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Discount Name Brand @new_suburbanist🔁The people responsible for the #hawaii ballistic missile false alarm #hawaiimissile
#hawaiimissile Kelsey Kruzel @kelskruz🔁The most dad text possible. #hawaiimissile
#hawaiimissile Andrew. also known to respond to Hey you! and OI!! @Borgprince🔁@Blakely44 Clippy could have come in handy today


#hawaiimissile Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii 01.13.18
#HawaiiMissile #MissleThreat #MissileScare
#hawaiimissile Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁Post-Apocalyptic Hawaii 01.13.18
#HawaiiMissile #MissileThreat #MissileScare
#hawaiimissile Gwendolina @Unicapinay🔁That explains everything. #MissileGate #hawaiicivildefense #hawaiimissile #Hawaii
#hawaiimissile Truth Hurts @PleezSTFU🔁By far the best #hawaiimissile response.
#hawaiimissile Brianne Toma @BrianneToma🔁Not the marathon we were training for. #hawaiimissile #falsealarm
#hawaiimissile jesus @Yo_Jeezvs🔁 By far the best #hawaiimissile response.
Harper Panter @toniharper17🔁Why does it take me 4 clicks with an extra 7 additional webpages to cancel my email subscription BUT only ONE acciden twitter.com tal button click to email the entirety of Hawaii that they ‘bout to die??
#DeepStateSwampDrain @Ms1Scs🔁 is run by


Rafael Lopes @cloudlopes🔁Had the alert happened in NYC I honestly think we’d have massive chaos. The city could fall pretty far apart in 30 minutes. You’d get people jumping out of buildings, violence in the streets, looting. It would get ugly real quick.
WrenGrins2018 @murderof4Crows🔁Navy base in Hawaii told neighbor of base that "they already shot the missile down" so what's up? they were evacuating THE NAVY BASE of ALL civilians. +
lex @lex6m🔁My computer asks me if I'm sure that I want to delete a file.
Pacific Sanctum 神経剤 - 系列 @preueth🔁 Democratic Hawaii has been warned by Trump not to become a S-Hole. No, serious: America has nice technology, but as long drug addicts man those stations ... weed already killed US navy sailors. Now it might confuse the population - at best
dezlyn malama-kalaluhi @itsdezzzzxo🔁Fake missile or not. Not everyone was with their families when the threat went on, it would’ve been so Heartbreaking twitter.com if they couldn’t make it home to their loved ones 😢 thank God for everything.
Atlantic Quantum 「神経剤」 @psancintel🔁 Democratic Hawaii has been warned by Trump not to become a S-Hole. No, serious: America has nice technology, but as twitter.com long drug addicts man those stations ... weed already killed US navy sailors. Now it might confuse the population - at best
Bior @biorde00🔁Yo, I wanna hear from that motherfucker who pressed the “wrong button”
Anthony @Apollo110769🔁How could pressing one button send a ballistic missile threat warning out? If that's the system they set up then they twitter.com 're idiots.

That explanation makes no sense.
Something else happened here.

Ex-Pedalcabby @PedalCabby🔁Before today, I had no idea that had a missile warning system. If a missile were headed toward your island home, wh twitter.com ere would you hide?
Michele Desoer @mmdesoer🔁Does anyone really believe someone just clicked the wrong button? Hawaii Panics After Alert About Incoming Missile I twitter.com s Sent in Error, via
Katy Smith @katysmith3🔁I can’t stop thinking about how embarrassing it must be to be the guy who almost ended the world today with that fals twitter.com e alarm.
Dillon Thomas @DillonMThomas🔁TONIGHT 10pm: "I thought it was my final moments. I thought I was going to die." A Coloradan, who recently moved to twitter.com , explains the moment she called home for, what she thought was, the final time. She wanted to say "goodbye, and I love you."
She is Ever Valiant @SirEverValiant🔁for nearly 40 minutes 1.43 million people thought that they were going to die. not a word from you, . twitter.com nothing.
Margaret Kimberley @freedomrideblog🔁I changed the settings and removed all alerts from my phone. No amber, silver or missile. I stand by that decision. twitter.com

