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Beth Staub @AdventureGlass๐Ÿ”@billbrokob I know. . . I know . . . #hikerchat
A Woman Afoot ๐Ÿ‘ฃ @awomanafoot๐Ÿ”@TETONsports A7 - I make my own GF porridge with a lot of good stuff in it :) #hikerchat
Joshua Riggins @JoshuaRiggins๐Ÿ”@Shawninthewild @sethayates This is me #Hikerchat
Joshua Riggins @JoshuaRiggins๐Ÿ”@sethayates This one is @Shawninthewild #hikerchat
Todd Nystrom @Todd_the_Hiker๐Ÿ”@afoxintheforest @TETONsports @UST_Survival It makes the best coffee on the trail IMO! #hikerchat #gearmeout
TimH @t_jh2009๐Ÿ”Thanks again, stay tuned I'm sure that we'll be tweeting about some of our adventures. twitter.com
ShawnParry @Shawninthewild๐Ÿ”@JoshuaRiggins @sethayates You know it is! Iโ€™m basically Elf, Iโ€™m ready for this stuff. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@t_jh2009 @kevinspocket @sethayates @59NationalParks Canโ€™t wait to see how that goes. Have fun! #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner๐Ÿ”hahahaha ;) she was raised on a rural farm way out of town haha, so i do wonder if she was telling the truth haha twitter.com
TimH @t_jh2009๐Ÿ”Thanks, I'll be joining up with & we'll be causing a few shenanigans while in Sedona. twitter.com
Beth Staub @AdventureGlass๐Ÿ”why would I do such a thing????? LOL #hikerchat twitter.com
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@Mrs_Roadrunner @sethayates Smart woman! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@Mrs_Roadrunner @sethayates In every season!! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@sethayates That's where I grew up! Though I don't remember everything being blue, or in two dimensions. #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner๐Ÿ”i should elaborate ... mother would say almost the same thing you did but added in the 10' of snow ;) twitter.com
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner๐Ÿ”@t_jh2009 @TETONsports @kevinspocket @sethayates agree - be careful on the road to sedona Tim ! #hikerchat
Beth Staub @AdventureGlass๐Ÿ”luckily it was a relatively flat hike and not in the canyon #hikerchat twitter.com
Bill Brokob @billbrokob๐Ÿ”@AdventureGlass Try adding it to a hamburger #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@Parks_Explorer WHAT! We need more snow here #hikerchat
Parks Explorer @Parks_Explorer๐Ÿ”TGIF! Forecast 2โ€™ of snow by Sunday in โ€“ dusting off my gear! twitter.com
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner๐Ÿ”@bushwhackingfoo @sethayates add the 10' of snow you walked through too haha ;) #hikerchat
Meg Atteberry @afoxintheforest๐Ÿ”@AdventureGlass I'm not sure I would live to tell the tale! #hikerchat
Stephen Hawtree @sh_wt๐Ÿ”@TETONsports @kevinspocket @sethayates That's the plan for this weekend! Meanwhile, working indoors has some benefits! #hikerchat
Beth Staub @AdventureGlass๐Ÿ”well, i could, but it would be pretty gross. . . . #Hikerchat twitter.com
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@sethayates Back in my day they didn't have no burritos OR gifs. And we walked uphill to school BOTH WAYS! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@t_jh2009 @kevinspocket @sethayates Hope so and enjoy Sedona! Travel safe Tim #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@nightborntravel @foldingboats That's one of the best reasons to be an adult #Hikerchat
โ†Ÿ Seth Yates โ†Ÿ @sethayates๐Ÿ”@CairnFree in short: burritos. food. hangry. burritos. happy. #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner๐Ÿ”@nightborntravel @TETONsports i bet, lots of medical advances for such things.... thank goodness right? #hikerchat
โ†Ÿ Seth Yates โ†Ÿ @sethayates๐Ÿ”@sh_wt @kevinspocket @TETONsports that looks like the same one snow white ate... I'd avoid. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@CairnFree VERY Strong, don't worry you can still catch #hikerchat all you need to do is just get breakfast ;)
Aireona Raschke @nightborntravel๐Ÿ”@foldingboats @TETONsports We are adults! We can eat pop tarts when ever we want! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@sh_wt @kevinspocket @sethayates Enjoy that SNOW! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@kevinspocket A14. Always bring way too much. Which pretty much obligates pigging out from the very beginning. #hikerchat
Lauren Seidl @CairnFree๐Ÿ”Ah totally missed #hikerchat today, but it looks like everyone's GIF game was STRONG today! Marking my calendar for next week.
โ†Ÿ Seth Yates โ†Ÿ @sethayates๐Ÿ”@bushwhackingfoo wait. no burritos AND no gifs? my condolences. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@dignthegarden @kevinspocket @sethayates Thank you so much for joining and bringing some fun! #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob๐Ÿ”@AdventureGlass You need to face your fears #hikerchat
Stephen Hawtree @sh_wt๐Ÿ”Thanks & All for another great ! Now, I'm so hungry! Gotta trudge through the snow & eat! twitter.com
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@sh_wt HAHA I've learned that food from scouting really shouldn't be consumed #Hikerchat
Parks Explorer @Parks_Explorer๐Ÿ”Another fun #hikerchat @TETONsports @sethayates @kevinspocket! #outdoors #hiking #camping
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo๐Ÿ”@sethayates A15. I hate GIFs. Down with GIFs!! (Taking off my old man hat now) #hikerchat
Beth Staub @AdventureGlass๐Ÿ”it was. pals were not happy with me. I made magic happen and we did not starve but I have never done that again! twitter.com
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@radfamilytravel @kevinspocket @sethayates It was a blast, Kevin and Seth rocked it. Thanks so much for joining in #hikerchat
ctอrl-ฬถaฬ•lฬ›t-อždอŸilอz @britt_in_situ๐Ÿ”@sethayates A12: Right about the time I realize I'm going through way too much water because my granola is dry as hell. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports๐Ÿ”@TaigaAdventures @sethayates @Bounce_CAN @Bounce_USA @kevinspocket Likewise! Thanks so much #hikerchat
Ken White @k2rm๐Ÿ”@sethayates @coasthikergirl @kevinspocket @TETONsports Definitely not! #hikerchat


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