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Chris Hayes @chrislhayes🔁Tonight on @allinwithchris , @MaxineWaters will respond to the President's comments about her over the weekend. #inners
(((Steve Harris))) @goodsababu🔁"It's a system called 'Stupid.'" -- about Betsy DeVos's answer to why shes taking money from already underfunded pub twitter.com lic schools and giving it to charter and private schools.
AFT @AFTunion🔁“ was the architect of taking $1B out of MI public schools and giving them to charters, which failed Michigan kids! S twitter.com he was the architect of it!”
Chris Hayes @chrislhayes🔁I think we have a very good show taking shape for tonight... #inners
Guy Webb @guywebb49🔁It's almost like a cabal of regressive, evangelical, "libertarian", fascist billionaires, have seized control of our government with the help of a foreign nation and are slowing, intentionally dismantling it for their own personal profits.
Willie #Be Humble @William80708944🔁Why is President Donald Trump afraid of the NRA? 💰💰💰
They paid for 45.
He owes them.

Meme Burk @MemeBurk🔁In other news

70+ yr farmer going out of business partially due to lack of migrant workers

He's having to leave crops to rot for lack of someone to harvest them

This is insanity

We need to legalize all undocumented Americans and renew bonds of friendship w Mexico

Jaiami @Jaiami88🔁This Administration has decided they are going to scapegoat immigrant communities while they pick the pockets of taxpayers with their $1 trillion tax scam.
Eric J @EricJafMN🔁 Trump backs away from gun safety measures opposed by NRA on.msnbc.com #inners
Dean Malchik-Author @DeanMalchik🔁

NEW: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says special counsel Robert Mueller is not "an unguided missile" and he deserves support

nick @nickos9000🔁Meet House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes

Watch this...then decide if you believe his report.

Erik Kurtz @freegeeker🔁 .@RepMaxineWaters reacts to Trump calling her "low-IQ" on.msnbc.com #inners
Dathene Leve @keads116🔁I'm with on this. What on earth is possessing these red state Democrats to join Republicans in rolling back Wall Street regulations to let banks reopen the casinos that crashed the economy in 2007 and 2008?
(((what2hell))) @what2hell🔁 To paraphrase the great Fred Allen, “DeVos was born ignorant and she’s been losing ground ever since.” #inners
gradyslady @gradyslady🔁, in the wake of the GOP announcement that they've ended their sham investigation, says there is "no justification for firing " and that he is not an "unguided missile".

espo @Mkts2day🔁Let's see: the U.K. could potentially invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter as soon as Wednesday. Answer the poll.
JARosenberg @JARosenberg12🔁 is SO CROOKED that if he swallowed a nail he'd shit out a screw. He has been happily helping sell access to the WH, a weasel who lives in his father's grotesque shadow.
LindoYes @lindoyes🔁Betsy DeVos is not unique. I’ve been in so many rooms with so called Ed reformers echoing the same level of willful ignorance and anti public ed hostility as DeVos. You can’t blanket hate public schools like this and call yourself an ed supporter.
Jack Wright🇱🇷#BoycottNRA🚫 @machonejack🔁➡ Donald Trump specifically assigned a "Low IQ" to Maxine Waters & not Nancy Pelosi.

➡ is afraid of black women & the power of African-American female voters.

(((Steve Harris))) @goodsababu🔁Let's see: the U.K. could potentially invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter as soon as Wednesday. Answer the poll. twitter.com
Jacquline A Rocha @ucsdgrad95🔁Reading A Colony in a Nation for the second time and finding it even more relevant this time around. You should read it now.
Ellen Lawson @EllenLawson57🔁In case you're looking for the right words to use in response to anyone defending Devin Nunes or the House GOP Intel Committee report...try these.
K D @katdam22🔁There’s a rat in the kitchen.
He’s flashing the WP (White Power, 666) hand sign like his rat bastard father always does & he’s wearing a hairnet. 🐀

Geegeebythesea @geegeebythesea🔁
I'm going on record w/my pessimistic prediction re: tomorrow's cable news coverage of :

Trump's a.m. tweet will herd MSM sheep & 99.9% discussion will center on failure of IC/Obama not retaliating vs .

Thora L Shepard @ThoraLShepard🔁 Trump Jr. talks to the press with big bowl of ice cream on.msnbc.com #inners #thing1thing2
Thora L Shepard @ThoraLShepard🔁 Kushner resort could make millions off government-backed ferry project on.msnbc.com #inners #thing1thing2
JaniceIsInSecretSocietytoResist🍩RUMP @alaskawater🔁 Betsy DeVos makes Eric Trump look qualified for something. #inners
JaniceIsInSecretSocietytoResist🍩RUMP @alaskawater🔁 Betsy DeVos teaches the children of America that you don’t have to be good at what you do. You just have to be rich. #inners


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