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Taylor Pickle @TayPickle🔁 Polish your AP Style skills with this Friday read. #FridayReads #TGCPR
Apostle Mary Magdalene Wangui @ApostleMMWangui🔁. Do not complicate life. Live it God’s way, step by step and it will give you its best. “This is all that I have lea twitter.com rned: God made us plain and simple, but we have made ourselves very complicated” Eccl.7:29.
#FridayReads sylvia @sylviaselfman🔁 🦋RETWEET please🦋

So much to see at #T4US

#ASMSG #fridayreads

#FridayReads Thoughtless Thoughts @KolinJae🔁What’s your addiction?
#poetry #addiction #story #poetrycommunity #FridayFeeling #ThatLovingFeeling #FridayReads
NY Public Library @nypl🔁Looking for some ? Tweet to from now until 11 AM ET to get a personalized recommendation for a book to get lost in o twitter.com ver the weekend! Send information like your favorite genre, authors, or titles you enjoy, and our experts will work their magic.
Bethanne Patrick @TheBookMaven🔁WHERE are my manners? Happy ! I *highly* recommend you pick up one of the award winners: Six out of six are women twitter.com !
Maria G @couch_maria🔁New Texts Reveal Disgraced FBI Agent Strzok was Friends with federal Judge in Flynn Case

Geralyn Corcillo @geralyncorcillo🔁😍 Each in my series is on

3 & 3 in the whacky & wonderful world of modern-day L.A. 😊



Artellus @Artellus🔁Here's our , Artellus mandarin is reading HOW TO STOP TIME, by Matt Haig.

Also pictured: a handy visual aid. ⏱🔨 twitter.com

My Inner Chick @krrobi🔁His lifeless voice made her ache.

"Nest" by Paula R. Hilton


Linda Watkins @Splatland🔁Free Read Friday F is for Funghi Pt III
What dark secrets hide beneath our lawns?


Dawn Chapman @kanundra🔁When the powerless among themselves, the are the only .


❄️❄️Malcolm Nance's Woodchipper of Justice❄️❄️ @mampdx🔁#fridayreads Samantha Irby's "We Are Never Meeting in Real Life."
Geralyn Corcillo @geralyncorcillo🔁😍 Each in my series is on on

3 & 3 in the whacky & wonderful world of modern-day L.A. 😊



NornsTriadPub @NornsTriadPub🔁Never to be retrieved...

Linda Watkins @Splatland🔁Fleeing her violent past to find a new life, her bright future turns dark!

DebraBurroughsAuthor @DebraBurroughsPoor Maggie will soon find out that
“Online dating can be murder!”
*•♥. THE HEA🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/974735839065444352" target="_blank">twitter.com
♥ FREE on
Missy LaCroix @MzToastee🔁Really great book. Not "splatter pics". Touches on the history of LAPD and doesn't make light of anything. twitter.com
The glass garden @sparklingspires🔁Breaking news. Council's existing tree felling "D" categories (Dangerous etc) all to be upgraded to a new one, Daft, thanks Jarvis Cocker, welcome to , standing between 17,500 healthy trees & profiteering multinationals chainsaw

S. Jefferson & Co. @JeffersonandCo🔁 Viacom Hires Davis Wright Tremaine to Defend Against Claims of Infringement & Misappropriation of BETs twitter.com
Cardinal Publishers @Cardinal_Pub🔁"Those rumors make me uneasy. My phantom hand is bothering me tonight, maybe b/c of that soldier on the road w/ his new amputation, for, O how well I remember how that felt for so many days after it happened!" "Saint Patrick's Battalion.
The Giller Prize @GillerPrize🔁"Harry was in his little house on the edge of Back Bay when at half past twelve her voice came over the radio for the twitter.com first time." from 2007 winner Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay.
BernieBro Kavn:#Bernie2020🔥 will #FreeAngryBerner @kavn🔁 TRUTH

#MAGAnotMIGA twitter.com

Ellyn Oaksmith @EllynOaksmith🔁What happened after that fatal crash before the wedding? Inside the brain of native and romance author twitter.com
The Good, The Badger, and the Ugly @Freezebadger🔁Twitter, you made it to ! We're spending the weekend with Murderbot. What're you into and loving? What's expanding your worldview? What's bringing you comfort?
Luanne G. Smith @writersmith1🔁I'm enjoying this novel more than I expected. Clever repartee on steroids here. A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybour twitter.com n. My this week.
Victoria Wallin @APerfectMatch17🔁A prim, Cordon Bleu-trained TV host faces off with a hunky, egotistic, Italian chef. Let the food fight begin! 👩‍🍳👨🏻‍🍳🍝🍷📺
MandelPublicLibrary @MyCityLibrary🔁Need help finding something to celebrate ? The friendly librarians at (411 Clematis Street) in can help!
drawn dreams .com @DrawnDream5🔁my mood boosting book
“drawn dreams”
is available on the 8th!


for all the support!

