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#HopkinsKidsOnAir#HopkinsKidsOnAir Cassie Carlisle @ReporterCassie🔁Hanging out with @Mix1065FM for the #Mix1065Radiothon! #HopkinsKidsonAir #ringring ☎️ #GMM2 @ABC2NEWS
#HopkinsKidsOnAir John Kirk @trekkerjohn🔁#hopkinskidsonair #mix1065radiothon Volunteering today! Awesome! Please help the kids!
#HopkinsKidsOnAir Mix 106.5 @Mix1065FM🔁The Red Nose Docs are here!! #JHCC #MIX1065Radiothon #HopkinsKidsOnAir
#HopkinsKidsOnAir Mix 106.5 @Mix1065FM🔁All of the hardworking volunteers accepting calls! #JHCC #HopkinsKidsOnAir
#HopkinsKidsOnAir Laurie Scheiber @lscheib🔁Volunteering today, great cause, please call in 410-823-1065 Double Match #HopkinsKidsOnAir #MIx1065Radiothon
#HopkinsKidsOnAir Jim J @jimjcj🔁Volunteering today. Call today. Double match. #HopkinsKidsOnAir #MIX1065Radiothon
#HopkinsKidsOnAir Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Thank you to our volunteers from Eastern Savings Bank! #MIX1065Radiothon #HopkinsKidsOnAir
Ledo Pizza @LedoPizza🔁Ledo Pizza is matching all donations to the Johns Hopkins Children's Center Radiothon between
4PM - 5PM TODAY (2/23/ twitter.com 18).
To DONATE, call 410-823-1065, text MIX to 51555 or visit to help the children & their families.
Nick Frisone @BaltMediaBlog🔁Wow! $1.1 million raised for the @Mix1065FM @HopkinsKids Radiothon! #HopkinsKidsOnAir #Baltimore
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Welcome back to 2015 Radiothon Ambassador Demi! Demi had surgery in January to make her smile bigger and brighter. D twitter.com octors said everything went great, and Demi was back to school the very next week!

Read Demi's story:

Nick Frisone @NickFor46🔁We are SO lucky to have in our backyard.

Please read my story and donate to ! twitter.com

Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kids Alivia! During potty training, Alivia's parents noticed that she was going to the bathroom differen twitter.com tly. After countless doctor visits over 3 years, Alivia’s underwent surgery far from her Chicago home:
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Thank you for supporting , Pediatric Radiology! To donate, call 410-823-1065, text MIX to 51555 or go to . twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Iaan! Doctors discovered a rare GI defect at Lisa’s 20-week-ultrasound: an obstruction in her baby’s twitter.com intestines. Doctors referred them to JHCC where Iaan underwent surgery at less than 24 hours old:
Rob Ruyak @RobRuyak🔁Please call 410-823-1065 and donate to NOW during the annual Radiothon!! twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Louisa! At birth, there was no indication she would face any medical complications until a nurse not twitter.com iced she wasn’t eating. Her intestines hadn't formed together & had her first surgery at 4 days old:
Rob Ruyak @RobRuyak🔁Call and donate today!! #hopkinskidsonair twitter.com
Rob Ruyak @RobRuyak🔁Call to donate to the JH Children’s Center - this hour gift will be tripled!!! 410 823 1065
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Thank you to members of our Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation team and the Adult Cardiovascular Progress twitter.com ive Care team, who came down to to present their donations in person! Come on down—we're here till 7 p.m.
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁JHCC co-director Tina Cheng and her mother Margareth stopped by to say hello! To donate, call 410-823-1065, text MIX twitter.com to 51555 or go to !
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Declan! At age 5, his parents noticed he was getting frequent headaches and had stopped growing. Whi twitter.com le testing for growth hormone deficiency, an MRI revealed a large brain tumor that required surgery:
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Hopkins Kid and 2017 ambassador Kyle is back and answering phones this morning! Call 410-823-1065 to make your gift twitter.com to help kids like Kyle and he might just answer the phone
Alyssa Feole @Alyth3Cat🔁Call me! #mix1065radiothon #hopkinskidsonair twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Zaiden! In infancy, doctors diagnosed him with underdeveloped kidneys. As a child in the foster care twitter.com system who was receiving treatment, finding a home was difficul, but that’s what made him special:
Susan Hammond @sueumHammond🔁Call to donate to Johns Hopkins Children Center Radiothon!!! 410-823-1065 #HopkinsKidsOnAir #MIX1065Radiothon
St. Pierre @StPierreOnAir🔁Sending good thoughts and wishes to my friends on and as they continue their radiothon. You're doing some great w twitter.com ork, gang!
Christian Schaffer @schafferwmar🔁#hopkinskidsonair is trending in Baltimore
Diana Fertsch @Dundalkpeds🔁I challenge all current and former Harriet Lane house staff to donate on behalf on children who will receive treatmen twitter.com t at Hopkins. The kids are counting on us 😊
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid John Jr.! After 7 years of hospital visits and doctors’ appointments, John Jr. was diagnosed with a twitter.com large vascular malformation that made him reliant on a wheelchair and required surgery to correct:
Calvert Hall College @calverthall🔁The Cardinal and CHC students are at Hopkins Children Center answering calls at the Radiothon! twitter.com
Johns Hopkins Pediatrics @jhpediatrics🔁Guess who’s on the phones at the Mix 106.5 Radiothon...our chiefs...Olivia and Jennifer!!!! DONATE TODAY! twitter.com

