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Forbes Nicole Culp @NicoleCulp7🔁@FoxNews Trumps favorite magazine...

Here's their graph

Forbes Mihingarangi Forbes @Mihi_Forbes🔁 Write like Saana Murray
Forbes Jane Hruska @aJneHrusak🔁 Celebrating Forbes, ITV and new beginnings... #WorkHard #datenight #NewBeginnings
Forbes Javlon @ElbekSangirov🔁 Colorado in the winter isn't just for ski junkies:
Forbes Craig Mieritz @cmieritz🔁 Forbes names 2018 the year for #VR #startups!
Samuel Sinyangwe @samswey🔁Trump paid Stormy Daniels six figures after she spanked him with a Forbes magazine that had Ivanka on the cover and t here are people who still think the pee tape is too outlandish to be true.
Ben Dreyfuss @bendreyfuss🔁Stormy Daniels claimed that Trump asked her to spank him with a Forbes magazine that had him on the cover and made h er watch hours of Shark Week
Bill Kristol @BillKristol🔁Impressive product placement by the Forbes PR team.
Janne Ojaniemi @Janne_o🔁“Forbes, huh? That’s … interesting.”

*keeps reading*

“Oh. Oh wow.”

*a little further*


Mary Chaney @MaryChaney66🔁This will dominate the airwaves but it’s the money laundering story that he should worry about.

Donald Trump made porn star Stormy Daniels spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine featuring his own face on the cover, reports claim

Me @lavishu🔁Twitter posts a dumb story alleging Trump asked Stormie Daniels to spank him with a Forbes mag. Meanwhile... the hashtag is kept from trending, even though it's the day's BIGGEST story. It's as if aliens came down and sucked out every liberal person's brain. -VJ
good ole hales @HaleyAndrsn🔁The President who was spanked with a copy of Forbes by the porn star with whom he had adulterous, unprotected sex 4 months after his 3rd wife gave birth now wants to allow "Christian" doctors and nurses to deny healthcare to LGBT people because they disapprove of that lifestyle.
TrendSlam @trend_slam🔁Here's the Horrifying Reason Forbes Is Trending - SFGate (blog) via @trend_slam #trending
Phillip @pdelgado24🔁 Trump starts rolling up a Forbes mag
Nila N. Brown🌻 @AuthorNNBrown🔁Stormy Daniels is either brave or crazy. Not many women are willing to admit banging an old fat orange guy with a For bes Magazine while comparing her to the daughter he wants to date...
Woke Bloke @zeldaisaliberal🔁The only reason this fake news Forbes story is trending is because the media is trying to distract us.

We must release the memo.

Khary Penebaker @kharyp🔁I’m excited for to interview Stormy Daniels about Donald Trump’s predilection for Magazine spankings.
Amazing Crypto @mcfomcrytpo🔁 Great to see Google joining the ticketing fight:
Mr Glitterati @MrGlitterati🔁Isn't it a sad reality when, citing Karen Cahn, "...crowdfunding, coaching, and connections are the answer to getting women-led businesses off the ground."

P. Diddy A.K.A. Swag @aafmuller🔁@KyleWOrton Wait till Forbes publishes pics of him with that chick from The Mummy
SENA @sena_basoglu🔁 Thank you @motdraw1 @Forbes !!! 😘😘😘
J. Davis @7thgatefilms🔁Turns out Trump had spank him w/ a Forbes magazine

She was paid $130k for her silence.

It's no longer a stretch the Pee-Tape is real

How's Trump paying Russia for its silence?
Delaying Russian Sanctions?

Jan 29th is the next deadline...let's watch.

