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Isaac @isaacada1🔁 ANNOUNCING: @johnhcook & @toddbishop launch #GeekWireHQ2 #GWSummit
#gwsummit GeekWire @geekwire🔁Thanks everyone for another great GeekWire Summit! It's been a great week. #GWSummit
#gwsummit Jeff Stipe @Jeff_Stipe🔁 Great session with Satya Nadella at the #GWSummit, #CloudEnablers
#gwsummit Isaac @isaacada1🔁 John Cook’s fantastic shirt at #GWSummit!
#gwsummit Aaron Martin @aaronmartinfc🔁 Amazon Consumer CEO Jeff Wilke spends his time thinking about customers, not competitors #GWSummit
#gwsummit Bryan Rutberg @BryanRutbergMe🔁 Had a great time at #GWSummit, especially @LeslieFeinzaig's inspiring talk. @HBSAlumni #SectionF
#gwsummit CarFreiTag @CarFreiTag🔁 Wow! Amazon, at 380,000 employees worldwide, dwarfs Microsoft and Google. #GWSummit
hayitsnik @hayitsnik🔁 Did you crack the code to open the @BestBuy Box in the #GWSummit exhibition hall? #GWSponsor
#gwsummit Johnny Cornwell @JohnnyCornwell🔁 Christof Koch's final thoughts on AI and the future of humanity... #GWSummit
#gwsummit irada sadykhova @iradas🔁 Satya’s interview at #GWSummit broken down for you.
#gwsummit Orion Contact Center @OrionCenter🔁 Power talk at #GWSummit
#gwsummit#gwsummit#gwsummit#gwsummit Taylor Soper @Taylor_Soper🔁Catch up on all our GeekWire Summit coverage here: #gwsummit
#gwsummit#gwsummit#gwsummit#gwsummit Professor Shulman @ProfShulman🔁 Catch up on all our GeekWire Summit coverage here: #gwsummit
#gwsummit Inseyah Bagasrawala @InseyahB🔁 One of the dangers of advanced AI, says Christof Koch? The extinction of privacy. #GWSummit
#gwsummit Monica Nickelsburg @mnickelsburg🔁 Thanks everyone for another great GeekWire Summit! It's been a great week. #GWSummit
#gwsummit Sonia Gupta @SoniaSwEr🔁 Hey @johnhcook - thanks for giving us a voice. #GWSummit
GeekWire @geekwire🔁Through the eyes of artist : ’s talk at ’s ... Sketched!
GeekWire @geekwire🔁"You've got to be able to perform, but you also have to be able to accrue power for the future." --
GeekWire @geekwire🔁How uses VR to design stores: “Designers now can walk a store, see what it’s going to look like” —Kevin Johnson, CE O
Emy Ry-Ly @emyryly🔁It's just not a time to be on the sideline, says. "There is a power behind grassroots activism."
EcoChi, LLC @EcoChiTips🔁2018 to be held in Italy.
Sonia Gupta @SoniaSwEr🔁"All U.S. Nobel Prize winners in 2016 were immigrants," Where will future smart brains go?
Lizzie @LizzieTao🔁A lot of intense moments at the ... but none equaled the shakedown between and
Vienna @Vienna_Cat🔁Great time reppin' @Boeing tech at #GWsummit this week! #changetheworld
3C Communications @3CComms🔁Reflecting on the : after yesterday's talk, I have never gotten hugs from so many people in my life. Thank you. Grateful & moved.
Fred Hutch @fredhutch🔁Inspiring to hear leader enlisting help of tech geeks at to help scientists solve cancer
Rene-Sylvain Bedard @rsbedard🔁Through the eyes of artist : ’s talk at ’s ... Sketched!
Captain Highline @Highlinepirates🔁. grad & junior Citlaly Ramirez speaks at summit about .
Highline Schools @HighlineSchools🔁. grad & junior Citlaly Ramirez speaks at summit about .
Alt Steinamo @Steinamo008🔁I won the auction on that kookaburra :) Score: me <3 #GWSummit
ExtraHop @ExtraHop🔁 to : "At the end of the day, the best team wins. Invest in your team." - CEO Arif Kareem, speaking w/ of
Orion Contact Center @OrionCenter🔁Such a great discussion today at on Diversity & Inclusion with . Authenticity goes a long way.
Benchmark @benchmark🔁 Enjoyed discussing diversity and inclusion at #GWSummit #GWS2017 with @sukhindersingh
GIX @GIX_edu🔁Thanks to our friends at for designing the amazing printed program and to for sponsoring!
Bill Holder @billholder7🔁Packed house for “Panel: Diversity & Inclusion” at . Thanks to for sponsoring this important and engaging discussion.
John Cook @johnhcook🔁Inventions We Love: Smart lighting, a smart ball and a DIY pancreas system that is … well, really smart
WA Opp Scholarship @OppScholarship🔁From the #GWSummit!

