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#graduationadvicein5words Longmont Airport @longmontairport🔁Spread those wings and fly!

(Photo: Paul Gordon - LMOExpo.org

#graduationadvicein5words maram @maram🔁 #Kindness is always in style #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Riah ♈️ @riah_kuwonu🔁 #GraduationAdviceIn5Words: Always show up on time. #TheFosters
#graduationadvicein5words ライトくん @cocoa_key🔁 How to work in fashion: wwwear.me #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Mehmet @kayzer7676🔁 Remember to push the envelope. #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
#graduationadvicein5words Shar @Shar_S_🔁 Marry a rich old man #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
too old for this sht @TouchedAshsHand🔁 Learn to do it too. #GraduationAdviceIn5Words #AnastasiaMusical
Candace Owens @RealCandaceO🔁People ALWAYS ask me how it's possible that black people continue to vote for the party that oppresses them most. Thi twitter.com s is my theory. Thoughts?You can watch the full video using this link:

Dark Souls @DarkSoulsGame🔁Don’t forget to git gud #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Katya @katya_zamo🔁You wasted lots of Ca$h #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Jeri L Everley #PATRIOT #lll%erUtah @JeriEverley🔁People ALWAYS ask me how it's possible that black people continue to vote for the party that oppresses them most. This is my theory. Thoughts?You can watch the full video using this link:

Sowers Ms.LaToya @sowers_latoya🔁 It gets worse, then worser


Linda Stands With Trump @Joan_BrauerTru🔁@DaSkrambledEgg #GraduationAdviceIn5Words NEVER TRUST @USTrust @MerrillLynch with your retirement!
Annette Pitre @upwriteleft🔁Don't neglect your mental health
There's more to you than grades and grants. Taking care of yourself is wise not weak. Asking for help means you know your limits.
Shar @Shar_S_🔁Born & raised in the projects of baltimore city for 18 years. I was told I would be dead by 16. I’ve also seen a few killings as a kid, not proud of that. Hard work & dedication I graduated from college with BA in computer science. Let haters hate do you
Non-Profit Tweets @greatNPtweets🔁 Register to vote right now. #GraduationAdviceIn5Words HRC.org
Brady Ruiters @BlurryKnight🔁 Don’t forget to git gud #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Sergei Kostiaev @skostiaev🔁#GraduationAdviceIn5Words it is probably not the last school (i'm in my 30s attending my 4th school)
Jahid Munshi @Jahidmunshi99🔁Do you Need Emergency Pdf Editing Service?

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robert wilkie lil baby texas
santa fe bill twitter.com gates laurel

Kali @Kali_Wolf_888🔁

Don't major in Gender Studies

College is not for everyone

Learn a trade or skill

There's nothing cool about socialism

Democrats will raise your taxes

Dandelion @WishingFlower88🔁 #GraduationAdviceIn5Words

Grown-ups need @BTS_twt in life


Jahid Munshi @Jahidmunshi99🔁Hi, Are you locking for CreateSpace, Kindle, Lulu Formatting Expert?

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robert wilkie lil baby texas twitter.com santa fe bill gates laurel

Seyler Goodnight @SeylerGoodnight🔁 Save more than you spend. #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
cori @cryingcori🔁#graduationadvicein5words you dont have to go
M I N A A H 🇨🇦🇳🇬🇻🇳 @minaaahn🔁 It doesn’t get any easier


i. @IlseLilo🔁 #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Plan in pencil, not pen.
cuntwrap supreme @boujiemermaid🔁 You wasted lots of Ca$h #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Conceptually dumb @dumb_dumber7🔁 #GraduationAdviceIn5Words
Do not marry the professor
Big House Casting @BigHouseCasting🔁Dear Graduates, as you embark on your new journey in your life, fear not, you'll do just fine. Do you like lemons? Well learn to acquire the taste, because life will be throwing you lots of lemons. Do what I did, and make lots of lemonade. 😂😂👏👏
kay wylie @KayWylie🔁 Food = doorway to living well.


CTU @ctuniversity🔁Calling all CTU grads – What advice would you give to the 2018 graduating class? Here are some we found: twitter.com


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