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#hikerchat Parks Explorer @Parks_Explorer🔁A15. Sometimes we just rest & enjoy view! @ZionNPS #hikerchat #ZionNationalPark #nps #nationalpark #findyourpark
#hikerchat Michelle Carner Long @dignthegarden🔁Picking out a trail to hike on Monday. #gsmnp #newmiles #teamHLAW #hikelikeawoman #hikerchat
#hikerchat Carrie W @carrieoutdoors1🔁@TETONsports Headed to the California coast - big sur! Hoping for more sunsets like this one 😃 #hikerchat
#hikerchat Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 A8: a Opinel knife! Had this since I was a weeee lad 😂 #hikerchat
#hikerchat Kootenai Country Mt @Kootenaicountry🔁Just another day in #paradise. Kootenai Country Montana FTW #hikerchat #noneighbors
Kootenai Country Mt @Kootenaicountry🔁@Bernardine @billbrokob @RCGibby73 @rscottjones Please tell me you ship... #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@X2JHiker @UST_Survival @Bernardine @eddieG805 @shawnmanogue I like where your head is at my friend! #Hikerchat
HBF Outdoors @X2JHiker🔁@TETONsports @UST_Survival @Bernardine @eddieG805 @shawnmanogue Of course, Memorial Day s'mores haha #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@sue_squared I think @Hiker_Steve nailed it with his answers and @DVKOutdoors got it as well. #hikerchat is education now haha :)
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@AdventureCrtrs Perfect reason to miss, have a fantastic time out there! #hikerchat
TheAdventureCreators @AdventureCrtrs🔁@TETONsports Gutted I missed #hikerchat today. But I was too busy out #hiking 😉⛰️
tammie parks @maryjane61571🔁VictimBeingLiedToBy👮
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁haha pure genius at that point. So, did you give into the temptation?
HBF Outdoors @X2JHiker🔁Our local Amish store knows how 2 market 4 camping season here.
Baseball Wise @Baseball_Wise🔁A12. We have a nationwide network of 150+ trails designed to get kids unplugged and active outdoors.
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@sue_squared Have them ALL join in !! Class assignment! #Hikerchat
Susan Sheppard @sue_squared🔁@Hiker_Steve Problem is, I teach during these times. Today students working on projects #hikerchat
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@sue_squared Set a reminder, and even if you get one or two Q's in great!. #Hikerchat
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@naturetechfam @TETONsports @PaleoMealsToGo I like my own Dried Fruit as well. #Hikerchat
Susan Sheppard @sue_squared🔁I actually had a minute to check on this #hikerchat I've heard about, and I believe it's over. (hard to do middle of the day chats)
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@TETONsports @bushwhackingfoo Now I want a Burrito Pizza! #Hikerchat
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@bushwhackingfoo @TETONsports Try it! #Hikerchat
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@TETONsports @bushwhackingfoo Not a fan of Guac. I'll skip that. #Hikerchat
Hiker-Steve @Hiker_Steve🔁@bushwhackingfoo @TETONsports Maybe.. It worked! #Hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 It's almost brutal! I would say every trail I have been on, at least 1 person not prepared! #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁 Have a fantastic weekend out exploring everyone and thanks again for making the #Hikerchat community so awesome! #hikerchat
GetLostinAmerica @GetLostinAmeric🔁Heading to the Wilderness
Have a Great Weekend

Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁 Huge thanks to everyone this fine Friday and massive thanks to @RCGibby73 for making this #hikerchat one for the books!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@carrieoutdoors1 NICE! Send photos, that place is beautiful #hikerchat
Kovas Palubinskas @KovasP🔁Planning to #travel overseas? @HeidiKumm shares tips via @TetonSports. #hikerchat...
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 A12: Advice and let them make mistakes! You learn from mistakes. 😊 #hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁 @Bernardine @TETONsports And a Large Choc cake, and don't let it get squished! #Hikerchat Rule #233
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁 @TETONsports A12 That new people carry the heavy gear for "practice". It's a rule. #Hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@TETONsports A11: Pack for the possibilities! Follow the 3T's Trip Plan, Train, Take the essentials! #hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁When Twitter butts in and asks me if I want to filter my notifications because they are coming fast and furious 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥 #hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@t_jh2009 @RCGibby73 I have given stuff from advice to a fox40 whistle 😊 #hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁@Bernardine @TETONsports Thanks Bee! #Hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 A6: Thinking back, my old scout troop leader 😊#hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁@t_jh2009 @TETONsports Enjoy the trip and the views! See ya soon! #HikerChat
Inn Town Campground @InnTownCamp🔁@TETONsports A15: The Inn Town Campground of course! Looking forward to welcoming a bunch of happy campers this weekend #HikerChat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 A10a: give advice & encouragement to the ones that need. So many unprepared for the trail at hand! #hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁@OwenParker4 Ouch. Seeing unprepared people in today's Information Age just makes me cringe. #hikerchat
Kids in Parks @KidsInParks🔁@TETONsports A15. Barbeques, lakes, time with family! #hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@RCGibby73 A10: last year a family was hiking with poor footwear and one with no socks! Offered to give a pair and fix blisters! #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁 @TETONsports @RCGibby73 Thank you both for hosting and reminding me why #hikerchat is the greatest!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@Kootenaicountry @RCGibby73 ahh the smell of burning garbage.... #hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@TETONsports A7: Hands On is the best, but constantly reading and educating myself. Google rocks. Lol #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@afoxintheforest You as well, thanks so much for the #Hikerchat support, have a fun weekend
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@naturetechfam @Hiker_Steve @PaleoMealsToGo I like your style! I'll eat some raisins, but I have so many left over. #hikerchat
Kootenai Country Mt @Kootenaicountry🔁@TETONsports @RCGibby73 You too! Now to unlock the office door. I smell a dumpster fire. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁 A14: Usually something like 'Going to the mountains.' #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@Bernardine @Kootenaicountry @RCGibby73 Laughing makes everything better, enjoy it! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁A15 I might go check out the flowers at Mima Mounds - see if they're as good as last year!
