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#hacklearning Chauncey A. McCall @hcaunceymccall🔁 Hey #hacklearning, look what's on the way from @kimberleygmoran. Can you stand it?
#hacklearning Annemarie Catalano @AnnemarieCat🔁So psyched to guest-moderate my first chat! Hope to see you there! #hackLearning
#hacklearning Lia Gyore @LiaGyore🔁 The innovative environment via @woodard_julie #HackLearning #SundayMorning
#hacklearning ATMIG @Atmigband🔁#hacklearning use music
#hacklearning Estela Yngoc @TlayTw🔁 A3 Make time for students to #Read4Fun. Give students voice & choice. #hacklearning
#hacklearning Susana Benitez @FifthSusana🔁 Alternatives to no via @woodard_julie #HackLearning #SundayMorning
#hacklearning Niko Lewman @kispypniko🔁One more goal achieved, next stop trainerville! #alwayslearning #GrowthMindset #HackLearning
#hacklearning Trise M @Trisemorefamcom🔁 Sometimes avoiding a meltdown is as simple as adding a healthy snack break. #hackLearning
#hacklearning TrendsinUSA @TrendsinUSA🔁fabulous ! #HackLearning is now Trending fast at top 10 in US :
Jeremy Bond @JeremyDBond🔁Congrats! Support #HackLearning 👇🏽 #gifteded #gtcha t
Sharon Martz @PrincipalSmartz🔁Hey , learn how to stop student meltdowns at this week’s chat. Please retweet.
Saladin Allah @AtlantisBuild🔁Do right for the sake of right-justness; not because the prize is Heaven or the penalty is Hell. #AtlantisBuild #FivePercenter #HackLearning
Julie Hembree @mrs_hembree🔁 Ten Things Pixar Can Teach Us About Creativity #HackLearning #SundayMorning
Greencard @7visspkxnpq🔁Hacking author crushed it in today's chat. Here's the archive
Sean M Masters @SeanMMasters🔁Want to stand out as a VAR? I show you one way how in a 5-minute read. #SundayMorning #HackLearning
Matt Carlstrom @mcarlstromDR🔁 A1) My second go-to hack is to conduct daily check ins with some of my good friends. #HackLearning
Timmy @timmylatham5🔁Is this poll useless🤷🏼‍♂️#freepmarathon #komenbmore #ARKvsBAMA #SomosLive #GBvsMIN #HackLearning #Weinstein #RedRiverShowdown #GigEm #wcbalt
Heather Ngoma @HeatherNgoma🔁Why middle school is a prime time to engage students in social justice education #sunchat #hackLearning #EduColor
Chris Young @CYoungEdTech🔁Teaching Hack: Use @faceswaplive to flip your classroom! #HackLearning #keynote #GoogleEI
Rashid F. Davis @rashidfdavis🔁5 questions for Steven Pearson #sunchat #hacklearning #spiritchat #thisweek @aspire2begreat #csr #leadership #IBMcsc
Paula McPeake @PMcPeake1🔁Thanks Jeremy. We definitely need more parents at . We're going to have back next month to talk
Ron Gould @grouldxt🔁Hey and , the learning continues at today's fast-paced, 30-min chat. Join us at 10AM ET.
Jennifer Bufford @jennifermbuff🔁Beyond “sorry” Empathy - it can be learned w teaching, modeling, feedback, reinforcement
Ricky Rutledge @kiwiprofesor🔁Check out the Top ESL story: Mark Barnes💡 on Twitter: "Hey Ambas… , see more
pammoran @pammoran🔁Beyond “sorry” Empathy - it can be learned w teaching, modeling, feedback, reinforcement #hacklearning #kinderchat
Shaun @ShaunLorowP🔁Hey Ambassadors, don't miss another chat with the amazing , Hacking DLS author.
Brian Rozinsky @brianrozinsky🔁Thanks, & , for 80 minutes of insights, resources, collegiality, encouragement. (Might need 2nd bowl of oatmeal.)
sleep&totalwellness @drhamiltonstubb🔁 waking up w/o Open curtains 4 sunshine O Lord God Sovereign God
Squeaky Altman-Lewis @prettysqueaky🔁BLOG: A template for self-evaluations of students' projects!

HippityHistory @HippityHistory🔁Today in , year 1783, Jean Pilstre de Rozier makes 1st tethered balloon ascent.

Connie Hamilton Ed.S @conniehamilton🔁@teachermrw Definitely some instability on both situations. The suggestion was to deal with them differently. #HackLearning
Grace Salguero @gracesalguero🔁A3: Instead of rewarding students with extra recess or free movie day, let's make READING the reward.
LIBRA @Santuitis🔁#hacklearning you can be a moron like trump and become president with support from uneducated voters. #cnnsotu #amjoy how congress
Jennifer Pilarski @JenPilarski🔁We should reflect on the WHY before reacting the WHAT. :) Then, our HOW will be more successful.
the Leader @einfreakinstein🔁#IGambleOn Days Ending With "Y"----
@MissAlydarSkyy @thetruedoclove @HashtagRoundup #SundayMorning #HackLearning #freepmarathon
Chauncey A. McCall @hcaunceymccall🔁Hey , continue the chat all week with and other interested on the Twitter feed.
Darla Chapman @urnawaywni🔁 VIPs: Here's an amazing FREE video training from you won't want to miss
pammoran @pammoran🔁 Tip of the Day. Trust is key. #HackLearning #kidsdeserveit #giftedtogo
Mr. Erik Kolodziej @EdgeworthMusic🔁 Must Reads For Innovators and Design Thinkers #HackLearning #SundayMorning


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