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iKoniKon sveta_ @ikonic_WYD🔁 iKON and Donghyuk’s TIKTOK app accounts! Follow them and tap heart! #아이콘
Donghyuk @Donghyuk_DK🔁Cause DK stands for dancing king so yaa...


𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙖 @strwbean🔁 ikon are crackheads but they're our crackheads
iKon ひなたろう @IIVIIIIXIXIV94🔁fiction
#iKON #jinhwan #donghyuk #junhoe #JAY #DK #JUNE
iKon Soompi | #SoompiAwards @soompi🔁#iKON Makes Successful Return And Takes Over iTunes Album Charts Worldwide

#iKON #아이콘
#2018_01_26 #HBD #찬우

YG FAMILY @ygent_official🔁#iKON ‘2nd ALBUM : RETURN’ B.I's INTERVIEW

#아이콘 #iKON_Return

หมูตุ่ยน่าฟัดด...กับยัยลูกเจี๊ยบน่าบีบบ @Love2_BbY🔁[IG] iKONs Love scenario performance on Music Core is:
#1 on overall
#1 on Music
On NaverTV !



baekkie @NrVitha🔁EXO-Ls has been supportive to us, iKONICs, not only in this comeback but also during our past celebrations and events for iKON.

In return, us in KONmunity would like to offer our support as well by using these hashtags:


Rini 👑 @rainynight95🔁iKON's personalities are so apparent on their IG accounts:
Donghyuk - sappy/cute posts with amazing selfies.
Jinhwan/Yunhyeong - Aesthetics Only.
Junhoe - Weird shit, too many updates, selfies.
Hanbin - Deep, Exposing iKON
Chanwoo - I'llpostwhateverIwant
Bobby- MIA, sleeping.
ta @alunansenja🔁Sorry for spamming with so much iKON lately, but this era gives us iKONICs everything previous eras couldn't give. Im just so happy and hyped.
💕BOBBY💕 @JiwonBoy🔁This part was the best for me!! ikon and ikonics singing the chorus tgt + ikonics' "iKON!" fanchant 😭😭😭💖💖💖
iKON'S RETURN_LOVE SCENARIO @americanikonics🔁 i love it! ikon members posting on their solo accs
วาฬน้อยในโลกกว้าง @bluewhale1036🔁 calm down ikon
withikon @hanbinjunegirl🔁withikonic instagram update

水;virgil #LOVESCENARIO♡ @dhansemacabre🔁iKON stans in 2017: Waiting for one IG account to update every few weeks.
In 2018: Get 50 notifications every hour from 7 accounts.
fika[H] @lightyphoenix🔁Cause EXOL are the most geniune, supportive and beautiful fandom that iKONICs encountered so far.
Thank you so much for all what you did towards iKON and iKONICs especially that it was by pure choice.
May we forever stay like this.

빛이 나 ❤️ 사랑을 했다 @kimbabismyfav🔁 can i breathe ikon CAN I BREATHE
아니 #RETURN @chateaurixeu🔁iKON's laughing over small things. It's so obvious that they're so happy and in a good mood... either because of their chart performance or because they're performing in music shows again and meeting fans and appearing on TV. It makes me happy too 😭💞
𝓃𝒾𝓃𝒶 @hvclovebot🔁i love ikon so much :(((
♡ @WieeEeEeeeee2🔁Remember when seungri was the youngest one at YG for a long time? Now he's got lil legends winner, blackpink, and ikon to baby and spoil 😭
nadia @kkuseok🔁full album
personal igs
mv with eng subs
variety shows
s korea loving them again
2018 really is ikon's year
Babylyn @iambabes03🔁Antis, Media, Fakes etc. : iKON is YG's embarrassment.

iKON: Releases a hit song.

Hanbin: We cannot ruin what BIGBANG sunbae have achieved. We have to make sure we don't embarrass them so we have to work on our weak points.

khansa✨ @daehwiparamy🔁Look!!!!! Bobby singing and dancing to iKON’s MY TYPE along with fans!!!! So cute!!!!!!!
anna @hanbinlj🔁's photocard message translation from album

there may be inaccuracies in the translation so my apologies in advance 🙏🙆💜

🍑 6 1 8 @gawdti🔁killing part tonight

fanart by myself


princeyoyo @teragram_🔁: iKON releases dance practice video for their latest song 'LOVE SCENARIO'!


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