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#headtax 🌹✡️🇵🇸 A Frightful Hobgoblin is Haunting Europe @Red_Pleb🔁 Fuck you @SeattleCouncil

#taxAmazon #Seattle #headtax #eattherich

(((Jason Rantz))) on KTTH Radio @jasonrantz🔁Socialists think the couple hundred of them that worked to pass the Seattle head tax is more important than the 45k w twitter.com ho signed on to repeal the .

They don’t know how numbers works: it’s why they’re Socialists.

Chris Daniels @ChrisDaniels5🔁CM Sawant - "I'm speaking as an economist...."

People in @SeattleCouncil chambers break out in laughter....

#Seattle #HeadTax

Chris Daniels @ChrisDaniels5🔁BREAKING: @SeattleCouncil votes 7-2 to repeal #HeadTax legislation it passed unanimously less than a month ago. #Seattle
KeLvin ynch @UrbanBooster🔁my non-random sample of 1 Seattleite [native, current resident, liberal] is the opposition wasn't a corporation powe twitter.com r play, but a broad realization that the City has poorly allocated resources to address housing & homelessness and shouldn't be rewarded with a blank check
🌻VoteThemALLOut🌻 @my2meows🔁"Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who was joined by Teresa Mosqueda in voting against the repeal, called the reversal 'shameless capitulation to Amazon' & a "cowardly betrayal" to working people."
SmirKing Revenge @InvisibleHand78🔁Yup, just like withdrew from the one it has.

How’s that going in your neck of the woods, Maria??

I mean it’s your twitter.com position things mustn’t , right??
Well at least we can all still have , right??

Jeanne @JEANNEinWa🔁I'm a day late, but I'm grateful that Seattle decided to repeal its tax on jobs. Growth presents challenges, to be sure, but they're nothing compared to the challenges of job losses and recession.
SKCHomelessCoalition @Homeless2Housed🔁No, not out. Pause, and re-start. We've got work to do!
Not a rant, either. Thanks for preaching. (But you kn twitter.com ow, we call it the .)
Paige Heggie @GreenBuckaroo🔁I hope the country is watching what is happening here in Seattle around the . Housing/Homeless advocates are NOT fighting Republicans for funding. We are fighting liberal Dems that are beholden to corporate dollars from companies like Amazon. We need to learn from this.
Conor McBride @conorlmcbride🔁Op Ed: "The Seattle that I thought I knew would have understood that the villains of this story are not the members of the city council pushing for progressive change. They are the corporations and commercial groups that seek to stymie it."
SKCHomelessCoalition @Homeless2Housed🔁 situation is heartbreaking. SEA has the worst tax code of any city in a state with the most upside-down tax code in the nation.
Todd Bohannon @ToddBohannon🔁What an EPIC failure. This is why Dems lose! A “Progressive” city run by so-called Democrats: & & still cant pass twitter.com even a minor tax on big business 4 the crisis.
SassyCityGirl @SassyCityGirl_🔁The people of Seattle defeated the . Not Amazon. It's not just one company or person against this. It's the vast majority of Seattl-ites.
Unabashedly Muslim @Snapperworth🔁After leaving City Hall where the was repealed, I just watched an unhoused person get shoved in the back of a cop car by 5 officers. These are the priorities of progressive Seattle. If you're low-income or unhoused, you're better off to the city establishment in jail.
Mayonnaise Monroe @hrylbuffness🔁I honestly cannot believe that Seattleites look around at their neighbors suffering and dying in the streets and think,

“You know who’s the real victim here? Amazon.”

Kate Branden @katebranden🔁I am not an expert but I’ve talked with a lot of houseless folks: this is how most lost their homes. Not a lifestyle choice.

I’ve met many residents of the sanctioned camps who work full time in Amazon fulfillment centers. MANY.

They can’t make rent.

Brad Fenstermacher @Brad4Progress🔁This illustrates one of my issues with Bernie. This is dishonesty by omission and he uses it often to vilify people. twitter.com Amazon and Bezos definitely fought the but the SCC did an atrocious job with everything leading up to that point. They share the blame for this failure.
Liberal Heathen Democrat @twatterfinger🔁Bezos didn't have to... brown-nosing sychophants and Benedict Arnold's in City Hall repealed #headtax twitter.com
David Dumas @ThisDaveHere🔁The sounded like something straight out of an Ayn Rand novel...

It was such a bad idea, even Seattle decided not to do it...

T Hertz @babepignthecity🔁It’s not really about job loss for the opponents as much as it is about them blaming the homeless and seeing them as twitter.com less than human. This “not my problem” shit is sickening.
Josh @truthheatseeker🔁It wasn’t just the iron workers. They were the ones who showed up at the rally. I’m in the local electrical union and twitter.com the overwhelming consensus was against it. All around job killing tax supported by the outright majority.
sullysqa @sullysqa🔁I fucking hate how one-sided everyone makes the debate out to be.

People against it aren’t rich fat cats out to screw the poor.

People for it aren’t communists who want to dance on the ashes of .

Your Neighborhood Vibranium Dealer @pwiSurvivor🔁I CANNOT wait to help ensure that every unhoused person in Seattle is registered to vote come city council election time and knows E X A C T L Y which councilmembers they'll be voting into retirement.
Hayden Bass @cathydebourgh🔁I am not an expert but I’ve talked with a lot of houseless folks: this is how most lost their homes. Not a lifestyle twitter.com choice.

I’ve met many residents of the sanctioned camps who work full time in Amazon fulfillment centers. MANY.

They can’t make rent.


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