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#GovernmentShutdown Macky757 @jamzymusik🔁 Bombs don't stop falling during #GovernmentShutdown-s
#GovernmentShutdown#GovernmentShutdown Chaco🇺🇸 @Chacowaco1🔁 A military parade costs less than a Russian circus. #GovernmentShutdown
#GovernmentShutdown This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. @lorismith60🔁 Technical difficulties
#GovernmentShutdown Kevin Argiropoulos @kargir01🔁 #GovernmentShutdown House OKs The House of Representatives #NoDreamNoDeal
#GovernmentShutdown Rita B Sanchez @beatrice_rita🔁 Trump signs Act to compensate employees furloughed due to #GovernmentShutdown
#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁VICTORY: Give a huge congratulations to Republicans, who passed a 2-year budget that doesn't include Dreamers.

The d twitter.com emocrats have lost control of their party, as 73 democrats voted against Dreamers.

#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁Democrats Caved (Again):

Thank you to everyone who has been tweeting that "Democrats choose illegal aliens over Ame twitter.com ricans."

You helped force 73 democrats to join Republicans to pass a 2-year budget.

#ThePersistence @ScottPresler🔁VICTORIES:

✔️Democrats caved on their gov't shutdown
✔️We released the memo
✔️Republicans passed 2-year budget

We m twitter.com ust elect more Republican to Congress on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.

Jim Costa @jimcostafilms🔁A I on the . to my for more… instagram.com
Michael Kurtz @mykkool🔁This Spending Bill to end is a BIG VICTORY for our Military which I’ll use RIGHT AWAY to EXPAND our borders. I am VERY SMART (over 100% IQ!), so I won't give away my secret plans, BUT I can say that I am NOT expanding our borders to the south.
Sally Patriot @sl_patriot🔁 Who do you blame for the #GovernmentShutdown?
dottie beauregard @dorothybeau🔁I wish a was like shutting down my iPhone when it’s not working right. Shut down, restart, and suddenly Obama is back in office and everything is right again. A man can dream!
Julie Grey @JulieGrey13🔁The is over.

Thanks to the Democrats. The Republicans didn’t have enough votes, even with control of both chambers of Congress, to do even minimal things like keep the government running.

Michelle Ramirez 🐦 @Michell90013145🔁 Mammoth Cave isn't just a place in Kentucky. It's also @theDemocrats' negotiating strategy.
COBACOBA @cobacobaajabray🔁"The meme is the kindle to the narrative illusion bonfire..." - James Scott, Senior Fellow, CCIOS

Felicidad Gratto @felicidadgratt2🔁 Our troops don’t get paid yet the senators still do. This is so wrong. #GovernmentShutdown
Scott Thompson @Skahhtomsin🔁"It's Trump who defiled underpants" 🔁


WSCP1 #ReleaseTheRest #NotABot Comrade #CCCTrain 😏 @WSCP1🔁And yet "In the dark of night" you voted against it.

What a deceptive sanctimonious prig you are Schiff. twitter.com

Leah Charles @LeahCharlesAtl🔁Democratic Sen. Mark Warner
We wouldn’t want a paper trail would we..

Trodayne Northern @TroNorth🔁Rand Paul is a bit like those subscription mystery boxes folks order, only without a theme. Imagine subscribing 2 t twitter.com he service & they provided the run of subscription boxes but also the possibility of murder 4 hire & winning lotto tickets.

Rose Stabler @rose_stabler🔁JFK: I wanted to go to the moon.
No President will be crazier than me.

Trump: Hold my beer.

Mike Jackson @MikeJackson9701🔁Now that the was averted, can focus on the main issue of 2018...

Generalissimo Fran 1984 @WeinerFran🔁 then

House Rules Committee The Senate

Amy Alzidan @Misspoppins87🔁Hey president !

There are fewer Republicans in Congress because they're all RESIGNING!

When backs a GOP candidate, they LOSE! Until you're removed from office, not a single GOP seat is safe, CHUMP!

Karl Wabst @KWabst🔁Got #Trust Issues? #SocialMedia #Marketing #News paper.li #governmentshutdown #brand
Lakeisha Barge @lakeishabarge🔁
The Republican Party has managed to add $3 Trillion to our national debt within 60 days

A new world record!

So much for fiscal CONSERVATIVE Republican!

It's about Borrow, Borrow, Borrow.
Just like Trumps businesses!

"Bipartisan Budget Act"

The Mighty Middle @lisaturnerdecor🔁Democrats desperately wanted another to once again put Illegals above Americans but they learned their lesson the first time!
Once again we finally have a fully funded Military 👏
Peace through strength!

Maggie Thompson @MargieeThompkin🔁Mike Pence sitting at the like thank god I don’t have to deal with all dat shit going on back home.... twitter.com
down @letmehavedown🔁You are entering another dimension. Welcome to The Twilight Zone.

JONATHON @gpliafail🔁Amid the and the start of the , don't forget that today is the day Trump must announce whether or not he's going to authorize the release of the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes memo.
Nathan Smith @nssmithtx🔁 I purchased your pickles 8/22/17 how long can i eat those pickles? twitter.com
Trudy Sanders @trudy_sanders🔁 I can't wait until #Midterms2018 so we can shut #Trump down #GovernmentShutdown
Sabith @provocateurkhan🔁 averted another budget showdown and , by kicking problems down the road. Here's the big picture from a expert
VICTORIA RIZZI🇺🇸#NoDACA #NoDACAAmnesty @RIZZImyShaklee🔁 Budget Deal: We Need a Detailed Plan #GovernmentShutdown youtu.be


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