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#givetolincoln CEDARS @cedarskids🔁Thank you to the caring community members who donated on #givetolincoln day to help serve children in crisis. #LNK
#givetolincoln CornhuskerBSA @CornhuskerBSA🔁Thank you to all those that gave to #GiveToLincoln you all invested $62,489 in Scouting.
#givetolincoln Card My Yard Lincoln @cardmyyardLNK🔁EXCITED to draw the winner of our #Givetolincoln contest on Facebook! Tune in at noon! facebook.com
Aaron @aaronhawk_🔁 We did it!! $30,000 for @TheBayLincoln THANK YOU ALL!!! #givetolincoln
#givetolincoln NE Family Alliance @nebfamily🔁Yesterday, we raised more than $15,000 during #givetolincoln. Thank you to all who participated!
#givetolincoln CapitalHumaneSociety @capitalhumane🔁#thank you to everyone that supported #capitalhumanesociety during #givetolincoln we are #blessed #adoptdontshop
#givetolincoln NE Comm Blood Bank @NCBBLincoln🔁Thank you for supporting @NCBBLincoln on #givetolincoln! We exceeded our goal of $1000!
Mike Smith @mikesmithlive🔁We did it!! $30,000 for @TheBayLincoln THANK YOU ALL!!! #givetolincoln
NE Family Alliance @nebfamily🔁Our team feels so blessed! Yesterday during NFA raised just over $15,000 to… instagram.com
SCP Audubon Center @SprCreekPrairie🔁Thanks to so many of you who raised $20,000 to connect people with nature as part of day! ! twitter.com
Legal Aid Nebraska @LegalAidNEB🔁THANKS to all the Equal Justice Heroes who donated to Day! We raised $7,330 to in ! THANK YOU twitter.com !
Lincoln Community Fd @Linc_Comm_Fdn🔁Look how generous is! raised a record $3,693,307, almost $430,000 more than the previous record set in 2015. THANK twitter.com YOU!
Vision Maker Media @visionmakrmedia🔁Thanks to the 29 donors that donated to support our 2018 film festival. We appreciate your support from #GivetoLincoln Day!
Nebraska Appleseed @neappleseed🔁Amazing donors like you helped us raise more than $24,000 on Day yesterday. We are humbled and grateful for your sup twitter.com port!
OpenSky Policy @OpenSky_Policy🔁Thanks to David, Wendy and Heidi from Lincoln; Bruce from McCook; and Jerry from Omaha for your #givetolincoln support of OpenSky!
Lauren Peterson @dropitLAU🔁We had our most successful Day ever with $51,550 raised from 275 donors! We're astonished by your care & generosity!
Friendship Home @FriendshipHome🔁We had our most successful Day ever with $51,550 raised from 275 donors! We're astonished by your care & generosity! twitter.com
CSFundNE @CSFundNE🔁Thank you to all of those who participated in Give to Lincoln Day! We greatly appreciate your support! #givetolincoln
Nebraska Rep @NebRepCarson🔁We really appreciate all of our donors on Give To Lincoln Day. See you in the theatre this fall! twitter.com
Food Bank of Lincoln @FoodBankLincoln🔁You did it! Your donations helped break the all-time record of $3.26 million! Keep it up!
Agatha Watson @AgathaWatson5🔁Thank you, , for ongoing support that allows art to be accessible now & for future generations. , the arts give back.
KZUM @KZUMradio🔁Only 15 minutes left! Donate Now 402.474.5086 x.1 or at kzum.org ! #givetolincoln #kzum #listenlocallnk
American Heart NE @HeartNebraska🔁There's still time! Please consider visiting our #GiveToLincoln page.
Food Bank of Lincoln @FoodBankLincoln🔁Wow! Thank you, & of for teaming up on a donation to help feed the hungry! twitter.com
KZUM @KZUMradio🔁WE ARE SO CLOSE! Help us out! DONATE by 11:59 p.m. at 402.474.5086 x.1 or kzum.org ! twitter.com


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