Rashid Castle-Ali @rcastle06🔁Trump paid Stormy Daniels six figures after she spanked him with a Forbes magazine that had Ivanka on the cover and there are people who still think the pee tape is too outlandish to be true.
Troy Woodruff @troywoodruff🔁 TOP 10 on @Forbes!!
k guinn @angryolderguy🔁You people replaced Barack Obama with a guy who told a porn star that she looks like his daughter, and asked her to spank him with Forbes magazine. Good job, America. Take the rest of your life off.
Beth Lahaie @bethlah🔁OnePlus Was Hacked And Up To 40,000 Customers Had Credit Card Info Stolen see more
Abigail Fla @abigailfla🔁Trump joked about dating his daughter, bragged about grabbing women by the genitals, married a model who posed nude in a magazine and worked illegally in the US, and has 5 kids from 3 different women, so who would be surprised if Stormy Daniels spanked him with a Forbes magazine?
Cousin Carlo, pardoned from life @RyanGelley🔁I'm really tired of people kink-shaming the President like none of you horny mother fuckers has ever made a porn star spank your bare ass with an issue of Forbes magazine then set up a Delaware corporation to illegally funnel $130,000 in campaign funds to buy her silence. Yeah ok
Josh Bereano @BereanoPartners🔁RT '83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020' @ Forbes Did you know cloud bandwidth is the most expensive?
P Dan @Party_Waves🔁I wonder if, when the "adult actor" was spanking Trump with a copy of Forbes magazine, the subscription form fell out, and if so, if they picked it up, and recycled it. I hate those forms. They always fall out.
Phyllis Lemley @phyllis_lemley🔁You are burying the lead, . He likes to be spanked with a copy of Forbes Magazine WITH HIS PICTURE ON THE COVER. That’s a veeeeeeery niche fetish.
Gautam Vanani @gautam_vanani🔁AI Plus Human Intelligence Is The Future Of Work
SENA @sena_basoglu🔁 I really want everyone to read this !!!
gata sexy ™ @GataFlor_🔁Donald Trump’s day so far:

- Russia used NRA to fund Trump
- Trump Russia transcripts
- Stormy Daniels spanked Trump with rolled up Forbes Magazine with Trump’s face on the cover 🤮
- Sebastian Gorka arrest warrant 🔗
- Trump attacks John Kelly 🤛
- It’s still only 9:30pm 🤯

Duranous @Duranous🔁Unfortunately for this writer "generation z is the most conservative generation since WW2" “Generation Z voters were likely attracted to Trump because of his strong stances on national security and economic recovery" forbes nypost
🤓😺⛄Samantha🐘🤔😸 @sambewitched123🔁The state of our country today is that Blump paid 130K to a porn star to not tell the world that he had her spank his ass with a Forbes magazine, and that barely received an honorable mention in the news! Think about that!
Andrew Rushton @rushy6🔁 (rules: can only pick players from my life time)

Manager: Paul Lambert
Gk: Bryan Gunn
DL: Mark Bowen
DR: Ian Culverhouse
DC: Duncan Forbes (c)
DC: Dave Watson
MC: Ian Crook
MC: Martin Peters
MR: Ruel Fox
ML: Darren Eadie
ST: Grant Holt
ST: Robert Fleck

Robala ka Kgotso YB1 @imats_econ🔁Barring major reforms, Venezuela's oil industry is pretty much finished. Here's why:
Análisis Petrolero @El_Spy🔁Climate Change And Global Poverty Can Only Be Solved Together via @forbes
ArkangelScrap @ArkangelScrap🔁Why Artificial Intelligence Will Eliminate Millions Of Sales Jobs
by |

Chris Parker @DraytonCanary1🔁For the record the fans did vote on a best ever xi in 2008

Culverhouse forbes Bruce Bowen
Eadie crook peters hucks
Sutton Iwan

Manager was walker

baha tutar @BahaTutar🔁 Meanwhile “stormy” US politics...
The Rooster Illusion - Nazis Need Punching @roosterthoughts🔁He wants to pay billions for walls, but won’t protect us from bankers, some of whom I assume are fine people.
Jacklyn @JacklynCynthia🔁 Forbes? He must have lost his “Highlights” issue
Don Goldberg @itwitnesss🔁Forbes, shmorbes. New reports claim Trump once spanked the monkey with a copy of Hustler.
Sandra J Gobely @Sundaughter9🔁Trump having a porn star spank him with a Forbes magazine is far easier to imagine than Trump reading a magazine while eating a salad.
Urbane Gorilla @Urbane_Gorilla_🔁 / is planning a $100,000-per-couple anniversary party at Mar-A-Lago a day after the government is slated to shut do wn! Gee! let's hope he can find some whores he can pay to swat his naked ass with a Forbes Magazine!
Maris Feeley @marisfeeley🔁 That...was not what I expected when I saw Forbes trending
Moothepuk#resist @moothepuk🔁Probably because our president had an extra-marital affair with a porn star who he paid hush money to with someone else's money and who says that he made her smack his ass with a Forbes magazine with Ivanka's picture on it.


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