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#hikerchat ↟ Seth Yates ↟ @sethayates🔁@TETONsports A15: SUMMIT FLAIR!!! #HikerChat
#hikerchat TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@bushwhackingfoo @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 Give them one of these #hikerchat
#hikerchat SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁@TETONsports A15: Usually our trail mascot Yoda poses for a summit selfie. #HikerChat
#hikerchat TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁 @TETONsports A15: SUMMIT FLAIR!!! #HikerChat
#hikerchat TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁#HikerChat ChatStats: Another great chat. [recaps by @Travoscape] #lp #TravelChat
#hikerchat Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁Bonus question!! How do you keep track of your summits? 🤓 #hikerchat
#hikerchat TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁 Bonus question!! How do you keep track of your summits? 🤓 #hikerchat
#hikerchat Carrie W @carrieoutdoors1🔁@TETONsports A15 if I'm peakbagging I always try to take a photo with the number of the mountain I'm on! #hikerchat
#hikerchat Parks Explorer @Parks_Explorer🔁Thanks @TETONsports @WanderWritings! TGIF! We'll be enjoying last bit of snow :) #hikerchat #outdoors #Tahoe
#hikerchat TKoutside @TKoutside🔁@TETONsports Thanks to you guys for inspiring AND aiding our adventures! #hikerchat
Ken Curtis @CurtisKen🔁@99Boulders @bushwhackingfoo @TETONsports @carrieoutdoors1 @Acli_Mate Found those guys through #hikerchat actually. Good product good folks
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@TKoutside happy to help where we can. Keep the adventures going, your photos keep us going #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@CurtisKen @99Boulders @TETONsports @carrieoutdoors1 @Acli_Mate Probably kept you hydrated as well as providing electrolytes. #hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁Reminds me of those trail patches they sell at some Nat'l Parks! I always used to get those when we went to the Smoky Mountains
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁Yeah, I did that too, as it caught up with me just after climbing through Koip Pass.
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@TETONsports @Parks_Explorer @WanderWritings Has summer not already taken over?? It's 90+ here in Bama #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁You all win tacos! Now, here's how you get them. Go buy all the ingredients and make them. Tadaaaa! :) You all are a wsome
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁 @TETONsports @WanderWritings Thanks to both of you for co-hosting today's #HikerChat. I'll see you again next week.
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@Parks_Explorer @WanderWritings Enjoy the final bits of it before Summer takes over. Thanks for joining! #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@JasonCleghorn Do I win tacos? 😜 #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@99Boulders @TETONsports Alex you have nothing to gain from sucking up to me 😏 #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@TheSoCalHiker oh? which ones? #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@t_jh2009 @WanderWritings That's an awesome board of memories! #hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@bushwhackingfoo @TETONsports @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 Yeah sometimes all you can do to make it better is go down #hikerchat
Hiking Jason @JasonCleghorn🔁Great job @WanderWritings you're now tied with me for best #hikerchat host with everyone else that has hosted. :):):) #hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@TheSoCalHiker @TETONsports "Take the photo or not, there is no 'cheese'".......... or something along those lines 😁 #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁Thanks all for making #hikerchat fun this week and now... It's adventure time!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@99Boulders @WanderWritings I'd say in the pantheon of greatness for #hikerchat hosts for sure #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁Hey #HikerChat! Awesome chat today. I love talking peaks! I’m going to be hiking a bunch in Central Oregon this month. Join me!
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@TETONsports @WanderWritings Best host ever? #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@t_jh2009 Treat summits like a good steak (or insert good food) and savor! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@RCGibby73 Thanks for joining sir! Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for joining and making #hikerchat fun!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@TheHikingDiva I do have white hair that stands straight up and I can shoot electricity bolts from my finger tips #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@TheSoCalHiker Bed, bath and beyond of all places! Local one in Durango #hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@WanderWritings @TETONsports Haha wow the Bed Bath & Beyonds in CO are way different from the ones here then #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@TETONsports Stoke is too high. Now I've got to go hike something! #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@passions_places No way! That's a whole next level. I'm always impressed by those who can track their accomplishments like that #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob🔁@WanderWritings 14'rs used to get noted in my guidebook, but I cannot find it. So pictures are about it #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁 Have a stellar weekend hitting the trails and peaks everyone #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁@WanderWritings That’s a cool method! Where did you get that? #HikerChat
Jen and Ryan @passions_places🔁@WanderWritings @TETONsports Gotta love CO! #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁Thanks everyone for a fun talking peaks! Summit sized thank you to for co-hosting as well
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@passions_places NERD...just kidding, I know lots of nerds who can out-hike me. #hikerchat
TKoutside @TKoutside🔁Seriously. The clouds never even lifted on this hike. Still a favorite of theirs because gummy bears...