#theyropportunity #highlineproud

Donna Manders @SmokeFreeLife🔁Missing the fun & inspiration of the #GWSummit? Here's a Twitter list of the speakers to keep the connection alive:
Garima Chopra @parchments91🔁"No excuses. No patient left behind." Hutch leader challenges tech world to join .
Mark W @GrandPants040🔁“The soul, like the square root of minus 1, is an impossibility that has its uses.” Satya Nadella
Cirkled in @cirkledin🔁Thank you @geekwire for having our CEO Reetu Gupta speak at #GWsummit this year!
Wade Sturman @wadesturman🔁Congrats to (a very happy!) Lori D., who just won two tickets anywhere Seattle’s hometown airline flies!
Josh Belzman @JoshEdits🔁@toddbishop @KING5Seattle Great event! The geek choir and Cristof Koch's pants were personal highlights. #GWSummit
Andrea McGonigle @andreawork🔁Great visual of the lessons, purpose & vision discussed in ’s talk at .
Courtney Dremlyuga @CDremlyuga🔁Any reports that @toddbishop kills puppies (as far as we know)... are NOT true. #fakenews #GWSummit 🐶
Africancocktail @AfricanCocktail🔁.: “A company can’t be bound by one piece of tech - it goes beyond a brand or product.”
Dr. Jenny Owens @Jenny0wens🔁 And here's the @geekwire podcast on #OpenAPS they were talking about: #GWSummit
❄️EpicalliciousSat❄️ @Sat0786🔁 Fun conversation with @vinnysgreen and @inafried on #FakeNews at #GWSummit
Allen Schauffler @allenschauffler🔁Shoutout to my friends at .

You've guys hit it out of the park again with the .

Congrats .

David Banes @DaveBanesAccess🔁 Re-watch "The Quadfather," read @lisa_stiffler's story about @ToddStabelfeldt at: #GWSummit
Ezhilarasan N @ezhiln🔁Stop by booth at . Raffling a Echo Show and Echo Dot at 2:00pm.
Sardou @victoriensardou🔁 Wearing my #OpenAPS code shirt & code case today at the @geekwire #GWsummit! Here's how I made it:
Michel Leblanc @MichelPLeblanc🔁Watch live now: speaks with 's from the stage.
Maeve Cowley @MaeveCowley🔁Great to see one of our own talking global economic connectivity on the Geekwire stage! 🇮🇪
Hopper Group @HopperGroup🔁Team representing at 2017 Fascinating time learning from the best in tech
Alan Boyle @b0yle🔁B.S. for Ph.Ds: Not even science is immune from the fake-news epidemic, watchdogs say: H/T
IrmaVelasquezPelesky @IHeartPele🔁 "Diversity is a competitive advantage - Effenus Henderson, Institute of Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion #GWSummit
Jason Tomesch @JasonsWHEELS🔁 #Tecla user @ToddStabelfeldt giving a Power Talk at the #GWSummit #a11y #thequadfather
SuperChronicJosh @SuperChronics🔁OH: “If you’re not thinking about it in the shower, don’t do it.” -- , CEO.
todd sawicki @sawickipedia🔁 Re-watch "The Quadfather," read @lisa_stiffler's story about @ToddStabelfeldt at: #GWSummit


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