Hiker Bee @Bernardine🔁@RCGibby73 @TETONsports Great job Gibby!! #Hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁we have a neighborhood watch now in the small town- just gives the busy bodies a reason to be in everyone business ha #hikerchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@InnTownCamp @Hiker_Steve @TETONsports Will do! Have to head out for a hike but will be in touch ASAP!! 👍🏼 #hikerchat
Hiking With Hendrix @HikingWithHendr🔁Be safe everyone! Always a blast on #hikerchat
Meg SA @afoxintheforest🔁@TETONsports Thanks again for an awesome #hikerchat! feels good to be back :) Stay awesome out there!
Parks Explorer @Parks_Explorer🔁Thanks @TETONsports @RCGibby73 – #hikerchat = fun way to kick off weekend! #MemorialDay #hiking #outdoors
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@RCGibby73 You earned a cold beverage and some mountain time sir, thanks again so much and have a fantastic weekend! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@TETONsports @Hiker_Steve I'd need a really long chord to do that! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@Kootenaicountry @RCGibby73 Thank you! It was great having you back. Have a great weekend! #hikerchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@Hiker_Steve @TETONsports @PaleoMealsToGo Yeah, we don't like the plethora of raisins in store mix. More nuts = more protein! 😁 #hikerchat
Michelle Carner Long @dignthegarden🔁@TETONsports Absolutely. The hardest. #hardworkingwoman #hikerchat
Meg SA @afoxintheforest🔁Shavano and Tabeguache. We'll see if we land both. But Shavano for sure. 4,600 vertical over 3.75 miles MIGHT destroy me.
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@bushwhackingfoo @Hiker_Steve No co-workers today, just me and it's kind of happening (walking to car with intent to get pizza) #hikerchat
Hiker Bee @Bernardine🔁@Kootenaicountry @TETONsports @RCGibby73 Yes thanks! Kicking the weekend off laughing! #Hikerchat
Andy Zahn @NakMakFeegle🔁@TETONsports A15 I might go check out the flowers at Mima Mounds - see if they're as good as last year! #hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁Whew! We did it @TETONsports ! Now it's time to adventure! Thanks everyone for your time and the fun! Have a great one! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@TETONsports You too, fellow space cadet! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@bushwhackingfoo @Hiker_Steve Hmmmm. I do need lunch. Hold and I'll try. #hikerchat
Michelle Carner Long @dignthegarden🔁@TETONsports Backatcha!! #hikerchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@1zestytraveler Ha! 😁 I did that too. Fam waiting on me now to go for a day hike. Oops. #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@HikingWithHendr @TETONsports it is just wise right? #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@coasthikergirl @RCGibby73 You too, thanks for joining in on the fun #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@TETONsports @Hiker_Steve I wonder if this works for pizza too. #hikerchat
Kootenai Country Mt @Kootenaicountry🔁@TETONsports @RCGibby73 Thank you both for hosting and reminding me why #hikerchat is the greatest!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@bushwhackingfoo Better than no hike, enjoy the outdoors captain! #hikerchat
Lisa Pulsifer @coasthikergirl🔁@TETONsports @RCGibby73 Thanks for the great #hikerchat questions this week! Hope everyone enjoys their long weekends!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@dignthegarden Work hard play hard, right? #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁A15. Probably nothing but a dayhike given it is supposed to be a tad wet. Mostly, I'll write up my adventures & work on a website
Hiking With Hendrix @HikingWithHendr🔁@Mrs_Roadrunner @TETONsports Yes! We stay clear! #hikerchat
Michelle Carner Long @dignthegarden🔁@TETONsports A15 Work, work, work till Monday. Them new miles in the #gsmnp Woo hoo! I can't wait to hit the trail. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁Have a fantastic weekend out exploring everyone and thanks again for making the #Hikerchat community so awesome! #hikerchat
Owen Parker @OwenParker4🔁@TETONsports A5: A good hard day 😊. Proper sleeping gear is number 1 #hikerchat
Nature Tech Family @naturetechfam🔁@TETONsports #hikerchat A15 staying local! Today = hiking @WindCaveNPS. 😀
Bob Doucette @RMhigh7088🔁@afoxintheforest @TETONsports What peak? #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁Huge thanks to everyone this fine Friday and massive thanks to @RCGibby73 for making this #hikerchat one for the books!
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@TETONsports A11 its just a little further 😂 #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@TETONsports @RCGibby73 i do like to watch all the big expensive toys go by to lake billy chinook haha #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@Hiker_Steve @bushwhackingfoo Yell louder next time and if you get the whole crew doing it guac appears #hikerchat



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