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#FarmtoSchool101 Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁@FoodCorps We were going to share that one, too! #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 Amonté L. Martin @AmonteMartin🔁 A5: #Farmtoschool encourages students to eat with the seasons! #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 FoodCorps @FoodCorps🔁 @FoodCorps We were going to share that one, too! #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 Amonté L. Martin @AmonteMartin🔁 A4: #Schoolgardens teach academics, along with responsibility and teamwork #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 Amonté L. Martin @AmonteMartin🔁 A7: @USDA Farm to School Census shows #farmtoschool works! #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 USDA Nutrition @USDANutrition🔁Thanks for an informative #FarmtoSchool101 chat. Happy #F2SMonth to all!
#FarmtoSchool101 Rebel Elle @ElleInTheUK🔁 A5: Kids who grow and cook their own healthy food are more likely to eat it! #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 Janet Doerr @ImaginingHealth🔁School field trip to a local farm and apple orchard! #Farmtoschool101. #Oregon. #grow
#FarmtoSchool101 TeensforFoodJustice @tffjinitiative🔁 Thanks for an informative #FarmtoSchool101 chat. Happy #F2SMonth to all!
#FarmtoSchool101 Schoolyard Roots @schoolyardroots🔁 A1: Connecting #farmtoschool is an important piece of a community’s food system #FarmtoSchool101
#FarmtoSchool101 Ulupono Initiative @Ulupono🔁 A4: #Schoolgardens are one of the core elements of #Farmtoschool #FarmtoSchool101
FoodCorps @FoodCorps🔁A4: FoodCorps service members + more hands-on learning + more = kids eating 3x more fruits & veggies.
USDA Nutrition @USDANutrition🔁Join & others for a Twitter chat on Thursday, Oct. 12 from 12-1pm ET. It's a great chance to learn & share!
USDA Nutrition @USDANutrition🔁A5: 62% of school districts doing operate salad bars, often stocked with local options
CtrForGreenSchools @mygreenschools🔁Plan a day of action for your #GreenAppleDay project! #FarmtoSchool101
Hawai'i CFS AF @HIFoodPAC🔁A2: connects children to their local land, waters, and food to grow a healthier Hawaiʻi!
tim murley @timmurleyart🔁The Amish farmer & his delicious watermelon 🍉😋
SmartKidzClub @smartkidzclub🔁Our cookbooks help kids learn about how food comes to the table. Easy recipes for kids included.
د.جواهر الحجي @aljwaher14🔁 Q5: How is #farmtoschool helping make #schoolmeals healthier? #FarmtoSchool101
د.جواهر الحجي @aljwaher14🔁A3: It’s all about partners! Our planning toolkit guides schools thru creating a team
د.جواهر الحجي @aljwaher14🔁A3: Check out this dream team from Boulder Valley, CO
Dan Sutton @dannon787🔁President Trump shifts farm money to the rich. #NationalFarmersDay #FarmtoSchool101 #ThursdayThoughts #ValueWater
SmartKidzClub @smartkidzclub🔁A book that teaches kids about the different food groups!
Aimee Beam @delawarebeam🔁A4: Teachers help connect the garden and cafeteria to the classroom in Milton, VT
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A10: Take the action pledge and signup f or
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A9: Discovery local producers. Build relationships. Procure and track data. Tell your story with
KidKare @KidKareTweets🔁A2: Providing variety at snack time with produce like the Rainbow Veggies!
KidKare @KidKareTweets🔁A5: Getting more fresh, local produce onto kids’ plates encourages healthy choices!
HarvestRight @harvestright🔁A5: 62% of school districts doing operate salad bars, often stocked with local options
Janet Doerr @ImaginingHealth🔁Let's get kids learning about growing food again! #farmtoschool101
Elizabeth Westaway @EWestaway🔁 Q6: How does #farmtoschool benefit farmers & producers? #FarmtoSchool101 ‘
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A8: Child nutrition directors have enough on their plates (pun intended), yet they still find the time to
St. Louis YouthBuild @StLYouthBuild🔁 is a great connector!