Event Management Consultants (EMC2) @eventMCsquared🔁What is going on in #hawaii and that #hawaiimissile scare!? crazy world -- but glad all are safe and faith is restored #2018
Diego Garcia @DiegoGarcia990🔁Maybe there are two buttons on the time card machine. One button punches you in or out. The other sends a nuke attack twitter.com alert. 🙄
chrismunns @chrismunns🔁Had the alert happened in NYC I honestly think we’d have massive chaos. The city could fall pretty far apart in 30 m twitter.com inutes. You’d get people jumping out of buildings, violence in the streets, looting. It would get ugly real quick.
CrisVeganFit @CrisVeganFit🔁So Hawaii got pissed because of a “false alarm”. Hm... I wonder if Palestinians ever get missile alerts from Israel. twitter.com
Sarah @scampwords🔁It’s a really scary feeling to be completely unimportant to the people who are supposed to protect us. #hawaiimissile
René Morales @renemoralesmx🔁I want to leave a message to #Hawaii. It's over. Don't worry. You're safe. #hawaiialert #hawaiimissile
Nikki Smith @cmsfamily🔁THREAD.
#hawaii #hawaiimissile #FalseAlarm twitter.com
🌼🍃 Bobbi 🍃🌼 @bobbiboho🔁Hi Rosemary. I watched Hello Goodbye Wow! AMAZING heartwrenching stories! ❤ LOVE this show! But what really has my at twitter.com tention is this Oh my gosh...insane!!! Hope you're having a great day! xx 🌼💕
WePivot.net 💭💬💭 @WePivot🔁Officials says the false alarm was an error. The White House called it an exercise, which suggests it was intentional twitter.com .

Playing with the truth like this is inexcusable as we pivot to a world of peace, dignity and respect.

Brandon Irons @BrandonIrons666🔁Is there anyone competent left in positions of power in the USA? #HawaiiMissile
Chris Nickels @cwnickels🔁“Little Rocket Man” probably crapped his pants when informed about threat announcement; terrified that twitter.com would order USAF pilots to kick the tires and light the fires with a nasty payload to be “special delivered” to North Korea.
Deedee Sun @DeedeeKIRO7🔁People across - and the country - got calls from loved ones in , with family members saying goodbye. 💔 1.4 million twitter.com people live in Hawaii.

Cannot imagine the terror they all went through today.

Veti @Vetipie🔁I guess some in the US got a taste for how those in other nations like Yemen and Gaza feel when they know bombs are c twitter.com oming.
Andrew Miller @designbyandrew🔁 the false alarm was caused by poor design. Let’s stand up the Hawaii Digital Service to take care of problems like t twitter.com his
Bernie G. @BGinPhilly🔁Did anyone check if Hawaii was being attacked by F-52s? :) #hawaiimissile #TrumpIsAMoron
ihatepeacocks @nosajmunson🔁North Korean Glorious Leader Blamed for False Missile Alert today in Hawaii. Kim Jong un said he was distracted at h twitter.com ow much of a American Politics has become.

spaceboy ✨🏳️‍🌈 @sskywalkerr🔁apparently an employee pushed the wrong button. #hawaiimissile
Juju Beck @jujus_beans🔁Turns out I'm not the only one who was worried about the last moment. Thanks and twitter.com
Video Forensics @Video_Forensics🔁After Incoming Warning, People in Wonder What to Do With the Last Moments of Their Lives twitter.com
Bill Carpenter @DadBillCFaith my bro! W00T! 🔁 After that fuckery this morning, I needed a decompression session. twitter.com
SFParisien @SF_Parisien🔁 Emergency Management System Hacked by an Apple I phone...If True Trump Inherited more than a "Mess" It is "Catastrop twitter.com he"
FatJeff @FATJEFF🔁After that fuckery this morning, I needed a decompression session. twitter.com
Ron Wordwelder @RonWordwelder🔁 @latimes As planned
#Hawaii #hawaiimissile #psyop
Ron Wordwelder @RonWordwelder🔁@latimes As planned
#Hawaii #hawaiimissile #psyop
JC @newportbch🔁If you do not have first hand information on events that happened in Hawaii today, please do not create stories. Thi twitter.com s is causing even greater confusion than the actual mistaken text.
thugs bunny @MarinaStancill🔁You know how panicked I was?! I wake up thinking me or my friends could possibly be seriously injured or be killed. T twitter.com his is a joke.
Nina Wu @ecotraveler🔁And then, can’t help but think there were some people who missed all the drama this morning - altogether. #falsealarm #HawaiiMissile
Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁Reminds me of what once was a dark-humor joke:
"This is a test of the Emergency Alert Broadcast System. We repeat, t twitter.com his is only a test. Had it been an actual alert, you would have all been dead by now."

