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#idleg Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁Legislative leadership panel now speaking, outlining goals for 2018 #idleg #idpol
Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁BREAKING: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just issued an opinion on Idaho's lawsuit surrounding the ban on spying at far twitter.com ms, dairies, etc, agreeing that the ban violates free speech rights. Story to come soon.
#idleg Director DeanCameron @SenatorCameron🔁 Dean Cameron answering ?? Re: healthcare executive order. #idleg
#idleg Idaho Democrats @IdahoDems🔁 Legislative leadership panel now speaking, outlining goals for 2018 #idleg #idpol
Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁Rep. Scott, while speaking at a legislative preview, just said more than 90 percent of Idahoans live in rural areas. twitter.com

Folks. Idaho is a big, rural state, but this statement is just false.

Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁In today's world, it's more important than ever to provide access to an independent press. Thank you to Sen. Hill twitter.com and Sen. Stennett for participating in today's AP legislative preview and continuing that access
Idaho Freedom Foundation @idahofreedom🔁Can we call this plan "WayneCare?" #idleg #idpol twitter.com
Betsy Z. Russell @BetsyZRussell🔁Eye on Boise: Blue Cross welcomes Otter/Little health care executive order, says it'll participate goo.gl #idleg #idpol
Bliss @BNick🔁Well, gang - doesn't look like I'm going to get my wish that "hog-tight" in I.C. 35-104 be defined in this year's twitter.com session.


Mike Sharp @Sharp208🔁Great video from today's AP Legislative Preview when the statehouse reporters saw each other for the first time in a twitter.com few weeks.
Clark Corbin @clarkcorbin🔁This great photo by conveys way more than anything that was said today. Who's ready for a wild session? twitter.com
Kevin Richert @KevinRichert🔁.@ButchOtter spent an hour with the #idleg press corps Friday. And it was ... interesting. My analysis: goo.gl #idpol
Brad Little @LittleOtterID🔁This whole press conference should be listed as an "in kind" contribution on Brad Little's campaign disclosure forms.
Kevin Richert @KevinRichert🔁Fun fact: Rolling Stone also called the Hostile Amendments' latest album "uneven and disjointed." Maybe the phrase ju twitter.com st got stuck in my head.
Brad Little @LittleOtterID🔁 Why is the lt. gov signing an executive order? #idleg #idpol
Marsy's Law for ID @MarsysLawforID🔁Our grassroots campaign for stronger, equal rights for crime victims now has leaders in all of Idaho's 44 counties. Y twitter.com ESSSSS!
Cassie Hill @CassieJHill🔁The Idaho Legislature starts on Monday! Keep track of the monkey business with these blogs and pods.

Idaho Education News @idahoednews🔁.@ButchOtter spent an hour with the #idleg press corps Friday. And it was ... interesting. Kevin's analysis: goo.gl #idpol
Brad Little @LittleOtterID🔁 I was going to hold my own #idleg preview this week by I was absent...again. #idpol #MissedVotesMalek
Idaho Freedom Foundation @idahofreedom🔁New from IFF President : Legislators should reject Ottercare, come up with own plan to help Idahoans: twitter.com
Dustin Hurst @DustinHurst🔁 "Uneven and Disjointed" <--- Too early to predict it might be the theme of 2018 #idleg? twitter.com
Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁"Uneven and Disjointed" <--- Too early to predict it might be the theme of 2018 #idleg? twitter.com
Maria La Ganga @marialaganga🔁 .@ButchOtter on sanctuary states and legalizing marijuana: “Not on my watch.” #IDleg
Idaho Education News @idahoednews🔁Gov. 's last appearance at the Associated Press’ annual legislative preview was an uneven and disjointed event.  twitter.com
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁@Phurrlosophy That would be Gov. Otter. #idleg
Idaho Freedom Foundation @idahofreedom🔁IFF President in July 2017: Idaho should ignore Obamacare minimum insurance mandates, allow more affordable plans: twitter.com

Phurr 🇺🇸 @Phurrlosophy🔁Which Idaho legislature person gleefully shouted that he wouldn't have to have pregnancy insurance anymore at this m twitter.com orning's meeting?
I listened online, but there was no video.

Also, kudos to the reporter who clapped back and created a round of back-peddling in the room.