Carmen, author @bacacarmen1🔁The perfect read for la ()

Stephanie P McKean @StephaniePMcKea🔁 goo.gl MomsChoiceAwards #MyLifeatSweetbrier #horses #dads #daughters #Fridayreads
Paula Slade @PaulaSlade🔁 📚

"I am a HUGE fan of dark and twisted books, and this book was deliciously dark and tantalizing twisted. Then to find out it was Mafia based, I knew I hit the trifecta!" ~Amazon Reviewer

Only or FREE with !

Alyson Larrabee @alysonlarrabee🔁💗 $1.99 for a limited time. "Drawn together by fate and a pizza, they’re sexy, hilarious, and worth cheering for."
Linkonomics @linkonomics_com🔁What are you reading this weekend? Why not try The Bermuda Jones series and discover 'The Otherside' this weekend!

Bookshop Santa Cruz @BookshopSC🔁 'S A PRINCESS IN THEORY "I loved watching strong, capable Naledi (an epidemiology grad student!!) put Thaisbo in his twitter.com place when he lies about who he is (I'm not telling). This was an engaging story with fantastic side characters & steamy embraces."
SkyGoBuy @skygobuy🔁“A great book should leave you with many experiences...” – William Styron twitter.com
Space Station @spacestation_hq🔁Our find for the coffee table goes to "Art in Ad Places". Have you read it yet?

via twitter.com

Marissa Garner @M_Garner_Author🔁💔💔💔 SECOND-CHANCE 💔💔💔
Can Sean and Jessie survive the 🔫DEADLY DECEPTION and learn to trust each other again?? twitter.com ?
🔫DEADLY DECEPTION (Rogue Security)
Sexy and edgy.

Randie @Randie_TJ🔁Fantastic !
Check out the reviews and grab your copy now...
Available on and

sarah ghazal @sarwwaa🔁“Last night I walked out onto the ice

wearing only my skin

You couldn’t tell me not to”

-Tarfia Faizullah, from Registers of Illuminated Villages, which I have waited so long to read.✨💛🔥

MDeBlassie @EnchantmentLL🔁Getting Off! Shay Evans () Release Hot New Erotica Series! Shay's Sexy Stories Book 1 available now on & on
The Wild Rose Press @WildRosePress🔁It's true! Get your eBook of Assumption Day by for 50% off here >>
goo.gl ="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/974732179686285312" target="_blank">twitter.com
Gordon Warnock @gordonwarnock🔁 @VD2013 Yes! Check out THIS IS WHAT A LIBRARIAN LOOKS LIKE by @kylecassidy. #FridayReads
gillian daniels (ง •̀ - •́)ง @gilldaniels🔁Yesterday, I finished Holly Black’s wonderful The Cruel Prince and have moved on to VERY different reading, The Econo twitter.com mics of Inequality by Thomas Piketty.
USN HM3 ☤ #VeteransResist @CDC_DJ_Account🔁Congratulations on becoming the #1 best seller on Amazon. A truly important read.
Jengineer 🌟 @mellowbeing🔁This week on the podcast, we're talking small-town libraries and unconventional librarians.

Aaron Brown @brownaaronuk🔁Thanks to the for inviting and I to write this on our project and championing meaningful participation in the youth justice system 🙏🏽
Kalabari_Pikin @Elitesmith_🔁Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself... You bring to a novel, anything you read, all your experience of the world... You bring your history and you read it in your own terms...
drawn dreams .com @DrawnDream5🔁my mood boosting book
“drawn dreams”
is available on the 8th!


for all the support!


Museums Assoc of SK @saskmuseums🔁What are your ? We're excited to get home and try some of the delicious recipes from 's Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens! This year's title
Dorothy Lehane @DorothyLehane🔁Some superb speculative fiction & prose poems from for your plus some thoughtful conversation with , all part of 's Creative Writing Reading Series. Join us in the writer's room:

Ольга @XuXRh9Oz5PYMbVI🔁" if you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun"...A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Cree Rider @CreeRider🔁Learning from a master #fridayreads #itsnotjustaboutrunning instagram.com
Rebecca Nichloson @rsn2116🔁This study found ways states can leverage Medicaid to help nonprofits make society better nynmedia.com
NYPL Recommends @NYPLRecommends🔁This week on the podcast, we're talking small-town libraries and unconventional librarians.


Manmeet Makkar @MsM_009🔁Don't fight with a Pig
#ThoughtOfTheDay #FridayFeeling #FridayReads #weekend #weekendvibes #quote #lifequotes twitter.com
Oh my giddy aunt @ohhhmygiddyaunt🔁Just a few books to get you through the weekend!!!! 🌈

Angel Sefer @AngelSefer🔁A cold case heats up as they try to figure out whodunit and why!



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