Countries To Go @CountriesToGo🔁After has gone through now, lets just take a moment and appreciate the beauty these islands give us. twitter.com
Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁Who received the missile alert?
This is NOT just a carrier issue.
We are on the same AT&T family plan.
My wife got t twitter.com he alert; my son and I did not.

Deplorable Respondix @respondix🔁What - was there a fake missile attack on Obama’s real birthplace, or was there a real missile attack on Obama’s fake twitter.com birthplace or was there a fake attack on his fake birthplace?
Rick Glenn @therickglenn🔁Remember how was FORCED into denouncing the Charlottesville nazi marches? That’s why he’s hasn’t addressed today’s e twitter.com vents.
Nikki @nkim47🔁Props to Mr. Vern Myagi during today's PC. Took full responsibility for his team & kept his cool while being badgere twitter.com d by an annoying wahine reporter 🤦
Rick Glenn @therickglenn🔁.@realDonaldTrump can’t get power back on in Puerto Rico. Imagine how he’d handle a missile attack on the United States. #hawaiimissile
Joe Bruemmer @SmokinJoesTruth🔁FYI @realDonaldTrump STILL hasn't addressed the #Hawaiimissile false alarm.
Kara Jez @EccentricOneKJL🔁Where's the tweet showing even KNOWS about scaring hell out of our citizens? Golf game more important? Or could it twitter.com be Hawaiians have ethnic appearance & are thus NOT IMPORTANT? or Take your pick!
Sharyn Bovat @sharynbovat🚨🚨🚨in December iTold EVERYONE the nuclear siren drills were stupid (I'm a CONDUIT & was told in it HU🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/952321631111786508" target="_blank">twitter.com & scares children is hurting Hawaii economy
Kazemaru @kazemaruYB🔁 coming up...and I can hear his voice saying we should strive to create a world house without racism, War or poverty. twitter.com Hawaii should never even have to live in fear of a missile attack.
Lilac Sky @00Lilac_Sky00🔁 Many hours have passed since the false false alarm. Don' t you think at very least u should have tweeted about t twitter.com hat, even if only 2 say you need 2 gather more info still & you are sorry people were caused such trauma?
Sharyn Bovat @sharynbovat🔁HELLO iTold ppl that the nuclear sirens were STUPID very smart ppl connected to Colin Powell said so/Ppl might not twitter.com run if REAL emergency🚨 STOP SCARING TOURIST
Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁At DOE, it was my role to notify the public via media about school closures during hurricane & tsunami warnings. A 3 twitter.com 8-minute information gap would be unacceptable.

Greg Knudsen @gerGnesdunK🔁When I was DOE communications director, my official role in case of a nuclear emergency – while Gov & Supt would be r twitter.com ushed to shelters – was to remain at my desk "to answer the phones."

(ง'̀-'́)ง @SenorChaa🔁If you can’t handle me at my ballistic missile, you don’t deserve me at my false alarm. #HawaiiMissile
Helen McAfee @BlackDouglas🔁Vid.....North Korean Missile Launch that caused the Hawaiian Alert.... (funny ;)

Heather Feather @hpluss🔁Holy crap! I hope no one had a heart attack or was trampled in the run to shelter. Wtf! #hawaiimissile twitter.com
Dan Pren @DpPren🔁Thank God, the greek gods, the norse gods and all other gods that Trump was out on a golf course when the alert was sent.
Adrian B. Brown @MrABBrown🔁Now watch how PROMPT this situation will be investigated. Yet there are still numerous things in this country that a twitter.com ren't. Like
Owen Hall @theowenhall🔁The #hawaiimissile was actually Bethesda's way of announcing their new fallout game "Fallout 5: Hawaiian Sunset"
Dan Pren @DpPren🔁No explaining how I felt for 35 minutes of thinking I was going to die.


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