Randy Schrader @rschrader55🔁Fallout from last session is hanging heavy over leadership's preview of '18 session: GOP infighting, civility, tax policy, Supreme Court, session endgame.
Close the Gap Idaho @CloseTheGapID🔁Allowing insurance companies to offer health policies with huge deductibles and minimal coverage will not benefit Ida twitter.com hoans.

Idaho Democrats @IdahoDems🔁The Idaho Legislature starts on Monday! Keep track of the monkey business with these blogs and pods. #idpol #idleg


KBSX 91.5 @KBSX915🔁Between the AP Preview today and the State of the State Monday, our podcast Legislative Breakdown is sure to get you twitter.com prepped & ready for the 2018 session! 💪✔️

Betsy Z. Russell @BetsyZRussell🔁Eye on Boise: From session priorities to politics to science standards... goo.gl #idleg #idpol
Dexter McBride @DexterMcBride🔁can we talk about how the members of the from district nine want to get rid of the grocery sales tax because of competition from over the border but wont resolve their “drug problem” the same way
AnneMaga @AnneCLindsay🔁Excited to join in signing an executive order that will cut healthcare costs for Idahoans!
Stephanie Hale-Lopez @SHaleLopez🔁BREAKING: Idaho Gov. Otter and Lt. Gov Little sign executive order they call “The end to Obamacare”.
David Staats @DavidStaats🔁Mixed ruling on Idaho's "ag-gag" law from 9th Circuit - but the law's core concept is out.

Rob Winslow @RobWinslow1🔁Looking forward to working with our educational partners during the legislative session. The IASA leg team is excited twitter.com to work on another year of strong ed funding.
David Staats @DavidStaats🔁 Idaho Tax Commission will move into state-owned HP campus in West Boise in the fall. #idleg
David Staats @DavidStaats🔁 Gov. Otter will sign an executive order to restore choice for health insurance in Idaho. #IDleg
Branden Durst @brandendurst🔁Well, didn't learn too much from the AP preview. Ds and tried to push conversation to issues they care about, Rs ju twitter.com st played along. Same ol', same ol'.
Maria Nate @MariaNate🔁Ha Ha! Brent Hill is King of the Swamp! #idleg twitter.com
Betsy Z. Russell @BetsyZRussell🔁Eye on Boise: Hill: 'I came to Boise 16 years ago to drain the swamp too, I understand that excitement' twitter.com
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁Sen. Hill invites us all to the workforce training session, at 130 and 330 on Tuesday. Encouraged, not just invited. #idleg
Clark Corbin @clarkcorbin🔁That's it for the preview. Gov. Otter's State of the State address coming up on Monday. Expect a busy 2018 on the p twitter.com olitical front.
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁Q: Will Idaho fully conform with the federal tax code? Sen. Hill (an accountant) is very excited about this. Probably twitter.com conform with standard deduction. Cost money. Eliminate exemptions. Bring in money. We don't currently conform with bonus depreciation.
Dustin Hurst @DustinHurst🔁Hill, paraphrased: This idea that expands Medicaid is not Medicaid expansion.

Uh. OK? #idleg

JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁‘The reason we have government is to step in and protect human rights in some places where we might not have had it b twitter.com efore’ -
Clark Corbin @clarkcorbin🔁Bedke said in his own education he became conversant in Darwinism and creationism and "I think that's probably how it should be." #idleg
Clark Corbin @clarkcorbin🔁Speaker Bedke says the will take up the issue of science standards this session. But emphasizes he won't micromanage twitter.com or dictate the debate.
Close the Gap Idaho @CloseTheGapID🔁Offering stripped down or "junk" health insurance isn't the solution for providing Idahoans with access to affordable twitter.com , comprehensive health coverage.

Kimberlee Kruesi @kkruesi🔁 Nominating ‘Flamboyance & Ridicule’ for this #idleg session’s first awesome #bandname
J.J. Saldaña @jjsaldana🔁“What are our standards and what are we going to test our kids on?”- @clarkcorbin #idleg AP Legislative Preview
NOPE @ashlexprince🔁Problem: healthy people are opting out of the healthcare pool causing costs to rise

Solution: create an optional sta twitter.com te based system that magically reduces healthcare costs

How? By providing minimal to no coverage plans.

Only solution: Medicare for ALL!

JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁Nominating ‘Flamboyance & Ridicule’ for this #idleg session’s first awesome #bandname
Julie Chigbrow @JulesalaChig🔁 “It’s going to be like the OK Corral” - @erpforidaho on what the atmosphere will be like in #idleg during this election year
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁“It’s going to be like the OK Corral” - @erpforidaho on what the atmosphere will be like in #idleg during this election year
Betsy Z. Russell @BetsyZRussell🔁Eye on Boise: Legislative leaders: Harassment 'not going to be tolerated in the Statehouse' goo.gl twitter.com
Randall Post @TheRandallPost🔁 129 days, 21 hours until polls open for the Idaho primaries. #idleg #idpol
J.J. Saldaña @jjsaldana🔁“I’ve done soul searching on how we could have prevented some.” Speaker Bedke talking about suicide at the AP Legislative Preview #idleg
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁Here’s the @USATODAY series on recidivism series Senate Pro Tem Hill referenced usatoday.com #idleg
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁 Speaker Bedke expects to focus on tax policy, public education, & higher education. #IDLeg
Dustin Hurst @DustinHurst🔁Idea: Put prisoners in HP facility. #idleg #idpol
Maria Nate @MariaNate🔁If they would operate with transparency and get rid of cronyism...problem solved. Get bills out of drawers and let th twitter.com em be heard. It's not hard.
Betsy Z. Russell @BetsyZRussell🔁Eye on Boise: Otter on legal marijuana: 'Not on my watch' goo.gl #idleg #idpol
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁A: : teacher attrition rates, higher education funding gone from 12 to 8% of the budget since he graduated, and we've twitter.com added two new schools. Bipartisan support for clean unemployment insurance tax bill.
Clark Corbin @clarkcorbin🔁Fallout from last session is hanging heavy over leadership's preview of '18 session: GOP infighting, civility, tax twitter.com policy, Supreme Court, session endgame.
IdahoBusinessReview @IBRnews🔁IBR reporter is live tweeting the variety of topics being discussed at the AP Legislative Preview. twitter.com
Ruth Brown @RuthBrownNews🔁Speaker Bedke expects to focus on tax policy, public education, & higher education. #IDLeg
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁‘We have some Supreme Court mandates we have to follow at the end of the session that will change the culture & custo twitter.com m...’ Speaker Bedke
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁Bedke's list: discussion on tax policy, including tax relief. How federal changes affect Idaho revenue. Public school twitter.com funding formula recommendations and 5-year plan. Workforce development.
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁‘Debate the issue and not the person’ - Sen Stennett echoing Speaker Bedke’a emphasis on civility in disagreement #idleg
J.J. Saldaña @jjsaldana🔁“You debate the issue not the person.” Senator Michelle Stennett #idleg AP Legislative Preview
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁‘We expect legislators to set the example in regards to civility and comportment.’ - Speaker Bedke #idleg
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁 Sen Pro Tem Brent Hill references Sen @BucknerWebb’s involvement reworking the harassment policy #idleg
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁Sen Pro Tem Brent Hill references Sen @BucknerWebb’s involvement reworking the harassment policy #idleg
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁Hill: putting together a working draft for Tuesday. persists on asking whether non- should be able to file ethics c twitter.com omplaints; Hill says he's not prepared to address that.
Stuart R. Wells @SRWAtheist🔁 Well that’s not good. Just fend for yourselves new moms!! #idleg #idpol
sharon fisher @IBR_SLFisher🔁Q: says only can file an ethics complaint against another legislator and asks whether that will be changed. A: say twitter.com s that's why rules need to be changed. Rep. Bedke says process needs to be improved and that the Speaker would bring complaints
Idaho Statesman @IdahoStatesman🔁 Speaker Bedke: “That type of behavior is not going to be tolerated.” #idleg
Idaho Statesman @IdahoStatesman🔁 Sen. Brent Hill: Policy changes coming re: sexual harassment for #idleg
JessFlynn @jessflynn🔁‘There is room to look at House and Senate rules to create order of operations for staff, member of public to report twitter.com issues/ethics complaints with legislators’ -
Maria Nate @MariaNate🔁Wasn't one of these guys accused of harassment?? Hypocrite much? These guys in charge of ethics...laughable. #idpol #idleg
Dustin Hurst @DustinHurst🔁Thanks to @kkruesi for facilitating today's discussions. #idpol #idleg


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