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Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF🔁ICYMI: "The president who will nominate this person is under a cloud.” It would be tragic for the President to nomina twitter.com te someone and then for the Mueller investigation to reveal itself to implicate him, says about the upcoming vacancy.
Jewell @jewellepperson🔁Outlawing Abortions Means Miscarriages Will Be Investigated as a Potential Homicide

Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF🔁BREAKING: President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. "He will face some very tough scrutiny...[a twitter.com nd has] to be able to demonstrate [he is] prepared to be independent of this president." - with on .
Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF🔁"We're dealing with a President whose close campaign aides have been under investigation... [with] at least two indic twitter.com tments of senior people. This vote should not be happening this year. This is a rush." on on the nominee.
Bebe in Miami @bebe__2015🔁An avowed Nazi, a Holocaust denier, a white nationalist, and a pro-confederacy fetishist are running for office this year, all as Republicans.
dottie beauregard @dorothybeau🔁 Last trime I checked kidnapping was a crime in this country: a serious crime.
Lock Trump up. #inners
Vivian Taylor @vtaylor9188🔁Brett Kavanaugh lies about involvement in development of George W. MBush’s torture policies in his first confirmation hearing.

Vivian Taylor @vtaylor9188🔁I am so embarrassed to be an American under this cruel, evil administration
They've had a child for a YEAR who very well might be a US CITIZEN, & can't find the parents in order to reunite them?!

happyathome @happyathome4🔁 .@CoryBooker: This is the time to fight on.msnbc.com #inners
Vivian Taylor @vtaylor9188🔁Why are avowed Nazis, holocaust deniers, white supremacists, “pro-white” candidates all running as Republicans? Well, because, now more than ever, GOP supporters tend to be avowed Nazis, holocaust deniers, white supremacists, “pro-white” and pro-Russia people. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Lou Pine @pinewoodsdojo🔁Joining tonight:
R Wharton @ChristianDem47🔁Senate votes 97-2 on motion to support NATO.
Senate takes swipe at Trump with pro-NATO vote - CNNPolitics

Susie Bradford @SusanKBradford🔁 Why don't you just come out of the Republican closet? Seriously you voted with Republicans for someone who has NEVER tried a case to oversee the Criminal Division of DOJ!

Alethea and JUST-US @arlethapappas🔁
A Chicago cop harassed these Black men for crossing the street, calling them ‘retard’ and saying
‘I kill motherf*ckers’

Holy Bullies @holybullies🔁 Philly Christian foster care agency agrees to work with gay couples, city stops suspension of its contract … … twitter.com
Bobbi Morgan The Fam @CAJUNTEXLADY🔁 “administration recently admitted in a relevant court filing that at least one of the children under five — and the parent from whom the child was separated — could possibly be United States Citizens.” Who’s next? You and your kids?
🇺🇸Here For The Laughs🇺🇸 @doc_next🔁 Read THIS about Kav too...no one in MSM has talked about it...YET
abovethelaw.com #inners #maddow #lastword
#LaquanMcDonald @ifuaskmee🔁Outlawing Abortions Means Miscarriages Will Be Investigated as a Potential Homicide
🐴🎓🐴Ms.StableGenius🐴🎓🐴 @StableGeniusFL🔁What happens IF America’s allies abandon our troops as a result of Trump’s ties to America’s adversaries?
Susie Bradford @SusanKBradford🔁 who’s think he’s fooling? He voted2allow Brian RussianBank guy 2overC DOJ criminal investigations. The hell w/ur damn Tariffs😡Too late2little
Stanford U Huff Post @Tyroist🔁This segment is why I laugh when people say Democrats started the KKK and Margaret Sanger used eugenics to kill black babies. It’s 2018 let’s talk about what’s going on NOW. The Nazis and White supremacist are caping for Trump. Period.

Jacqueline Espinal @JackieEspinal4U🔁
This 92-year-old grandfather was beaten with a brick and told to ‘go back to his country’

Tad @tadrow🔁I’m so fucking pissed. Donald Trump is under investigation. He has a cloud hanging over him ... a dark fucking cloud that ... and he gets a ?

Obama was a shining star of valor and integrity and was robbed.

LaDana W. Emerson @AwhHellNaw🔁Watching : It is Tuesday night isn’t it cause I feel like I’m in Wednesday night service listening to Senator ! twitter.com
Raluca Florea @Raluca_Florea🔁If the blatant coordination between Kennedy's resignation and Kavanaugh's nomination is not illegal, it sure as hell should be. Retiring justices should not get to dictate their replacement.
Elaine Taylor @JessesLaw🔁Senate votes 97-2 on motion to support NATO.
Senate takes swipe at Trump with pro-NATO vote - CNNPolitics
Fran @rockinfran🔁Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to be the next Supreme Court justice. Kavanaugh has argued that sitting presidents should not be subject to investigation. Here's what else you need to know.

Raluca Florea @Raluca_Florea🔁Not holding my breath for Republicans to "draw a line" on racism. Their base is already wayyyyyyyyyyy over the line, and the party damn well knows it.
Raluca Florea @Raluca_Florea🔁 "All Democrats except Joe Manchin" (i.e. "All Democrats") #inners
Pumpkin @Punkster1011🔁Poll: Do You Support Democrats Plan To Impose A Religious Test On Trump Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh?
Raluca Florea @Raluca_Florea🔁 It's cute when Senate Republicans pretend as if their president isn't trying to destroy NATO. #inners
мιѕѕ иуєт тяυмρ 🌊📎❄️🇦🇺 @MissNyetTrump🔁The North Koreans are not going to work with us anymore and Mike Pompeo should know that. His stupid boss gave that backwards regime the one thing it wanted: legitimacy. Donald Trump got played again!
Diaz-Luna @LuckyLuna07🔁 Why is it Dems never challenge GOP assertion that slavish devotion to Constitution is the ideal quality in when no less than Thurgood Marshall begs to differ?
P.S. I'm with him.

Terri Betz @BetzMyboyblue11🔁OMFG! Parent brings birth certificate and border patrol takes away their documents. When asked to prove the child is their’s the parents says government took the birth certificate! Unconscionable. Unethical. Trump belongs in jail!
jamesmpope @jamesmpope🔁 Sigh..#inners #maddow #lastword twitter.com
Todd Calvin @decotodd🔁Note that dodged the "Are there extraordinary measures?" question when asked the "Isn't this is critical?" question.
Kaye I really care, do you? @kals55🔁 GOP Senators Tell Contradictory Stories About Moscow Trip thebea.st via @thedailybeast #Hardball #inners
Kaye I really care, do you? @kals55🔁Donald Trump Jr. said he didn’t recall talking to Emin Agalarov. Agalarov remembers it. - The Washington Post Can't wait to hear more.
R Wharton @ChristianDem47🔁Can’t wait to see how Trump embarrasses America again at this year’s 🍿



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