline 👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽
K-2-Da-J♛♓🍾♠ @TheEmperorJahi🔁 General John Kelly what does your ass have to say now?

Shameful. #inners

suzy greenberg @stacytklein🔁@mauitrumpet Omg #maddow was on fire from start to finish! @JoyAnnReid hosted #inners 🔥
Julie Parker Mainor @sassimomm🔁I officially now have no respect for Kelly. None. At. All. I loathe liars. He brings shame to our country.
Julie Parker Mainor @sassimomm🔁 Just in: John Kelly running down Pennsylvania Ave with his pants on fire. @JoyAnnReid #inners
Happy Hippie ! @KimPiper1🔁 He won't admit about the Renoir because he got conned by someone selling him a forgery at full price. #inners
Ray Kachel @rayk58🔁It's The Cranky Hermit Daily! Thanks to @Walldo @CarriWeatherwax @pathseekerken #maddow #inners
Julie Parker Mainor @sassimomm🔁 's speech at dedication was bipartisan & sweet, heaping praise on CIA agents & Republicans in Congress. I'm ashamd 4 Kelly
Betty @missb62🔁 I'm beginning to think CoS Kelly is a lying racist


Betty @missb62🔁oh right. recently the Director of the CIA flat out lied about an attack on America. So much to keep track of.

Ry @buckeyery🔁#inners
Most of America says: "But, Hillary's 33,000 emails..."
Liberals say: "But, a Democrat's account of Trump's phone call..."


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