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁Have a stellar weekend hitting the trails and peaks everyone #hikerchat
Denali @DenaliStores🔁@carrieoutdoors1 @TETONsports I spy Liberty and Flume #hikerchat
Wander Writings @WanderWritings🔁@TETONsports Actually bought it at the local bed, bath and beyond. Ive got one for ski peaks too! #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁I drank like a fiend but got that headache anyways. Worse headache ever! Eating after resting helped though.
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁Thanks everyone for a fun #hikerchat talking peaks! Summit sized thank you to @WanderWritings for co-hosting as well #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁If you’re seeking summits, check out the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge. Now in SoCal, coming soon to Colorado & Oregon. #HikerChat
Bob Doucette @RMhigh7088🔁@WanderWritings has mine. 😁#hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@t_jh2009 hahah it would be funny though if it happened. He was always OK in the next scene #hikerchat
Hiking Jason @JasonCleghorn🔁My blog, and and # hikerchat < a href="" target="_blank">
Jen and Ryan @passions_places🔁Bonus. Do I loss all hiker cred if I say an excel sheet is sometimes used? I like numbers. But also writing about them. #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob🔁@RCGibby73 You too Brother! #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁@WanderWritings I write about them! #HikerChat
Denali @DenaliStores🔁@WanderWritings That's pretty cool #hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@TETONsports @WanderWritings It sucks in the moment but it's the most fun in hindsight #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@WanderWritings That's AWESOME! Where did you get that for CO? Wonder if they have a U.S. and / or UT one #hikerchat
Babs @MelodramaBabs🔁@WanderWritings A14. The struggle. the beauty, the company, #hikerchat
Darin @XVCrosstrek🔁A14: The way the climb & descent change me. I always come down a different person. We all follow in Petrarch’s footst eps.
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@sethayates @TETONsports Bahaha this is great 😂 #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@TheHikingDiva OH yea, sorry about that. not a good idea #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob🔁@TETONsports @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 Go Down...#hikerchat Or suck it up
Babs @MelodramaBabs🔁@TETONsports A13. I shall call this edition of #hikerchat "Northover is the answer to all the questions"
Bob Doucette @RMhigh7088🔁A15: Usually I let a feeling of gratitude wash over me. Those high places do that for me. #hikerchat
Hiking Jason @JasonCleghorn🔁Also what I like about mountains and summits, is we become just people and politics and life is just...gone. #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁@purpleosh @TETONsports That’s awesome! #Hikerchat
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@bushwhackingfoo @TETONsports @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 Water is so crucial.. helpful for keeping that creeping headache at bay #hikerchat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁we go to the ochoco mountains quite a lot - elevation is over 6000 ft. got some nice views from some spots #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob🔁@WanderWritings A14: The people, the struggle, the views #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@TKoutside That's awesome. Those experiences mean so so much because gummy bears are delicious #hikerchat
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@TETONsports @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 Yeah, it happened to me. #hikerchat
Bankston Motor Homes @BankstonRVs🔁Excited to join today's "#HikerChat!
TimH @t_jh2009🔁A14) It varies from the views & the people you're with to the disappointments of not being able to share the moment w/ someone.
Ken Curtis @CurtisKen🔁Each time I've had it I found sitting with my knees up and head down was the most relief. Obviously descending and wa ter help too
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁@TETONsports A15. Just the falling to my knees in exhaustion, but not sure that is a tradition more than a necessity. #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@TheSoCalHiker @WanderWritings Makes it harder going up, easier going down intentional or not haha #hikerchat
TKoutside @TKoutside🔁@TETONsports A15: lately, just thanking my kids for coming with me. That's when they ask if I brought gummy bears. #hikerchat
Bill Brokob @billbrokob🔁Depends on elevation. In the valley spring and fall are best, but up higher you can go any time
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@bushwhackingfoo @CurtisKen @carrieoutdoors1 haha that last point is key #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁 Q15. Do you have any summit traditions when reaching the top? #hikerchat
Chris Giblin @RCGibby73🔁Another awesome #hikerchat I gotta hit the road, enjoy the weekend!
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁@JasonCleghorn Learn by fire, that looks wild! #hikerchat
SoCalHiker @TheSoCalHiker🔁@WanderWritings A14: Struggle + triumph x friends = lifetime memories. #HikerChat
mrsroadrunner @Mrs_Roadrunner🔁@TheSoCalHiker @WanderWritings just thinking of the snow and how i dont want to hike in snow haha ;) #hikerchat
TETON Sports @TETONsports🔁That's very true, without the right team it can be miserable. Great friends make adventures a bajillion times better
Bushwhacking Fool @bushwhackingfoo🔁Drink water often. Eat something light & salty. Rest, but avoid being yelled at by the people you are with though.
99Boulders @99Boulders🔁@TETONsports I tried sucking on coca leaves, drinking coca tea, taking tylenol. Not sure how helpful they were #hikerchat
Hiking Jason @JasonCleghorn🔁 This is when I became a mountaineer and not just a hiker. Crumbly, steep and crazy FOR ME. . A13


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