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#fridayreads ArmadilloCon 2018 🚀 @armadillocon🔁Read TROPIC OF KANSAS by Christopher Brown? #fridayreads
#fridayreads Barnes & Noble @BNFairview🔁Too Early? We don't think so! Get SPOOKY with our #fridayreads
#fridayreads Writers & Books @WritersandBooks🔁Director of Youth Programs @essbeebe is still reading Americanah by @AdichieSpeaks. #FridayReads
#fridayreads Gossip Stoppers @gossipstoppers🔁Study: Millennials are an asset to your business. Here’s why. #fridayreads #millenials
#fridayreads PCHP @parentchildhome🔁This week's #FridayReads stars @The_Pigeon thanks to @DisneyHyperion!
#fridayreads Liv County Library @LCLReads🔁 What’s on your #FridayReads list? Don’t forget to stock up for the weekend at the library!
#fridayreads Sarah Brown @verysarahbrown🔁 Graphic Designer @verysarahbrown is reading Obsidian and Stars by @julieeshbaugh. #FridayReads
Ultimate Warrior Bio @UWBio🔁Reporters are waiting outside of Steve Bannon's home for comment. #fridayreads #FridayFeeling
Tracy Wise @FrauWise🔁 Orange is still our favorite color. #Penguin #fridayreads
#fridayreads Pretty Living @PrettyLivingMag🔁You can never be over-dressed or over-educated 🌸 #prettyliving #domesticated #fridayreads
#fridayreads Writers & Books @WritersandBooks🔁Director of Adult Programs Al Abonado is reading Bastards of the Reagan Era by Reginald Dwayne Betts. #FridayReads
#fridayreads 💎qυєєи мaja👑 @PrettyGalMaja🔁 You’re favored by #God. #fridayreads #90daysofencouragement
ScribnerUK @ScribnerUKToday's competition is for a copy of the incredible which is out in September!

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Legal Defense Fund @NAACP_LDF🔁Must read op-ed from LDF's @samspital: There have never been “many sides” to American racial terror #fridayreads
NAACP @NAACP🔁The idea of "whiteness," & "white supremacy" were created.
Time to free our minds! " via
barbarabroccoli @tateellen🔁Director of Development is reading The Underground Railroad by .
To'aa @T0aaFarouk🔁break from hot tub & bubble tea life to learn stuffs, scooped Backwards & in Heels by for🏖️read
sonyasparks @sonyasparks🔁Blackheart by Raelle Logan @GallegKris #FridayReads #HistoricalRomance @MoBPromos via @NNP_W_Light
Justine Hughes @J_Hughes712🔁Today's competition is for a copy of the incredible which is out in September!

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Christen McCurdy @CMcCurdyPDX🔁 Thank you for sharing the story of those 'aging out' and moving onto college!
barbarabroccoli @tateellen🔁Time for .
"Books are the plane & the train & the road. They are the destination & the journey. They are home." -Anna Quindlen
Kevon Williams @KevonWi93713552🔁 BREAKING: Steven Bannon is GONE!!!
Former Breitbart brute BANISHED!
Bye Bye Bannon!
Michael van Mind @MichaelvanMind🔁I wonder, if the coward #Trump, fires #SteveBannon via Twitter?!
#Charlottesville #Barcelona #fridayreads...
Michael van Mind @MichaelvanMind🔁I wonder, if the coward , fires via Twitter?!
Forge Books @forgereads🔁My is BECOMING BONNIE by , from . Look for my review 8/27!
DesdeFlorida @DesdeFlorida🔁 #fridayreads Bill Clinton’s Accusers Demand Removal of Statue in South Dakota -
Woodson Institute @WoodsonUVA🔁 Hitler's American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law—Read the introduction
Jay Usoh @J_Usoh🔁Piers, you are over 2 hours too late to your . Now is out, are you in Piers?
Missy De Graff @Dream_Craziness🔁#fridayreads I'm reading an ARC by Lily Burlington called The Inherited. 
#amreading #mustread

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Lady Reverb 🌹 @LadyReverb🔁 edition of : & should apologize for pushing propaganda!

Author Samara King @samaraking🔁Looking for a romance? Check out 's latest, Press Play!
Tokerware @Tokerwaredotcom🔁Science-y: This is how Pelicans Yawn ( not how doves cry)

#satindi #tokerware #cannabis #eclipse #fridayreads...

Tokerware @Tokerwaredotcom🔁Science-y: This is how Pelicans Yawn ( not how doves cry)

Erik @ErikH526Please Read, Sign, & 🔁//" target="_blank"> UIT!
Writers & Books @WritersandBooks🔁World travelers , Dir. of Comm, & , Dir. of Ops, are reading the guide in Edinburgh.
Blog Book Tours @blogbooktours🔁Our children, soldiers & the world is watching -Mitt Romney. "Tina Fey" "Steve Bannon"
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁Top Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Out From White House @huffpost #Fridayreads
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁They Left White Power Behind. Now, They're Haunted By Its Resurgence. @huffpost #Fridayreads
Rachel Coker @rmcoker🔁I'm reading "No One Is Coming to Save U" by Stephanie Powell Watts. #fridayreads
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁More People Refuse To Work With Trump Thanks To His Refusal To Condemn Hate Groups @huffpost #Fridayreads
Teaneck Library @TeaneckLibrary🔁Staff #fridayreads Rosie & Crayon/ @deborahmarcero ,
Jezebel P. Hussey @JezebelPH🔁. has words to share about erotica & empowerment!
Deirdre Bonnycastle @DedeBonnycastle🔁Breaking the Silence: Time to Talk About Race and Racism: via
Varun Mehta @Varun_Mehta🔁It's Important to fight your fears even if they are much smaller in scale #fridayscificode #fridayfreebie #fridayreads #quotes
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁Bannon Out As White House Political Director @crooksandliars #Fridayreads
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁SHOCK: KKK March May Happen In Durham, NC Today @crooksandliars #Fridayreads
John Prescott @FatMopZoo🔁 Worth Reading!
: After by John Prescott, Read All About It Here.

#Bernie/Nina 2020 @IDIOTdella🔁 🚨On point Tina Fey Thread🚨
#fridayread s
tylermcmahon @tylermcmahon🔁#fridayreads Great new #poetry on HPR:
"Nights with Oscar"by Walter Bargen
Ames @Tekgoddess🔁Must be done! Spread the news 👊

WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁Baba Yaga willingly entered a den of iniquity and terror--the liberal bastion of the…
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁I've got incredible news. Really, really big. I'll let you know in two weeks. Difficulty: not…
WestCoast Barbarian @mmccxii🔁Bannon latest to pull the 'I can't be fired, I quit' maneuver [NewsFlash] @Fark #Fridayreads
Louise G. White @LGWhiteAuthor🔁My review of VICTIMS by
Cracking stuff!

J (B) Edwards @JillyEdwards1🔁Erin Riley is described as a visual reporter for her generation as she's turning sexts into tapestries
Jesmina Langham @JesminaLangham🔁Really into climatology lately. Writer explains how today's human activities will impact Earth in the future. Learned a lot.
Ned Hayes - Writer @nedwriting🔁Our is the new issue of w/work by Paul Crenshaw, Mary Angelino & art by Michael Hirshon:
Felivox @cazwolin🔁Today's #FridayReads: Rise of the Robots by @MFordFuture


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