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Andrew Thomasson @thomasson_engl🔁Well, is getting a massage, and Baker is either running around or doing something with wurter. twitter.com
Robert Talbert @RobertTalbert🔁Here's one of the best lectures I've ever seen, by Bishop Robert Barron. Doesn't even use a slide deck. twitter.com
GS Arnold @arnoldscience🔁Absolutely, I make no bones about it though...they are shorter, easily repeatable lectures in the hands of students twitter.com
Ken Bauer Favel @ken_bauer🔁Note and plug. I am always looking for guests for our podcast. Please DM me if you would like to be on an episode twitter.com
GS Arnold @arnoldscience🔁funny thing for me is that I feel it frees me up a little for rabbit trails.sounds like bad teaching, but is good rel twitter.com ationships
Andrew Thomasson @thomasson_engl🔁The next step is to find ridiculous photos on facebook or in your own camera roll and ask your kids to make content-r twitter.com el memes
Brian E. Bennett @bennettscience🔁The best lectures feel like stories. That's why we love TED talks so much. Can be really powerful in class & recorded twitter.com .
Robert Talbert @RobertTalbert🔁Not at all. Lecture is an excellent tool for certain things and we need to be constantly getting better at it. twitter.com
Andrew Swan @flipping_A_tchr🔁Seriously I have students write meme text as an end-of-unit summarizing task with GoogleForms: twitter.com
Robert Talbert @RobertTalbert🔁I have a whole folder of memes for discrete math. I held a meme competition among my students last semester. Hilarit twitter.com y ensued.
GS Arnold @arnoldscience🔁They definitely like that...and the replayability is a big selling point for many of them. twitter.com
Robert Talbert @RobertTalbert🔁In some ways that's a great refutation. If s's complain there's "no lecture" just ask them what the video is made up twitter.com of.
Mickie Gibbs @MickieGibbs2🔁THAT'S the kicker! I was a decent lecturer, too, but I never know who was where and plunged ahead leaving many in th twitter.com e dust.
Andrew Thomasson @thomasson_engl🔁Dude, I haven't been here since, like, April or May or something. Thanks to for rustling me out of hibernation. twitter.com
GS Arnold @arnoldscience🔁I really want to be here more, but I am usually finishing up/working hard so that I can enjoy my 60 minutes or so of twitter.com me time at 9
GS Arnold @arnoldscience🔁Can hear it anytime on those 180 videos on Youtube...It isn't much to hear, although my hair is perfect. twitter.com
Robert Talbert @RobertTalbert🔁On sabbatical right now, it's interesting to see how systemic change can be driven by non-educational entities like . twitter.com


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