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#fridayreads LiveChat @LiveChat🔁#FridayReads "The Definition of Content Marketing" #content #contentmarketing

#fridayreads C-Suite Book Club @CSuiteBookClub🔁What's the best business advice you've ever received from a book? #FridayReads #CSuite
#fridayreads MJJJusticeProject @MJJJusticePrjct🔁"I'm interested in making a path instead of following a trail...." Michael Jackson #quoteoftheday #FridayReads
#fridayreads ZSUZSA GÀL @JulieSueGal🔁Esoteric bitch. 👀💕👣 #fridayreads
#fridayreads Alexander Dade @dade_alexander🔁What are you reading? #fridayreads
#fridayreads Steve Lindahl @lindahlst🔁 Would you choose love of family honor? #Tudor Scotland #ASMSG #fridayreads
#fridayreads Alexander Dade @dade_alexander🔁Do you like interesting characters? I'd recommend Into the Wild by Krakauer.#fridayreads
#fridayreads A.J. Devlin @ajdevlinauthor🔁 Looking for a great #fridayreads ? Check out and her book Thirst.
#fridayreads Sarah SawyersLovett @punkjoanofarc🔁Waiting for an oil change, reading and editing the political episode of @BookJawnPodcast. This is my #FridayReads
#fridayreads Algonquin Books @AlgonquinBooks🔁What are you doing this weekend? #fridayreads
Mercy For Animals @MercyForAnimals🔁These books will change the way you see farmed animals. #FridayReads
Princeton University @Princeton🔁: Asst Professor Wendy Warren explores colonialism and slavery in "New England Bound":
This Damn Brain @ThisDamnBrain🔁I wonder if Ariel is high in Omega 3.
Holly Kerr @hollykerrauthor🔁"perfect mix of and . Ideal for a quick, summer read."
QueenoftheAisles @TallTreasure🔁Need some new reads? We've got you covered! copies of ALL our June mysteries! ☀️🏖️ 📚

VeganHow @VeganHow🔁 These books will change the way you see farmed animals. #FridayReads
Kate @TheQuietKnitter🔁 Celebrating Indie Publishing: @cranachanbooks #Fridayreads via @TheQuietKnitter
Connect Flow Enhance @CFEenergy🔁Fascinating book explains why & how everyone should learn their #HumanDesign – #fridayreads
Book Jawn Podcast @BookJawnPodcast🔁Waiting for an oil change, reading and editing the political episode of . This is my
Book Jawn Podcast @BookJawnPodcast🔁! Our selection is of the Galaxy featuring some fun, over the top 90s storytelling from
Jim Ballou @jballou6🔁⚡️⚡️NEW BLOG POST - & great news for fans of Phillip Rowlings!⚡️⚡️
Berkley Mystery @BerkleyMystery🔁Need some new reads? We've got you covered! copies of ALL our June mysteries! ☀️🏖️ 📚
John V Prath @writerjvp🔁Praised by parents, librarians, and educators!
Capstone @CapstonePub🔁HEDY’S JOURNEY adds an important voice to stories & her courage will impact readers. Now on
WaterstonesNewcastle @WaterstonesNewc🔁Our half price offers this weekend are FANTASTIC! @LeeChildReacher - No Middle Name and @Jeffrey_Archer - This Was A Man #FridayReads
Anna Belfrage @abelfrageauthor🔁Talking about my Anglo-Saxon novels on the blog of today:

✪ MG WELLS ✪ @MG_WELLS🔁Characters have lost their heads for your loving entertainment. Free with .

Aline @AlineOhanesian🔁Shout out to writers who are putting out books in this shitstorm. My #FridayReads include @grayamelia @_AndrewRoe & soon @JuliaFierro
Laura T 🦑 @LTinSWVA🔁THE DELIVERANCE by Ellen Glasgow #FridayReads
Mark Baker @carstairs38🔁Hoping to finish up The Miser's Dream by @johngaspard #fridayreads
Cactus Howl @CactusHowl🔁 You know how deep the rabbit hole goes, and there's no way around it. Handle your business. 😑
Nucking Futs @RobertRokdawg🔁Did we expect anything else?!😡😡Its who you know and how much money you have.
Penguin Random House @PenguinRH_News🔁Our #FridayReads highlight titles covering the FBI's most famous cases & little-known stories #InsidePenguinRandom
Big D Towing @BigDTowing🔁Share your favorite road trip destinations, near, far, across the nation & remember the beauty we are blessed with!
Yelle Hughes @YelleHughes🔁Grab a printable copy of my plotting worksheets!

David Cranmer @BEATtoaPULP🔁. talks and his post-apocalyptic Western, THE BROKEN COUNTRY.
Koni Kincaid @Glamma4🔁God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.1 Corinthians 1:9 #fridayreads
Erin Fitch @ErinMFitch🔁"A strong collection of imaginative stories"

Nancy Stopper @nancystopper🔁 I like to mix up the genre I'm reading from time to time. Blind Fury by…
Ashley Sharpe @asharpe09🔁These are some of our in preparation for their on-screen adaptations!
All Hail Jerry @jerryRenek🔁Ingredients in a can of tuna #fridayreads
SueG LS @SueGrimshaw🔁99c through the weekend - did you get your copy of SOMEONE LIKE YOU?
Laura Chapman @lchapmanwrites🔁"Fun, good writing and engaging story." #FridayReads #chicklitmay #sayido
Amy @novelgossip1🔁Thanks to for this lovely blog tour
LM Giannone Author @LISAGNO🔁 A suggestion for my #fridayreads friends:
Greg Spry @GregSpryAuthor🔁Want to have your novel plotted quickly and easily?
Jennifer Bohnet @jenniewriter🔁Out next week! Snap up this sexy story of second chances:
ChromosomeTwo @ChromosomeTwo🔁Great post by (via ) about what it actually means to be driven:
Vickie Britton @vickiebrit🔁#fridayreads #mystery Publisher's Special Read Stealer of Horses for only $1.99 through May!
Macmillan Library @MacmillanLib🔁TGIF! Our are great from & :
Michael W. Garza @mwgarza🔁 My #FridayReads is
'The Call of Cthulhu
and Other Weird Stories'
by H.P. Lovecraft
Kathy Connors @KMCConsults🔁#fridayreads In advance of #SLAC17 General Counsel SAT panel @WongSportsLaw examines the path to the job via @sbjsbd
Coursefindr @coursefindr🔁Finished for the summer? Find out how to make the most of your summer break... < a href="" target="_blank">
H.I.P. Lit @HIP_Lit🔁Do yourself a favor and pick up 's "Exes" for . Human, hilarious, heart ruining in the best way.
🆂🅼🆆 🅲🅻🅰🆆 @SmwClaw🔁Please--let this work--Reggie thought, his eyes screwed so tightly they were aching. Please. #FictFri #fiction #fridayreads #plub #amwriting
Eliza David 💋 @elizadwrites🔁THREE DAYS 'til cover!

GoodReads TBR: ="" target="_blank">

Bravo Academy @Bravo_Academy🔁musicnotes: #FridayReads For One Month Each Year, an Artist Builds an Instrument Every Day
Evan Sullivan @EvanPSullivan🔁Today, for , ’s awesome essay, “Seducing the ‘Feeble-Minded.”
Phil Dwyer @phildwyer🔁#amreading #fridayreads Adventures in the Trade Wind by Richard Dey



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