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#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 A4: thinking Thanksgiving is our favorite fall festival. #foodtravelchat
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelist it is Souper good! #foodtravelchat
#foodtravelchat Kirsten Maxwell @kidsareatrip🔁 Thanks for a great fall chat everyone! Come visit in New England!
#Foodtravelchat #travel
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 A5: #Disney #WDW #Epcot Food & Wine Festival #FoodTravelChat
#foodtravelchat#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelChat A3: Apple-Maple Bread Pudding with Maple Liqueur Sauce! #foodtravelchat
Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelChat #foodtravelchat A3
We are all about that pumpkin pie
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelist #Halloween cause it's killer! #foodtravelchat
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelChat A4: I feel like Oktoberfest is the go to for this question! #FoodTravelChat
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 A3. Pumpkin pie is always the best fall dessert! #foodtravelchat
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 @FoodTravelChat Gumbo even though it'll still be blazing hot in FL🔥 #FoodTravelChat
#foodtravelchat Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 A4 I mean, is there any other acceptable answer other than Oktoberfest? #foodtravelchat
#foodtravelchat Gloria Piantek @GGoodtaste🔁@FoodTravelist @s_poet82 Love the grapes #winetasting @OliverWinery #FoodTravelChat
#foodtravelchat Anthony Martorina @ant_kneee🔁 @ant_kneee A3 whatever is fresh from the farm #travel #foodtravelchat #eatlocal #realfood
#foodtravelchat Food Guru @foodguruchannel🔁@shreddel @The_Jenius @s_poet82 @dlaskaris #Portugal blew me away-- such an underrated destination #foodtravelchat
MyVirtualVacations @MyVirtualVaca🔁@cindyladage @emptyplateadv This #foodtravelchat is getting better and better! Peanut butter is my weakness.
Charles McCool @CharlesMcCool🔁@always5star Happy #travel #foodtravelchat #TBEXIreland
#foodtravelchat Rick F Oliva @rickfoliva🔁//" target="_blank"> A2: will be enjoying #Halloween on a #cruise #FoodTravelChat
#foodtravelchat Lupine Beer @LupineBeer🔁 A8. Beeramisu doughnuts #foodtravelchat

#doughnuts #donuts #food
#craftbeer #oktoberfest

#foodtravelchat#foodtravelchat 🦋Savannah @savannah0577🔁How to get perfect turkey bacon 🥓 add onion. Mmmmmm!
Raquel Morales @MoonRaka🔁A2: If you are in during mid October, you must check out AZ Taco Fest!

Tim Mather @TimMather7🔁A1. I'm a big fan of celebrating the fall here in NC! Especially by the Blue Ridge Parkway:)  
Robyne Young @YoungRobyne🔁#foodtravelchat stuffing. With sausage. Once a year!
Robyne Young @YoungRobyne🔁#foodtravelchat food? No one here? Come on. Favorite food??
Deico @known_betta🔁#foodtravelchat Who Knows What Frybread is?
Anita Harvey @7Sehven🔁 ey'(<>~)
Chicago's Hyatt Regency
Ghana Africa, near Cape Coast Castle~`Locals = ding,ding,(Winner)YeY!
The More Places @themoreplaces🔁Check out this quick Recap Fall Festivals & Feasts
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Always5Star @always5star🔁@SouthernerSays @RoarLoud @visittemecula Thank you 🍇 #FoodTravelChat
Rachelina Bonacci @RachelinaBinDC🔁#WednesdayWisdom from gorgeous birthday girl #SophiaLoren !🍝
#FoodTravelChat @FoodTravelChat🔁Check out this quick Recap Fall Festivals & Feasts
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Always5Star @always5star🔁@TheMaruruns @weatherchannel That's one of my favorite things about fall, it's so colorful! ❤️ #FoodTravelChat
Always5Star @always5star🔁@DCWriterMom @PoshPorts That looks great!!! I'm ready for an apple dessert!! #FoodTravelChat
Foodscape Finds @foodscapefinds🔁I loved that country too! I recognize that location! We ate at Farol de Santa Luzia just down the hill.
Jennifer L Kirk ✈️🍴 @The_Jenius🔁@cindyladage Thanks for joining is! #foodtravelchat
Always5Star @always5star🔁@WindsOfChange_1 I bet it's amazing there during the fall!! #FoodTravelChat
Anthony Martorina @ant_kneee🔁 @ant_kneee When I get my chef, I'll send you one ;) #foodtravelchat
MyVirtualVacations @MyVirtualVaca🔁@TheMaruruns @BandOBrasserie It was sooo good! Pefect for a chilly fall night. 😀#foodtravelchat
Renee Sklarew @DCWriterMom🔁A5: we are thinking the . We mean lobster! .
Gina Alexandris @WindsOfChange_1🔁A8. Hmmm. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing! #FoodTravelChat
MyVirtualVacations @MyVirtualVaca🔁@emptyplateadv That is awesome!! 😀🌶#foodtravelchat
John Duncan @emptyplateadv🔁They started broadcasting games here over the last few years. I don't know it as well as my game but makes for a fun view.
World Wine Festivals @SulafestivalPoshPorts: 🔁 A5: Food & Wine Festival …
Jennifer L Kirk ✈️🍴 @The_Jenius🔁@DonNadeau @foodguruchannel Yes! Love that building as well. #foodtravelchat
John Duncan @emptyplateadv🔁You & maple syrup is like me & Hot sauce. #FoodTravelChat
Jennifer L Kirk ✈️🍴 @The_Jenius🔁@shreddel Just tell me what's good for you, I seriously have miles to use by EOY LOL! XD #foodtravelchat
Ava Cairns @cairns_ava🔁A8. A Caramel 🍎 Apple Pie Shake From Is A Great Fall Drink.
Ava Cairns @cairns_ava🔁A3. An Over-The-Top A Brownie Sundae ad
Al's #1 Italian Beef @AlsItalianBeef🔁🙋‍♂️from glorious Chicago, Illinois

Al ❤️'s the mouthwatering food shots. Keep up the great work!

Renee Sklarew @DCWriterMom🔁A8 apple crumb cake with fresh whipped cream is a family favorite &Farms
Don Nadeau @DonNadeau🔁@themoreplaces Packing as we speak. :) #foodtravelchat
Don Nadeau @DonNadeau🔁@foodguruchannel A vibrant take on his Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. #foodtravelchat
Jennifer L Kirk ✈️🍴 @The_Jenius🔁@foodscapefinds @foodwinechickie OH SWEET! It does, thank you!!! #foodtravelchat
Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁A3: BBQ short ribs and pork belly. Having the smoker rolling in fall is perfect
Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁.A3 Soup is perfect for fall 😍 from in Santa Monica
Bohcat @Bohcat🔁A8. Yum! Mushroom Patch 🍫 Dessert

Half Moon Bay

Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁 a canvas of colors #foodtravelchat
SwimPatriciaSwim @SwimPatricia🔁 Q10. What part of fall do you most want to celebrate and how will you feast or fest? #foodtravelchat
A Chef & His Bride @chefandbride🔁@foodguruchannel We could try! @sharonlroy loves flowers. #FoodTravelChat
Posh Ports @PoshPorts🔁I tip my apple pie with a slice of pumpkin pie. 😎
Renee Sklarew @DCWriterMom🔁It really is a spectacle! Love those turkey legs, giant pickles @TravelMD #FoodTravelChat


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