Call: 410-823-1065
Text: MIX to 51555
Online at

Nick Frisone @BaltMediaBlog🔁Mo is truly an inspiring person. Awesome choice as an advocate . The is always an exciting time .
Fiona Newton @fiona_newton🔁Volunteers await your call - donate before 3.30pm and your gift is trebled 410 823 1065 twitter.com
MT Maryland @MedievalTimesMD🔁King Carlos and Princess Catalina stopped by to visit some of the children! twitter.com
Fiona Newton @fiona_newton🔁Call to donate to the JH Children’s Center - this hour gift will be tripled!!! 410 823 1065 #HopkinsKidsOnAir twitter.com
Lana @LanaDot🔁Volunteering to help all the children at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center #HopkinsKidsOnAir #Mix1065Radiothon
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kids Elle and Emme! Doctors gave Elle and Emme a 10–15% chance of survival when they were born at 25 wee twitter.com ks. Two days later, their parents received more bad news: Both girls had bleeding in their brains:
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Thank you to Princess Catalina and King Carlos from for stopping by to visit our kids at ! twitter.com
Jennifer C. Martin @notreallyjcm🔁 Call 410-823-1065 to make your gift! #HopkinsKidsOnAir #MIX1065Radiothon twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁2016 Radiothon Ambassador Bridget is back today for her regular biopsy to check on her heart and she stopped by to c twitter.com hat with the DJs. She is doing great and loves to dance!

Bridget's story:

Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Welcome back to 2106 Radiothon Ambassador Reese! In September, Reese’s doctors discovered she needed a kidney transpl twitter.com ant. After a donor was found, Reese had her transplant in November and is healing well! Reese's story:
Synchronized Twizzle @solo_tour🔁Call 410-823-1065 to make your gift! #HopkinsKidsOnAir #MIX1065Radiothon twitter.com
Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes🔁I love that Kamari gets to share his story during . He’s the best kind of graduate. Keep it coming !!! twitter.com
April Peters @APetersRealtor🔁Call today to donate.
Janice Chan @curiositybone🔁First donation taken for the , woohoo! Please give us more reasons to use these at 410.823.1065 and help families bri twitter.com ng their kids home from the hospital safely.
Sean Barnes, MD, MBA @DrSeanBarnes🔁Mo is truly an inspiring person. Awesome choice as an advocate . The is always an exciting time . twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Kamari! After giving birth, Miesha had just seconds with him before he went into heart failure. Born twitter.com with hypoplastic right heart syndrome, Kamari underwent his first major surgery at just 3 days old:
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Our Red Dosed Docs stopped by to spread the word about ! Call 410-823-1065, text MIX to 51555 or go to to give! twitter.com
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Meet Hopkins Kid Mo! Anyone lucky enough to spend a few minutes with spirited 12-year-old Mossila—or “Mo” as everybod twitter.com y calls him—would never know that he is on the verge of beating cancer for the third time:
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Dr. Redonda Miller, President of The Johns Hopkins Hospital, stopped by our this morning to chat with DJs and to t twitter.com hank our amazing !
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁Thank you for covering our with this morning! We had so much fun with you!! Call 410-823-1065 or text MIX to 51555 twitter.com to donate
ABC2NEWS @ABC2NEWS🔁Hanging out with for the ! ☎️
Hopkins Children's @HopkinsKids🔁It's Radiothon week! Tune in to 's 29th Annual Radiothon this Thursday and Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.: twitter.com
Mix 106.5 @Mix1065FM🔁.'s most memorable moment of Radiothon was being able to watch a little girl go home after being in the hospital for twitter.com two years! WOW!

Radiothon begins in LESS THAN A WEEK!

Mix 106.5 @Mix1065FM🔁Way back in the day as a Promotions Assistant, used to drive the DJ's back & forth to the hospital for Radiothon - n twitter.com ow he's hosting it!

Mix 106.5 @Mix1065FM🔁. likes to talk to the doctors and administrators at the to find out why and how they do what they do <3

Radiothon twitter.com is in 8 DAYS!


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