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Thanh Nguyen @PIOthanhn🔁@savanapridi @frankiie_larue @GovernmentSM I so get you two! #gsmchat
#gsmchat Spyke @overspyke🔁#gsmchat IS OVER!
Thanh Nguyen @PIOthanhn🔁@katienelson210 @GovernmentSM This is why I ride this one's coattail! 👆#gsmchat
#gsmchat#gsmchat Bronlea @bronleamishler🔁A7: A couple successes. And I wasn’t even that funny.... #GSMCHAT #winning
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁 Thursday! Today’s discussion on “ Humor: Do’s & Don’ts” starts at 1pm PT. Hope you can join us! twitter.com
ITSMONIE @sdotmonie🔁A1: It shows that it doesn’t Gov doesn’t have to be dull. Most of the more popular post/content is something with light humor. Most people already think is boring, don’t be afraid to mix in some humor in your message.
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Planning to incorporate humor into your social media? Make sure to check out the full recap of today's topic " Humor twitter.com : Do's & Don'ts" for some techniques and best practices:
Will Hampton @willhampton🔁You step away for *one* question .... but yes, sometimes the humor pipeline just plain gets backed up. twitter.com
tagdef @tagdef🔁Wonder what #gsmchat means? Look it up on tagdef.com
Thanh Nguyen @PIOthanhn🔁A4: You really ought to know your audience. The whole office might be laughing, but read it from your viewers' perspective. I can't tell you how many great tweets (just ask me) have died an early death of delete after much consideration.
Thanh Nguyen @PIOthanhn🔁 is where government social media people come to share thoughts & experiences based on questions moderated by . twitter.com
PageFreezer @PageFreezer🔁Social Media Tip of the Week: Check with others (too many is never too many) to make sure that everyone gets your meaning and your post won’t be misconstrued.
PageFreezer @PageFreezer🔁A3: If something feels off about a post, your instincts are probably there for a reason. It's probably best to avoid. Or bring in other people to get their opinion before posting.
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Thanks again for joining us. Have a great week everyone! #gsmchat!
Thanh Nguyen @PIOthanhn🔁It was real! I'll see you guys in six months. 😉 #gsmchat
PageFreezer @PageFreezer🔁A2: It's all about voice and tone. Avoid being overly sarcastic or mocking followers or other brands/law enforcement agencies. When the situation is serious, never use humor.
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Hope you can join us for our next biweekly on Thurs, July 26 at 1pm PT for more discussions! twitter.com
Autumn Bishop @autumnbish🔁@GovernmentSM A7: I always check @LawrenceKS_PD's Twitter feed. They are 🔥! #gsmchat
Frances La Rue @frankiie_larue🔁@GovernmentSM #gsmchat A7: Moments like this keep me going: twitter.com
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Shoutout time on #gsmchat! What news would you like to share with the #socialgov community?
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Thank you all for contributing to today's #gsmchat.
Mark Van Baale @markvanbaale🔁Great discussion today, #gsmchat peeps!
PageFreezer @PageFreezer🔁A1: People want your content to be fun! Having humor makes your organization more human and approachable. Any posts incorporating humor are also more likely to spread.
Shane✒ @savanapridi🔁A7: Obviously the twitter is on fire. It's hard to think of many gov agencies that are killing with humor on the reg twitter.com ular. There's just too much informational and boring stuff that has to be done. We choose our moments.
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁A7: It’s not about the number of RTs or likes, it about how many people LISTENED to your message, passed it on and let it sink in. THAT is a success, especially with humor
Katie Nelson @katienelson210🔁A7: It’s not about the number of RTs or likes, it about how many people LISTENED to your message, passed it on and le twitter.com t it sink in. THAT is a success, especially with humor
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁Q7: What are some examples of humor FAILS or SUCCESSES on social media? #gsmchat #socialgov
Gov Social Media @GovernmentSM🔁So we actually have one last question if people are interested? #gsmchat
Bronlea @bronleamishler🔁A6. Poorly. Then went bigger the next time. #kidding #research #donttakeitpersonally #GSMCHAT
Stephen Marencic @fox___mccloud🔁Q5: When collaborating with other departments to collectively manage your agency’s social media, how do you reel in a department whose staff *think* they are funny?


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