WI School Gardens @WISchoolGardens🔁In Wisconsin, ask - we help you connect!
Lori A. King @TranslationLady🔁Sorry I missed it.
HaPPy #NationalFarmersDay
#Far mtoSchool101
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A6: need to learn about as much as need to learn about .The movement is bridging the gap
P.. @bluebirdtrini🔁 @NationalCACFP Thanks for being part of the chat & sharing great #CACFP tips & ideas, @NationalCACFP! #FarmtoSchool101
Katie Spears Warner @BlairingSpears🔁A8: These happy, healthy, smiley kids is all we need to see to know is great!
Crochet Supplies @icrochetworld🔁Best Knitting Shirt
See here=>

Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁Thanks for sharing stories & examples, ! So inspiring to see young people making change in their communities
Matt Kleinmann @matt_kleinmann🔁Late to the party, but: Q: Any best practices in to ensure economic sustainability? Seen schools cut programs after grant $
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁@NationalCACFP Thanks for being part of the chat & sharing great #CACFP tips & ideas, @NationalCACFP! #FarmtoSchool101
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁@FoodCorps Thanks for being part of the fun, @FoodCorps! 🥕 #FarmtoSchool101
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁We're also going to RT more of the great responses that were shared - there were too many to keep up with in the moment! #FarmtoSchool101
FoodCorps @FoodCorps🔁Thanks for hosting, @FarmtoSchool! We loved seeing everyone's excitement about F2S! #FarmtoSchool101
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁Have more questions? We’ll be here a bit longer! Tag @farmtoschool or use #FarmtoSchool101 and we’ll be in touch!
Mary Morgan @MaryMorgan65🔁@USDANutrition Your tweet is currently ranked #2 on the #FarmtoSchool101 scoreboard!
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁Also a shout out to our 2017 National Sponsors for their support of this month’s celebrations!
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A5: When was the last time a farm sold you food with an ingredient list that you did not need to ?
NCA @NationalCACFP🔁Thank you @Farmtoschool! Excited to share these resources with the #CACFP community! #FarmtoSchool101 #FS2Month
GHS Wisconsin @ghswi🔁Thanks for hosting today, @FarmtoSchool If you missed it search #farmtoschool101 for info & inspiration! Happy #FarmToSchool month everyone
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁TY #F2SMonth featured partners @YES_forum @NEAFoundation @NationalCACFP @USDANutrition @SchoolLunch @hatchdw for joining! #FarmtoSchool101
Weezy F Everything @weezyfbot🔁Weezy F, the F is for #farmtoschool101
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁What a fun chat! Thanks for joining us & sharing your stories and resources! And, happy National #F2SMonth! #FarmtoSchool101 🍎
YES! @YES_forum🔁A10: Ask young people what they know about #FarmtoSchool101 and start building partnerships with them today! #YES4Change
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁A10: Head over to our blog and check out stories, resources & idea from partners across the country
WhatsGood @SourceWhatsGood🔁Q10: Institutions can enroll in our Rewards Program for double rewards for AKA more money to spend on local food!
YES! @YES_forum🔁A10: Sign on to the 2017 Act to bring F2S programs to more communities and youth:
Farm to School @FarmtoSchool🔁🍎🍎! If you're not in NC, visit our calendar to see other state crunch events happening
Sara Fisler @SaraAtCrave🔁A4: : “I don’t like spinach” -> “I grew spinach” -> “I tried spinach” -> “Hey, mom can you buy spinach?”
Amonté L. Martin @AmonteMartin🔁A4: Uses all 5 senses from planting to harvest to the plate. Kids like to eat what they grow!
Amonté L. Martin @AmonteMartin🔁A5: Students who grow fruits & veggies at school are significantly more willing to try new foods!


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