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Dom Vito Manetta @MayoManetta🔁 West High senior Francis Duggan on winning the 3A 220-pound state title. #iahswr
Jason Roethler @Roethlerj89🔁 The floor has been flipped.
The Well is almost ready for the 2018 #iahswr finals.
#iahswr will flanegin @WillFlanegin🔁 #PantherTrain rolling into Cedar Falls #iahswr #State18
#iahswr Machlen Polfliet @Maflin18🔁 🏆#iahswr 3A-195🏆

Jacob Dykes, Iowa City High thegazette.com

#iahswr Clayton Rush @claytonrush1🔁 🏆#iahswr 1A-195🏆

Tanner Sloan, Alburnett thegazette.com

Zach Ostendorf @ZachOstendorf🔁 The floor has been flipped.
The Well is almost ready for the 2018 #iahswr finals.
Cody Goodwin @codygoodwin🔁For days and months and years to come, wrestling fans across the state will talk about Fort Dodge’s Brody Teske and U twitter.com nderwood’s Alex Thomsen, the newest members of the four-timer club:
Brian Powers @bpowersphoto🔁Fort Dodge's Brody Teske captured his fourth state wrestling title with a victory over Kaleb Olejniczak of Perry then twitter.com promptly jumped the barrier for a hug with his parents.
Kelsey Kremer @kelsey_kremer🔁Here's your tearjerker of the night, PCM's Lucas Roland wins the Class 2A 170 championship and then runs into the st twitter.com ands to hug his mom who is battling cancer. More photos here -->
Kyle Bauerkemper @bauerkemper🔁"Probably fish. No catfish," State Champ Gabe Pauley won't give up his secret spot


Hannah @hannahjames_5🔁2018 Iowa High State Wrestling Tournament - Individual Stat Leaders

Here -> iawrestle.com

хитрый Лиcа @gable_fox🔁 Jack Thomsen improves upon freshman finish by taking 3rd in 2018 #IAhswr


Steve Schmidt @Steve_schmidt74🔁Man, if any of you guys are in Des Moines still, go find a copy of today’s . Our pages and photos look so freakin’ dope:
Trevor Clark @tc6684🔁Fort Dodge celebrates its first traditional state title in 33 years: messengernews.net
Trevor Clark @tc6684🔁Recap of at :
9️⃣ recruits
6️⃣ champions
1️⃣ runner-up
2️⃣ 3rd-place finishes

The future is bright!

Trevor Clark @tc6684🔁Final Takeaways from the Class 3A state wrestling tournament. Fort Dodge is back on top of the world, finally and again:
Nathan Schmitz @deweyschmitz🔁Ray Fox's mouse trap game was on point this weekend and is concerned about the crow population in Gilbertville.

Eryn Ackerman✨ @erynack09🔁 Bryce Esmoil repeats as 2A state champ. He gets a pin in 1:04. Finishes career with 88 straight wins. #iahswr
Hudson NHS @NHSatHHS🔁All wrapped up for the night. A few last pics from in Des Moines. Take a look at more photos at ----->
The Nest @WCHSNest🔁 Wahlert will hold a welcome home ceremony for the state champs at 3:30 tomorrow in Wahlert Gym. #iahswr
richard anderson @richard32188786🔁Here's your tearjerker of the night, PCM's Lucas Roland wins the Class 2A 170 championship and then runs into the stands to hug his mom who is battling cancer. More photos here -->
Iowa FireCrackin @IFirecrackin🔁My mom and me 20 years ago today, accepting my dads induction into the HoF. Going to the finals tonight👍🏼, first time since
Nathan Bryce Caves @N8Caves🔁Brody Teske and Alex Thomsen have done it. The 26th and 27th four-timers in history. Celebration time for two outstanding seniors.
The Dickinson County News @DickinsonCoNews🔁Spirit Lake Park’s Kyler Rieck is the Class 2A runner-up at 152 pounds! Congrats, .

DM Register Visuals @RegisterVisuals🔁Great work by crew tonight at state wrestling.

Class 3A photo gallery: via

Class 2A photo gallery: via dmreg.co

Class 1A photo gallery: via

Hailey @haileyyjamess🔁"Coach will probably chew my butt," Albia's State Champion Aden Reeves


Penny Strough @penny_strough🔁 Card master and now State Champion - Zach Stewart

#IAhswr youtube.com iawrestle.com

IC West Wrestling @TrojanWrestling🔁ICYMI: There was a heavy IC-area flavor on the podium's top step, as four wrestlers brought home titles:
Cael Tenold @tenold_cael🔁 "Feels great to come here and get it done" - Kimball

#IAhswr #State18


Jordin Bakke @jordinmikel🔁An impeccable job by over the week at the state tournament. Great interviews and perspective of what’s going on do twitter.com wn at The Well. Oh and shout out to the studs from , 💪🏼🥇🤼‍♂️
Keirell Jackson @_KJack26🔁(Apologies for the video quality, BUT)

We are through one session at State and (& future )’s is already my favorite walking sound byte of the tournament 👀


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